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WSOMN Saturday Drama 8/12/17

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WSOMN Saturday Drama 8/12/17

Post  Ssmith on Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:51 am




Thus begins the weekend and all indications are that this may very well be our last weekend, but you know we have heard these words before only to end up disappointed. Let’s see now, two of the providers I listened to today felt very strong for this week end into Monday while another one took the position of later on this month. So who to believe? Time will tell the tale, lets continue to pray and wait.

As for me bills are still mounting up but through the grace of our Lord it will all work out before too long. Money is short but prayers are consistent so all things will work out in due time. It was good to see the enthusiasm on the board today. Just as things looked bad, other calls came forth to invigorate us once more. How can we ever express our gratitude enough?

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we still have members recovering from injuries and sickness like our precious Moderator Avon Lady. Please help her to regain her mobility quickly so she will be able to receive her RV and be more able to be helpful to our board members and others in her life. You know Lord I rarely ask for particular favors but this lady is a jewel in our group. Amen and Amen.

Dear Lord God Almighty here our prayers and show us the wonders of your compassion for all of those who come forth requesting healing prayers. At this time we may not be financially able to change the world but we have faith that one or more of us are gathered together in prayer that You will be there as well. For Thine is the kingdom and the power of the Lord God Almighty.

Sleep well my dear friends we all listened to much good information to put in place as quickly as possible after the exchange. The evil ones still walk amongst us and we know how their power is limited by your grace. Our destiny still awaits for a time.

I'm expecting great RV news today believing it's happening now for us all

nowisthetime - Good morning to you and all. Where are you seeing the color change? On the borders? I am not seeing any color

now - I love your positive thinking! Let's all band together and encourage the blue to turn green. lol And while we are at it, let's go for making the RV happen through the power of our poisitive thinking!
Amen Lady I agree that this room will turn green today and by the power of our words will bring this RV into fruition . Also the power of our positive thinking will bring the RV forth this day

Frank26 » August 12th, 2017 I wish to SHARE this with all: IOO as a TEAM of STUDY .......... A made his speech on Iraqia TV in front of the citizens of Iraq .......... We considered it a "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS". Because he covered many issues along with announcing they are out of CH7. ONE specific issue we can not SHARE yet........... Nor were You able to hear it ........... It was not a part of the video. On MONDAY CC ......... We will SHARE ........... And explain.

I think we just want status quo for the time being - a break from all the strife. A plan was supposedly worked out years ago. Jmo. The rumor is that may delay the RV also - take as rumor. I don't see how at this point as the ball is already rolling down the hill

Sand, why keep things the same though...I don't get it

Right now they share everything - if they seperate - they won't. More issues

The Kurds are doing what we need them to do and that's applying pressure! I love it.....

They've been threatening that for a while though Sand. Praying they get what they want and then ALL will be happy

All is well orchestrated. One must remind oneself that this is truly a movie. The news provides a script. If that's the case, the Director who writes the script controls the reader/watcher's emotions if you allow it. Once you're aware of the truth, you're emotional responses to the movie are your own fault. Enjoy the entertainment and know what you hold.

Not holding my breath re F's post. He has a habit of doing advance pumping up of his cc's and then on the call throws in a lot of fluff. He's definately not a bullet point type of intel guy.

Sorry phone - love the Kurds

That's the sign of a great book or movie when the Director commands the audience so well. This is by far the greatest movie in history as it relates to this process.

All day long peeps who straggle in will be wondering what movie you're talking about unless someone posts an explanation every 100th post.

Hey everyone:) DP the email i got for password change was from Twitter. Do we not worry about it?


Where is our president!!! This mess in Virginia is disgusting! And if it doesn't stop lord help us all! He is the president of the United States of America!!! He tweets stupid stuff I expect better! This is unacceptable. If people want to protest do it peacefully. But keep your spit and hands to yourself!! Terrible. Putting people against each other is making us weak as a nation come on people wake up!!!

Pray for our nation!!!! Ted pray boldly cause this is terrible!!!

First Lady finally sent a tweet!!! Good job! But POTUS doesn't want to upset his base! Not everyone in his base is white or undereducated!!! But terribly disappointed!!!

