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Mountain Goat 12/6/17

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Mountain Goat   12/6/17 Empty Mountain Goat 12/6/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:33 am

December 6, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

This is an exciting week for us to watch as Iraq comes to a turning point in their economy. Yes, this will be an historical moment. I do not mean it is going to RV tomorrow…lol..lol…(just wanted to clarify for all the idiots out there).

We know that they plan to hold huge celebrations from Dec 8th to 11th along with economic sessions. I heard over 100 countries will be in attendance. (from this coming Friday all the way to Monday). During this time, we should listen carefully as to who attends and to what they are saying in their many speeches. No – there is not going to be any secret password that will trigger the RV, as many are telling you. This is not about activating the RV, but it certainly may lead to more progress in that direction. Yes – I still believe the CBI may be on a target of EARLY 2018 and I previously showed you articles and news as to why I am thinking this way. I do not support this “secret” intel bullshit stuff and I can prove everything I am staying about this timeframe with pure FACTS and EVIDENCE. Seems there is just too much the has been aligned to this timeframe.

To sum up where Iraq is right now we can say that the prime minister is about to “officially” announce the end of the war on ISIS in Iraq. Then he will move to wage war on CORRUPTION. We heard last week nearly 800 cases of corruption have been forwarded to the judiciary and they are now scheduling hearings on these matters. Recently we also read many articles on Nori al-Maliki and Barzani as they too will be implicated in many of the crimes against Iraq. Will they fall like the other political figures? Just remember this – the higher up the political ladder you go, they harder it is to prosecute. Just like in the USA, we know Hillary and Bill Clinton are involved in acts of security breaches, funding terrorism and selling of sanctioned items, yet they still walk the streets. If it were you and me we would already be in jail.

More news….

5th December, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will declare that Iraq is free from ISIS in the next 72 hours after the military operation in western Badia region, at the border of the Syrian territories, a well-informed source said on Tuesday.

He added that the Iraqi joint forces have advanced in the region, having regard not to hurt the residents. He also denied any slowdown in the operation, pointing out that it proceeds as planned.

More news….


Baghdad Mawazine News

The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman, said Tuesday that his country IS WORKING TO SECURE AN INTERNATIONAL GRANT TO IRAQ worth 115 billion dollars to finance the reconstruction of the liberated areas, and about $ 1.7 billion to raise the waste of war.

(Mnt Goat – note the article does NOT SAY that the USA is giving Iraq 115 billion dollars.)

“Iraq is entering a new phase and requires a lot of work in the post-ISIS phase, which is to repair the destruction of the organization, and there are about 3 million displaced people who will be working to secure their return to their restored areas,” Sulliman told a news conference.

He added that “Washington has great confidence in the ability of Iraqi forces to overcome the post-ISIS,” pointing out that “more than 70 countries supported Iraq to eliminate the organization is calling.”

“Washington is aware that tribes in Anbar and Mosul have expelled families whose children belong to the ISIS organization, and will provide support to community organizations and the Iraqi government to resolve those problems,” he said.

More news….

The Iraqi Private Banks Association announced Wednesday that about three million Iraqis will set up a bank account over the next two years because of the project to settle salaries of state employees.

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq in an interview with "Economy News", "The project to settle the salaries of public sector employees of the important projects that will withdraw funds stored in homes and deposited in the banking sector, which reflects positively on the development movement," adding that "AROUND THREE MILLION IRAQIS WILL ESTABLISH A BANK ACCOUNT WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS WORKING IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR TO RECEIVE THEIR SALARIES.

(Mnt Goat – still much work to be done since Iraq has a population of about 37 million. Don’t worry this is not going to hold up the RV, but it is interesting to see how they are progressing real fast to paperless currency)


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Central Bank of Iraq called for the need to preserve the local currency, pointing to the strengthening of local banks IN LOCAL CURRENCIES OF SMALL GROUPS.

A source from the Central Bank of "Al-Ghad Press", said on Tuesday that "the bank calls for the preservation of the local currency and the strengthening of banks WITH SMALL GROUPS OF LOCAL CURRENCY," pointing out that "the printing of the Iraqi currency and replace them cost large amounts of money," calling on citizens to maintain bank notes when trading ".


