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RayRat Call Notes  8/21/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat Call Notes 8/21/17

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RayRat Call Notes  8/21/17 Empty RayRat Call Notes 8/21/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:08 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=100833735 http://ds1.downloadtech.net/cn1086/audio/169816739072070-001.mp3

RayRat: Good Afternoon, TNT superfantastic, marvelous family. . . Information, updates, verification’s make our Monday a more productive Monday. My notes disappeared – something to do with the eclipse. Here it is. Spin off from Friday – took us through a very quiet weekend. PM made a speech on Friday, attacking the corruption, of the governs and Tal Afar being liberated

– Monday was the date; cards to be mailed out by Aug 20 – debit cards, key cards and ATM’s loaded and ready to go by the 21st. In addition, contractors did get paid at new rate – rate still yet to be disclosed. New pay schedules posted even though they are supposed to be on the new rate. Wait and see. Time will tell.

Schedule is throughout this week and into next week. Sadr made a request for silence (from the citizens) on social media for three days. Could have impact on information that we do not have at the moment. We wait to see.

International banking days are Tuesday through Thursday and may have some news tomorrow. Learned cards outside of Iraq are active. Appears they are active on the program rate, not the new rate. Still awaiting information on that.

: Ray: Best sources are saying, “It’s coming, it’s coming.” That’s all I can get them to say right now. IRAQ: Cards outside of Iraq are active but appears they are still on the program rate. CBI: Ray is going on the assumption lower denom’s are not out yet. He said a lot of people are being quiet.

Eclipse: Ray: To my knowledge and understanding the eclipse has no effect on the RV. TV /

Mosques: No news reported from TV or mosques. Protests have calmed down. The cleric, Sadr has made a request for silence on social media for three days.


Banks: International banking days are Tuesday through Thursday. Ray: . . . may have some information tomorrow.

Rates: No news on dinar, dong or ZIM.

THIRTEEN BANKING Seminars: Information will be posted on the TNT web site when appropriate to do so.

Q & A: TNT Forum

 -How much time do you think will be needed for us to know the RV has happened here in the US?

Ray: Since everything is electronic, I’m expecting almost immediately although there could be some lag time.

Q & A: Callers

-I’ve been in this 10 years. Is this ever going to happen?

Ray: The first eight years was nothing. No solid confirmations coming from Iraq, banks or news. Now your hearing solid confirmation from them. Stay focused on the facts. Are you not believing Iraq is telling their citizens the value is going to change and they will have more purchasing power? They weren’t saying that 1 – 10 years ago. We are getting information this is real. We are seeing small nuances of it happening . . . the factual things coming out. The citizens protesting, they have all calmed down. Now the person telling the citizens to do those things has said everybody be calm and silent for three days. . . we know what has been promised. We have enough information to take away the doubt, it is ever going to happen.

– Exchange in our personal names, trust, skeleton trust, etc?

Ray: I’ve never, ever told anyone to exchange into any type of skeleton trust. You had to be listening to someone else to get that.

Caller:I have an LLC.

Ray: You’ve been listening to false information or information that does not pertain to you. That’s where you should have been directing your questions. Exchange based on the knowledge you have in regards to your particular strategy. Last call we had conversation about skeleton trusts. (asked people to) Talk to bank and learn what it is and how it works and then you will know what to do. We have not had much response. Heard it’s a specialized tool in the real estate market. Not one person has reported back to me that yes the bank says we can use a skeleton trust. I don’t have an answer for you. I’m sorry.

Same Caller: Okay to exchange in your own name?

Ray: Sure it is. Millions of people are going to do that and then put it in a trust.

Same Caller: Exchange in LLC?

Ray: I would highly recommend, no matter where you put it, know everything you can know about it before I did it. Really need to know what your doing and why your doing it. If your not sure, just let it stay in your own name. Just because you have a bank account in your own name, does not tell the world you have money. If it’s the government your concerned about, no way your keeping it from them. Your just keeping it from public view to see what your up too. Might want a P. O. box in case your bank statement gets intercepted. Just changing that address will keep a lot of you from problems. Those are good safety measures to keep people from . . . connecting you with a large bank account. I would employ that strategy and wait and learn about the other tools. . . in 30-60-90 days and you should be okay. You do not have to get all this done by Friday.

– Tuesday you sent a report, “scuttlebutt shared among citizens of Iraq. ATM’s to be fully loaded, etc.” from no one official. Then Friday someone, official, Abadi on the 18th, contrary to what the scuttlebutt was on Aug 8, he said, “Aug 21st is targeted for the full ATM loading of LD and all of the cards to be mailed out by Aug. 20th.” He said nothing about releasing the LD’s or activating the cards. You brought us some very good information today if people were listening and comprehend. Sadr told them to be quiet. I am of the opinion they have been paid!

Ray: (chuckling.)

Caller: Historically the IMF has always released international public rates in April and Sept. So, with what we are seeing now, we are close folks. Quit your belly aching and hang on. You agree?

Ray: I’m with you except for the belly aching part. Your information is on the right track. With Mosul some of us knew before Abadi said so. He said “it ain’t so, until I say so.” I’m just giving you the information provided. When Abadi came out and said the information, so today we still don’t know because those folks are still being silent. The 21st does not mean it’s the day we are going to the bank. It may mean we may get more solid information on what to expect.

Same Caller: Sadr calling for silence speaks volumes to me.

Ray: Thank you.

– You said it’s better to not own anything but control everything, put it in a trust.

Ray: Yes. Appreciate your comments.

: Looking forward to some things to happen. Quiet right now. Sadr’s request they are hearing and paying attention to. Waiting for some information. Cards activated and being reported at the program rate. We had the understanding it would be at the new rate. Contractors the same.

Waiting for more details making us more comfortable to share information with you on thos e processes. Just have to wait on that.

Spent better half in Detroit, MI and had a great time. Met folks and reconnected with others. We had great time and they just rolled out the carpet. Had people form Colo, Georgia, Ohio. Had a great time. Hats off to the committee in that area who worked for months putting together this 3-4 day program they had.

Looking forward to doing it again next year. Have no idea how much it mean to us, those of you who came by for even 5 minutes. Looking forward to know to the public release. Strategic plans we put on paper we can’t wait to implement from Roth IRA’s to everything under the sun.

Banking seminars, 13 of those, when this pops. Some will be currency exchange banks and some will not. We will learn what the banking community can offer us. Each location will have capacity of 250- 1,000 attendance. Will have everything that can be answered in that setting. The information for the seminars will be posted on the web site as well as anything else that is pertinent for us, the TNT members.

Some information will be tailor made for us. It will be a good thing. Until then we continue to wait and see what happens next ever so patiently. Knowing the reality, “THIS IS REAL!” We don’t have to continue to wonder if it’s real. We just don’t know the exact minute, exact hour, exact date, exact week or exact month for that matter. You can rest assured the exact minute, exact hour, exact day, exact week, exact month, if it’s not already here, it is going to come. That I do believe! (played “I Believe.”)

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