Hey someone tell Pj Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 1m1 minute ago More We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

You folks are watching Frank, Tony, Ray, Bruce etc. way too much. Really need to do your own due diligence. Follow the CBI, UN, WB, IMF. not those idiots on DR or DG or any other blog site. Trust me, they DON'T KNOW !!!!!!

Remember .... loose lips sink ships. Those that are truly at the table are not talking and certainly wouldn't talk to any Guru in Dinarland. Use common sense my friends


FF along your line of thought https://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/OperationalRates.php .... approx. 68 currencies adjusted yesterday with effective date of Aug 15th.

Yes, a VERY slight increase or decrease Meek. IMO we will see more.

FF why do you think the CBI will do the notification instead of the U.S. Treasury?

Because it is their country. Listen, nobody can force Iraq to do anything

All they can do is advise and if Iraq wants to go international they beed to follow the IMF's recomendations and has to be approved by the BIS. Also, forget this nonsense about an in country RV or RI. That's the biggest load of hogwash I've heard. If they want to go international it will happen at the same time not just in country or refional

FF: do you believe that we are close?

I don't have a date but yes I do. Just remember, the term close has a different meening to governments than it does to civilians. I have strong faith in the Dinar, otherwise I would not be invested in it. The key is patience

FF: By close i don't mean in our lifetime....lol how about this year

Let's see what the next SBA in Sept says drl Smile

what is SBA?

Stand By Agreement

Are you referring to the IMF report?

I am RAB. But you have to dig into it to get any meat. There are many links in it

Can't say I read it all (well over 100 pages), but the Fund did seem impressed by the progress.

correct RAB. I've read it about 4 times so far

What was impressive to me was they had the SBA meeting in record time and immediately had a press release. This is unprecedented. They normally wait 3 - 4 days at least before a press release

k folks need to run. Remember if anything does happen, it will NOT be a secret! The only 800 numbers you will get is from the bank tellers directing you more than likely to their wealth managers

It's gotta end up close to the Kuwaiti rate, or else the arab sensibilities will go awry. That's what we've heard from day one and, to me still makes the most sense.

yeah agree.. they have to be close in rate -- the rial also

I just received a tweet with a code to reset my twitter pw. Is this the scam everyone is talking about?

whimsyls, I also received this password reset. I haven't done anything with it. I am still receiving my tweets as usual.

I didnt do anything with it either.

W- me too a code to reset Twitter!! Don't do it! Strange things abound . We have a crook here -

Ok...SnS. I'll delete it.

Thanks, Everyone....I got that text with the code about 45minutes ago also

There is a scam artist here

Several of us got an alert on Twitter to reset our codes - similar to the password reset here. Someone here is a criminal

Hi there ! So the crazy person is back causing trouble ? Don't they have better things to do ...

Trying to access out accounts

Omg and why didn't they buy their own currency ?

Must have nothing better to do, posted fakes calls today too

I just deleted it

Yes, there are some bloggers here copying and pasting with a criminal background (I do have the documents). My suggestion .....ignore these grumpy old men and woman which I use lightly. All full of hot air ! Wuy waste your ime on them folks?

True what can they do ! Soon they will be bored with nothing to do when this goes ...

Well, they know how to curse lol. Typical

Some people have dark energy and it appeals to them to cause trouble

Birds of a feather flock together. And ............ I'll leave it at that

Hmmmm so their is more than one ..

I agree FF. But they are here in this room

so what Sand lol

Well FF it's kinda sad that's how they choose to get attention

Listen, it is their goal to take your happiness away from you. That's what criminals do. Don't allow it to happen

It won't , thanks

The dark lives on people's misery . We have a good group it won't reuin us...

Well tey finally got around to sending me the tweet. No I did not do it.

Yep, I figure they want us to change our twitter codes so we wont get the Tweet when the RV goes down. Kind of a dirty trick, I think

Ted, there won't be a need for any tweets lol. Just keep your eyes on the CBI. When (not if) there is a currency adjustment we will all see it at the same time Smile

Hey ff are you a believe the the stock market will drop to 7000

don't think it has anything to do with the investment 006

Markets go up and down all the time Smile it's an investors game

Yup but not 12000 pts

I suggest looking at that blog site and lets see how much Stephan edits what I said. He really is a horrible blogger !

