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 RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17   Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:54 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 15-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, September 15, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We are getting for the weekend! There is not a great deal of intel to share with you – it’s status quo apart from waiting for the bank screens to be reset. That happened, and new screens populated but no one would say what the rates were. Then the rates surfaced, and we shared the little we heard, because they didn’t share on all the currencies we are interested in. Now, the rates are on the screens for (select) people to see, and now it’s being reported that the rates are LIVE rates, and it is anticipated that we should be able to do something with these live rates. It’s my understanding banks are on high alert for next week’s activity, gearing up and getting ready.

Iraqi television is still looping their information about lower denominations and electronic banking, so that gives us a lot to look forward to next week. That’s good information for the end of the week, and also that’s all I have.

[RayRen did send out an exciting update on Wednesday evening, saying
It is being reported PM Abadi publicly announced that economic reforms are completed.
The international rate for Dinar is reported as $3.70.
Barzani postponed the September 25 vote for independence for Kurdistan due to lack of international support and overall resistance.]

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Would it be possible to get a list of the states where the 59 banks are located that have said they will exchange the dinar or are already doing so at the current rate??
A: Yes… the minute the public release of the RV happens. Then I will tell you the names and locations of those banks. But what purpose is served by handing out that information right now? They are still exchanging at a pittance; you’d be better off selling it on ebay, because you’ll probably get more from it until it revalues. The banks is the last place to exchange before then.

Q: Why do banks and exchange centers not publish who has a De La Rue machine?
A: I guess because prior to these currencies, it was not that big a deal for most people. Q continues: My local Chase bank told me they compare currency to monitor and if good deposit money in your account. Then they send it off to be verified and if found not good they will take back the money out of your account. This does not work. Don’t let currency out of your sight. A: I agree with you; go to another bank.

Q: Any news when the Iranian Rial/Toma is to be revalued??
A: It is expected to be revalued along with the others we are expecting.

Q: will this be my last winter in NY. (I am now in Jamaica will be back on Sunday.)
A: If that is dependent on the RV, it looks favorable.

Q: My question is about the 5% and the Zim. Say your 20% is $100. At 5% per month you would receive $60 per year. This is great for us but terrible for them. Even a third world country like Zimbabwe isn’t stupid. Much more likely is to be paid at a 5% ANNUAL rate or about $5 per year. [RR: You can have 5% per year if you choose; I”ll take it monthly, as it has been described to me.] You would receive your entire 20% in about 20 years. Any more would just be gravy. This means that the 100 trillion dollar note you purchased for about $80 and you get, after 6 zeros are knocked off, and you are paid 1 cent per dollar you will get $1 million. The 20% of that is $200K; 5% of that is $10 thousand per year – not bad for an under $100 investment. Why be greedy?
A: I don’t think it is a question of being greedy, but of receiving what is due to us. It was clearly expressed to me as 5% per month for 25 years. The fact that we don’t understand what Zimbabwe is doing doesn’t mean that they are being stupid. To me, being greedy means that I’m trying to grab everyone else’s share. I’m just looking for what is my share. Some of you are spending way too much effort on trying to figure out something I told you is possible. It’s impossible to figure out an equation when there are variables and you don’t have all the details. I told you something I have been told as an end result, without all the details of how we got there. I am more interested in what happens when I arrive at the bank… especially as we cannot influence HOW it happens.

Q: After the 25 year payout along with the 5 year renewal options, I am confused to believe these payments are unending. Any thoughts are appreciated.
A: Let’s say you have two million dollar allocated to you. So 5% of that allocation would be 100K, and that means $30 million over 25 years. Some may find that challenging to believe. In less than two years, you will have received two million, so it doesn’t really matter if you get anything on top of that. Zimbabwe may well be ruled by someone different in two years, or five, and you cannot sue them. So you should make plans for IF it doesn’t last for 25 years. Use those monthly payments and put them to work; don’t just go shopping with them, otherwise you might end broke and disgusted. If it doesn’t work for 25 years, just give me something and I’ll take care of the rest. Have a plan; that’s all we’ve been pushing you to do on TNT, to develop plans for financial realities, those you understand and those you don’t. As long as you have a plan of action, you can deal with anything that comes down the pike. That’s what being prepared is all about.

