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  Philip Tilton's Outlawz Call Intel Notes w/ Tank, Smarty, and Mike 9/11/17

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PostSubject: Philip Tilton's Outlawz Call Intel Notes w/ Tank, Smarty, and Mike 9/11/17   Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:48 am

*Notes from OUTLAWZ Call with Tank 9/11/17*


Our money is in our accounts.

There are individuals who have the instructions and they're getting ready to release them.

There's no reason to fear. We are there. We have made it. That's a fact.

The http://cbi.iq website is now showing they are Basil II/III compliant.

The yuan has been announced as being gold-backed.

We are not at war any more. We're at a breakthrough point.

The Freedom Tower replaced the Twin Towers. Today's all about Freedom now.


Our energies are manifesting faster than before.

We are surpassing the fear feelings generated by the chaos being generated by others.

There was real news and fake news. Many were focusing on reducing the effect of the storms and we made a difference.


It only takes a fraction of the population to shine the light and create positive effects on earth.

We have been doing that and making a difference.


Are the people on this call made in the image and likeness of their creator? Yes. Everybody is a spiritual being. The spiritual being is more "real" than your physical body.

All of the blocks have been removed. Now we have to remove our own blocks. The cabal is trying to get us to feed into their fear. The newscasters focused so intensely on the fear factor, magnifying the intensity of Irma over what was actually taking place. We don't have to buy into that.

The 9/11/2001 event was fraudulent. We have the opportunity to focus on the freedom event we want manifested, not on what happened 16 years ago. Today we claim peace on earth.

Our whole life has been a lie. What we thought was the truth wasn't. We've been learning about that for years now. We've been oppressed but still wanting to make a difference.

We all have a role to play in creating our freedom. What if each of us took responsibility right now and stopped saying that somebody else had to do something. What if we all owned this moment right now, and accepted responsibility by not blaming everyone and everything else for what's not happening in our world? "Today is the day we take back the world from the Illuminati and give it back to the illuminated." -- Philip


All the power to change our situation is within us right now. We can change the world tonight by focusing on this thought:

*"Today is the day we took back the world from the Illuminati and gave it back to the illuminated."*

We are not waiting on God. God is waiting on us. We can all have this common, prophetic vision of a better world, moving forward together as one people. We need to forgive the cabal and support them in their rehabilitation. Love is so much more powerful than hate. Let's give our love in the face of non-love. Let's be the love that makes a difference in our world.

Let's focus on the amazing things we have in common. Let's forgive those who are filled with hatred. Let's be ambassadors of forgiveness. Let's claim that today is the world we took back the world from the Illuminati and gave it back to the illuminated.


Love is a technology we can use to bless our world. Only spirit can control the emotions and the mind. Fear is based on the illusion of that which isn't real but which we've been taught is real. Though it isn't real, if we focus on it, it becomes real in our experience. Light dispels the dark.


He seeks to shed light wherever he is. He grew up in a very dark world, but he's learned that love and being nice to people is a key to a better life and a better world. That's why he's always happy.


You can find joy in every situation you're in, if you look for it; if you look away from the illusion and seek the truth. Accept that today is the day we changed the world. Don't accept anything else. Let's claim our spot at the table. Because today is the day we took the world back from the Illuminati and gave it back to the illuminated. Every time you breathe, you've inspired.


The only "real" emotion is love. Fear isn't real, but it is powerful if you give into it. Focus on the love, which is eternal.


She read Yosef's post, "Raze Your Gaze" and prayed.

*Philip Tilton with intel*

Tonight at midnight is supposed to be the beginning of our beginning. Prime Minister Abadi of Iraq said they are international tonight and that should be announced in the U. S. tomorrow. As far as Philip knows, what we've been seeking is to be here tonight.

*Replay: [url=tel:%28712%29 770-5064]712-770-5064[/url], pin 836752#*

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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PostSubject: Re: Philip Tilton's Outlawz Call Intel Notes w/ Tank, Smarty, and Mike 9/11/17   Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:13 am

Yes .. I totally agree with Phil! 

Today is the day we took back the world from the Illuminati and gave it back to the illuminated.

but should clarify ..

Pray we take the MLM currency intel scam world away from the delusional, deluded & disreputable criminals & give it back to the law abiding.
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Philip Tilton's Outlawz Call Intel Notes w/ Tank, Smarty, and Mike 9/11/17
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