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 Another Down & Out Dinarian 12/12/17

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PostSubject: Another Down & Out Dinarian 12/12/17   Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:09 am

Why not quit listening to these lying gurus & sell your currency???

Dear IDC friends,

Oh, how I hope the latest Intel is true and the RV really is coming now. I know many of us are weary to the bone.

I'm 61, female, and have been living in my car since June. The car needs repair and isn't drivable. So I can't get to the blood plasma center, which has been my only source of income.

I'm most concerned about keeping my phone, so I can check websites and receive the 800#. I also have a storage locker, but am willing to let that go if need be.

I do get food stamps so that's not an issue. But I only have $2.00 left in cash. If the 800# came out today, I don't have money to call a cab or rent a car to get to the bank appointment. Wouldn't that be ironic ... sitting on a fortune and no way to exchange it!!

I'll be eligible for Social Security in a couple months, should I need it. But meanwhile, I could really use some help to get through this stretch.

I don't need much. If you can spare even a little, it all adds up. Prayers and loving energy sent my way are also welcome. Thank you!

My PayPal account is emjaykult@hotmail.com
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Posts : 18153
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PostSubject: Re: Another Down & Out Dinarian 12/12/17   Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:15 am

and another......

YES, so I was led to believe. So I waited, in my car, in 45º weather waiting for the call…12:00 came…nothing…12:30…nothing…1:00am…nothing…2:00am…sleep came…4:18am…alarm rang. No messages, no emails no directions…once again…no exchange. Disappointed? no.

No disappointment? Nope. Why is that you ask? Because. Remember as in sales, the more No’s you hear, the closer you are to a “YES”!

Is that going to be true with the RV/Exchanges? It has to be!! Why? Because it’s part of our universe and the flow of information and abundance in our lives.

How do I know? I don’t on many levels, but there is this thing that I have called faith, that being homeless I pray every day that my faith in life, in breathing, in being present for others to reach out to time and time again, will on some level drive others to keep faith in the universe, in God, in whatever beliefs they have that this abundance will one day flow through the dam which is holding it all back and that many of us will be able to help so many others, we’ll cause a planetary shift of such magnitude that this entire universe of ours will realign onto an amazing new path of awareness and understanding.

Did that make sense? There are times when I start typing and spirit takes over and words just flow from me to the keyboard and I simply allow them to land without edits. It’s fun and I am so grateful to be able to share when these things happen.

Believe in miracles, ask for them to arrive in your life, know that they are out there being created for you to bring into your life as you open your heart to knowing and understanding that the universe can work for you as you direct it to, and you’ll be surprised as things shift for you in directions you never imagined possible until you began to re-language or re-state your wishes.

What does that mean? Perhaps instead of saying “there’s no way that can happen” or “all I ever hear is no”, perhaps restating things even in silence to yourself as simply as “I see that happening for me” or the other one being “all they can say to me is YES!”, and then hold that excited feeling you get close to you, nurture it and remain in a feeling of having that thing, that whatever in your life and know that the universe will deliver to you. Along your way you’ll be pleasantly surprised how those things then come to you to share in your joy and presence to all that is.

Yesterday I prayed for love, understanding, compassion, knowledge, inspiration for all. Today I pray for the same and add abundance, ease of flow, acceptance, perseverance, patience, and guidance for all along the path that is lying before each of us in this world. May all of you receive these into your existence, and may they all guide you in your own unique ways giving you comfort that you are worthy of receiving into your life and your universe, and may this give to you peace along your path.

May the blessings of those you pray to be upon you, your family, your pets always.

Michael Murdock, USN Veteran
donations graciously accepted: http://paypal.me/MikeMurdock
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Ethel Biscuit
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PostSubject: Re: Another Down & Out Dinarian 12/12/17   Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:28 am

Yep, burying their heads in the sand and wishful thinking. That's bound to work out well for them.


There are two kinds of people in the world...and I don't like them.
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Another Down & Out Dinarian 12/12/17
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