Q: Ray IYO is the Zim a bond or currency and how would you refer to it to banker?
A: I have been told there is no bond legislation on the Zim we are holding, so I don’t see it as a bond. On the other hand, the currency has been discontinued, and is not in use in any country. So I will let the banker lead. I will say, “I have all this dinar, and a Zim note… what can you do for me?” From my understanding up to this point, I can have a minimum expectation and we’ll work from there.

Live questions

865/404 caller: I’ve noticed in chat questions about the $3.70 rate – is that an RI or RV? I’m hoping it’s an RI because the RV rates are limited in how fast it can rise.

RayRen: I assume that it’s an RV, but I don’t really know for sure. Why would it be a concern for anyone?

Caller: As an RI they are not limited to letting it rise by no more than 2% each 90 days. If it’s an RV, it is much more restricted, I believe. How can Iraq handle up to $16 if they are restricted by law to 2% per quarter? Kuwait went higher but came back down, and it is reasonable to expect dinar to do the same.

RayRen: Some people just want to know because they are curious; others want to know because it affects their planning, which is the better reason.

Caller: Anything interesting in the mosques today?

RayRen: Nothing has come out today… yet.

Caller: You seem to imply it’s less likely to hear an official announcement from Abadi, yet the PM and his delegation are speaking at the UN next week.

RayRen: He might say “this is what we have achieved”, but I think he has already said it with the announcement that the economic reforms have been completed.

631 caller: I’m making a strategy, a plan, and putting all my ducks in a row (and hoping not to knock them over). Let’s say 47 and $3.71 are accurate rates. If I’m a first mouse person I would run in on the first day and take whatever I get. Is any of that negotiable (for dinar and dong)? Do you see us being able to finagle higher rates without signing an NDA?

RayRen: No, I don’t foresee that. This is a general conversation for the general membership, and in that context, I would say probably not. You’d have to be one heck of a money source to convince the bank to give you more than the published value. The bank would be giving something of theirs, and the bank cannot go back to that country and say, “We gave Ray 53 cents, so you need to give me 53 cents”. They’ll say “the rate is 47 cents, take it or leave it.” Also, why are you going down to the bank first thing anyway, if there is a chance the rate will go up? I’m suggesting we all wait for 24 hours and see what shakes out. If the rate is 47 cents, and after 24 hours I put out the call and say the rate is 47 cents, even then you will not get 47 cents at the bank because that is the sell rate. The rate at which the bank buys your dong is lower, maybe 39 cents. Now, there may be room for negotiation between the 39 and 47 cent rates, depending on the depths of your resources.

Caller: So what about the contract rate?

RayRen: As I understand it, the contract rate is a flat rate, and there is nothing to negotiate. Remember, this conversation is a example only. Let’s say the dong is 47 cents, but the contract rate is 38 dollars, and you have to sign an NDA. So if you are okay with the NDA, you sign it and receive the contract rate, but no negotiation is possible. You just have to look at the conditions, and if they are favorable, there is nothing to negotiate. But there will be an NDA and you may have to give up an arm, a leg, or your first-born.

Caller: People keep talking about their projects, and that what you get depends on those humanitarian projects – are those real? Do they really affect what you’ll get?

RayRen: I have no knowledge/intel of what you are referring to. Others are talking about all this, but I have no information from my sources about projects.

Caller: I did a lot of math around the Zim. If you have 100 T note, and they are talking about an exchange rate of $3, which means 300 T dollars. There is not enough money on the planet to exchange at that rate. [more of the same, at length]

RayRen: We’ll see what happens. So long as I have at least one of the currencies, I’ll be fine.

423 caller: Didn’t Abadi say that economic reforms will be completed in September and the world will see the value of Iraq? [RR: He has announced that.] And he said the rate is $3.71?

RayRen: No, I didn’t say ABADI said that, just that it was reported (from my other sources from whom I receive rates). The update was just another source for what I had already said on the call.

Caller: Well, is that still the rate on the Qi cards?

RayRen: Of course – that’s where I first got the rate, from people using their cards in other countries including the US. The rate is going to be different in Iraq from what it represents outside the country.

Caller: So economic reform is not the same as the release of the revalued rate???

RayRen: Correct. It could still take a few days. That’s OUR understanding of the word ‘completed’; it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing in Iraq!

