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Mountain Goat 9/29/17

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Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:14 am

Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.

I want everyone to realize who is reporting the TRUTH and FACTS about what is now happening in Iraq. It certainly is not most of these so called intel “gurus”.

Seems Iraq goes through one crisis after the other. So now
we have to deal with this ongoing saga of the Kurdish referendum. When will it all end?
As expected, these so called intel “gurus” have to put their spin on the Kurdish referendum subject matter. They are pumping you once again with misinformation. This is just another fine example of what these idiots do and what they are bent on telling you to support their version of an every day / any day RV. They will do anything to justify a pending RV. I find it amazing how they are putting their spin on this Kurdish referendum issue to suit their own purpose. It always seems that they have a very different version of reality. Are they actually from the planet earth?

Folks, I need to reiterate once again that this referendum for Kurdistan to break off from the Republic of Iraq IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER.

Think, think, think about all the possible ramifications of what the Kurds are doing. Just look at when some of the states from the United States decided they were going to succeed from their union with their federal government. Look at what happened. A US civil war resulted. So does this fit the same picture? Sure it does!

I can assure everyone that this is not a “smoke screen” for the RV… lol.. lol… as some idiot alluded it could be. In fact I would not even mention this idea as it is just so ridiculous. You would have to be an idiot just to be thinking in these terms and even suggest such a ridiculous idea. EVERYTHING IS NOT ABOUT THE RV!

So this issue of a referendum is not going to just blow away now that the vote is over and results are in. It will have serious consequences for Kurdistan and its political leaders. Maybe is has been the leadership all along steering the Kurdish people in this delusionary disunity?

Folks it is not about Kurdistan separating that you should be worried about. You are missing the entire point. It is the ramifications and consequences for Kurdistan in trying to separate.

Did you listen to me?

Let me repeat this to you because many of you just don’t get it. It is the ramifications and consequences for Kurdistan in trying to separate.

All we can do is research and report the FACTS. All you can do is listen to the FACTS and we all watch just how this plays out in the coming weeks.

No assumptions, no rumors, no hype, no “opinions” needed. Get it?

Stating that it will not impact the RV, when knowing damn well it could (if you a sane person) is not going to get the RV any sooner.

Oh – but it only supports the NOTION of an every day / any day RV thus the dinar sales go up and more people clickity-click on their sites to get an update…an update for a pending RV? Really? Folks – again it’s all about the scams and games of these so called intel “gurus”. Please stop playing it.

Rabbits are burrowing creators. They like to burrow holes under wood piles, brush, sheds, etc… to build their nests, raise their young and then to hibernate for the winter months. These holes are dark and long, but comfortable for the creators.

So like rabbits, these gurus are digging yet another comfortable “rabbit hole” for you and sending you down into it. Comfortable because they are telling you exactly what you want to hear, but not necessarily reality and truth. Yes – you will snake around in your comfort zone fro a while once again and around and around you will go through the rabbit’s hole. When will you come out of the dark? But in the end, it is all the same once again and will result in no RV. Why? Because all the intel is fabricated to give you what you want to hear and not what you really need to hear. Get it! It is given by liars!

Did you get your daily dose of hype today?

So, like in my last couple posts, today I am going to give you yet more SOLID evidence and PROOF that this referendum is serious stuff and is not going to just blow away overnight (as all these gurus are telling you).

Kurdistan will not just succeed from Iraq with a flick of a pen. There will be fighting first…and they will have to win or negotiate. Get it? Today’s news tells you why this will not happen. I hope you read the entire news today it is VERY important.

Of course, I do have my own “opinion” on this referendum too but I am reserving my opinion on this topic and sticking to the FACTS.

Today’s news….
Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has owed to impose his government’s control over Kurdistan-held areas in line with the constitution, two days after the autonomous region voted on independence from Iraq.

“WE WILL APPLY THE CONSTITUTION TO ALL AREAS TAKEN OVER AFTER 2003 AND AFTER THE ENTRY OF THE ISLAMIC STATE IN 2014, and we will do that without shedding any bloods,” Abadi stated, speaking during an emergency parliamentary session on Wednesday, vowing to defend Kurdish civilians. “Any assault on Kurdish citizens is an assault on us,” he said.

