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 Mountain Goat 9/22/17

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Mountain Goatee
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PostSubject: Mountain Goat 9/22/17   Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:49 pm

September 22, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Already we are winding down the month of September and still no RV. I said there would be no RV this week and there is no RV. Of course, this was not hard to predict because I am not predicting or stating “my opinion” but rather I am looking at all the evidence and factors and thus FACT. I can also assure you without a shadow of doubt that there will NOT be an RV this weekend either. In fact I do not even see a window for next week either. So much for these rumors of a September RV. This of course could change but there is nothing to indicate it so far.

So once again these so called intel gurus took you on a roller coaster ride this week in stating Abadi was going to announce the RV at the UN meeting. How ridiculous can this get? Really?

Then we read that he had to back out of the UN trip. We know he did this for the start of the first phase of the liberation of Hawija and to meet with Kurdistan officials over the referendum. He had two serious crises on his hands in Iraq and all we can think about was our RV.

We then read he was sending president Masum instead to NYC. Then Masum had to back out and we know he was going to take the job of meeting with Kurds since Abadi was tied up with his generals in the Anbar region fighting IS. So this how it all played out and it had absolutely nothing to do with the RV. No they did not postpone the RV because there never was an RV planned. Get it?

So then more rumors began to fly around as these Gurus changed their story and then said Abadi was going to the UN in NYC on Thursday to give his speech to the UN. Everything was waiting on this speech. Really? When he did not show up in NYC on Thursday now everyone is perplexed and don’t know where Abadi is. The intel forums go wild with disappointment and stress….lol….lol…... (stupid, ridiculous and outrageous crap!)

Folks who care where Abadi is? He is not going to announce the RV or make any speech relating to it or to trigger it. He has told everyone the economic reforms are completed but this does not mean much other than these reforms are in place but now need to be implemented fully.

It is the resumption of the “project to delete the zeros” that we want which is a result of the economic and financial reforms. Get it? The currency revaluation is a result of these reforms and not the reforms themselves. Get it? How many times must I say this?
So around and around we went on this rollercoaster once again this week. You let these so called intel gurus lead you around once again. When will you all grow up and realize what they are doing to you with their foolishness? They are playing stupid mind games with you. They are just as ignorant about this investment as you are. Get it? Their goal is not to give accurate intel but to sell you something and get $$ out of you somehow.

So now I have to clarify some other really bad intel being passed out. Last week someone asked me if I could identify these charlatans. I listed them to you. Then they came back and asked me why the Big Call with Bruce was on the list. Really? You had to ask? Did you listen to his last call?

You have to be kidding me…right? So let’s take this last call and use the Bigcall as an example and see if we can make some sense out of his information (intel).
On Tuesday night 9/19, we witnessed yet another absolutely ridiculous intel call passing out garbage intel by some so-called “intel guru”. His name is Bruce and he sponsors the Big Call. This intel was so outlandish I had to bring it to you today for, if nothing else, to get a good laugh over it. You asked me to clarify and so I am clarifying.

So the Tuesday 9/19 call from Big Call was held. I sincerely this guy Bruce gets the medical help he needs desperately in the psychiatric mental ward. To me he sounds very delusional, confused but who am I to judge. Listen to the call for yourself.


Let’s now look at some of the highlights of the call. This is what he said as he rambled on and on during his call on Tuesday night 9/19 (I try to quote with my comments afterwards). I was obvious all the intel was just pulled out of the air (or should I say pulled out of his ass):

Bruce - “quite a bit of money movement that has happened”,

Mnt Goat- Who cares? What money, What the hell are you talking about? Every call you have it’s the same old stuff, “tranches of money moving around”…lol…lol… Money moves around all the time between countries. It’s called payment of debts for trade, balance of trade. Do you really think this is relevant to the RV? No- this is not funding for the RV, as Bruce alludes to.

Bruce - “the historic gold bonds “boxes of bonds started becoming hypothecated”,

Mnt Goat – Oh yes you sound so important Bruce! Please stop with this gold stuff already. It’s old, its boring and the intel is all a lie anyhow. How about giving us some real FACTUAL intel on what the CBI or GOI is doing in Iraq for a change? Oh - but what they do does not matter?