The source said that "the Central Bank TO SHIP CASH FROM SMALL GROUPS TO GOVERNMENT BANKS AND PRIVATE BANKS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED AMOUNTS given to banks during the month of November last year of the current (554,000,000) dinars (one hundred and fifty-four million dinars) category 1000 dinars and the amount of (202,500,000) Dinars (two hundred and two million five hundred thousand dinars) category of 500 dinars, "adding that" the Central Bank of Iraq pays to the Rafidain and Rashid Bank an amount of not less than (200 million) dinars (two hundred million dinars to change) in almost every withdrawal of its own assets.

(Mnt Goat – This is a WOW article. Do you comprehend exactly what the CBI is telling here? Amazing, amazing, amazing…! They are telling us they are launching these new notes to the banks now and have been loading the banks with them since last November. They even gave us the amounts they sold to the banks. Note they did not distribute any 10,000 (10K) or 25,000 (25k) three zero notes (the ones they want to delete) and this is very significant.

Now I know some of you are going to bash me for my explanation of this article, but that is only because you do not understand the entire plan and the process they are following. So let me explain it to you then. Then maybe you too can see it.

And this last sentence to the last paragraph to the article is VERY important. I quote from the article– “The source said that "the Central Bank TO SHIP CASH FROM SMALL GROUPS TO GOVERNMENT BANKS AND PRIVATE BANKS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED AMOUNTS given to banks during the month of November last year of the current”.

So for over a year now the CBI has been stocking up the banks with these new currencies. What the CBI is saying is they distributed nearly 200 million dinars monthly to the banks over this last year in exchange for other assets (remember the CBI is not handing out FREE money when they launch these newer notes…lol..lol…)

This is their way of distributing these newer notes. By lessening the distribution of the 10k and 25k notes by converting to electronic banking the CBI is able to slowly slow down the need for the 10k and 25k notes, thus they are slowly phasing them out.

So what do the people then use for currency?

First – they lessening the need for any currency by the implementation of the new electronic banking practices we have been reading about;

Second – they are launching other notes to use as they told us in this article namely the 1,000, 500 and 250 dinar categories.

Third – We know the set of new notes to be used going forward post RV. They include - 25, 50, 100, .25 and .50 (coins) Dinars. Remember the 50 dinar note was already launched in 2105 and the CBI deliberately held back the launching of the 100 dinar note a that time

All of these categories, mentioned in this article that are being printed, are denominations that are in the final set of currencies that will REMAIN as permanent currency post RV. Do you remember the final set of Iraq currency?

As a side note: This is why I also know many of these so called intel “gurus” have been caught in their past lies in telling everyone that all the lower denominations had been launched and the rate increased already. So now we have proof positive they were lying.

So they are liars, plain and simple and now you know why they are lying. Remember once you spill milk out of a bottle you can never get it back in. So too a lie is a lie and you can’t take it back. So we will never forget these gurus who lie to us! In fact we want nothing to do with them any longer since we can’t TRUST liars. You know who I mean Bruce and the Big “bullshit” Call, Yosef, Tank, Jared Rand, Kent Dunn, Cindy K. Currier, RayRen, Tony, etc..)



Baghdad: Al-Furat News) revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi, the proportions of budgets of the three presidencies (Republic, ministers and parliament) in addition to the auction of currency for import.

"The budget of the Presidency of the Republic amounted to 51.8 billion dinars in details (salaries, service supplies, service items, conferences, statements and others)," she told the program {boldly} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel today.

"The salaries of officials of the Presidency of the Republic of the number of one thousand and 68 employees 38 billion dinars," noting that "it is possible to reduce 5 billion of them."

"The budget of the Prime Minister amounted to 2.3 trillion dinars because it has other departments, while the budget of the House of Representatives 234.4 billion, 208 billion dinars, including salaries of employees.

She pointed out to her "dissatisfaction with the monetary policy of the Central Bank, where the auction of cash currency in the Central Bank since the fall to this moment 355 billion dollars TO COVER IMPORTS," indicating that "selling more than oil revenues will lead to a reduction reserve to the Central Bank."

"Four of those who benefited from the currency auction namely currency dealers, terrorist financing, parties and beneficiaries], all of which we have reported to financial integrity," she said.

