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 RayRat Call Notes 10/25/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 10/25/17   Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:14 am

(Notes by Kyre Adept)

TNT Call notes 25-October-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday October 25 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Who would have thought we would still be on this side of the public release of the RV? We are in it to win it, however long it takes. We were looking for some things to happen from Friday; we sent out an update on Friday evening:

The updates have all been about boring Iraqi politics, and you can get that information in other places. There are a few things we can chat about. In terms of expectations, there seem to be a few issues with the banks that are being resolved, and they now expect some things to pop out later this week. I have information that “Reno is ready”, which we have heard before. We have our own recon man for Reno, and whenever we hear something from Reno, he usually tells us to stand down… but this time he is saying “Reno is ready”.

In Iraq, the Kurds are standing down on the referendum issue, conceding and looking back at Article 140. More than likely that will be acceptable to them.

As for Abadi, he made a statement that Iraq is ready to take a leading role in the region and in the world. For most, that implies a change in the currency. Economists are also talking about an upcoming change in the value. When they STOP talking about that, it means either the value has changed, or it’s not going to. Until that happens, it’s all good, and we will continue to hear from politicians, military people, etc.

In the US, the banks are now saying, “Dinar? We’ll deal with it”, rather than the previous position of not touching it with a ten-foot pole. We knew that shift would happen, that those banks saying No would one day say Yes. We are now up to 60+ banks that are dealing with dinar (although still at the low rates). Now they are saying “yeah, sure”, not even apologetic, taking it for granted. I remember telling folks that this is how it would be; it’s just not full-scale yet. We’re just waiting for the rates to appreciate, and then we will swing into action with our various strategies.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Back in around July, I relayed info from a retired currency trader that we would have to wait until October to see RV; your comment at time was we would not have to wait that long – today, some believe we may have to wait till 2018. What is your time estimate today as there always seems reason after reason to postpone a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar?
A: A lot of people could make those comments, but when you said what this person said, you didn’t have substance to back it up. I gave you substance for what I said: that select individuals said that it would happen, plus I had information that I couldn’t share. I was getting information from those who had already experienced something similar, and I trusted what they had to say. What substance does my information have behind it? Bankers are saying quite possibly this week, added together with the information coming out of Iraq, plus people with cards with dinar loaded on them (in the US and other countries), with a rate of $3+. It’s a waiting process, and we still don’t know for how long.

Q: About three calls ago a German lady asked you via Skype if you could tell her if there will be a bank in Germany that does exchanges of the ZIM. You answered you would try to find out. I am also a German member and would very much appreciate your help in this matter. Could you find out anything yet?
A: I haven’t heard back from a source that could give me an answer to that question. If that person is listening to this call, please send over that answer, especially for those in Germany.

Q: Do you have any further clarification to the 10B cap that you brought to us on Monday’s call? For example: per bank, Zim only, per appointment, 80/20 rule would only the earnings off the 20% apply to the 10B cap?
A: No to all those questions. I have not received any further information than I shared on Monday.

Q: Ray did you confirm if the big flag was posted on Saturday.
A: I reported that it was; that information was reported to me, and I’m at peace with that. They had their celebration and Abadi did show up and made a speech, just not what we were waiting for.

Q: 1) Last call indicated the Zim could now be either $20B per 100T note (.0002 x $100T) OR $11M (.11 w/ 6 zeros off). Any update if you think either one of these are still expected? Is the prior 80/20 still in play?
A: No update on that.

2) Are we still looking at this week or next?
A: Well, it’s Wednesday, so there are couple more days yet to go this week.

Q: Have you heard if your call center and bank contacts are still on high alert?
A: I haven’t heard anything this week, so far.

Q: Any updates on Article 140?
A: No updates on that.

Q: Anything further on the CBI exchange and MCP (multi-currency process) restrictions have been lifted?
A: There was a news interview with the Finance Minister saying that those restrictions would be lifted “in the coming days”.

Q: Any bank in the Minneapolis area that will exchange dinar?
A: Yes, in the state of Minnesota, not Minneapolis. All that information will be posted on the site post-RV, all the bank names and locations, so that you can shop around.