Bruce - “About midnight tonight those bonds should start to pay out”,

Mnt Goat – Oh really? Just like that? Like they are going to pay out gold bullion? Paid out to whom, for what? What the hell are these bonds anyhow? How many bonds are there? You keep talking about bonds being paid out now for over 3+ years on every call. Isn’t it time to stop this foolishness?

Bruce- “I am not in that business, I don’t know much about this business and I am just relaying what I’ve heard”,

Mnt Goat – So this is called CYA. Do you know what CYA means? It means to “cover your ass” if you get called out afterwards by someone challenging your nonsense. Nice work Bruce!

Bruce – “I try to give you factual intel as close as I can that’s not speculative”, “I speculate a little bit but I base it upon the actual intel that I get”.

Mnt Goat – WOW! This is a very good example of talking in circles and making absolutely no sense in the process. So is your intel speculative or not? What the hell did he just say? He is trying to CYA again.

So Bruce, all we want is FACTUAL information and not speculative. So don’t blame your sources, you are the one passing it on to us. Don’t you verify what they tell you? So you just told us that you pass on FACTUAL info then in the same breath, told us you speculate. Really?

He just spoke with a voice of authority (in his statements above) and now he states he is actually ignorant of these matters and apologizes to the audience, as if to say never mind in what I just said to you. In other words, he is just passing on hype and rumors and does not even believe his own intel, if you can ever believe this crap. Isn’t there a medical term for people who talk in circles like this? I think it might be delusional.

Bruce - “it’s a really good sign though, it’s a really good sign”,

Mnt Goat – What the hell is a good sign? That the bonds are being paid out? Are you alluding to the fact it might be a good sign the RV is close? Did you forget already that you told us almost a year ago the RV already took place and that it just had to “circle to us” and we had to “wait our turn” to exchange? Did you forget you told us all these things already? So the RV should be all done months ago…right?

Bruce- “other activities out west are taking place that will show some liquidity tomorrow”

Mnt Goat – This one really gets my goat! Oh -yes Bruce you are good with throwing around the big words. Yes, you make yourself sound so important and BIG. Let’s all hypothecate together….lol..lol..lol..

Let’ all get some liguidity…..Maybe that’s why you call it the Big Call because of your BIG mouth with lots of BIG lies? It’s like everyone knows what the hell you are talking about? Liquidity of what? Activities out west for what ? Where out west? What the hell is going on out in the west? Do you mean in western civilized society? or do you mean the western part of the US? Yup …just keep rambling on Bruce….lol…lol….

Bruce - “some were thinking many of us would be underway today, many of us were, just not us”

Mnt Goat – Really you can lie just like that? Underway with what? If you mean exchanging currencies you are out of your mind if you believe your source. How many times must you pass on this garbage to your listeners? There has been absolutely no exchanges taking place unless they are selling back some of their collectors currencies at the low values close to what they purchased it for. They are probably doing this because they realize they have been lied to and scammed by this notion of a GCR (much of which came from you).

Bruce –“some of the stuff I hear is too sensitive to put out on a public call like this”

Mnt Goat – So he is beating his breast as he is the know-it-all, egocentric intel guru and is going to hide “sensitive” info from you as proof of the nonsense he just told you.

Do you know the real reason he can’t tell you? Read my lips – BECAUSE THEY IS NO REAL INTEL TO TELL.
Folks there is absolutely no information that any of the so called intel gurus knows that is too sensitive that you should not know it. Get it? This should be the first sign to you that they are lying to you. Why would someone trust these idiots with sensitive information when they can’t even get the FACTS straight. These gurus are the general public just like you and me. So if we can’t see it they also can’t see it. Get it? No secrets being hidden from us. In fact there is no secrets to begin with. All the news is freely open to the public and you and I can go read it anytime we want.