(Mnt Goat – what do we get out of this article? They are telling us once again the process of money exchange while under sanctions. I quote from the article: “where the auction of cash currency in the Central Bank since the fall to this moment 355 billion dollars TO COVER IMPORTS”. So revenue comes into the CBI in petro-dollars (USD) and then they must convert their dinars to dollars to pay for imports. But this is the only time they should be converting dinars to USD (unless also maybe they are leaving Iraq for vacation). In the country of Iraq the general economy runs off dinars, nothing else. The article is also telling us the problem as to why the CBI reserves are running low. It is due to corruption since more than the merchants are taking USD out of the CBI so there is also corruption creating an imbalance of payments. More USD is going out of the CBI than there is incoming oil revenues each month. This creates a deficit. I quote from the article above: “Four of those who benefited from the currency auction namely currency dealers, terrorist financing, parties and beneficiaries”. So this is the second major article we have recently read on this topic of drawing down the CBI reserves. They are getting to a dangerous level. What will they do to counter the problem?

They only have 2 choices:

1) Fix the corruption with the auctions

2) End the currency auctions- but this would mean ending Chapter VII sanctions and paying with dinar. They can not pay with dinar unless the money is worth something. Who the hell would want it otherwise?)



Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari made press statements on the sidelines of the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum Rome-Med 2017 in Rome.

He said that participation in the forum is part of the mobilization of the international community to stand by Iraq in the process of reconstruction and construction, as we wait for the world to provide financial support because Iraq fought the worst and worst war accompanied by sabotage and destruction in all cities and provinces, They must help us, as happened in the first and second world wars, and after the end of the war, all the countries of the world stopped to rebuild these countries.

He added: The world must stand by us, especially as we have given the richest and hardest thing in the equation of confrontation, which is Iraqi blood and what we have asked them to send their children to fight instead of our children, adding: The material assistance is required, and this debt in all of them, and we have seen an excellent response in the past Of the time they gave money and material aid, but Iraq now needs more support because it bears responsibility for the reconstruction and construction of Iraqi cities destroyed by gangs, "Dahesh."

The minister warned that the phenomenon of the spread on the surface, and in some cities and ended and left only a few sporadic cells, but inevitably will go to other countries have new shelters, stressing that the gangs is not Iraqi origin or birth, but came from about 124 So the achievements of the Iraqi armed forces are not only for Iraq, but for all countries.

Dr. Jaafari pointed out that Iraq will witness a turning point in the economic and investment after it ended the separation of military confrontation against the Marsh Arabs.

"We have been cooperating with Italy for a long time. The Italian companies have taken the responsibility of maintaining the Mosul Dam. We are trying to expand the projects and open the fields for investment opportunities, reconstruction and construction," he said.



(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, the adoption of the population census in the budget of 2018 large pockets of the provinces.

"The size of the budget amounted to about 104 trillion, which is a large size, but when it is distributed to the Iraqi provinces will be the weight of the feather," Tamimi told the program {boldly} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel.

She added that "THE BUDGET WAS SUPPOSED TO COME MID-OCTOBER TO IT ARRIVED IN MID-NOVEMBER," attributed the reasons for delay "to the Commissioners with the International Monetary Fund in Amman to change the prices of oil and export it, only the deficit was large and to be reduced went to the prices closest to realism and disagreed here Figures in the budget ".

She pointed out that "the reliance on the criterion of population in the budget of 2018 and the adoption of the boycott in the provinces in which there is a great injustice to them."

(Mnt Goat – First let me say I like Tamimi. She is on the finance committee and so when she talks, I listen. So in the article we see why the 2018 budget is so late. But other articles also tell us other reasons too. This article mainly talks about the lack of a proper census so they can distribute the budget. Also they wanted to mostly adjust the budget due to increase in oil prices thus more revenues (less deficit). We also know parliament could not get a quorum the other day to “officially” conduct a first reading. Why? The lack of the Kurds once again holding up progress. They boycotted parliament due to not getting their 17% instead 12% is stated in the budget.

Regarding the budget- please, please do not regard the coming of the budget as anything to do with the RV. The budget is not being held back due to the RV. The new rate of the dinar is not in the budget. You can look all day and you will not find it…lol..lol…)




President Fuad Masum and his deputy Nuri al-Maliki on Monday URGED THE SPEEDY ADOPTION OF THE BUDGET and the return of displaced people to the liberated areas.