More news….
“The parliament gives mandate to the commander of armed troops [Abadi] to take overall constitutional and legal measures to protect Iraq’s unity and deploy troops to areas disputed with Kurds, including Kirkuk,” the Iraqi Parliament ruled.

The Iraqi parliament has also instructed the government to conduct legal proceedings against the Kurdish officials who sought the independence of Kurdistan, including Masoud Barzani.

Parliament also ruled the government must attempt to convince Iraq’s neighboring countries to close their borders in the face of the independence referendum.

“The government must take back control of northern oil fields in the disputed areas and Kirkuk,” it added.

(This article is telling us so much. It is confirming what all Mnt Goat readers should already know anyhow – the this Kurdish issue on wanting to succeed is all about Article 140 and them wanting legal legislation to govern this territory over to them, as stated in the new Iraqi constitution. Don’t you find it funny how the GOI still refers to Kirkuk as “disputed” area. The Iraqi constitution clearly states these regions belong o Kurdistan.)

More news….
Results of the Kurdistan referendum vote: Official results showed 92.73 percent of voters backed the secession in Monday's non-binding referendum. Turnout was put at 72.61 percent. This is the forth news site I checked on the results. They all are saying about the same percentage. What I want to know is how can Frank25 lie to everyone on his calls about the results? He says there was only 30% turnout. Hey – Frank I think you have your numbers backwards. Go recheck your math….You can add and subtract?

More news….
So weeks ago, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has held symposium entitled “Analysis of the phenomenon of Hoarding in Iraq“, addressing the problem of people hoarding Iraqi dinars (IQD), and not making them available to the banking system. They told us at this time they had a solution and would implement it soon. What is this solution? We still wait to hear more about it.
Why was this article so important to us investors? It was important because the CBI was talking about getting the last of the “hoarded” 3 zero notes out of circulation. When they get turned over to the banks, they are out of circulation. They need to reduce the money supply by 2/3. Remember this is a primary goal prior to any reinstatement or revaluation. It has been stated many times by the CBI.

More news….
Yesterday once again I tapped into some of these conference calls by these so called intel “gurus”. I listened to a caller on the TNT show (call) ask about the deleting on the 3 zeros and asked how can we be sure this is not going to be “lop” for the notes we hold (those living in USA). He told Ray that Mnt Goat said these 3 zero notes would coincide with the newer lower denominations for many years afterwards.

So today I wanted to come and clarify this information for you since people think I am saying my own intel. Folks I only report the FACTS to you. I do not say anything. It was the CBI who told us this and I demonstrated this FACT with presenting many article to you way back then on this topic to rove it to you. So please don’t say that Mnt Goat said. I did not say anything!

However I must interject more about what Ray said on the Wednesday’s call. There will be no lop, period. Not in Iraq or outside of Iraq. Get it? This is why the CBI has to collect 2/3 of the 3 zero notes prior to any RV. Didn’t you even make this connection? The CBI has been saying this for years. Ray – where the hell have you been all this time? The CBI is does not want the average citizen to get filthy rich off the RV. Didn’t you even read the very recent article from the CBI on the hoarding of dinar by the citizens and how they are going to use yet another tactic to try to get them? What the hell do you think this is all about, if not to get these notes out of circulation. Why?


So I will give this called at least some credit where credit is due. Seems someone was listening to me anyhow. Oh- why didn’t RayRen know this in the first place? Shouldn’t this already be very common knowledge among any intel provider? Folks -this is my frustration with these idiot gurus. They don’t know shit about the process as to how this RV is going to occur, yet they represent themselves as the experts. Maybe if they would just listen for a change to those that do know they might learn something instead of playing the know-it-all game with their listeners.

This only to goes to demonstrate my point once again. TNT leadership is not concerned about the FACTS, but rather only about filling their pockets with consistent donations and finding threads of intel that sound “reasonable” so they can create more hype to get you to come back over and over again. Ray even says and I quote – “I report – You Decide”. What does this mean? It means once again another intel guru who has to CYA (cover your ass) because he too does not even believe in his own words that come out of his own mouth. Hey – how about reading the news from Iraq? How about telling us what the hell is really going on over there? We are not concerned about these banks screens, bank rates, exchange centers or bank training. They have meant nothing and continue to mean absolutely nothing to us.