So these statements I quote from a call called the Bigcall with Bruce. Really Bruce? This is your reasoning for telling us the RV is going to happen this week. Then after these ridiculous statements he went on to talk about the large TV screens in the 7 provinces in Iraq. Then he went to allude that the screens were for Abadi’s speech in the UN, then how this will lead to the RV. Really? I told you so…. Didn’t I tell you they were going to try to relate these screens to anything other than the truth and somehow the RV?

This is only one example of the foolishness that is going on.

So then Thursday 9/21 rolled around and time for yet another Big Call from Bruce. I want everyone to listen to this one too and tell me if he is delusional.

Bruce: (they cut out this part on the recording) “Welcome to the BigCall and happy Spring!”

Mnt Goat: This guy does not even know we entered Fall and not Spring. Of course he probably knows and made a mistake but that’s my point. He is not thinking straight on most of what he says.

Bruce: “Abadi did make a speech that was aired at 2:15 eastern time and was aired on 9 different jumbotrons TV screens throughout 9 provinces of Iraq. This was sort of for the Iraqi people. This was a message to the people but I don’t have the content on it. It is my understanding that was the message to the Iraqi people about the RV of the dinar…okay.”

Mnt Goat: So once again Bruce is talking up his ass. First he says he does not have the content of what Abadi said on his speech given on these TVs then he says “it is my understanding that was the message to the Iraqi people about the RV of the dinar…Okay”. Really Bruce. So Bruce does not really know what was said yet he is willing to go out and lie to use all on his call because he thinks it was about the RV of the dinar? So the rumors start. Next thing you know TNT and BGG will pick up this rumor and tell you the same garbage on their call. Then everyone thinks its truth. Then when weeks go by and still no RV everyone wonders what happened. Do you see this foolishness and how it starts?

Bruce: next he says - “I couldn’t tell you exactly what was in it (alluding to Abadi’s speech on the TV) cause I didn’t see it”

Mnt Goat: So Bruce to CYA once again wants to clarify that he is willing to state what was in it but then says he didn’t see it. Folks this is delusional behavior. This man is not right in the head.

Bruce: “What we were looking for was an announcement to be made to the world from the UN…ah..ah…that Abadi was supposed to do and his timing for that was pushed back 4 times. “

Mnt Goat: This statement above is nothing by a BIG fat lie. Abadi was never going to the UN to make a speech about the RV, nor did he make a speech about the RV in Iraq lately either. His speech was not pushed back 4 times. He simply cancelled a trip scheduled since the Kurdistan and IS crises got really hot in Iraq and he felt it a priority to take care of business at home. Abadi is a true leader!

Bruce: “It kept getting pushed back and pushed back and it is my understanding he did not make that announcement tonight. I don’t know what happened. Not sure, I think maybe they were doing some things behind the scenes, some additional negotiations”

Mnt Goat: In a prior statement, he said Abadi made the speech and now he rambles on and says he never made the speech. Bruce is not playing with a full deck! Then he goes on to say some additional work had to be done (back door stuff) for the RV, really? He alludes that the speech was held up because there was still negotiations going on and is was postponed. This of course is all nothing but lies and Bruce can’t substantiate any of it.
Bruce: “Iraqi citizens were out there with lawn chairs and umbrellas ready to watch (the TV screens) to Abadi’s speech, ready to celebrate the announcement of the RV”

Mnt Goat: Didn’t Bruce just tell us the speech was shown on the TV screens in Iraq at 2:25 eastern standard time? Are we missing something? Now he is telling us the speech was not aired. I am confused, are you? This is the delusional Bruce again…..can’t even remember what he just said.

Bruce: “Remember the ATMSs. It is my understanding the ATMs were not live everywhere throughout Iraq”
Mnt Goat: Bruce is only back paddling up his stream without an oar again. On this prior lie with the ATMs dispersing the lower denominations, he was proven to be incorrect and was told this by an Iraqi citizen who went to the bank and the ATMs were still shut down (never yet turned on). It was a total lie. He is just trying to cover it up with this new lie.

Bruce: “Did everything occur that needed to occur for this to go (I assume he means for the RV to go)? I think what Abadi did today, in his announcement, took care of it, in their perspective”

Mnt Goat: So once again he is delusional. Again he is saying the speech happened but didn’t he just say it didn’t?

