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 Ach payments... Secret account unleashed - David Has a Question 8/23/17

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PostSubject: Ach payments... Secret account unleashed - David Has a Question 8/23/17   Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:37 pm

Ginger SnyderGroup Moderator  Dana I love you and this beautiful post, been a rough day I have paid Sprint now three times, and they are so desperate the have now turned my phone to route directly to the Sprint offices and they will not let me pay again so I am only internet today sorry everyone they are just messing with the wrong people I do not need a phone to be successful, Carry on.

They turned my phone off after three bill payments, and route every text back to me, never gonna stop me, so its just a joke I see them trying to slow me down.

Timmy Hanley
38 mins · 
I see all this become a private citizen and gain access to your funds.... First off which one of you "private citizens" have actually access these accounts fully. All I see is talk. No proff just a bunch of shit about what files do what. All you preaching... Let's see your proof. People keep saying its a scam only because you have yet to prove your allocations. Now put your money where your mouth is and show us some proof. Cause it seems to me like this is a scam. No evidence is not a good way of showing us how to do thing.

Illegitimate until proven otherwise. You guys can talk and talk. But I don't see you providing proof these filings will get you access. Just a bunch of mumbling and no action. I have been here since 400 people in this group. And NOT ONE OF YOU preaching these techniques and filings have shown any proof what so ever you have gained access. And if you do not have full access to these accounts. Why you preaching. That's like me teaching school after dropping out. Come on people.

Kayy Lepley
46 mins
credit one think they slick manually adjusted 80 dollars that i made a payment for and trying to say im in the negative for 80 dollars however if they payment was returned why doesnt it say returned like the first one and why did the balance go down as soon as i get home im disputing they shouldn't have put money there if it wasnt "approved"

Bryan Barrett
57 mins
Been trying just to pay a electric bill, but they are trying to convince me that the bank refused the payment even tho I have a routing number anyone run into this, I'm going to send them verification in paper work with the law, let's see what they do next, We all know we're on to something so now when they do reversals bombard them with notorized proof, the law, and a warning letter, Don't back down to Tyranny, these globalist Terrorists must bend down to Rightnessous period, We got them people stand strong

Jesse Ruiz shared his first post.
New Member · 1 hr ·

Paid capital one credit card off, went through, I used and paid again but now its been returned for being an invalid account number? Anyone with rhe same issue? Or have a better way to pay it?

KarenandLloyd Diamond  I paid my Cap 1 off with FRB on 7/26 and it went through no problem but was reversed next day. I paid it again with newer America's first FCU and it went through and stayed for 6 days and then it reversed again. I am not using this anymore until things get better, whatever that means

Linda Thompson
1 hr · 
Well, after all my falderal with Amazon, I guess I am banned forever.. I couldnt even speak directly with an account specialist by phone. TRS couldnt find me in their system, Telecheck says the payment of 14.32 went through,but still this is the latest communication I have had with them.. they wont even discuss this "other account" with me!

Martell Thornton
2 hrs
You all will have so many returned check fees lol might as well have just called to make a payment plan. I can't believe it's so many illiterate people in this world omg. Lord please help your kids they are fools. Lol

Moon Dunn
New Member · 2 hrs
LISTEN......TO THE SCARED AND FEARFUL GET OUT OF THE GROUP and you whom are helping the scared and fearful its like helping a drowning person that will only bring you down they fight back and then you are not focused on what you need to do..,.it does not matter if you have all your papers really it doesnt i know people that still went to jail etc so do we all. If bullies want to mess with you they will. ( The question is at what cost are you willing to go to get your financial freedom which is a illusion? It allready says that we owe nothing in there laws, it allready shows our social is an account number in their laws, it allready shows that your Exsmption Account again your social is exempt from paying anything ............fast and then get with this group and what really needs to be done making quotes of scams etc is a waste of time move foward!!!

Ellie Gee
2 hrs
PLEASE stop this GMEIUTILITY nonsense! This is just another distraction to get you off-track. Of course, you can continue to waste your time on that if you wish.
Ps: You were given a spirit of discernment. Activate it and STOP following blindly.

Lessler Watson
3 hrs
Does anyone have a the apostle letter or proof that pope destroyed all corporations 2017 can please send it to me

Damarcus Christmas
New Member · 3 hrs · 
I've had 2 reversals from business first bank in Louisiana but telecheck verified my account there. Can anyone explain this to me?

Mel El Bey
3 hrs
So it reversed again after 11 days and I think it's because I called them requesting my title and the lady couldn't find my account because it's been closed so this morning I log in and boom my account was reopened... I'm so mad at myself for calling them people.... I'm frustrated

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PostSubject: Re: Ach payments... Secret account unleashed - David Has a Question 8/23/17   Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:26 pm


Out Of Mind
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Ach payments... Secret account unleashed - David Has a Question 8/23/17
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