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RayRat Call Notes  9/27/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 9/27/17

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RayRat Call Notes  9/27/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 9/27/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:32 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 27-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


[sound of clock ticking]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday, September 27, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Man, oh, man… what an interesting week and turn of events. Just when you thought nothing else could possibly slow down the wheels of progress, who would have thought an internal issue would be the issue. They are still reporting on the television that the internal bankers have completed training. If there is never, ever going to be a revaluation, why would they be training private bankers in Iraq? So you have heard about the internal turmoil in Iraq, with tension between Kurdistan and Baghdad, and reports are flying out here with 72 hours to released the borders, now pinned as 6pm on Friday (local time), with force if necessary… we get to sit back and see what happens until it’s time to make our move.

Abadi said to Parliament today that he’s targeting the end of November for these issues to be resolved, and some automatically assume that he means the final economic reforms. Either way, we cannot influence the process. Most are still focusing on the end of this month into the beginning of October. When you look at the mechanics of things including fiscal reconciliation, it does seem like the 1. October is appropriate. We’ll see.

Banks over here have initiated training on how to handle us on the appropriate procedures – does that sound like there is ‘no RV ever, ever, ever’? Yes, it’s happening later than we would have liked to see it. Right now, October is the most obvious time frame. End of November – I think that is just talk. It won’t take that long to liberate those last two provinces. Take in the news you see, discard what you can’t use, and stay calm while we wait for this to pop.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: For those who the other day could not understand the taking off 3 zeros, could you please explain again what will happen to us who are not in country?
A: That is in reference to the dinar. It is our continued belief that the dinar will be handled in the US if you take it to a US source. Our dinar is already accounted for, it is not going back to the US, so if you exchange in the US then the deletion of three zeros is not applied to us. It is only for dinar in-country.

Q: Any banking news? Any news on fils being released in the airports? Any CBI news you can share?
A: No, no, and the news in Iraq is all about politics there. Why would Barzani make any announcements while all that is going on?

Q: If my currencies are assigned to a trust, do I need an LLC for further protection?
A: No, that is like putting two gloves on the same hand.

Q: I have a few one Zim notes? Will they have the decimal point moved six places?
A: My information is that six zeros will be removed, across the board, and whatever is left will be the face value of that note. That is the information I have received. If is correct, plan for that. If it’s not correct, plan for that as well. I’d rather have a plan for two or three alternate realities than NOT have a plan for whatever happens in the end. If you have a 100 T note or a 100 million note, six zeros will come off, or at least that is the information I have received.

Live questions

865/404 caller: You got some of this information from the Iraqi television – did they stress it? Or was it a throw-away remark? Left hand or right hand?

RayRen: Even though it was a direct message, that could still be the case. PM Abadi said that it will be the end of November before the issues are resolved in the country (e.g., the Kurdish referendum, etc.) There was no reference in the Gazette.

Caller: Anything from your sources about the UN operational rates published tomorrow?

RayRen: No reference to that at all.

303 caller: Do you think there is anyone from ISIL listening to your call?

RayRen: Probably; it would not surprise me if one or two are gathering data.

Caller: IF so, at the time of exchange, how do they prevent ISIL re-funding themselves.

RayRen: If the exchanges take place in the US, there will be background checks. In other countries, I don’t know what they have put in place.

Caller: Inflation means that they have to do a LOP in-country. I think the CBI has lied to everyone because they have exported all their inflation to stabilize their situation. [more of the same] So they could take the three zeros off our currency as well.

RayRen: So you don’t believe what I’ve been saying; that’s why you have this question. I just said it again today – our dinar’s not going back over there to them. It’s allocated 20-30 years into the future. They cannot impose conditions on something that has already been accounted for, and that money is allocated for. Our government would have to allow those exchange dollars to leave, and that will never happen. So I don’t think we have an issue, even if there is an ISIL sympathizer trying to do that.

423 caller: My frustration is that PM Abadi was supposed to talk to the UN, and then he spoke to his own people, and we still don’t know what he said…

RayRen: Yes, we do know that he addressed the political concerns of Iraq, everything apart from what we are waiting for. Now, with this referendum vote, he is fully focused on the internal politics and chaos.

Caller: I would have thought they’d want to revalue before all that happened. There will always be political chaos, so why would that block the revaluation?

RayRen: I don’t understand it either – I’d think Barzani would want to revalue before introducing these independence issues, but I don’t know.

Caller: How likely are we to see this by the 1. October, on Sunday?

RayRen: There are so many signals that it’s hard to lock in on one direction. The current signals are going off in all directions, with Abadi saying ‘end of November’, with Iraqi and US banks training their people for this to happen now or very soon. So I am thinking this thing will go now, but maybe not. It’s all a question mark at this time. Something is definitely going to happen according to the signals. It IS going to happen; we can’t lock in on the date, that’s all. I’m looking at 1. October, or immediately after that. I’m not looking at anything between now and the first, just because of logistics. But it could go earlier. In the past, we have got information from people who were in a position to know, and then afterwards found they gave us misinformation for a higher goal, which worked for them. Now the information doesn’t come to us from select people saying “It will happen on X date”… and if they did, I wouldn’t believe it! There were things we believed something that turned out not to be true, we passed it on. The second time, I killed that incorrect intel, and I won’t allow a third time. That’s why I keep saying “just wait”. You cause your own frustration because you believe the information is firm when I keep warning you to wait. You’ve been misled for two years, and yet you still listen to those same people. That’s your choice; you’re making your own bed hard, and now you are lying in it and complaining. I don’t tell you anything unless it’s real and solid. I’m not going to tell you when the RV will happen; I will tell you when it HAS happened, with information about what to do when it does. We’ve had too many misjudgment. Anyone who has been on this ride more than one year, you should already know the temperament of those spreading this information that may or may not hold true. That just messes with your heads. Some of you are in desperate situations and you want to hear something that will let you sleep better at night. I would like that to be based on real, true information, not rumors and hype. Now, PM Abadi is saying that “full liberation” will not happen until the end of November, but we don’t really know what that means. Before, Abadi said that the liberation of Mosul was key; Mosul was liberated and still no RV. So I can only tell you what the citizens are being told. F course they can be lied to as well, just as we can. So just receive the information, process it, and know that we will get to the end of this ride.

