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"Tragic Calm" - Message from Tank 11/25/17

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"Tragic Calm" - Message from Tank 11/25/17

Post  Ssmith on Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:10 am

TRAGIC CALM — by Tank — November 25, 2017

In the medical field, there's something called a tragic calm. A man I once knew had a hernia, where a portion of his intestine had popped through the muscle tissue. It's a very painful condition. The man didn't get treated for his condition, and one day the pain just went away. The man didn't realize that his muscle had healed creating a tighter space through which the intestine could protrude. This caused the intestine to tear. For a time he went on about his business, not realizing that he was being poisoned by his own negligence. He didn’t heed the warning of the pain he’d been in, and now the pain wasn’t there to warn him that he was still in big trouble. In time, the tear made him septic, poisoning him from the inside out, and causing his pain-free death.

Pain is not a bad thing. It is a message sent to let us know something is wrong.

We've been subject to this same tragic calm in the RV/GCR and even in our society. All types of pain killers that have numbed us to the sting of the constant disappointment of nonperformance.

But, instead of being angry and disgruntled from the aggravating discomfort, and attending to the fact or message of the pain, we have become accustomed to living as slaves with low expectations that any event or change will unlock our chains. Rather than demand assistance, performance, or honesty, we have been accepting bogus updates that have prolonged our torture to the next day or the next week or the next weekend.

Herein lies the problem. Tomorrow never comes, next week always starts on Monday which then leads to the Tuesday-through-Thursday international banking week which ultimately leads us back to Friday and an empty promise of the best weekend of our lives.

Holidays are even more painful evidence by this most recent holiday weekend when it would seem that the entire world is very excited for Americans to be able to shop until we drop on Black Friday so we can have a gluttonous Christmas.

Personally, I had hoped that Thanksgiving Day would be the day the vibration of the planet was at its highest because people were filled with gratitude to be alive, watching football and surrounded by family.

But the reality is that most of us dreaded facing our ignorant, asleep family members who look at us like the homeless wanderer that might ask them to borrow money at any moment. We avoid any real conversation that extends beyond the depth of a puddle. Somehow we have accepted our situations as we have faded from former lofty goals that no one wants to hear about anymore.

That is tragic calm. Our pain has gone away and we have accepted the failure of our supposed benefactors as our own. We have replaced our self-righteous indignation with judgmental assessments about people who haven't been anesthetized yet by the journey, looking down on them for their impetuous impatience. We meditate to find peace in our jail cell, finding hobbies that keep us busy while we wait for the warden to finally let us out, even after we've long been cleared of any wrong-doing (having been falsely imprisoned for someone else's crimes). We are calmly dying from the inside out, losing any part of us that resembles the heroic character we dreamt we were.

It's time to wake up from that trance! We should be mad. Furious, in fact! We should be mature enough at this point to be able to express ourselves in a positive manner that nonetheless scares the hell out of those in charge. Is it possible that the danger of continuing to hold us back has become greater than any possible threat by the Cabal? Then, we must stop acting like “docile cows chewing our cud,” obliviously waiting to be slaughtered.

This is the moment when change occurs. Right now is when we demand our freedom. Stand up and do something. Stop waiting for others speak up for you. It is time to make enough noise that we bring down the walls and burst the bubble of our enslavement.

I made it easy for you. Just read the “I AM YOU” manifesto (link below) out loud. Post it everywhere. Send it to your local politicians. Send it to everyone and tell the world that THIS is who you really are! You are a visionary leader! You are an ambassador of change!

Use your pain to motivate and inspire change! At the very least (and the very most), read the manifesto out loud and record yourself doing it! Get angry! Get inspired! Your choice. But get moving. Because, if you don't, you're going die from having been psychologically numb to your pain for so long that you thought you’d healed. In reality, it's killing you from the inside.

I am here, fighting for your life. It’s time for you to fight for your life, too.



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Re: "Tragic Calm" - Message from Tank 11/25/17

Post  Kevind53 on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:14 pm

Nice psychological play Tank ...  the story at the beginning was a nice touch, it might work if I didn't know you were a lying sack of crap.

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