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 Mountain Goat 10/29/17

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Mountain Goatee
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PostSubject: Mountain Goat 10/29/17   Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:56 am

October 29, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief – Special Report

Hi Everyone,



This a special newsletter today on a very special topic. This topic is near and dear to my heart because the notion that these crypto-currencies are the next BIG investment. They are slowly infiltrating the dinar community and quickly becoming yet another highly speculative, highly risky investment. Like a bad, lethal disease, they are spreading quickly. So it is VERY important for everyone today to listen and pay attention to what I am going to tell you today on this topic.

I have previously taken much time out of my already busy life to inform many of you on the hazards if these crypto-currencies, such as fraud, high risk and speculation. These currencies are way overrated and usually only pumped by those who have invested in them because when you buy in, they make money. These currencies are nothing but ponzi-like schemes and have no productivity or assets to back them up. Kink of like buying a home with no down payment or having a job to pay for it. It simply will not work out.

We now see many of these so called intel “gurus” using these dinar community forums to pump you up to buy these crypto-currencies. Oh yes- they are stick!

I am not a financial advisor or a financial planner or certified in any way to give “professional” advice on investing, but I will tell you that there is a huge train going down the track traveling a million miles an hour and it is about the CRASH!

My personal advise = STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP!

These cryptos do not create work for people or manufacture any product or service. They are strictly digits in a computer to make money with nothing to back them up. If you are deciding whether to buy into this madness just read and research all about the past financial fiascos that took place in the late 1920’s with the stock market and the global depression. We are now seeing the same trends and patterns with these cryptos happening all over. This CRASH will happen again if these crypto-currencies get out of hand and they are regulated properly. The IMF is telling us in an article today so here is your proof. No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,, just the FACTS!

Let me tell you why.

Folks- any investment must have substance backing it up to limit or negate it’s risk. When any investment is vested way over its true value, it is bound to crash eventually. Yes it is inevitable. What goes up must come down. Will you get caught in the CRASH?

Also remember that sound investment practices dictate you do not invest when values are high but rather when they are very low, with high potential for growth over time. If you are smart you take a little gain, be happy and get out. Get off these roller coaster rides looking for huge returns.

But it all comes with a price and you can just as easily lose it all as you gained it. By human nature many can’t help themselves and must go beyond common sense. Are you one of these idiots? Are you naturally a high-risk taker? Do you gamble? Do you like to go to the casino? Do you bet with your local bookie on the professional sports games? These are all signs you may have a problem. This is just another vice to stay away from. There is no such thing as investing just a little to “get in”. Get it? I know that is what many of you are thinking. Just like the guy who goes to the casino and plays the slots once a week. He takes $50 with him each week. If he loses it, he goes home, if he wins, he quits and goes home with a nice gain. Not bad. But what if he loses each week for an entire month? He just lost $200 and literally gave this money to the casino all for being allowed to take a chance and push down a lever. What else could he have done with that money? Think about it? If you add up all the times he lost, surely it adds up to lot of money, much more that what he won. So why do it? You have nothing better to do with your time? Has our society come to this?

Investing in these cryptos is no exception and not much different than playing the slots, only you don’t instantly know you lost. You have to be strung along for a while to find out.

Remember also any crypto-currency is NOT AN ACTUAL CURRENCY. I don’t care if they call it a currency. It is not and this alone should raise a RED FLAG in your mind. So right from the start they are lying to you and scamming you.

If you define a currency it does not fit the definition of a currency. Yes- you can dabble in the currency exchange market and make a ton of money, if you study it like any other investment. The assets of a country should back the value of the currencies you are investing in. But this simply does not apply to crypto -currencies. These cryptos are make believe, fake investment instruments and should be shut down by the securities and exchange commission. I don’t know what they are waiting for unless they desire a crash first or unless maybe they are running these ponzi-schemes themselves and intentionally want to crash the economy at will?

