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RayRat ZIM Call   9/7/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat ZIM Call 9/7/17

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RayRat ZIM Call   9/7/17 Empty RayRat ZIM Call 9/7/17

Post by Ssmith on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:57 am

RayRen98 “Special” ZIM Training CC (Notes by Sunny)

Ray: This call was to explain to you what I received and how I received it.

Ray: This is a special ZIM training call. First and foremost we’ve been hearing stuff about Zim for quite a few years. Some sounded outlandish to me. This and that, high rates that would make your news bleed, etc. I’ve been quiet as I did not have info coming to me. I report to you. He, said, she said, they said I don’t report. . . when I communicate with a source that’s different. Even the sources don’t always have things 100% . . . generally they are pretty close. Information came to be about the ZIM from one of our commercial sources.

It weighed heavily on my heart but considered if it is true it will knock some people for a loop. Decided to share on the off chance it might be true and accurate. We are a teaching organization, TNT and open mic. People have title d us TNT University and that’s because people are learning . . . or at least how to benefit or protect ourselves from what is going on. With that thought in mind, if this information, as unfavorable as it sounds, is true I would want to know it before transaction day. You’ve already been making plans, just waiting for transaction day to finalize and then find out your plan crashed and burned before you left the house.

We decided to share the information in case it is 100% accurate. If it isn’t, no harm, no foul. The most ridiculous thing we can do is deny it and try not to hear it. People in the chat room denying this possible situation, that it does not make sense. Still we should prepare and plan, just like when we tell you there might be a 50% tax.

If there is no tax you can do something else with it. Everyone accepted that with no qualms. No here came unfavorable information and some of you acted like children. If it turns out to be true you better prepare yourself or suffer the consequences. I first told you last Wed. I said if it holds true your not going to get what you think your going to get out of this deal. . . Next call I went into details and that’s when the “makes no sense” kept coming up. Some of you even posted “BS” in chat. . . .What if it is true?

If they had taken it into considerations, hmmm I need a plan of action for this. If so I won’t be as devastated as those who have no plan of action. If your not part of the solution, then your part of the problem. Jere ios some unfavorable information and how are we going to deal with it. . . . If it isn’t real we’ve just had a good training session that we might can use in the future so it won’t be a waste if you will. The information so far that I have received, don’t know it to be 100% true and factual, . . . 6 zeros off across the board, trillions, billions, millions. For the trillion note, no big deal. For the million that’s a big deal. You’ve heard 6 off trillions, 3 off millions and zero off millions and some made plans on them. If they took 6 off the million your 500 million just became 500. Whoa, that’s a big deal.

Wouldn’t you want to know that it might could happen so you could have a plan? Another element was the 80/20 (split) For sometime that was put out their for the sovereign rates. It wasn’t even fully explained. What has come to me is the country of Zimbabwe is pushing all of this through and these are decisions they have made. IF it holds true it’s an 802- deal period. That 80/20 if you present a 100 T. note, 6 zeros come off and that drops it down to 100 million. I’m going to use .10 as an example for this exercise. At 10 cents that 100 million is going to make 10 million dollars. It is my understanding you are going to select a charity of your choice.

The other 20% is going to be allocated to you. Allocated, not given, paid or distributed. Your going to have the use of that 20% in this example, 2 million dollars. The interest of that 2 million you will receive but you cannot tamper with the 2 million. It is not yours to tramper with . . . IF it goes down this way. The 80% is going to be allocated to a charity – they will not get the principal – they will get the interest. That is the 80/20 I have been able to ascertain so far from the information that has been shared.

Will continue to get more information to see what may happen or is going to happen. We don’t know yet. The whole purpose is for you to develop plans physically or mentally. . . All this was for is to help you develop a plan, a strategy, for if this holds true.

Zimbabwe Exchange: 80/20% Split on the old currency, 2008 with the three rocks. This process/procedure has been decided on by the Zimbabwe government. IF it’s true and 100% accurate.

Principal: is allocated to you at 20% and 80% is allocated to a charity. Neither you nor the charity of choice will ever see the principal. It cannot be touched by you or the charity.

Interest: The charity receives the interest off of the 80% allocated to them and you personally will receive the interest on 20%. Your 20% can be inherited and passed on at your death. Unknown at this time on what basis the interest will be distributed. Annually, quarterly, etc?

Taxes: would be paid only on the interest you receive, not on the principal because you will never receive the principal. Banks will be the holders of the principal. Ray did not know which bank(s).

STRATEGY: Ray: If they say you can only select one charity and you have multiple charities, then the strategy would be to exchange one note and come back another day and exchange another note. Do one per day. (naming a different charity each time you exchange.)