When this RV happens, you will have plenty of time to find a bank and meet with the manager to exchange your currency in total privacy. You can also learn about the best asset protection solutions for YOUR situation from a qualified attorney, free of any fee in a free consultation session. In the meantime go online and google trusts and learn about them.

We don’t need more “training” from TNT.

More news….
Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


ERBIL— Kurdistan MPs will convene on Thursday to respond to Baghdad's "retaliatory" measures and ultimatum to the Kurdistan Region as a result of Kurdistan's push for independence.

On Wednesday the Iraqi House of Representatives issued 12 decisions as penalties against Kurdistan Region's independence referendum which was carried out on Monday and won by %92.73 of votes.

Kurdistan lawmakers are expected to hold a meeting tomorrow over these measures and indicate a date for a general session over the issue soon.

Earlier today Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)'s Council of Ministers also held an emergency meeting over the punishments and embargo threats by Baghdad.

Authorized by the Iraqi House of Representatives, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has given an ultimatum to the Kurdistan Region to hand over its airports and border crossings to the Iraqi government by 3.00 p.m. on Friday or face international air embargo.

He also urged Erbil to annul the results of the referendum.


KIRKUK — The governor of Kirkuk province said that the province will not obey the Iraqi government, despite Baghdad’s decision to deploy troops to the area.

According to Governor Najmiddin Karim, who spoke to Sputnik on Wednesday, Kirkuk would not obey Baghdad and would remain controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), despite the decision made by the Iraqi parliament to send military forces to the province.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, said that Baghdad is ready to use the power of law, in order to return the autonomous Kurdistan Region, which held an independence referendum on Monday, under its control.

The Iraqi Parliament ruled the same day, that Iraqi army troops will be deployed to Kirkuk, as a result of the referendum and the decision of the people of Kirkuk to separate from Iraq.

However, despite strong opposition from Baghdad and other regional actors, the official results from the independence referendum show that more than 93% of the voters in Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk have showed their support for an independent Kurdish state, separated from Iraq.

(Folks – Its all about oil and the oil in Kirkuk region. Kurdistan wants Article 140 in law and passed in parliament. Will this pressure from the referendum help get this done?)


Shafaq News / Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejected the request of MP Hanan al-Fatlawi to hold participation in the referendum on the Kurdistan Region.

Abadi attended a session of the Iraqi parliament on Wednesday to discuss the enactment of laws concerning the Kurdistan region because of the referendum on independence.

The session was interrupted by a number of questions to parliamentarians addressed to Abadi, including by MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, in which she was asked the government’s measures against the participants in the investigation.

“We refuse to take any action against those who have expressed their opinion, and the new Iraq will not be held accountable,” Abadi said.

Parliamentarians, particularly members of the State of Law coalition, are leading a coalition campaign against referendum participants and calling for their dismissal from government posts.

The Iraqi government strongly rejects the referendum, saying it does not comply with the country’s constitution. And threatened to take “steps” to preserve the unity of the country in the face of the referendum, and called on the region to hand over border crossings and airports as being under the authority of the federal government.

The Central Bank suspends financial and banking transactions with Kurdistan


28-09-2017 12:11 AM
The Euphrates -

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, the system of remittances between the provinces controlled by the federal government and the Kurdistan region, in response to the referendum of Kurdistan.

A source in the bank, in a press statement that the financial transfers were stopped between the provinces controlled by the federal government and the Kurdistan region, indicating that this comes within the financial sanctions against the Kurdistan region.

He added that "the remittances that have been suspended relate to banks and financial transfer companies."

(So this referendum is only a “smoke screen” for the RV? Really? How stupid could you be in saying this. Of course it’s not and it is very serious matter. This article once again shows us the impact and its getting worst each day. Let’s see what else we read about:

