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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/23/17

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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/23/17

Post  Ssmith on Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:32 pm




Second by second Inch by inch hour by Hour and Day by day we wait for the unreachable 800 number that will lead us to the time when we make out long awaited appointment. So many times I know but still we perceiver. Through are the different scenarios from huge amounts of money to statements like it is only a collectable item. Then of course there is the unknown “Gold backed, Asset backed, or Fiat Dollars.

Yes, it has been a very long road and I believe there has been any number or combinations of the above thoughts expressed carefully under the banner “In My Opinion.” Then when we ask questions we had better be careful not to mention anything that could be related to another Intel provider lest we be properly chastised for listening to other providers. Such jealousy!

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, forgive us for being so quick to judge and criticize information brought in from other sites. Since at this point none of them have actually and factually been proven right on their point of view. While in some cases there is profiteering going on, there are still those providers who are merely attempting to cover their cost. Or at least that is what they want us to believe.

Dear Lord God Almighty, take our hand and walk us through the briar patches of misinformation and wild speculation. Be gentle and patient with us Lord if we stray off course and start pining our faith on false information. Meanwhile we will still keep our faith and follow the path set before us no matter how long of a voyage it may end up being. For we know not what to do at times. Amen and Amen.

Dear friends and family members of the WSOMN chat board. I know this has been a tedious and seemingly never ending trek that we are on, but we feel ourselves being critical of what is being told to us by the various places where we seek information. Remember and keep in your mind that none of these forecasters have been proven 100% factually and varifiavble correct so far. Rest well our destiny awaits.

Wonder if the Sushi writer believes what he writes?

Sand, good morning. I loved the way you handled the heckler last night!!!!

I think their are several of them one person can't come up with all that so quick ...

Trump just arrived in Reno.....


The Iraqi flag is flying once again in Tal 'Afar ?￰゚ヌᄊ This is incredible. We've been waiting for these images for so long. If true it is

Frank has no ads tonight Intel only

Any news today

Just more rumors. Nothing confirmed as of yet


Not 100% but with Frank going straight to Intel, and a message he's talked to Walkingstick I'm hopeful

Can u pm me Frank's number and time of call sands

SUNNY POSTED THIS 3 HOURS AGO: ? BLUWOLF , 22 AUGUST I have been instructed not to post anymore for the time being and since I want it done for all I have. Bluwolf

and who told wolf not to post anymore


So Bluwolf is told not to post and he posts. WOW!

Bluwolf is just another attention-seeker - My advice is do not put ANY stock in his words...if you wish to stay emotionally centered - that is...

Well my orginal plan was to start up a training plan teaching construction skills to Highschool students over 4 years in all areas of construction till the eventual outcome would be a fully constructed three bedroom home on school property to be transported to Habitats for Humanity.

I'm not sure I have enough years left to see that plan through to completion. Thie RV process has just taken too long. I already have a list of fully qualified instructors in all of the building trades with an estimae of their proposed salaries. My investment into this plan was figured in at Just over $4,000,000.00

Don't give your money to anyone till you are at the bank and have signed off on a rate and the currency has been validated. There are a lot of vultures in Dinarland, trust no one, vett everyone who gives advice and touches your money. Make sure you also are the one that signs all the checks.

My target student were the Non Academic type and the completion of the 4 years of classroom and hands on experiace would give the young students a leg up in the job market other than flipping burgers at McD's

No one has anything to say, and I'm not interested in crypto currencies. So doing what I want, traveling...

ToolFan, if you see this, are you saying that people with projects will NOT get a lot at their exchanges and will thus have to go find funding through others that got higher rates? Your last sentence I'm not sure I'm understanding in your last post where you said, "after the exchange, then go look for a humanitarian fund to get your pet project going."

nature exactly...you got it right....those people will readily known to us when the time is right and funds will not be difficult to obtain for a legitimate project.

nature you might be surprised who these people are....you probably know of one or two by their screen names.

Well, I think that would make a lot more sense. I personally know of one group where a ton of vetting has taken place for months and that always made sense to me. It has never made sense that we'd go in for an hour or so appointment and get a ton of money for an extremely cursory business plan. Having said that I hope though!

Regardless, I have my projects pretty well vetted and regardless of this RV have always intended to "shop it around" for funding so if that is how it goes then so be it!

NATURE what does this mean SHOP around for funding

toolfan r we still moving forward

crimson we are, so far no slowing.....keep them fingers crossed.

TOOL any truth to not having enough money for ALL of us

Dollar - what I mean is shopping it around in the conventional funding markets, like with angel funding or actually, for me, I'm more in the nonprofit sector so I'd have to get foundational donations or something like that.

I think on a 50 year payout it is feasable

Nature so you don't think you would have enough to do what you want

Well, what I have planned is smaller (although still large) compared to my fiance and we are exchanging together. That said, I always try to plan for the "lower" contingency... IF I don't get a lot at the exchange then what do I need to do to move forward with my projects. Because if I get a ton of money its no problem, right?

Dollar, my fiance and I just had like an hour conversation about this 'enough money" thing. The "form" of the money doesn't matter... to me is, if we are moving away from fiat and to asset backed, then there are only so many assets to back the money and by that logic, there is an upper limit. Regardles if its paper, digital, etc.

dollar kind, still needs a source, but the source has a ton of funds from what i have been told. we are part of the plan and due to be included....just not at 10 bucks a dinar or 3 bucks a zim....we will be treated fairly imo

Tool it's 16 dollar per dinar. Tool I you will the zim get zeroes removed

TOOL HONESTLY I never expected either of those numbers and 16 is a joke too

db but some have been conditioned to expect the big bucks per dinar/zim

Dollar, I have no idea and even that is a moving target as value changes upon changing demand so its kind of an enigma

TOOL i believe that was psyhcology put out big numbers just to calm the peeps for it not happening

006 or keep the zeros and offer a small fraction of a penny....it alll gets to the same place i guess

NATURE agreed we could argue value till the cows come home haha

db lots of theories....will be interesting how it plays out, but we will be ok and have some bucks in our pockets. its all good. 006 you got it.....or less even....all just imo....i dont have the power in this....wish i did.....lol

No response needed or required Avon just know the size hole your unplanned absence has left in this chat room and know we are all praying for your full recovery darlin' God Bless

So what is frank saying did he kick the can down the road yet

Frank seems to be in a bad mood tonight.

Frank first week in october but what year lol

I heard it's this month but can't go past sept 18th but will go much sooner . If anyone calls it they are wrong cause no one knows or is allowed to know .

I pyrchased the dinar 11 years and 2 months ago with the hope to surprise my hubby whose birthday is Sept 18th. Well maybe this year will be right date just 11 years late. Lol

006, soon we'll be into the new year and the same old cycle will be repeated by them. That's why I so appreciate AB.

These so called gurus are a total joke lol


God willing it will be done


toolfan4 why has it been pushed back this far? I thought we were almost ready to go.

dedar thats him, not me.....im only messenger , says bank workers need training on new ld, etc

Oh thank you for clarifying.

I don't think they can hold it back that long. Especially when you look at just the facts of what has already happened.
So I take it I am better off not knowing what Frank said.

dedar i even gave up on him tonight.....kind of just boring....he really had nothing of any substance

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Re: WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/23/17

Post  roxy22222222 on Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:14 pm

Second by second Inch by inch hour by Hour and Day by day we wait for the unreachable 800 number that will lead us to the time when we make out long awaited appointment
omg Will Ted ever get it that there are no 800#s and it was something made up by the lying scammer tony

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