I actually heard someone on a dinar conference call refer to the bitcoin as “yet another one of the GCR currencies you should pay attention to”. Really?

He actually told his audience this? Yes – he is heavily invested in the BitCoin and has to pump it to get idiots to buy into it. First, he gets your trust and then the pumping begins.

I have lost all respect for this guy. This is the CURRENCY365 guy. Another one is the BigCall with Bruce the Big Fat Liar. So you’re going to trust these guys? You already know my opinion about their “opinions”.

I also learned that both of the are very heavily invested in the BitCoins and stand to gain “points” when others join in this ponzi-like scheme.

First of all I explained many times already that digital currencies are not really currencies they only call them that to get you to see some form of legitimacy in them (if even just a little). They are simply a pool of money that speculators put into that promise BIG returns. Are the pool grows the value grows. There is absolutely no real wealth being generated. If you use it as currency to simply stay of the usual banking industry this would not be so bad, but how do you secure the money? Is it even real money. Okay so accommodations (software apps) are being made progressively available to to use it for car buying and general shopping.

My point has been and still is, who regulates it? What happens when everyone decides to pull out all at once, as they did in the late 20’s at the serge of the great depression? It would not take much for this to happen.

How many need to get hurt, how many economies need to crash before we learn our lessons on these highly speculative schemes to make money. Seems our greed is constantly taking over our ability to rationalize when enough is enough.

I want to address the article below. IMF head, Christine Lagarde is not saying she supports these crypto-currencies. What she is saying overall is that these currencies are not regulated and are not in line with the sustainable development and banking reforms that can stabilize the world’s economy. She is also saying that maybe the IMF should start paying more attention to them and find a way to use them more constructively in these efforts, instead of ignoring them. So she is agreeing with me and this is yet more proof of what I am trying to get across to all you people.

After all, it is all the greed that is bringing down the financial sectors of the world first place and along with it your familiar way of life. Yes – satan is having his hay day in the world now. It is your choice to take action now and stay away from these currencies or face the consequences later on. There is much, much more to these false currencies than meets the eye. You simply can not sell your soul for the almighty dollar. Satan has ways of always stabbing you in the back later. You can never win when you rely on his false sense of what is really important in your life. Okay so you feel getting enormously rich is important? So don’t come complaining later when these cryptos fall apart and you lose everything. Either the IMF is going to find a way to use them constructively and that will eventually mean regulation, or they will ultimately find a way to totally destroy them. Which end of this nasty stick will you find yourself on?




OCTOBER 16, 2017

IMF head, Christine Lagarde, is fully complicit with the United Nations, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Fintech and hence, Technocracy. Technocrats have created a huge moral hazard that favors the destruction of Capitalism and Free Enterprise. ⁃ TN Editor

It’s time for the world’s central banks and regulators to get serious about digital currencies, according to the head of the International Monetary Fund.

Global financial institutions are taking risks by not watching and understanding emerging financial tech products that are already starting to shake up the financial services and global payments system, according to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

“I THINK THAT WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE MASSIVE DISRUPTIONS,” Lagarde told CNBC in a Facebook Live interview on the sidelines of the IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C.

Asked whether she agreed with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s comments that bitcoin is a “fraud,” Lagarde said it’s important to look at the broader implications of technologies like digital currencies.

“I think we should just be aware of not categorizing anything that has to do with digital currencies in those speculation, ponzi-like schemes,” she said. “IT’S A LOT MORE THAN THAT AS WELL.”


She pointed to the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (SDR), a currency the IMF created to serve as an international reserve asset, that could incorporate technology similar to cryptocurrencies.


Lagarde moderated a panel discussion on Thursday focused on fintech and the role of central banks, featuring central bank officials and executives from fintech companies. Lagarde told CNBC she expects the IMF will play a role in regulating the fintech industry going forward.

“My hope is that we can participate in that process because I see that as a very cross-border process,” she said.

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ….

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mountain Goat 10/29/17
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