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Trick or Treat (10/28/2012)

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Trick or Treat (10/28/2012)

Post  Sam I Am on Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:44 pm

I've been enjoying my hiatus from doing dinar research and blogging, but a few things have surfaced recently that I couldn't ignore.  First, has anybody heard from our dear friends Dan and Tony at PTR lately?  Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they've done any weekly conference calls in over a month.  Could it be that the indictments of Rudy and Brad sent them into hiding?  Maybe they've been taken with Dr. Todd to an undisclosed location awaiting the verdict.

Also, dinar guru FootForward recently stated that God revealed to him that the Tigers would win the World Series (the last minute of the call).  He said this after they swept the series against the Yankees and it looked like they were a cinch to win it all.  Well as of now they are trailing the Giants three games to zip and have yet to even score a run.  I know it's counterintuitive but having a few days off before the World Series can do a team more harm than good.  Seems their little break after the short series with the Yankees might have cost them their competitive edge.  Many times things that seem so obvious turn out to be far from the truth .... you know, like the dinar being undervalued and oil countries have to have valuable currencies.  Maybe the Tigers will make an historic comeback and win four straight against the apparently superior Giants, but I'd say their odds aren't much better than the odds of the dinar RV'ing to $1.  If the Tigers lose I presume I will be reporting on the public stoning of the Canadian false prophet/dinar guru affectionately known as FootForward.  I wonder if the BIG Call guys would be willing to broadcast that?

10/29/12  UPDATE!!!  Giants closed out the series last night winning 4-3 in 10 innings.  Looks like FF got some 'splainin to do.  If I get any details on the time and location of the stoning I'll be sure to announce it.

10/31/12  UPDATE!!!  FF did a conference call last night where he failed to mention the failed prophecy.  In Q&A a caller asked him about it and FF said he heard God wrong, that he assumed that God was talking about this year but it might be years from now when the Tigers will win the World Series.  Nice try, but here's what you said FF:

God gave me a word a while ago about Detroit being one of the centers that was going to really ... God was really going to revive ... it was gonna be a ripple effect where you know ... certain areas would really be heavily affected and the blessing would ripple out from there.  Before the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees series started I was told that the Tigers would win the World Series and that that would be a sign that Detroit was gonna be revived and restored.  I got that just before game 1 started and sure enough Derek Jeter broke his ankle and the Yankees lost tonight so the series has been a sweep, so look for that as well.  That is going to be a sign and I want to get that on record.

And on record it went.  The context here clearly shows that this was a "word from God" concerning THIS World Series, and that the imminent RV would trigger this revitalization in Detroit (presumably by all of the new cars being purchased by the new dinar millionaires).  There are currently 30 teams in MLB, and 22 of them have won a WS.  The 8 who haven't won one have been established since 1960 including the Tampa Devil Rays who are only 14 years old, so it's a pretty safe bet that the Tigers will win a WS at some point in the future.  So saying that God told him that they would win the WS in the future is somewhat akin to saying that God told him that a trailer park will be hit by a tornado at some point in the future. 

Can you imagine a false prophet in the Old Testament era trying to wiggle out of a failed prophecy like this as they drag his arse before the village for a public stoning?  FF is fortunate to live in modern times where he can have his sidekick Bruce say "we'll forgive you" as he did on this call. 

And finally, there is a new guru doing conference calls and spewing out the same old RV BS.  His name is John Gilha, and he's the head of a program called Zero Debt in 90 Days.  A link to his conference call was listed on IQD Calls so I clicked on it and listened.  He says he's anticipating a minimum return of 1000 times, which would turn your $1000 investment into a cool $1 million although he really thinks it will end up closer to $4 which would make you a multimillionaire post-RV.  Among the misinformation he shared:

  1. EO 13303 gives us the right to invest in the dinar (apparently he didn't read the indictment handed down to Brad Huebner and Rudy Coenen because it included the misrepresentation of EO 13303 in the case for fraud)
  2. The windfall from the Kuwaiti dinar RV is what allowed Clinton to balance the budget (the mythical Kuwaiti RV allegedly occurred in 1991 and the balanced (?) budget didn't appear until 1994)
  3. The only risk (other than having your dinar stolen or destroyed in a fire) is the small loss you would incur if you decided to sell your dinar back to a dealer (if Iraq lops you could end up with worthless currency .... also the currency could decline in value or the government could be toppled or they could go to war or they could have an earthquake ..... etc.)

Well you know me .... I catch a whiff of a scammer and I'm off on the hunt.  This one was easy, though.  Ten minutes and I was done.




In the call they mentioned a book I've never heard of before called "Windfall & Wealth Management for Dinar & Dong Investors" by Charles Lahue which sells on Lulu.com for a mere $97. They also mention the excellent reserve program offered from Dinar Corp and the wonderful dinar analysis from Dinar Updates (BGG) and the IQD Team. I don't know if John Gilha is involved with any of these people but you could hardly blame a guy for having his suspicions, ya know?

Happy Halloween everybody!


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