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 "One the PP's Start" - Intel from OWoN via John 12/14/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"One the PP's Start" - Intel from OWoN via John 12/14/17

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 "One the PP's Start" - Intel from OWoN via John 12/14/17 Empty "One the PP's Start" - Intel from OWoN via John 12/14/17

Post by Ssmith on Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:31 am


There seems to be, as always for the Public, so many confusing and incorrect Blogs promising the world, and tomorrow, from the world of Delusionaria. For a Buck!

Realty IS, the battles are daily, and parties now just waiting to recover vast Fund blocks from the likes of WF, and the Fed/Treasury, whose daily lies and obfuscation, merit WW111.

There ARE PP’s very close, and a special run for certain currencies and certain groups,will be attempted over Xmas if possible, as the Muslim world does not celebrate this delusional event and which, if allowed and succeeding, will enable those who need and deserve it to cash out in a Western Market Close down, from those Ambulance chasers who don’t. Funny how a few million dead seem to justify why ” I am owed?”. Looking on, looking in, we see the best of times and the worst of a kind.

PP’s, when released, WILL do so much good. Real Project Professionals, Real Projects and control as part of the packages. So many Patriots will do good things. So many damaged societies can start to rebuild. Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, even oppressed Iran, have all experienced and learned from a deeply salutary lesson. Yanks Tanks. Never again. How many dead are there from the presumptive arrogance of the worlds most reviled nation? Ask Filipinos, Iraqis, Vietnamese, Syrians, Iranians, South Americans, Russians and Chinese for their opinions, and welcome to a wake up call. Billy No Mates will find the future a change. No Trade, No Mates? No say! No idea what is coming. Russia and China are taking the Middle East and Africa. Even South America is building with Russia.

Post release, it’s time for Regular Americans to rejoin the human race, and the Cabal to go. Those funds used wisely, will re integrate America using the heart, resources and moral fortitude of so many good Americans impaired for life because of the Cabal, Zio Scum, Political parasites, and Zio Banking filth who have almost destroyed the economies for all.

We have seen a century of Jewish/Zionist total monopoly of the Fed and Treasury. They have bankrupted the lot, entrusted and betrayed. They will need to be – very afraid, because when Eurasia comes, there will be no room at that Inn. Payback and Take Back is coming! When Eurasia rolls in, Europe will Roll Over, and if you can’t think like and gain the affinity of the Asian, you will have no nation. Wealth has gone East. US and EU Imperialism will go West. The power of the integrated Mind, is the new future of Mankind. One world for ALL Nations. Who elected this Zoo?

What is coming will be By the People, FOR the People. Eurasia will sweep in with real changes for the Zios. Gulags! The final Zio Roach solution for Parasite removal. The EU has a Garden Pest Exterminator called Round Up. Prophetic? Eurasia knows what is needed. Systematic change and Removal. Zio 21!

With the releases will come the opportunity to make a difference. To really put back and go forward. Societies will be remodeled, New Education to re track each nation. Children and human life will be revered. Zios reviled. Pay out and Pay back. Freeing up nations and minds. So much good will arise. A whole new concept of Banking. Wall Street will be out on the Street. New Nations really will vote with their feet. People will change nations and minds. Money will serve a purpose, and need, not feed greed. Zios- 21 is for YOU.

Once the PP’s start, the Dam breaks. Then, unstoppable. It’s coming. The ones owed, will be those who truly deserve. Payback.

-- Submitted by PD

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