Bruce: “I don’t like speculating. I like giving you things that are factual, that are definitive”, “okay I know that is what you like about my intel that it has meaning and it is real”.

Mnt Goat: Please Bruce you are breaking my heart…..your entire call is nothing but speculation! Who are you kidding? You are the king of starting all these stupid rumors, that everyone else has to clean up after you. Please stop the foolishness!

Bruce: “We know there may have been some events that could have held it up ( I assume he means the RV). So we know there were still some countries that needed their currencies to be declared asset backed and those 3 countries are Afghanistan, Vietnam and Russia. I don’t know whether they have made that declaration and said that is the case for them”

Mnt Goat: I hate to break the news to you Bruce that Basel III has been accepted by all developed countries already and this part if over. An asset backed currencies are nothing new. What is new is how they calculate the value of a currency. This is part of the global financial reset (GFR) or reforms, taking place since 2008. There is no strict gold back currency protocol and will not be for some time to come, if ever. Yes – countries must now increase % gold within their reserves and this is much different than saying they now have a gold backed currency. This only shows your ignorance once again. You are hyping people up with false information, thus lying to them.

Bruce: On the 24th September 2017, this Sunday any currency not asset backed will be dropped from the trading platforms and dropped from FOREX.

Mnt Goat: Bruce again I hate to burst your bubble but all currencies to be on any trading platform must have their rate first certified by the IMF, this the role of the IMF. All currencies are now asset backed in order to even be listed on any exchange, so this statement makes absolutely no sense. Why don’t you verify your intel before you preach it to everyone?

Bruce: “One of the issues we were waiting for was for the US to declare it’s currency as asset backed, so yesterday the president signed an executive order, declaring the US currency asset backed”

Mnt Goat: Folks do you know how inaccurate and dumb this statement is? First of all, the US currency has always been asset backed. The president does not make and can not make monetary policy for the US. It is called separation of powers and Bruce should know how the government works. Congress must allocate funds and work with the treasury to make monetary policy. Yes- finally Congress did vote on Basel III and voted it in, but was many months ago not yesterday. It was even all over the general news media channels. Guess he is not even smart enough to know this is phony intel being passed to him or he is just making it up himself as he goes along?

Bruce: “This would all take care of the fiat dollar and the petro dollar and essentially the restoration of our form of republic government. And all this took place with the executive order, yesterday”

Mnt Goat: I was laughing over in my chair when I heard this part of the Big Call. This is so phony I can hardly keep from laughing even now. First of all the “petro” dollar is not going anyway anytime soon and this term is only used only to designate that oil must be sold the US dollars. This was done because the US dollar has been the most stable over time, as far as wide swings in value. It is also the most widely accepted currency worldwide. This is the privilege the US has for efforts taken during the global depression in the 30’s and for saving the world in WWII. Sorry this is life and how it works. So I don’t understand Bruce’s use of the term and how asset backed currencies are going to do away with the petro dollar any time soon? Another lie!
Folks this is all the NARSARA crap all over again and these seem to be the people pumping Bruce with intel, so now I get why he is always so confused and filled with garbage intel. After listening to this statement, I can’t even continue….

Why must we lie about this investment? This is the same idiot that keeps pumping the GCR, when it is really a GFR (global financial reset) including banking reforms and the process of getting countries throughout the world to accept these reforms such a Basel III and others. There is no such thing as a GCR nor will NESARA save you from the cabal …..loo…lol….lol.. (lol= laugh-out- load)

So Bruce – What’s the BIG word you are going to try to impress us with in your next call ? Maybe you can use “delusional”, “inveterate”. “fractious” or how about “hypocrisy” since the all apply to you.

Oh – not going to have a call on Thursday due to the RV happening? Really? We’ll see about that…..
So we see Thursday did come and Bruce did have a call afterall. No surprise to me either….

Now let’s get on with today’s REAL and HONEST news…..

ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq launched the first stage of an offensive on Thursday to dislodge Islamic State from Hawija, an area located west of the oil city of Kirkuk.
So now we see the security forces moving forward with the liberation of ISIS from this area. Yes- this effort has not yet ended since Mosul was liberated. What did the CBI tell us years ago? Correctly me if I am wrong but I thought they said they needed the POLITICAL STABILITY and PHYSICAL SECURITY in order to proceed with the project to delete the zeros. There may be expectations of obtaining these goals by the end of September, but remember they are targets only and if Security can not be obtained, it will not go forward. Maybe this is why Abadi also cancelled his trip to NYC to talk in front of the UN?

More news….

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — U.N. investigators will help Iraq collect evidence to build potential war crimes cases against Islamic State extremists, under a resolution the Security Council approved Thursday. Iraq, council members and some human rights advocates portrayed the measure as a key step toward bringing the Islamic State group to justice for atrocities. But some major rights groups say it's one-sided and overlooks abuses by Iraqi and other forces fighting the IS militants.
The council voted unanimously to ask the U.N. to establish an investigative team to help Iraq preserve evidence "that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide" committed by IS, variously known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh.

More news….

The CBI has spoken again on the project to delete the zeros. This is exactly what we wanted to hear. See article below. It does not get any better than this…..other than the RV itself….lol….

This is the part I liked the best (and I quote from the article) – “presence of a large mass of zeros that were of little value and disproportionate to developments coming in the present and future of the Iraqi economy”
Folks this means they know they must change the currency and delete these zeros in for the future of the Iraqi economy. Why are they telling us this? They are priming the pump for this change over. Why else tell us this again and again…

Everything I am seeing is pointing towards a January 2018 reinstatement of the currency. I have brought forward all this information and articles to you over these last months to prove it. There is not one single event as a stitch of evidence but rather a weaved yarn of evidence pointing in this direction.

Remember every single time they tried to RV in the past, they targeted to do it in January. Let’s look at the record – January 2011, January 2013, January 2016 and then they told us they moved out the 2016 to January 2017 when ISIS was projected to be defeated. So ISIS is not yet defeated …right?

Each time they had to postpone the event due to either Political Instability or Security reasons. I have been told this will not happen again and they are lining this up so they will go this time. Will January 2018 be our lucky time? So far this recent article gets me excited. Are you? But remember they told us the CBI or GOI will not “officially” announce a new timeframe again until the CBI is darn sure they can meet it.

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


September 21, 2017

Under volatile economic and financial conditions and monetary inflation pressures that have been resolved.
Our country has previously had negative effects on the regularity of the commercial market, labor markets and production and the standard of living of the citizen, has caused many distortions in economic structures and relations among them was the presence of a large mass of zeros that were of little value and disproportionate to developments coming in the present and future of the Iraqi economy, which requires a solution to these circumstances and its offsets.


The circulation of monetary mass exported more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars in various categories.

(All I can say is WOW, WOW and WOW again. Folks we are witnessing the first steps towards the restarting the “project to delete the zeros”, at least the piece that will lead to what we want…..that will bring us to the revaluation)

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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Bryan nitty

PostSubject: Bs   Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mountain Goat 9/22/17   Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:10 pm

This is not the same Mnt. Goat that we have known in the past, but I kind of like this one better, except for the last part. They forgot to let folks know that the article they are quoting from is from 2012! Here's the article:


As you can see, they only included the bits that fit their narrative.

Since they seem to want to call out Bruce and his lies, all you have to do is substitute Bruce with Tony. Tony was doing the exact same thing years ago before he went back in the slammer for the second time.

Mnt. Goat does have a point about these Gurus...All of them, including Mnt. Goat...
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PostSubject: Re: Mountain Goat 9/22/17   Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:27 pm

Oh boy MG at its best!!!  This seems more like a bashing other intel session then any informative news!   She states other intel needs mental help, he/she needs to take a good look in the mirror.  This is NOT healthy!  Recaps banned her and now he/she is on a roll spitting venom even worse!  MG is obsessed with other intel being wrong but....when was MG ever right predicting this RV?  All MG does is copying info from mainstream news!!!
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Mountain Goat 9/22/17
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