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 More Questions About Heather! 9/4/17

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PostSubject: More Questions About Heather! 9/4/17   Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:58 pm

Here is a compilation of information from a variety of sources which causes me to doubt HATJ.

From: http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9903

"Heather was the guiding force behind the OPPT, the Magic Sex Bus US Tour, the Great Morocco Free Energy Perpetual Motion Machine Drug Orgy and Hope Girl's wonderful world travel fundraising scam. If you have a few hours to kill, a big bowl of popcorn and good keyboard protection, Quatloos has 70 plus pages of this crew of crazy

http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9038 "

(My observation, off the record: the Magic Sex Bus US Tour. Hmmm. And Randall K. Beane is busted buying WHAT???? Oh, that’s right: an RV! But wait—that’s not the end to the “bus” connections with HATJ…)

If Heather is such a financial expert, hobnobbing with The Rothschilds, why does she live on Western Ave. in Lynn?! It's the address on her "sample" of the trust on I-uv.

I was born in Lynn, and I'd think she'd be able to afford better. West Lynn is NOT glamorous.

She and her hubby just bought that house a few years ago using a mortgage. It's in the public records. Interesting, considering she prosecuted a past case contesting mortgage fraud. But, they got a mortgage. I guess she only prosecutes when it suits her, but she will still get a mortgage herself if she needs one.

On a YouTube video I was watching about all this, which came up in my "suggested videos," there was this comment by user "Shieena Living Waters"-- I have cut and pasted the content of her post, so it DOES include her spelling errors.

3 weeks ago (edited) TheHailRazor “I made this comment above but i dont want it lost in the feed. This is so bizaree, you will find your head spin. But i can provide you some evodence. First the thing to keep an eye on: (She is an expert at document writing.) 1. Does she have her own warrant, that can be found on a genuine Gov page?

