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  "Accepted for Value Exempt from Levy" by Reallucky1/Ginger Snyder 8/28/17

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PostSubject: "Accepted for Value Exempt from Levy" by Reallucky1/Ginger Snyder 8/28/17   Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:21 pm

Hello Patrick and all of my Family:

Hope everyone is well, I have been a little saddened as I live in Houston and lets just say Lake Houston has gotten a little larger the last few days, what a week. I would like to take the time today to talk about the Accepted for Value process and what it actually takes to become a private banker. Remember we have listened to many that have explained the importance of Private vs. Public. Being a Private citizen takes you out of the matrix, and allows to become a secured party that gains many rights that the Public entity does not withhold. The reason, they could not gain control or retain value in your trusts, if you were the Private Banker they have treated you as until recently when the World Trusts have released us all from the enslavement. The most important document that I can remember in reclaiming our independence, would have to be the Apostille Letter signed by Pope Francis known as the Motu Proprio. The end of the double billing by the corporations, which has made a huge impact in the rights we each obtain. Now these same corporations, that have been paid twice, once by our bonds and securities held by the Federal Reserve Banks, and then by us personally working to pay off the loans or debts. When you think of this process and what this means to these same corporations, you have to think of the reduction in there stocks based on this ruling along. Motu Proprio gave a karate chop to each one of these corporations, which reduced their profits by 50% immediately. No more charging off the debts to the Federal Reserve banks, and instead they are left to wait for payments from each one of us. While we struggled to pay these debts, they were paying there CEO's millions of dollars, to basically maintain the screwing. Not to mention, the stock option bonuses and yearly pay offs made to the same CEO's and stock holders. When the dust settles, these corporations do not want us to have our own legacy heritage, because it stopped there bonuses and yearly pay offs. Let me cry them a river, right? No, while each of us have not only struggled to pay off these debts, our signature is worth billions. You saw that right, they have 7 Treasuries, and so many different accounts held with our Names, NAMES, and Social Security Number, with or without dashes, then you have the Drivers License Number accts, and even the CUSIP which ties to the biggie the Chattle Birth Certificate Bonds. I believe that even if we claimed all the funds with all these numbers and combinations, we will never get all the money held in all these private funds, that have been hidden until recent years. My personal favorite screwing by the British Crown, the death benefits for each American upon our death sent to the family. $225 is the total amount they give to each family, and when you sign this check, you have released the millions to them, supposedly. One exception, they did not reveal the terms, and make the writing clear and consise, therefore, you can still get the money held from your deceased family members. Its called FRAUD when you have a contract and you do not reveal the full terms or make things clear to the other parties. It was probably in there somewhere in the pages of death benefits, if you can read the tiniest writings known to man, and are versed in syntax of language the British like to use to confuse us. Question is, where has our leadership been the last several decades, to end this British takeover of all points in the US?

Non existent? So today I want to discuss the Secured Party Creditor and doing an Accepted for Value, Exempt from Levy information bulletin. What happens when you make a purchase: they send off your contract to an acceptance committee (bank acceptance), to see if they want to get paid twice for the debt, what a joke this whole system becomes when you realize these same companies, approving your loan get 200% plus interest, if you pay. If you do not pay the debt they still got 100% of the contract, as the Federal Reserve Banks paid off the Note with your heritage accounts. The mere fact that they had credit agencies, who would ever need a credit agency, you see THEY NEVER LOST MONEY EVER. These same companies would actually pay people, on a debt that was paid off, to monitor your ability to pay them. Now think about that? What a joke, the credit bureaus and there acceptance boards really are, FRAUDSTERS. The banks, bankers, and creditors, even the CPAs and public accountants that write the Accepted for Value notes on each bill and sent it off for either payment, or to sell to a bond company as there leverage. Which is why our signature, as an American sovereign is so important. How many times have you been turned down for a loan when nothing you have ever done, is outstanding. I am remembering, that by using my Treasury accounts, I have agreed to Hold them Harmless, and to forgive and forget, yea yea, the love and unity thing, which I totally do believe, in is a little harder for me when it comes to the Federal Reserve Banks, and the people that have perpetrated the fraud against each American for their entire life. Do I want to harm them NO, do I want to expose them, very much so, because I am a true Freedom Fighter. I fight for what is right for humanity, for all of us, each one of us. None of this stuff is right or the way good people would have run a nation. This is not what this post is about, but the background is very important to understand.