Q: Your latest message of “listen to what I say, and what I don’t say” way of delivering info is appreciated. Will you be clear enough or clear as mud when you prefer we try to hear what you didn’t say? I suppose I’m asking on behalf of members that if you have some kind of emphasis on the topic you want us to think deeper upon IF it is clear as mud a system is in place. If we start a thread in the forum on subjects we feel connect to what you didn’t say could you come into that thread and help us on subjects brought in?
A: No. If it’s something that I didn’t say, then I still won’t say anything on that subject. You just have to listen to what is being said, and to what is not being said; it won’t be difficult to put things together. You are better at reading between the lines than you think.

Q: Looking like we are there…. this week to the best of your knowledge?
[RR: Yes, to the best of my knowledge.]
Has the HCL taken place yet and do you think it is necessary to progress to the RV?
A: A lot of you think X or Y is necessary to have the RV, and if we are moving ahead of schedule, or moving too fast, they will find things to compensate for the time lag. Something like 3% of Iraq needs to be liberated, and the troops are being told to stand down, when they could have dealt with those areas two weeks ago. Maybe that is just a distraction while they follow their time frame instead of an expedited time frame.

Q: I heard from a Swedish source and currency holder, that she will use Forex to exchange and open an account with them.
A: Ask how she will do that; maybe some of us will do the same thing.

Questions from live callers

865/404 caller: I’d like to go back to Monday’s call, and Abadi’s speech with the bleachers and such for the celebrations. Are they still standing for further speeches?

RayRen: I didn’t get a response for that question; I’ll submit it again.

Caller: There did seem to be some intertwining between US and Iraqi politics, with Tillerson over there and TreasSec Mnuchin possibly visiting Iraq as well. Anything?

RayRen: There is some internet scuttlebutt about Mnuchin, but our sources didn’t bring up either visit as having an impact on what we’re waiting for. I came in as a rate-and-date guy, and I’m really only interested in the pertinent information our members want for this to go forward. The political stuff is only boring for me – others are interested.

Caller: What do you think about this announcement about waiting for full liberation?

RayRen: What I see is that they could have knocked that out at any time, so it seems like a waiting gambit, according to some schedule that I don’t have. When the right time comes, they can send in the troops, mop up the provinces, and change the rate. It’s an orchestrated process, and they may have to improvise along the way. Even with adjustments along the way, we will get there in the end, like watching a play.

631 caller: I hear the Iraqi Air Force have been dropping leaflets telling people to get out of the remaining areas, and telling Da’esh to surrender or die… déjà vu with changed dates. I just want a date so we can move forward with everything!

631 caller: It looks like Abadi is traveling all over the region. Instead of waiting, how about being WEADY, like with Bugs Bunny? I’m also hearing $2.20 for the dong…?

RayRen: Some people did saying something like that a few years ago. I don’t see a problem with that being a contract rate for the dong.

918 caller: Did I hear you correctly? The banks were not ready and now they are?

RayRen: That is the information that came to me, that there was some kind of glitch that has now been resolved.

Caller: So everything from the tweet apparently happened, although Abadi’s speech was not what we were loking for. I did read the speech. Then we hear he said the other day that Iraq is ready to take its role in the region. What are you specifically looking for Abadi to say? Or has he said all he’s going to say?

RayRen: I’m looking for him to say that the liberation has been achieved, and that economic reforms are completed, with national reconciliation and removal of restrictions of the currencies and the multi-currency process. It’s a daisy chain: the country being unified and liberated, economic reform, people being paid, etc.

Caller: I just saw on the news that Kurds freeze independence, asking for unity with Iraq amidst ceasefire.

RayRen: So that is out of the way, and we are waiting for full liberation, economic reforms, removal of currency restrictions, and we are done! All those things will be done; there is a reason for them not yet to be done, and I believe they are moving.

Caller: When this is Go time for us, do you think that more than one currency will revalue?

RayRen: I hope only one currency revalues at a time with a few days in between – that would be utopia – but I do think several will revalue at the same time.

386 caller: I have heard about the dinar and the dong; is info on the Zim still the same?

RayRen: Nothing has changed yet; I am still waiting for confirmation on the Zim.

