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"Re: Fireswan has Kim Figured out" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1/26/18

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"Re: Fireswan has Kim Figured out" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1/26/18

Post  Ssmith on Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:42 pm


1. I NEVER posted codes. I sent old photos of documents taken on a visit to one of the vaults. One reflected a registration of assets stolen by the NAZI regime in WWII. There is a movie about the code breaker back in those days.

2. I posted a picture of a "Sun Tzu Wheel" which does not have any codes, those are initials of individuals.

3. Codes for transfer are done in "Real Time", they are registered for specific amounts, to specific individuals/governments for a specific transaction and can be cancelled at any time shall they be mis-used. This is not the days of old where one is given a "code" and they can use it how they like. Then again, they never could. There was always a Comptroller at the top way above all the families heads. One they all knew existed (although they never told), one they all worshiped like a God, and One they all knew never to cross. They still keep looking for him, he is gone. He was very smart, even charming, but not God. M1 is not a title, it is a "monetary term" for real cash vs derivatives, look it up.

4. MetaTrader and all of the other systems you describe are RTGS or "Real Time Gross Settlement Systems" this is true. In the world of computer language they are all base coded on the "Financial Platform". The base financial systems of the world all began on UNIX and new softwares are released off that base system. In 1998 IBM issued the "base platform" for the financial system to INCLUDE it's connect to intelligence and government systems. In order to use any software for financial transfers in the world it has to connect to existing softwares for acceptance and transfer of digital currencies. CIPS is a payment system of China, it was intended to be a "closed loop system" therefore if you want to send and receive using this system then you must INSTALL that software in your institution. Look at the news it will say when and who accepts or doesn't accept this. Other closed loop systems would be Western Union, Moneygram, etc. All this chatter about NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEMS are mostly cloud based systems, are closed looped and have no License to operate, they set up "PINS" as a connection to only certain banks which will allow this unlicensed system then try to load the cloud from the old systems using "border computer" tactics, it fails every time (Babylon Systems plural and Hercules are these systems). CIPS of course is a legitimate system owned and operated by China. China Government is distancing itself from these "Elders" you speak of. The Military and USA Government will communicate directly via diplomatic channels only. This is good as it will clear up any misunderstands of the CIPS systems and the "Elders are coming".

5. Bitcoin is also a closed loop system which requires the User to "Sign up to Accept" as payment.

Again, I only came to tell you what is taking place in the world. I didn't come to ask for acceptance NOR cash in IQD (which the trust only owns old IQD not any New IQD). I just thought all of you should know what you are being told isn't necessarily true.

Someone DID hack up the call I did with TANK and sent it out to bankers everywhere, it does not resemble anything I had actually said, they cut and pasted my voice. Therefore I can not do public calls at this time. Secondly, I DID Text Jared's Phone over 24 hours ahead of time letting him know I couldn't be there. He did not respond. Regardless, I never came here to become an "internet sensation" of any sort nor a Guru. I only came to tell you what I know, what I have physically touched myself and saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. Not a guy who told a guy. If that resonates with you great! If not that is great too!

The bashing of each other in this forum is incredible, not only of me, but of each other. I understand everyone is frustrated and I understand there are a lot of great humanitarian programs waiting to be launched. I too have my own, I too am tired. This elephant sitting on the planet isn't easy to get around or overcome, but I truly believe their lies will only take them so far and eventually the people will rise against their oppressors and be free. Creator is Good, I do believe we have help, and I will keep pushing along on my end. I hope all of you do too.

May God Bless the 99%

Kim "Possible"

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Re: "Re: Fireswan has Kim Figured out" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1/26/18

Post  Angry Bulldog on Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:18 pm

How many times are you going to GO AWAY until you finally GO AWAY ! I and many are tired of all the guru nonsense, lies and the fraudsters themselves. Even Jared Rand lied, and so did you Kim.

You ever heard the saying, You are what you eat ? Well, association with cons and fraudsters is really no different. Factually, you couldn't prove one thing you said. Your big accomplishment was fooling Tank, which of course wouldn't be hard at all. Is all you did is fuel his nonsense, lies and con.

Where is the Lawsuit ? In what district was it filed in ? What is Attorney Paul's full name, location. and law firm name ? What state is he licensed and Federal District?

You know, enough is enough. Go on your Merry Way Princess and screw with the lives of others !

omg tony tony tony

Angry Bulldog

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Re: "Re: Fireswan has Kim Figured out" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1/26/18

Post  ReapAndSow73 on Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:02 pm

Every RV road leads to frauds and con artists...this Rand fella?  Yeah, ok dude. no profile, no search engine trace, no rand mcnally, no rand corp, nothing...and Kim?  Yeah, fraud queen, through and through. Rowe?  Complete phony.  Boschee?  100% fraud.  Yosef?  LOL, unadulterated king of dipshits, the ultimate fraud. 

NOTHING proclaimed by this band of misfits has come to fruition...and when I say nothing, that's a big 100% nothing-burger.  All of them come with ulterior motives, and attract the weakest links in our society.  Tony?  Repeat offender and convict.  Ray?  IRS trouble several times over.  Bruce the Bible-Thumper?  Complete con man.  Admiral Bill?  Suit salesman and MLM peddler.  How about the peeps over at Recaps?  Complicit to the fraud, all to line their pockets.  Decosta?  Knowingly broadcasted lies and deception from McKim and Yosef.

They'll all reap what they have sown.

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Re: "Re: Fireswan has Kim Figured out" - Kim Possible Intel Update 1/26/18

Post  Kevind53 on Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:07 pm

Don't go away mad Kim, just go away.... actually go away however you want, I don't give a rat's ass, as long as you STFU and go away.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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