NOW ask: Since her charges are seperate (impersonating a lawyer), do courts lump 2 seperate arrests/people on into one case? Tennessee Doc search yielded nothing as of yesterday. (Point, everytime any doc is written by Heather, it's dropped on a doc-share, scribd, etc) In 2011, i went to the UCC and searched but could never find the several docs she dropped. Then I got a return on one, but it had a different signatore: Randall Hillner. I ventured to the Patent Office, Maryland DC office and found a a lot of sketchy stuff! So I dropped what I found onto YT and FB. I got trolled to death and realized that struggling people will believe anything regardless of the evidence. Good lord! So many people lost jobs, homes (both rentals and mortgages), and ended up homeless or living on the streets and jail! I asked some simple but obvious questions and a few of her closest ground crew were hot on my trail and slandered me on the RADIO. Up until then, I was respected by freedom lovers, and carried a FB sub base of 5000. It dropped in half, I was kicked out of groups. Heather left for Morocco after I had dropped all the REAL DOCS on a live video (coincidence?) And her direction changed. She claimed acquaintance with the King. She was going to establish a "free community". People were encouraged to sell there stuff and move. (The USA was too difficult to deal with) Once again, I researched the King. I discovered he had just pledged his allegiance to the Pope (the details were shocking). Heather didnt even have a plan. She was living with her husband and 4 children (she claimed). And "D" was with her. But she was writing IUV Then, Brian Kelly visited me at my house. He was very excited as to how he got involved. He said he was "approached" to join this great movement, and he didn't know why exvept, they loved his article on American Kabuki.(this is important toward the end of my long ramble) Well, all of my blabbering got me in their sights. Lisa (OPPT, OPAL, IUV) is on me and some Swissindo person working for a Mr. Sugi, tried to bring me onboard. The harassment bordered threats. I was trying to wrap my head around the OPPT/SWISSINDO connection. (Heather had distanced herself from SWISSINDO, so I didn't get the connection) I started digging into the next "greatest" since sliced bread", IUV. Again, a scam. Then enter the OPAL TOUR.and a woman named "HOPE" established a CROWD SOURCE fund. They were taking FREE WATER POWERED ENGINE DESIGNS across the USA. The owner of the design was very upset and fought against them vocally. Brian didn't let up bcus the guy had not yet secured his patent, so he had no say in them taking these plans. BUT, According to law, it belonged to the inventor who wasn't into the Sovereign thing. But they pushed- and Hope Moore collected nearly 30K to buy them 2 motorhome and money that continued to pay gas, food, and also, many people opened up their property for their stops. BUT, ultimately the WATER ENGINE GUY WON. But the OPAL CREW CLAIMED THEY WERE BEING THREATENED BY THE FBI! (face palm). So all that money for the release of a Water Engine was put into their vacation! They promised "live shows on the road, taking the freedom movement across the USA. So I asked a logical question. "What's the sudden hurry? It's October, the weather will be horrid traveling west to east." Well, They were on the road less than 2 months, went "silent", we lost contact with them accept a couple short blurbs that meant zero. Suddenly, "D" from American Kabuki is transmitting from Morocco with Heather and *_announces that "Brian, Lisa, Bob, Sacha are ALL IN MOROCCO! They had sold the RV'S on ebay, pocketed the PEOPLES MONEY, and decided to take a trip to Morocco! They were "gifting" FREE LIGHTING (zero point energy) to the villages of Morocco and we're getting the "BEST TOP SCIENTISTS" to join them. Another Crowd Source fund set up by Hope and nearly 100K raised. And PRO, HD VIDEOS TO SELL IT TO FREEDOM LOVERS! OPEN YOUR POCKET BOOK! Then, out of the BLUE- A video of Brian, Lisa, and Sacha emerges on YT and they are state side. It was weird. They all seemed half baked. They roasted Heather as "something very wrong", suggested she was Cointel? They had been living "on top of each other in stacked in shanties". Heather made promises everyday but they could never get a straight answer. And they admitted that the videos of free lighting was a shame, and basically, it had all been a CON. They had given up everything state side. So of course, they ask for forgiveness BUT can you help with "funds"? Then 2 channels I'm good friends with, whom i had previously asked for helo in research of Heather, Bob, D, Lisa, Mel, Brian, Sacha, Caleb, Randall Hillner and Randall Beane: Went public. They admitted that the Scheme had sounded so bizarre, they didn't believe me. But now they had to speak up. The person who contacted them asked them if they wanted to be involved in "something very big, and globe changing". Several big channels" had been approached. The deal: make "good money just to drop some information", it was connected to... Swissindo, OPPT, IUV, Nesara, Ubuntu, (basically Sovereign movements.) AND... ONE WORLD CURRENCY, WHERE ALL ARE EQUAL (and controlled) These channels connected these mystery contacts to the U.N. They would get a better IT system for making videos too. They could continue with their "own content" but just had to get on board some of these scripted movements. That's all I needed. I found that this is a "Saul Alinsky" Rules for Radicals, slightly tweeked, program to keep the d8sagreeable, struggling type in a perpetual state of trying to grab that gold carrot. On the Spiritual side, you will find the NEW AGE PROGRAMS (U.N) the Catholic Church is running their EMERGENCE PROGRAM. And ALL the Sovereign side of things, those groups above, are being MANAGED. Every angle, and a wide variation of people you would normally not connect. Is Heather really in Jail? Maybe. But it also might be a psyop. BUT: BRIAN, D (AMERICAN KABUKI), Lisa, Mel V, Bob, Dutch, Tatoo, myself, Ron, Sacha, (and more I can't remember, GOT TAPPED. And the TAP comes with COMPLIMENTS. Dutch has such a soothing voice, i have a soothing voice and people trust me. BRIAN is an expert writer, people love his work. This psyop hits from all different angles and unless you build a flow chart- or you yourself get tapped to be a PAID OPERATIVE inside, . No one believes you. It's bizarre! My head was spinning when I realized that Brian, Bob, Lisa- well, almost all of them- are now in some odd way connected to Heather. And I found out that HEATHER paid for ALL 3 OF THEIR FLIGHTS HOME. What is going on? And I truly believe ALL DATA OF ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS ANY ONE OF THE VARIOUS SCHEMES- ARE BEING GROUPED, AND DATA BASE STORED Is their truth in this "scheme"? Yes, otherwise the bait wouldn't work. But you must know that FALSE FLAGS exist to keep us terrorised? Well, they exist to keep us from becoming successful, independent, and truely free.”

Just passing it along for you to do with it what you will. I haven't investigated this YouTube user’s claims personally, but I found that it was interesting that the "bus theme" is pervasive throughout both posts. I am sure if anyone wanted to, they could contact "Shieena Living Waters" directly and do their own due diligence.


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PostSubject: Re: More Questions About Heather! 9/4/17   Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:04 pm

Hmmmm.  This is all truly interesting information that all should be taking an honest look at.
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More Questions About Heather! 9/4/17
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