610 caller: If you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

845 caller: If we get the money, can we cancel a bankruptcy?

RayRen: Absolutely. When this happens, you will be a gazillionaire; contact the bankruptcy trustee, and ask him/her to cancel the bankruptcy procedure. Being in bankruptcy is not that terrible a thing, but if you come into a wad of money and you don’t let the trustee know that, you could be in trouble. Let the trustee know, and s/he can cancel that for you.

615 caller: I’m going to see my daughter in California tomorrow through 7. October. If I’m traveling and the RV happen, what should we do? Should I take some of the currency with me; DC used to say to just stick the currency in my wallet and not say anything about it?

RayRen: How much are you thinking about? Thousands, or just one or two pieces?

Caller: Just a few pieces. I’m not going for the contract rate, so will the rate I get while traveling be the same as when I get back?

RayRen: The rate can change, but it will be consistent at all banks to within pennies. You will not be stuck with yesterday’s rate if you go in tomorrow. If you are not after the contract rate, and if things pop while you are in California, WAIT until you get back home before exchanging. You don’t have a reason to go in on Day One. So probably when you get back home, that would be about the rate time to exchange, because that gives the market rate time to go higher. The minute this goes live, we will have more information and a better idea of what is taking place. The rate will be public by then, so it will be in the forum, on the internet, on the currency converters and in banks.

Caller: I’ll be in California, where there is a Wells Fargo bank; will there be an ID issues? I will take my passport, drive’s license and a utility bill. Is that enough? And will the metallic strip show up in the X-ray machine at the airport.

RayRen: You’ll be fine with that ID, and the TSA people are looking for weapons, not currency.

Missouri caller: I heard that they are not considering an RV until at least two-thirds of the old currency are out of circulation.

RayRen: That’s the first I’ve ever heard anything like that.

Caller: If dinar goes 1:1 in-country, can they live off the international loans, and not allow the dinar to go fully international at all?

RayRen: I can’t see that happening. I believe it will go international.

Caller: I’m beginning to think we should put our dinar in a drawer and forget about it for a few months, what with all this turmoil in Iraq and Kuwait [??].

RayRen: That internal chaos doesn’t necessarily block the RV; no matter who holds the territory, the currency still has the same value and proportions whether the rate is one cent or a dollar. Iraq still has two-thirds, and Kurdistan has one-third (for example). It don’t think that the internal struggle really affects that.

TX caller: [can’t understand this caller]

RayRen: You have an unpaid speeding ticket? That won’t prevent you from exchanging, and then you can pay the ticket!

FL caller: Everyone is talking about Iraqi dinar because that’s what they’ve got. But 200 countries in the mix for the GCR, right?

RayRen: Somewhere thereabouts.

Caller: Why are they depending on Iraq? The US just went gold-backed [asset-backed], as I understand it…

RayRen: We did? I haven’t heard that. Perhaps someone will send me infroamtion to read that will substantiate that. I would think that would be big news that you can find in print everywhere. I haven’t heard anything making that official, although there is a lot floating around the internet. How much is substantiated with hard evidence?

Caller: What do you think is the status of the IMF or the full system revaluing? Are they depending on Iraq RVing before the rest go?

RayRen: I have heard both sides. If Iraq is not an issue, why have the other countries not revalued? Some have, but that doesn’t mean that the rates always go up – some have gone down, and those countries don’t necessarily publicize it.

Caller: What I’m concerned about is why the other countries couldn’t revalue without Iraq. I’m mainly talking about the Zim and the dong. [same question again]

313 caller: I heard trump say something about “all the currencies will be on the same level playing field”. Does that mean that when Iraq revalues, one dinar, dong, or zim is only worth a dollar?

RayRen: It means that eventually the currencies will balance out, with some going up and some going down, NOT that every currency will be 1:1 with the US dollar.

727 caller: Are you still going to St Thomas after the hurricane?

RayRen: One of our members has been keeping us updated with what’s going on there.

Closing Statement

What else can we share? This is less intel, more strategic planning. There seems to be a belief that when the RV kicks in, there’s going to be several days, maybe weeks, before it supposedly hits Forex. During that time frame, there may be flexibility in negotiating rates because it’s not technically public yet. If that should be the case, we will have additional training on windows of opportunity. If this does happen, we will put something together saying, “this is what is going on, and you can choose what to do”, to make the financial decisions that are favorable for your end results.

That will do it for today. Let’s just wait this out. I can’t say I’m expecting this any day or hour; I don’t have any information saying that. I’m pushing for the 1. October or after that, from the information coming to me. I would like to be pleasantly surprised for it to happen before the first, but I definitely expect something after 1. October. I can only share with you what I think and feel based on the information I receive, and I do think this is coming to an end. So hand in there, and keep believing.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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