• The Iraqi Council of Ministers has decided to bring the Kurdistan Region’s airports under the authority of the central government, giving Erbil three days to hand them over to Baghdad;
• Borders being taken over by the GOI security forces;
• Federal funding being cut off to the Kurdistan region;
• Iraqi request from Saudi Arabia to re-work on the agreement to export Iraqi oil through the Iraqi-Saudi joint pipeline bypass Kurdistan;
• GOI Parliament voting and passing a mandate to use force if necessary;
• Allegations by parliament members to send out warrants for Barzani and other politicians who are inciting this referendum issue;
• Parliament authorizes the government to arrest Barzani -sent to the executive authority;
• Surrounding neighbors against the vote warning Kurdistan not to do it;
• US also not in favor (we don’t know their full ramifications yet);
• Turkey said on Thursday it had stopped training peshmerga forces in northern Iraq in response to a Kurdish independence vote there, whose backers had thrown themselves “into the fire”;
• The Kirkuk provincial council refused on Thursday to hand over the oil fields to the Iraqi government, following the request of the Iraqi parliament to return the Kirkuk fields to the authority of Baghdad in response to the province of Kurdistan referendum on independence included the city of Kirkuk;
• implementation of the decision of the Council of Representatives to prevent the Central Bank from selling foreign currencies to banks operating in the Kurdistan region and banks with branches in the region;
• Etc…etc..etc..I am sure I missed many more reactions to the Kurdistan referendum vote.

Folks does this sound like the referendum issue is not an issue?

So some idiots from the dinar investment community even said this is all just a “smoke screen” for the RV? Really? Can you be that stupid? They also refer this to a magic trick – “the right doesn’t know what the left is doing”….say what? Really? How ridiculous and stupid of a statement to make! Hey Frank and TNT followers- WAKE UP!


The Kirkuk provincial council refused on Thursday to hand over the oil fields to the Iraqi government, following the request of the Iraqi parliament to return the Kirkuk fields to the authority of Baghdad in response to the province of Kurdistan referendum on independence included the city of Kirkuk.

The head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council Ribawar Talabani said that "the administration of Kirkuk will not hand over oil fields to any party and will be under the authority of the Kurdistan Region."

Talabani added that "the Peshmerga forces protected the oil fields from the organization of a call after the abandonment of Iraqi forces and instead thank the Iraqi government to issue such decisions."

Talabani said that "the authorities of Baghdad cut the financial budget for Kirkuk and Kurdistan and the right of the people of Kirkuk to benefit from the good," as quoted by TV "Kurdistan 24".

The Iraqi parliament called on the government on Wednesday to return the oil fields in Kirkuk to the control of the federal authority against the background of the Kurdistan region to a referendum to include Kirkuk on independence from Iraq.

Talabani said the claim was originally incompatible with the constitution, which was "invoked" by Baghdad.

Baghdad refuses to accept the Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk.

And escalated the dispute between Kurdistan and Baghdad against the backdrop of holding the referendum, which was considered by the Iraqi government "unconstitutional" and then demanded to cancel it.

The Kurdistan region held a referendum on Monday voted for more than 92 percent, the first steps towards declaring independence despite opposition from Baghdad.

Baghdad has taken a series of measures against Kurdistan, including stopping international flights to Erbil and Sulaimaniya airports as of tomorrow and the delegation of the Iraqi parliament to Abadi to control the oil fields in Kirkuk.

Like the peoples of the region, the Kurds want to establish their own independent state since the end of the First World War at least when the colonial powers divided the Middle East to leave the Kurds' lands divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.


Since 2003, the Central Bank of Iraq has persisted in pursuing two goals:

  1. controlling the dinar exchange rate and
    2) reducing inflation rates

And faced many difficulties, WHICH WERE LINKED TO POLITICAL, SECURITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTS. The measures established by the authorities had a profound impact on the independence and smooth functioning of the monetary authority, which hindered it from achieving its objective.

"The financial fiasco caused by political failure and economic shocks has weakened the components of GDP after speculations prevailed and production means have declined in a real economy," financial and banking expert Abdulaziz Hassoun told a news briefing.

Hassoun pointed out that the opportunity was available when the Iraqi banking system began to build its financial entities and the development of modern banking methods using advanced banking systems, but the continued sale of foreign currency and escalated, opened the arena to speculators alone, prompting banks to engage in conversion and sale of currency and purchase, Which led to the deviation of these institutions from their objectives, and to go completely to the currency market to achieve profits without risk ». He wondered: "THE CENTRAL BANK HAS TURNED TO DEALING DIRECTLY WITH THE DEMANDS OF EXCHANGE AND MONEY TRANSFER COMPANIES, WHICH IS UNPRECEDENTED IN CENTRAL BANKS AND BANKS IN GENERAL."