The office of the Vice President of the Republic in a statement received, Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "Maliki received today, President Fuad Masum and the accompanying delegation, and during the meeting discussed developments and political and security developments in the country and the region.

"The two sides STRESSED THE NEED TO UNIFY THE POLITICAL DISCOURSE AND WORK TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEMS AND DIFFERENCES, ESPECIALLY WITH REGARD TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THE KURDISTAN REGION, and accelerate the adoption of the federal budget, and respect the timing of the elections and provide an appropriate environment for the return of displaced to liberated areas."

On November 18, 2017, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received a voter card from a polling station in Baghdad that the elections would take place on its constitutional date.



(Mnt Goat – I took an article and cleaned it up so we can all read it clearly and study it. Yes, I said too “study” it. Are you sincere in wanting to know just where Iraq is in all their efforts to move to a new level economically and financially in the world’s eye? This is why I like this article so much. It is a summary of all the efforts we have been reading about for the last 3 years that is moving Iraq towards this goal of being an economic giant. When this happens we go to the bank too. Get it? This is all moving Iraq towards an INTERNATIONAL economy.)

Here are some of the ongoing challenges/goals of the CBI:

1.To maintain the inflation rate of not more than 2% and

2. the level of foreign reserves within the acceptable rates in accordance with international standards, where the foreign reserves of Iraq up to $ 47 billion and stimulate the banking sector regulatory (this one is now in jeopardy, as per recent news from IMF and finance ministry)

3. supervisory and regulatory and establish new units within the regulatory structures of banks such as compliance and combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and credit risk management. (We read recent article on arrest for counterfeiting ring)

Here are some of the accomplishments of the Finance Ministry and Parliament working with the CBI:

1. the issuance of the Money Laundering Law No. 39 of 2017,

2. the development of payment systems such as the application of all retail and mobile payments,

3. the establishment of the national division and

4. the application of international standards in financial reporting in

5. harmony with the principle of transparency and disclosure

6. the efforts of the bank daily to stimulate financial inclusion and

7. focus on the initiative to settle the salaries of employees for the purpose of raising the financial coverage of the population who do not have accounts in the banking system and for the purpose of restoring confidence in the banking sector, and

8. to measure the efficiency of performance as well as

9. the establishment of the deposit guarantee company in order to raise the percentage of savings in banks and reduce the proportion of housing in the economy thus activate the economy through the activation of investment and bank financing initiative to finance small and medium projects and supervision and leadership of community initiatives funded by Iraqi banks.

10. supporting the Iraqi Drama Fund and establishing two companies for national financing of large projects,

11. establishing a fund for social and humanitarian benefits,

12. taking organizational and structural measures and

13. developing a depository center in the Iraqi market for Financial Iraq and 14. the establishment of a national center to inquire credit.

Here are some accomplishments at the level of international banking relations, the Central Bank, with exceptional efforts:

1. managed to restore relations with Arab and foreign central banks and

2. to deliver the achievements achieved during the last three years to the international financial institutions such as the Financial Action Organization, which contributed to the transition of Iraq classification from gray to white.

3.The visit of the governor last month to the UN Security Council and presented the achievements and development of organizational, structural and technical and compliance with international standards in financial reporting and enhance the confidence in the Iraqi economy and

4.the ability of Iraq to comply with international credit benefits and the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund has had a clear impact in the promotion of economic steadfastness and financial victory and a steady pace towards financial sustainability.

That all the above achievements make the Central Bank of Iraq and the province of contacts and his team deserve praise and recognition, which is a call to the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to support these efforts and the designation of Professor Mohsen Alalak distinctive economic personality for the year 2017 I also call the Iraqi national media visual and read and heard to promote extraordinary efforts

The sincere efforts of the Iraqi fathers fighting terrorism and building the new Iraq, one that highlights the achievements and success stories achieved despite all the challenges and that the most prominent of these successes and crises are successes J The Central Bank of Iraq and his team who deserve the right word service neutral for our national economy and our sector of the Iraqi banking.



Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi The

Department of Economic Studies in Beit al-Hikma on Thursday, the fourteenth of this month a forum entitled the priorities of economic reform in Iraq.

The House of Wisdom in a statement received "morning" copy of the researchers, academics and specialists in the economic issue to the discussion with short work papers focused on the practical and procedural aspects required by the Iraqi economy at this stage and in all axes and economic sectors.

The statement added that the discussions will include topics such as Iraq's reconstruction priorities, the oil sector, financial and monetary policies, combating corruption, economic legislation, financial and banking sectors, investment sectors, industry, agriculture and housing, finance institutions, private and commercial sectors.

Development planning will also be discussed alongside the issue of government and local governments and their role in the economy, as well as discussing the issue of employment and unemployment, especially among young people and graduates.



(Mnt Goat – This is nothing more than an article about a new financial product sold to citizens from the Trade Bank of Iraq. It is a Certificate of Deposit with some nice features and perks. If you read the article you can see why this is important. It going to help suck in yet more of the large 3 zero notes off the streets)

Baghdad - Qusay Munther

The IRAQI TRADE BANK REVEALED THE LAUNCH OF A NEW PRODUCT IN DOLLARS TO PROTECT THE CURRENCY FROM ATTRITION as well as strengthen the dinar, while yesterday was held the ninth cloud of opportunity to qualify.

The director general of the bank, Faisal Al-Hims, told Al-Zaman that "a good product was launched during the month of February last year, and the first monthly draw was made last March. The first one was yesterday, the ninth cloud, in which the bank managed to raise amounts by 9 billion dinars.

"This product protects customers' savings, which can be retrieved at will, because the hoarding of money in homes may expose them to theft or for many other reasons." He added that "the customer can through the product access to the port to protect his money and also the opportunity to win prizes for money Which is invested by the certificate of deposit.

In addition He said: "THIS WILL CONTRIBUTE TO RESTORING THE CONFIDENCE OF CITIZENS IN THE BANKS that have also started to compete with it." Al-Hymes revealed that "the issuance of a certificate of deposit in dollars is beneficial and linked to exchange rates and in several currencies, including the Iraqi dinar and this is beneficial on a basis we can support the dinar and also enter the currency with competition and non-depletion).

For his part, Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank Walid Eidi yesterday that (the product is distinct on the banking scene where NO OTHER BANK HAS INITIATED OTHER THAN THE IRAQI TRADE TO ISSUE SUCH A PRODUCT, especially this contributes to the withdrawal of liquidity from outside the banking system to the inside to re-invest In the process of granting small and medium loans to serve the requirements of growth and development in the national economy), noting that (the product also benefit at the individual level of the applicant or the owner of that certificate will receive funds through the drawbacks specified by the bank), noting that (those projects aimed at achieving growth at the level of the Egyptian arena as well as the economy in general.



The Central Bank of Iraq, he has fully adopted the process of payment of financial benefits through the electronic payment system, pointing out that the Central Bank will ask the Secretariat General Council of Ministers to approve the ministries electronic deal.

The Director of the Information Office, Acer Jabbar in an exclusive interview with "Economy News", "The Central Bank adopted the methodology of electronic payment in all the benefits and payments of its own, including the committees of procurement, repairs and transportation," noting that "the process has become a prerequisite for the transfer of funds required for a bank account According to the choice of the beneficiary. "


He added that "the Central Bank will ask the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers TO ADOPT THE ELECTRONIC DEAL AS A CONTEXT IN ALL MINISTRIES AND STATE INSTITUTIONS."

He explained that "the aim of this trend is TO REDUCE MONETARY TRANSACTIONS, which gives transparency for all financial operations that occur in ministries, especially in procurement and processing.

(Mnt Goat – I’d say this was one of those WOW articles. They are finally going to just do all the ministries and now make it mandatory per the law. WOW! This is all so very good for us since they were chopping away at the ministries one at a time and some resisted. Now they are going for and I quote – “TO ADOPT THE ELECTRONIC DEAL AS A CONTEXT IN ALL MINISTRIES AND STATE INSTITUTIONS”.)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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And, Mountain Goat, you might add yourself to that list- Mountain Goat   12/6/17 1656125192 2cents Mountain Goat   12/6/17 2350219667
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