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 Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/13/17

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PostSubject: Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/13/17   Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:20 pm





Thirteen, quite a number of thirteens have shown up in my lifetime. Sometimes good and then sometimes not so good but often enough to be significant. First marriage on the thirteenth, followed by 13 years of marriage before getting divorced, then of course there was my 13 months in Vietnam. There was a popular saying in country: “When I die I know I am going to Heaven because I spent my time in Hell”.

Many more 13’s have come my way ever since but I won’t dwell on them now. Instead, I want everyone who reads this today to start keeping up notes on how often the number 13 appears in your life. You may be surprised. I tried myself to keep busy yesterday (Tuesday) because I just had a feeling that with all of the hype over the weekend that nothing would happen. I was not surprised but disappointed.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, from all indications this thing is going to happen but it sure is hard to maintain that feeling when we hear repetitive information coming from the same folks over and over. Now I am not complaining Father but it sure would be nice if You could give us the means to determine what is the truth and what is,”how should I say, what is? ”Less than truthful”. Time will tell I guess…

Dear Lord God Almighty, as time goes by and I watch from the rafters of the Chat during the day, I see doubt beginning to enter into our happy group. Fortunately we have some “watchers” who come in with a happy “Hello, how are you doing today.” This simple phrase will often turn a potentially negative comment into nice conversation. Bless these watchers Lord for they are truly the salt of the earth.

I have had a few inquiries about updating the prayer list that I did on the WSOMN site. To be quite honest, I never thought our need for this chat to last or grow as large as it has. In light of that, I am asking for any of our members who have a specific need for themselves or a family member to send me a PM with the first name of the individual and the specific need. If we are still here, I will post a new list.

Rest well my friends and keep the faith as we trod down this very long road towards that bright light straight ahead, and hope it is not a freight train. :0) May the good Lord Bless and comfort each of you and remember, “Our destiny awaits”

I was checking things a found out that there are leaks that needed to be cleaned up in our government to protect us and the RV . Every time they have been ready some troll shows up . It looks to me that Trump may have the remedy now he is doing lie detector tests on 30 people in the White House staff and hopefully Obama they could be tried for treason . It's in the process could be why we are about to get our blessings . I will find the article ...

Anyone listening to om please post ...

halo gm - RR requested that OM info NOT be posted on other websites

Oh ok didn't know that as I don't belong . Thanks ! Wish the trolls in here obeyed the rules . Lol

trolls willl be trolls looking for their 15 seconds of fame

I did not listen to Brucd's call nor have I read his notes but one whom I know that is a friend of Bruce told me early afternoon yesterday that he was most likely going to release the numbers on his broadcast last night and that if it were to go my friend would send me a text. Well no text thus far so it's back to Rockport for me

Good morning. As you may remember my weekly window is Tuesday through Thursday with no weekends. This being Wednesday and no solid evidence or information from my sources that this week will be "the week" I am going to kick the old can of tuna fish down the road until next week. Sorry Charlie..

Thanks for that update, adminbill…hope something comes on in though!! adminbill, THANK YOU for all you have done for us!!

You are welcome. Thanks go to admin006 from me.

Wow, I just got a password request email for our forum here. Same thing happened over at WSOMN. Be careful everyone!!! Delete it, Delete it, Delete it!!!!

Hey guysI just got one of those emails we were getting when on WSOMN to reset my password...ugh

Cindy, The Trolls are hard at work......

How in the world does someone have nothing else to do in their life. Just completely pathetic

I was just told today is a day of reckoning. Mass arrests taking place. 12 congressmen stepped down yesterday. Seems to line up with actual release Exchange centers in Dallas, Kiami and Atlanta are now on line From Phillip Tilton

Hal- Which congressmen resigned?

Halo, I get 200-300 emails a day from DC, lobby groups, and many Congressmen and I haven't read or been told one single person has resigned, where did you get this intel????

Think it would be in the news

Who knows but they are not into telling us anything right now they hide it all . Especially cause there is a huge turnover in congress . Read my post from this morning Trump giving poliogram test to staff to see who gave leaks . It's taking place so maybe they are the ones that left or they could face treason ... I had heard arrests needed to take place before we RV .

I think the media would be all over that kind of happening. Besides, staff aren't voters in the house or senate ! I'm a political activist and would know within minutes of any such news. Didn't get a thing about it. Sounds like FAke News

It just shows the reliable of PT information-IMO, we need to learn discernment regarding information. This is why people get depressed regarding our bessing. We listen to garbage


staffers are different than congreemen

Who knows RC we have to open to all . Remember they keep telling us nothing would RV its a scam . They only tell us what they want to ...
Hal- I refuse to listen to man/woman, i listen to the Spirit and this RV is a done deal. One day while we gather to meet one another, i'll share some things
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Ethel Biscuit
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/13/17   Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:14 am

Tedious Ted wrote:
Thirteen, quite a number of thirteens have shown up in my lifetime. Sometimes good and then sometimes not so good but often enough to be significant... I want everyone who reads this today to start keeping up notes on how often the number 13 appears in your life. You may be surprised.

Superstition in its simplest and most obvious form. No wonder he's a victim of this scam.

It always makes me laugh when I hear/see people claiming we're "too rational" or "too logical" these days. Huge numbers of people don't even achieve basic rationality on a day-to-day working basis.

Tedious Ted wrote:
Now I am not complaining Father but it sure would be nice if You could give us the means to determine what is the truth and what is,”how should I say, what is? ”Less than truthful”.  

The Lord God Almighty wrote:
But I have given you the means, Ted - it's called a brain. It's called logic, evidence... But you prefer mindless superstition, wishful thinking, and grandstanding to your congregation here. I'm not sure I can do much more to help you.

There are two kinds of people in the world...and I don't like them.
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Dreamer's Wednesday Drama 9/13/17
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