Hassoun pointed out that the banks started to refrain from attracting deposits, which pay interest, as they do not use deposits in the credit market, reducing the value of deposits in many banks to levels below the size of their capital, which was alerted by the Association of Iraqi private banks at the time .

The banks' financial statements "reflect a distorted picture. Credits do not account for more than a small percentage of deposits, although the bank's profits are rising to the extent that they can reach the size of their deposits." "The big imbalance occurred when banks stopped paying depositors' funds, which is the most dangerous thing that could happen in any banking system. The central bank did not move and took no action to protect the rights of depositors as determined by law, and banking administrations were not held accountable and accountable," he said.

He said that the decline in the contribution of banking and financial services in the continued GDP, "confirms that the subject has not been addressed, and that waste is continuing especially since the window of sale of the currency is still legislated and operates controls do not control the money coming out of Iraq.


Hassoun confirmed that "the monetary authority can give the required guarantees by declaring itself as guarantor of deposits of the public to certain limits, and obligating banks to work mechanisms that provide guarantees corresponding to the Central Bank." He pointed out that «foreign currency in the market is the dominant power today, which requires finding means to reduce them».

He stressed that Iraq is the only country where banks and exchange offices do not pay the value of remittances from abroad in local currency as is the case in other countries, which may help the central bank to balance the exchange rate, because the phenomenon of the withdrawal of funds from Iraq Linked to political and security developments. " BUT THE CONTINUATION OF THE CENTRAL BANK TO OPEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRANSFER IN FRONT OF IT THROUGH THE WINDOW SELLING FOREIGN CURRENCY REQUIRES A SERIOUS ACTION TO STOP IT.

He pointed out that the rising deficit in the state budget is one of the most important facing the monetary authority, as there are signs of aggravation in the budget plan for 2018, and THE CENTRAL BANK DEPLETED ABOUT HALF OF ITS RESERVES IN FUNDING THE BUDGET FIELDS IN RECENT YEARS, WARNING THAT THE CONTINUATION OF THIS APPROACH LEADS TO HIT THE IRAQI DINAR AT THE CORE, WHICH IS DIFFICULT TO PROCESS THE TREATMENT (TO FIX).

"The central bank was independent of the government in the first period, but when the economy faced a deficit, this independence began to decline," a responsible economic group said.

(If anyone thinks Iraq will revalue or reinstate their currency at pre-war, pre-sanction value levels any time soon, you are a very crazy person.)


The Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Kubic on Thursday to prepare for the solution of the “problem” between Erbil and Baghdad on the background of the Kurdistan Region referendum on Monday for independence from Iraq.

“WE AT THE UNITED NATIONS ARE READY TO ASSIST YOU IN SOLVING THE PROBLEM WITH KURDISTAN,” Kubish said during a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, according to a statement issued by the second office today. “The international community is united with Iraq and its territorial integrity.”

And rejects the Prime Minister Haider Abadi negotiate the results of the referendum, while insisting that the Kurdistan Region that the focus of negotiations with Baghdad on independence according to those results.

The federal government has taken punitive measures against Kurdistan, most notably closing the air ports, to try to subject them to power in Baghdad.

(The UN is saying in this article that this recent action against Kurdistan was not the best choice of action on the part of PM Abadi. I quote from the article- “The federal government has taken punitive measures against Kurdistan, most notably closing the air ports, to try to subject them to power in Baghdad”)

(So then what happened next….see article below)


ERBIL- Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)'s Council of Ministers on Thursday sated the decisions that Baghdad has issued against Kurdistan Region are "illegitimate and unconstitutional" and cannot be implemented without prior authorization from Kurdistan Region's parliament.


KRG calls on Kurdistan MPs to hold a session in the soonest time to decide over Baghdad's measures, which among other requirements, stipulate that Kurdistan must hand over its airports and border crossing to Baghdad and annul the results of its independence referendum (which won by %90 votes of support).

Kurdistan parliament has called the lawmakers into session on Saturday for discussing Baghdad's decisions.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

In my next news letter I will give you my “opinion” on this topic of the referendum and why Barzani is pursuing it. Stay tuned.

Wir sehen Sie uns im Oktober!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
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