So now with the filing of the OPPT World Trust the UCC-1 for all people of the World. We each have a new found freedom to claim. This will include many lessons into how to use and obtain your funds. There is no exact way or right or wrong way. Its all a process, but designed to exclude all. So how to break free from the chains that have been loosened. Like an elephant, that was chained when he was young, they only have to chain them a few months. Then the elephant learns of the chains and never tries to escape from capture. We have all been let loose, and most people have no idea they are now officially free or the steps to take to exit the Matrix. Time to start using those processes, and get rid of the pseudo government that we are trying to escape from. Judge Anna Von Reitzinger, has told us we do not have to feed the system. The entire US is being brought down, to soon be a distant memory like watching a balloon float away. At first it is a full release, as you are watching it float further and further away, just a memory, then you can not see it anymore, and it escapes your mind. The memories do not go away, just the system will go away. Many things that we have come accustomed to or do on the daily, will be different then the way we had done it before, The reason I am explaining, most of this process, as soon the reset will occur, its coming before Oct 1, 2017. With this reset, in a blink of an eye, the whole world will change. Now we are all free and there is no more secrets, or hidden societies kept from all of humanity. With these huge changes, becomes our true value, our heritage. Because contrary to you being told we are deeply in debt, we are rich beyond our wildest reality. The world FIAT currency, and what it means to be the worlds fiat currency, with all transactions of the world done in your countries currency. The debt ledger is a separate ledger, while the HUGE AND MASSIVE profits from nations of the world were never included in this debt figure. Its the two ledger system I have been speaking of coming into reality. Each nation will now share the wealth of the nation with the people, the true heritage of the country. WE THE PEOPLE. This is where the signature and the Accepted for Value could be a valuable asset to understand.

After your loan or debts are processed by the company who made them, they bundle them and sell a huge number together to a bond or an insurance company, to claim the money from the Federal Reserve Banks. I sit and think of the accountant, that stamps all these loans with the stamp ACCEPTED FOR VALUE, EXEMPT FROM LEVY, and fills in the amounts about each loan for the bond sell off. These people had to know what they were filing out, it can not be that they never realized what they were actually doing. I just find it hard to believe, that they did not know. Its like it gets deeper and deeper, every single day and we find out more information, I just find myself thinking wow who can we really trust. No one was on our side. The main reason so many people, have begun to educate Americans on the different processes. It makes you feel productive, which is my response to the criminality. That is right, this whole process has proven our entire government as well as leaders of the free world, have never been for the people. John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, tried they were both shot at and John F Kennedy was actually killed, for these evil people. This is also not the subject I am speaking of today, so I digress right there. Just a really deep slippery slope, but they were not acting in our best interests that is proven.

What will happen once that we are given our true value, our signature is the seal that makes these documents have value. The ACCEPTED FOR VALUE, EXEMPT FROM LEVY. The Red language posted sideways at the bottom of the page seen here:

Someone had to manually stamp these loans and mailed them or prepare them for the sell off. The only part of the document that makes it valuable, is your signature on the loan papers or documents. Once you sign the papers, you have given the loan life, and its true value may be presented. That is why, as your are taking control and ownership of your name and your accounts, you are also taking on responsibility to things correctly.

Once this control stamp is placed on the signed documents, they may be presented for Value for the full amount of said contract, whatever the loan was for, ie car, house, loan of money, etc. Whatever you are purchasing is what they are presenting to be repaid for the full price of this loan agreement. Not only do they receive the full loan value, upon you signing the documents, you in turn make payments to these same companies with interest rates attached. The fact that they only got 100% on the contract, is if you did not pay the loan. Even if you fall behind in payments, or miss a full payment, the loan is still paid and they are just waiting to ruin your credit score with this missed payment. Actually paid people to report this information to the credit bureaus, what a mean cruel endless system we have lived in our whole lives.

When you have taken control of your accounts, you now can become the Secured Party Creditor a private entity acting on your behalf to handle your own affairs. You have become your own Secured Party Private Banker to act in your own affairs. This is one of the many processes that can be placed on the bills, or documents presented with a payment amount as well as a coupon for payment. A Secured Private Creditor, takes control over the STRAWMAN accounts. With the filing of the UCC-1 World Trust done by Heather Tucci Jarraf, she did the UCC-1 filings for each of us, that makes us the Secured Party Creditor of our STRAWMAN accounts. DONE, just like that finished. Nice job Heather! The trust if you read this document aloud as Randy suggested, shows you your true power. I have done that many times now, and love what this document has done for me. In addition, once you do a Power of Attorney, you are now able to speak on your own behalf, taking you the person, out of the equation to deal with the corporations that they have treated you as in all of your affairs. What we are doing is actually filing an interest in the public record with the UCC-1 financing statement. Let me be clear, when I say you can now use these processes. The people and ones that successfully use these processes, attach other filing instruments with the Accepted for Value, Exempt from Levy assigning. A cover letter written that the payment coupon which is attached at the bottom, wants you to use this document for payment. The top portion of the Voucher, shows the amount but it is not written in the negative. You are having them agree to accept the zero balance, and not accept that a payment is due. Very tricky stuff, but when you stop and think about this, they always showed the truth right in front of your eyes, you just did not stop and think, the debt was paid in full, by what we have been lead to believe. When you attach other instruments, they see that many agencies, are reliant on the decision, not just the Fed Banks. When doing an Accepted for Value you are making an offer to pay off the ledger or accept the ledger for value, then they can accept the offer or counter for a different offer. I have found with other instruments, like a copy of your first page of your Factualized Trust and a Power of Attorney copy, with the Motu Propio the Apostille Letter, and a carefully worded letter, you have sent the correct filings to make this Accepted for Value offer. You now await their response, but its one step to understanding the true value of your Secured Party Creditor status.


Ginger Snyder
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PostSubject: Re: "Accepted for Value Exempt from Levy" by Reallucky1/Ginger Snyder 8/28/17   Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:48 pm

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"Accepted for Value Exempt from Levy" by Reallucky1/Ginger Snyder 8/28/17
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