312 caller: Back in July we expected this to be released, and now we are in mid-September. At Walmart you have lines waiting for the doors to open for the specials, and there are people at the front, at the back, and in the middle of the line. Then we hear about tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 for exchange. Where are we in that line?

RayRen: As I understand it, we are tier 4, as the internet group.

Caller: Is the Admiral’s Group supposed to go in before us, at the same time, or what?

RayRen: I have no idea. Some say the Admiral’s Group has been rolling for the last six months, but I really don’t know.

Caller: So the next tier after us would be the general public?

RayRen: That’s my understanding.

317 caller: I have a question about leveraging. On the last call, you indicated the rates for the dinar and dong, and suggested that rupiah and Afghani will be the same as we’ve heard in the past. Should we exchange on the RI rate or the RV rate of the IQD, if it reinstates? And if the rial reinstates, could that be a potential leveraging tool?

RayRen: Sure. The rial does have the potential to be in the first basket.

Caller: If it revalues, that is it? Or could the rial go into another basket, only after the dinar is reinstated? I can see that as a leveraging position, especially if the dinar is the only one that increases in value over time.

RayRen: I don’t think only the dinar will increase in value.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

501 caller: Zim – does this help Zimbabwe?

RayRen: Yes, this should be a very favorable change for the people of Zimbabwe.

406 caller: At the top of the hour, when she asked about the Zim and the 5%, they said something on the television that lotteries typically pay out a certain amount per month for the rest of your life, and I thought “that’s just like the Zim!”

I have two quick questions: we’ve heard for a long time that anything that gets done has to go through the Gazette – is that true of Abadi’s announcements?

RayRen: No, not the announcement; the Gazette announces new legislation. I don’t think we have to wait for that.

Caller: Will we have another opportunity to sign up for the post-RV events? [RR: Yes.]

501 caller: Have the hurricanes affected exchanges in those areas?

RayRen: I don’t believe the storms will affect this process. Yes, there is plenty they will have to do to get back to normal, but I haven’t heard it has anything to do with the public release of the RV. If necessary, we’ll help them come here to get the job done.

210 caller: What do the extremely wealthy do for insurance? We’ll be so rich that we can afford these Cadillac healthcare plans… or the money in the bank.

RayRen: I agree. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. When it comes to exchange time, and the bank says you now have 17 million dollars on deposit, ask the bank manager what others do at this level of wealth. They’ve had others who are this rich, and that is what they are used to handling. They have the tools and answers, and the minute we get to that level, they will produce the answers. I don’t think there is any special healthcare company for the wealthy; just call your agent and find out. We will learn more about that on the other side. Those who offer those services don’t want to waste time on what you cannot afford right now anyway. Once you are on the other said, offers will pop out right, left and center. You’ll see it then!

Next caller: Have you heard anything about Canadian Indian claims? Should I take my credentials to a reservation to get a better rate?

RayRen: I really have no idea; maybe you can check on that while we’re waiting.

Caller: I have tried to check with my tribe, but it is difficult to find out anything there, which is why I called in. Thanks.

Closing Statement

I am looking for things to pop out information-wise through the course of this weekend. All roads are pointing towards a good probability for next week – it’s not guaranteed, but the information suggests a good probability. As information comes out over the weekend, that will confirm or deny that probability. Iraq told the people that it would revalue the currency in September, and Abadi announced that ‘economic reforms are complete’. We don’t know exactly what the means, so we’ll just have to wait and see how that applies to us. If 800 numbers come out this weekend, we will make you aware of that, as well as any other information I come by. If we see that word WAIT is important, we will communicate that as well. This is a good time to wait it out; that is what I’m going to do anyway. We have to receive specific information and act on that information, so when that’s available we will put it out, including the 59 banks, the 800 numbers (if available), and the rates. Once we can determine the stability of that rate, we can then act accordingly. We’ve waited this long; what’s 24 hours after we hear what we’ve waited for so long. Meanwhile, keep the faith!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17   Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17   Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:16 pm

I don't know how people can stand Ray. Him and his brother are nothing but sleazy con's. I hope he gets locked up one day for what he's doing to all those people.
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17   Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:27 am

File complaints against this scumbag. The IRS is building an investigation against this scumbag. You can file a complaint numerous times against this scum.
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RayRat Call Notes 9/15/17
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