EXCHANGING: Some of the banks expected to do ZIM exchange. Ray: Should be a bank in your area.

ZIM Q & A -TNT Forum

-Does the bank actually keep the 80/20?

Ray: I would assume yes.

– Can we set up a charity for the 80%?

Ray: My understanding with the whole charity deal, they will look at what you present as a charity, if they approve it as a viable charity. Don’t go out and create some charities so you can get all the money. If you try to whip up something real quick to get that 80%, if it’s not real true they will probably find out and not allow it. Set up charities for real reasons, for being charitable.

-Is the 80/20 verified?

Ray: If it’s verified it would be real. The only way you can verify something is if it actually happens.

-Negotiate the 80/20 to more like 60/40?

Ray: No!

-Taxes on 20%?

Ray: If it’s taxable you will pay taxes on the 20% earning interest or whatever you receive.

-When we bought the ZIM we knew it had no value. Whatever it yields doesn’t that belong to us?

Ray: Sure, you bought the paper it’s yours. Now, I’m Zimbabwe and here’s what I’m going to do. Going to take off 6 zero’s and let you have the interest off of the 20% of whatever it yields and a charity have the interest off of the 80% and do for that 25 years.

Q & A: Callers

–Why would Zimbabwe do this?

Ray: They don’t want to give you all the money and make sure it goes out to good causes.

– Interest being paid by the banks is very, very low. Any indication of what interest rate will be paid?

Ray: Not yet. I don’t have that information to share.

-I’ve spent the last month in Reno talking to people about the Zim. Lot of rumors going around. Is the 80% for a charity the same as a humanitarian project?

Ray: Probably so, yes.

-Whether it’s true or not, if the country is saying this I would be more than happy to contribute to the country. We were not supposed to be a part of this process. Whatever we get out of this, let’s be happy.

Ray: Thank you.

– Negotiate the sovereign rate?

Ray: I know nothing about sovereign rates. I just commented on what others have heard in the past. Wished I hadn’t said anything. Again, we don’t know how true this is. The purpose of this call is not to debate what I have, it was for you to understand what I have. This call was to explain to you what I received and how I received it.

– Just US or worldwide? Ray: I guess world wide. – Why is the paper we’re holding valuable to Zimbabwe? Or info to explain their motivation for doing this in the first place?

Ray: No, not on this call.

-Are you hearing 818 per item? It’s a bond. Have you heard it or not?

Ray: No, I’ve heard nothing like that. They told me there was no bond legislation in effect for that paper your holding. The new Zimbabwe currency is working with bonds and entirely different than what you and I are working with.

-6 zeroes off the 500 thousand Zim notes?

Ray: I’ve only heard about the trillions, billions and millions.

– Can we change the charity later?

Ray: Did not get that far on the process.

-You still think they’ve trained all the bank employees on all these nuances?

Ray: The banks that are going to be participating, yes. . . .to be an affiliate in your area that will be utilized.

-Can we name more than one charity?

Ray: If they say you can only select one charity and you have multiple charities, then the strategy would be to exchange one note and come back another day and exchange another note. Do one per day.

-Banks are going to be making money off the principal while we and the charity only gets the interest?

Ray: What does it matter? If this is true we won’t see it anyway.

-If it’s 80/20 won’t the 80% in their bank will that be donated to our charity in our name and can we deduct it at tax time.

Ray: No, it was not explained that way. If you never received it you can’t take credit for receiving it and claim a tax credit for giving it away.

Ray’s Closing Statement: The first things I’m going to do after leveraging and exchanging is buy a brand new computer. (chuckle) As I was saying, the purpose of this was to explain why I shared the information and see if we could have some solutions if this becomes a reality how we are going to deal with it. Hopefully this opened your eyes and ears. . . to the possibility if it happens, what am I going to do? For some of you it maybe no change at all. Especially if you diversified. For all of us that hold Zim, if it’s true, will be a big change for all of us.

So wanted to make you aware if there’s enough time to be thinking on solutions . . . not be blindsided and trying to rush in the spur of the moment. Thank you all for being here.

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RayRat ZIM Call   9/7/17 Empty Re: RayRat ZIM Call 9/7/17

Post by shlomo001 on Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:05 am

How does he come up with all the bullshit, how long does it take him to think of all that, wtf is that 80/20,banks have to make you do charity in Zimbabwe,TNT university really..

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RayRat ZIM Call   9/7/17 Empty Re: RayRat ZIM Call 9/7/17

Post by power123 on Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:33 pm

:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: RayRat ZIM Call   9/7/17 1656125192

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