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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 Empty Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:45 am

Still hope the PTB know what there doing and not a 3 ring circus.

Weneedit none are innocent and can be trusted but the only think that is saving us is Gods light as that spreads no dark can win . I don't want to sound like a shouting preacher but that's the bottom line ...

howdy howdy - quick flyby....weneedit and I am speaking from reliable sources....Yes the ptb know exactly what they are doing..what is going on has been planned out for a long long time...remember the WEB OF DARKNESS in not only very 'old' it is (was) a web that ran very very deep...you have to dismantle with precision and it is getting dismantled quickly now...also the ptb realize many folks are not awaken to the truths we are privy to know...they took this into account out of love....

protect people's wealth in market for instance, avoid riots et al. Many out there still believe Killary should have won. Smile

Talk about believe who would of thought we will be witnessing all this and not to mention the unbelievable amount of money we will have .

Power outages are indications of cabal arrests...we still can't get this RV going until the creeps are removed and the country is secure. Well Fargo btw was bought out via HSBC so it's just the brand all cabal elements identified and removed. It's being kept as a brand because of how many people it serves...basically China owns WF....

we are still waiting...all those bank windows gone...guess bank windows don't matter as does holidays or any other event....lets hope we are done before Jan 15th...The banks are compliant to the new financial system...if not they can't be in business....no more cabal banks... Thank you: April Ritchey


wow...well if they are millionaires, then frankly, they don't need it and should leave some of the money available on earth to others that need it. Afterall not everyone will be a part of this. It's not for everyone. So no problem.

Yeah, sold it or exchanged it? RV is in progress now....

They did that in Kuwait said there was no RV then the next day it went!!!

I guess we are supposed to get scared and be followers and then sell back ours for little or nothing. Nope. It's too late for that. Been waiting ten and a half year already. Why would I sell now because some millionaire sold their IQD.

We've heard for years there will not be a public exchange, just groups and private exchanges, since there is no vetting process in place. Personally, I don't believe that. Biblically, there has to be an endtime transfer of wealth. (If we're in the endtime).

I know of three people who have sold their dinars due to unbelief. But, I also know of a 70 year old man who DID NOT BELIEVE in the Kuwait RI, so he didn't purchase from a soldier. His friend became a multi-millionaire, he just cries every time he speaks of it.

People who are desperate are making private deals selling their currencies for low rates, it's illegal for a bank to exchange without including everyone. Jmo

this investment is inexpensive considering other ones, no skin off my back to keep everything and wait to exchange. Would never give it up Smile purchased a long time ago and haven't bought in a long time

I know someone who did a private currency sale and got $3 per Dinar.

you know them personally?

I do- 1 person

may i ask when this happened?

ddsd Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 No

A while ago. Not with a bank - she sold to an individual

sand my comment to ddsd meant its better not to ask any other info....just dont touch it


Sand- your friend is she liquid or skr'd ?

SKR's till legal to exchange. It's all done above board. She didn't want to take any chances it would open below that. Handled by Lawyers

I saw the papers, advised against it- but she's an adult

Why would a buyer pay $3.00 for dinars when they could purchase them for 1/10 of a cent............

I can only say what I know.

When people come to me for advice I tell them, don't mess with the IRS or the government. Make sure you have a paper trail for your currencies. And wait till everyone is able to exchange.

If it doesn't go today they said Friday . If it's the zim and military bases then no reason it can't go anytime it works t interfere with the banks . Guess they are still putting away the scoundrels...

Today's Line Up -- OM. Beny. Bruce. Pick your poison

Due to security reasons I have been asks to shut down chat after the RV.
In preparation of Dreams possibly SHUTTING down PLEASE scroll thru the forum and copy any info you feel you may need.
Hopefully we will remain open,but it will never hurt to be prepared

I have exchanged email addresses with many of the regulars so hopefully enough of us have done that so word can get out

admin I assume your direction came from a very reliable trustworthy source

Just thinking about the possible shut down has me very sad

Can't answer that at this time lost

admin i think you just did lol with the non answer

Hi, I guess Admin has our emails if a discussion board can be in another name?

006 is being protective for our security something else will connect us .

Halo, You are so right because there are still a few trolls on this site.

For 006 to be protective to the folks in the room speaks volumes. I appreciate his integrity and character

Maybe Admin006 can keep a list of emails and set up a completely irrelevant site or contact list for all of us. If he can make a contact email list (and or phone numbers) we will need to separately email him with info so he knows it’s OK to share our info.

So we have Bruce again

Who said the room is closing

OMG i would have withdrawls

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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 Empty Re: Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

Post by Terbo56 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:00 pm

Goes to show you just how hard-up people are, and they are the ones that will suffer in the end- They should know better than that- Oh, well- sorry Big NO-NO waiting
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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 Empty Re: Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

Post by Jayzze on Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:58 pm

t remember the ole adage a fool is separated from his money but they keep dreaming
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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 Empty Re: Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

Post by Terbo56 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:38 pm

They feel better about things that way- Can't tell them the truth, they don't wanna hear it- hemademe shame Twisted Evil sarcastic
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Dreamers Tuesday Drama   1/2/18 Empty Re: Dreamers Tuesday Drama 1/2/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:01 pm

Well no worries about the site being shut down after any RV, after the arrest of the frauds behind the site maybe, but not gonna worry about what ain't happening.

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