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Dreamers Monday Drama 9/11/17

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Dreamers Monday Drama 9/11/17

Post  Ssmith on Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:44 am




9/11, who would have thought we would still be here waiting and hoping for the RV or RB as Benny would say :0) well the fact is like it or not we are here and we need to just scratch another day off the calendar and move on. I see somebody reposted ADMINBILLS thought for the coming week. Whoopie! I for one would have preferred something to make me look forward to waking up in the morning

So we now have another Monday to look forward to with much talk and little action it seems. So as the old saying goes “It is what it is” so we move on. I am starting to see a bunch of new folks and I want to give a special welcome to any and all who have joined out little group. Still nowhere like the number of members we had on the old WSOMN board. I hope to see you sick around with us. We are good people.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, help us to make our newcomers welcome. Always room for educational opportunities both from and to the new members. We have a good number of members from just about any industry imaginable and if a question is ever raised normally there is somebody in our group with a good answer or direction and for that we give thanks Father.

Dear Lord God Almighty, as we watch the events filling our news channels about the devastation that has been created by the tropical storms, earthquake and Forest fires in our nation, our hearts and love goes out to all of the displaced families. Keep them safe Lord till they can reach a point where they can rebuild their lives and lost properties. We also want to bless the volunteers who have taken time to help.

Rest well this morning my friends and begin preparing yourselves for the events that are about to take place in not only your lives but those of your friends and fellow travelers along this very long road leading towards a Blessing of monetary value never before seen by many of our members. Please members please feel free to post any questions you may have on our chat. The time is short and “our destiny awaits”

Hellooo Im Back. on a scale of 1 to 10 we are 81/2 to 9 this week some time. just what im being told. not yet but getting there

so dose any one have there Christmas list done yet ?

I feel very sad today. One of the reasons I do not really get close with many in dinarland is because of what happened to Daz. He died and the chat room (TNT) just goes on like nothing has happened. (And yes it should go on). I know I should feel this way but I do. And, sad that Harvey and Irma has caused so much havoc and we cannot help. Hollyberry thank you for your update.

wow...sure seams ole mtn goat got slapped down and has just about vanished. interesting...... as though she/he refuses to post unless being able to badmouth other guru's is allowed? i bad mouth guru's all the time....but only to myself

TNT Ray has a talent for spanning out 'INTEL' that never comes to pass and retain the adoration on his site of everyone.

Hi peeps what's shaken today




Gosh,,, does it ever stop ? Sorry you have to go thru this. Yes sorry admin that you have to go through this


GA all. Jut got back from a week of vacation. Almost feels mean to say that as so many have been suffering with the hurricanes. Admin sorry you have to suffer with the trolls. Seems like every room has had to deal with that.

I have good IT people don't worry

Admin please don't ban me it's not me!

ok, it's me...sh**

That's like saying, Will the Real Troll Please Stand Up ??????

One just left the room one still here

That's good Tig

Could be one up there

Admin006... Fifty? Holy cow ? that's crazy!

Just 50 what??? Just got here.

Troll list down to 50. LADYZ. Isn't that crazy??! WTH

There are 50 trolls or there is one suspect in the 50?

I just can't believe someone wants to copy our silly stuff...get your "no-life" somewhere else

Tig what are people copying?

Tig did they copy our fun stuff last night?

I was just informed by another member with GOOD DIRECT SOURCES, that this is very likely our week. Can't give name .

omg that pt chart showed the dollar dropping 9 cents in 6 mo.....not an indicator of anything but that pt is an.......i know halo......i will leave again

Tool-- you keep it real-- appreciate more than you know

Halo pm

love life most really dont want real.....they like unicorn fluffies.....to each his own

Toolfan stay I don't care lol I said I am only the messanger

the reason i get so upset with the pot, tank crap is that i write an email newsletter and i need to answer dozens of questions from some very old and gullible people that are truly looking for trillions from 60 bucks and cant comprehend that it wont happen all because pt and tank are very reputable

Make a generic email and send it out or give up that position !

halo i stopped it.....as far as im concerned....everyone is on their own

The best I can do who needs Agravation soon they will be rich anyway . You not I

you know, when it comes down to it......i think im about done in dinarland.....im much better as a lurker....maybe i will join the tank team.......you are correct halo......hasta la vista

Tool you can't leave. You wouldn't like it in Tank's world.

My feeling on gurus they have a little bit real info and a lot of BS

He is not leaving he likes us and where else can he discuss his disgust ! We are family and all frustrated and weird too !

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