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  A TDA Story by Jane Doe 8/22/17

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PostSubject: A TDA Story by Jane Doe 8/22/17   Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:36 am

A TDA Story

By Jane Doe

First let me tell you my perspective on these accounts and using any money in them. I consider myself an honest person, so this is one of the oddest things I’ve ever done. I felt very strongly compelled to do it. Why? To find out the truth. What truth did I discover? There are bank accounts in my name, using my address, and the account number is my social security number. So, on the surface, it seems to me like someone is committing fraud against me.

For me, to take money out of a fraudulent account that has been created in my name, is to gain evidence of that fraud. However, in my opinion, to take money from the person who created the fraudulent account, is still stealing. To me, two wrongs don’t make a right. I have no job, no income, no car, and no place to call my own. I am certainly in a difficult position, and having access to an account full of money might ease some of that burden. But, I want to get hired for a job, get paid for my hard work, and pay all that debt that I personally incurred. I promised to pay those debts with my energy and signature. To me, if I don’t pay back that debt, then I didn’t keep my word. If I use money that was not expressly given to me, then to me it is dishonest. So, I saw what I wanted to see, and strangely enough, I now have people contacting me for work.

We all have freedom of action. But, my personal opinion is that if I decide to use money that I myself did not earn, and money that was not expressly given to me, then there is Karma for that. (I say after doing it. LOL) I also know that no one wants to get arrested for stealing, especially in a system that doesn’t always act fair. (Laughs at understatement.) If you want to risk getting weird Karma, or risk getting arrested, that is your decision to make.

It seems fraud was committed against us the people, and some took money from that fraudulent account. But, we did not create these accounts, or put the money in them. It doesn’t make it right that they created these accounts in our name, but to take money that isn’t ours to begin with, is that right? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Whether these accounts will turn out to be rightfully ours or not, I do not know.

So, the story goes, I heard on Gary Larrabee’s YouTube channel about a couple routing numbers linked to Federal Treasury accounts you can use with your social security number as the account number, and I think Cindy Kay Currier’s website had it temporarily as well. So, I gave it a shot.

I paid 4 bills over the phone as an e-check. All 4 payments went through right away, with no issue about having the wrong number routing number or account number. Even stranger is that 2 of the accounts were in a married name and 2 were in a maiden name. So, when they asked the name on the account, I told 2 companies my married name, and I told 2 companies my maiden name, and both were approved right away. I got confirmation numbers for all 4 transactions.

One was for an Amazon credit card, one for a PayPal credit card, one for a student loan (the Department of Education), and one for a car loan from a local credit union. Do you think anyone at the Department of Education thought it was weird they got paid by the Department of Treasury??

Here is a screenshot of my PayPal credit card payment from that account, shown here as a “completed activity” and paid. Two or three days after calling in my payment, my credit card balance went down $300.

But, 3 or 4 days later, all 4 accounts showed the payments as having been returned.

The point of this was to find out if these accounts actually exist. They do. But why? I wondered if maybe they were accounts that hold your Social Security benefits, for when you claim those benefits. But, there’s more than one. I used two different routing numbers, for the returned e-checks and both worked.

I contacted Synchrony Bank, which is the bank for both the Amazon credit card and the PayPal credit card. I did an online chat, asking why my e-check was returned, from the TDA. Here is an edited excerpt from that chat on August 15. I removed my name for privacy.

In summary, customer service for this credit card bank, was telling me that I had the incorrect information for the e-check. But if someone provides the wrong information for an ACH transaction, it will not be accepted, will not go through, and the payment will not be made. Sarah was likely reading from her customer service script, as they do. But to say that my e-check was “returned” is to say that it was initially accepted. Which is to say that the accounts themselves exist, and work for ACH transactions, but were returned.

Here is a screen capture of my credit union loan payment. It says with my returned payment “RETURND LIMITED PARTICIPATION DFI.” What does that mean? Glad you asked. LOL

You can find the ACH transaction codes here:


This particular code I got here was R34, Limited participation DFI, and it says on the website it mean RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor. So, a person had to go in the system and reverse it by hand after the transaction already took place. But, I found it very interesting that the error could have been one of the following, but was not: “No account or unable to locate account,” “Routing number or check digit error,” “Invalid ACH routing number,” “Incorrect individual identification,” or “Unauthorized debit to consumer account.”

After all this happened, I heard about America First Credit Union (which is the same as America First Federal Credit Union) on Gary’s and Capital District Court Block YouTube channels, with a routing number, to use with your SSN as the account number. Since then, Capital District channel pulled the video and produced new videos saying it’s a bad idea to use this bank, since they heard that it was randomly pulled out of search engine of bank names. Fisher on IQD Calls went on a bit of an amusing tangent about how people should NOT use these accounts, as it was a demo or a “beta testing program” that “got out of hand” to test the new system, but that the participating banks and retailers have no idea what’s going on since they can’t see the account receivable side.


Capital District Court Block

Mike Obrien Video, Where He Calls America First Credit Union

Let me be clear, I DID NOT use a UCC-1 form. That’s the form that claims ownership of the account. Granted, maybe these should be considered our accounts, but if the United Stated Federal Government or the bank says it’s not your account, then they can charge you with a crime for signing documentation saying that it is your account. I wouldn’t sign anything making false claims. Which is what you are doing if you use the UCC-1, claiming you are the owner of a bank account, that you didn’t open yourself. That is fraud, IMHO, but I am not a lawyer, an accountant, or a bank employee. What if these account routing numbers were created and “leaked” to catch people attempting to commit fraud? My point is, this is risky and most likely not legal.

Some of the advice that had been given about using the accounts, was to ONLY use it to pay down existing debt. Some say it will work but it may close your credit accounts. My two credit card accounts with Amazon and PayPal were both already recently closed due to delinquency on payment, so I didn’t have that credit to lose.

So, the story continues. I then used the America First Credit Union routing with my SSN to pay the minimum payment due on my two credit cards, which are linked to the same bank, Synchrony bank. This worked also, and was done on August 15, 2017. The same day I chat with the bank. (FYI the address showing for Atlanta, Georgia is the address for Synchrony bank.)

But this time, it wasn’t reversed 4 days later. The payment for my Amazon credit card still showed as completed 6 days later.

How long does it take for your check to clear? According to Google:

“Based on your bank receipt after you make a deposit, it will take approximately two days for your check to clear. Typically, your bank should receive the funds from the paying institution within five business days.”

It’s just after midnight, and today is the fifth business day.

The money was returned. Will I be arrested today? Was it worth the risk of arrest to obtain some relative, convoluted truth? The truth is these accounts exist. And the other truth is, using the methods described above, the money was returned to those accounts in my name, that I cannot access.

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PostSubject: Re: A TDA Story by Jane Doe 8/22/17   Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:42 am

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A TDA Story by Jane Doe 8/22/17
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