What is the cbi web site please? I will also look at what he edits too.

that's the central Bank of Iraq Lady https://cbi.iq/

New web site with an international exchange converter. tHAT'S A 1st
OK Firefly, sorry but I had to step away from the computer for a while but I recall you stating (IYO) that would not have to wait for an 800 number just watch the CBI site. OK, so then what ?

Just trying to figure out how and where we would exchange.

It's not an opinion Ted. When the rate changes and goe international just go to a bank that does goreign currencies Ted

Excuse me no insult intended

The bank will direct you to the right people to talk to. Forget all this hocus pocus garbage Ted. It's really startig to hurt many people

Would that be for all currencies?

of course

Forgive this old man but what is the link to the CBI website again.

CBI.iq Ted

Thanks Firefly I will put that on my favorites list now

FF sure appreciate your input here

Anyhoo there is a diret link to the new host site from the CBI I was trying to show you guys

So.... we just delete this message about changing password? This is crazy. Got one for tweeter and ignored it

Us there ANYBODY on the CBI site?

HI Firefly.I am

FF, I been on both the arabic and english to see if there is a difference.

ok need to do this starting with the English side Vaso. tell me when you are there

Cbi won't tell me when the other currencies change value

That's what I did when you posted the CBI.com. But also been watching the arabic one. I understand both if you will....

not com .iq

scroll down and right above the calculator click on statistics.
it's on the right hand side above the calculator. says STATISTICS. SCROLL DOWN A TAD AND YOU'LL SEE : For the extended statistics, please click here

ok now on the top right it will have a link called HOME. CLICK ON THAT. scroll down and you should see exchange numbers again

Says 1.2

Bingo papa !!!!!!

Remember, you git here directly from the CBI site

I only see exchange rate under statistical charts

you have to start from the english side of the CBI. notice only the USD and EURO have been adjusted

When I did that using cbi.iq and when got to the Home bottom, the web site changed to "cbi.3eyon-host.net"

yes 3eyon-host.net is the host site

I thought the 1.2 would go on the cbi.iq site but it keeps the host site name?

just continue watching it Smile Again, a direct link from the CBI. I was shocked when I 1st saw it but it appears the CBI doesn't care

Will the 1.2 eventually be on the cbi.iq site....is that what we are to watch for? We saw this 1.2 on host site a while back...

Not commenting on it but something is definitely going on

One thing all professional investors have in common is ..................................... PATIENCE !

mY GOAL IS NOT TO HURT YOU, MAKE YOU UNHAPPY OR TO GIVE YOU NISINFORMATION. But to show you that this indeed is a real event

ff: it has ben showing that for quite a while, hasn't it? and so far it doesn't mean anything to us... as yet

just over a month tsm

Again, I remind you one last time .......... this is a direct link from the CBI

I came in just in time to see FF's notes to get to the statistical rates...neat!! And see I missed Avon...I have had a looooong day!!i will see you only in drive-bys tomorrow...GN

Hey all, I just got a text to reset my Twitter account password. It came from 40404. This an obvious phishing ploy. Please ignore it. .I don't post much here but I do watch and read . Blessings!

You are right, Sparky, DELETE and IGNORE

Sparky, I got the same one

My hats off to the people that have endoured this fascinating journey to the end. Those that gave up I truly feel sad for them. Can't debunk the IMF, UN, WB or the BIS Wink

FF Thank you very much for educating us tonight! It is exciting to be able to read the statistics for ourselves, as you have taught us!!!

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Re: WSOMN Saturday Drama 8/12/17

Post  shlomo001 on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:29 pm

Firefly named all the idiots but dumbill,he is jealous now, he like to be the top idiot

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Re: WSOMN Saturday Drama 8/12/17

Post  Dragonfire on Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:37 am

Ted is really peddling that religious bullshit hard. Does he also think he is a guru too?

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Re: WSOMN Saturday Drama 8/12/17

Post  RamblerNash on Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:05 am

One thing all professional investors have in common is ..................................... PATIENCE !
There is more than 1 thing. LOL

You wont find them in a dinar forum where the goal is to make money off of the gullible.

You wont find them in a dinar forum getting advise from idiots who don't have a clue what they are doing.

You wont find them in a dinar forum listening to the advise of some "FireBug" who thinks the color of their new logo has something to do with releasing coins!


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