702 caller: Are there any banks on the exchange list in Las Vegas that you know of? I got all my dong from Chase Bank. I went in to get some more the other day, and they said they are no longer selling it. That was in June or July. It’s best to have more than one type of currency, so I purchased dinar as well. Then I heard about the gold-backed US dollar, but it hasn’t yet been released to the public. The USN has not yet been released. When we exchange, will that be into fiat dollars, or asset-backed dollars? If you have gold-backed dinar and dong, and exchange it for fiat dollars, then you’ll get a lot of dollars, but each will be worth less.

RayRen: How do you know which currencies are gold-backed? I would like to have proof of those assertions. Do you have proof, or do you just believe it? I haven’t found anything printed to support what you are saying. If the President has signed something that is not yet public, how would anyone know about it? An Executive Order goes into force when he signs it… I think we have to agree to disagree on that.

Caller: We can agree that dong and dinar are gold-backed correct? [RR: No.] Well, my question is based on that supposition. So we go to exchange, and get a certain amount in fiat money. Should we exchange all our currencies into fiat dollars and then invest in something that will hold the value until we switch to asset-backed USNs? I’m thinking gold, silver, BitCoin, etc.

RayRen: I can’t have any intelligent conversation about this because we are on two different belief levels.

Caller: They have been talking about USN for a long time. I don’t think the US wants to be under the boot of Iraq; we want to be on top of our own system. I don’t think the US is boing to sit back and let Iraq be the top of the heap.

RayRen: Which is better? To own or to control?

Caller: Both! Why does it have to be either/or?

RayRen: We have a different fundamental thought process here.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

419 caller: Did you hear anything about the president’s speech last week, where he said he wants it to be a MERRY Christmas for the economy, jobs, etc.

RayRen: I didn’t hear that and don’t know the context, so I will refrain from comment. Obviously we all hope that is an oblique reference to what we are waiting for, but that depends on the context.

410 caller: What was the last information you had about the Zim?

RayRen: That is could be .0002 with no zeros removed, or 11 cents with six zeros removed.

615 caller: One million dinar costs nearly $1,000, while $1,400 buys you five million dong. Which one would you invest in, and why?

RayRen: This is strictly my opinion: I would buy dinar, because Iraq is the only country (that I am aware of) that is publicly telling its citizens they are changing the value of their currency so the citizens will have more purchasing power. Sure, I’m expecting some other countries to RV because of things are being said and done, and shown on the screens. It won’t break the bank for me to buy other currencies, so I have done so. They may or may not perform, but I feel safe spending that money; even if the currencies don’t revalue, I still have value in hand. But if it’s my last $1,000, I’ll pick the currency that I know will change. The other countries are silent, so I’m going to the one that’s making the noise. Now, if I have two thousand dollars, I’d buy a thousand dollars’ worth of each!

863 caller: Assuming the RV has occurred and we have the final RV call, will there be additional calls after the RV call itself?

RayRen: Yes, based on what I anticipate happening, there will be at least a couple of calls afterwards, and they will be posted on the public side of the forum.

602 caller: What is Reno’s role in all this?

RayRen: I really don’t know. All year, there have been rumors of exchanges going on in Reno, and the Admiral is in Reno, and private deals are going on in Reno — you hear some of everything, that there are thousands of extra people and planes in Reno. I ask my man on the street in Reno, and he says there is nothing special going on there.

Caller: Have you heard anything more from your SKR people?

RayRen: No, they haven’t heard anything for about two weeks.

Caller: Have your bank people said anything about extended hours?

RayRen: I haven’t heard anything about that in some time, although it could change when we/they are ready to go. As for Reno, there are some private groups that seem to be based there, but nothing firm or confirmed seems to come my way.

Closing Statement

We’re halfway through the week, and we still patiently await what happens. When we learn the answers to those questions, we won’t hesitate to share them with you – especially how long it will happen because that’s when the best strategies come in. We’ll have some kind of call on Friday, and until then, I’ll send out anything vital.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 10/25/17   Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:40 pm

Quote :
It won’t break the bank for me to buy other currencies, so I have done so.

All paid from donations I'm sure! :yes: question
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RayRat Call Notes 10/25/17
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