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 AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17

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PostSubject: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:17 pm


Posted by Bill Clark on August 8, 2017 at 8:22pm

Waszupp Crowdfunding is about to launch and Millionaires will be made
Founder/CEO Ash Sahib on the Monday call WAS HISTORIC!!

We had over 2,000 people listen to the visionary Waszupp Founder share his vision AND Waszupp received a powerful endorsement by a leading industry publisher!

Click HERE for the replay and get this message out to your friends and contacts. You only have one chance to "get in at the beginning" and this is it!

You can text this short code to share the message by text:
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:18 pm

Waszupp Global Review: $35 matrix Ponzi cycler
Aug.09, 2017 in MLM Reviews, Wazzub
I first came across Waszubb Global under the company name Waszupp Network.

The Waszupp Mentor Network website names Blaine Williams (Wealth Creation Alliance Ponzi), Fred Bender, Ricky Howe and Mark Campese (Paycation) as Global Directors of the company.

Further research however reveals Ash Sahib (full name: Ashraf Ash H Sahib) is credited as founder and CEO.

In Waszupp Mentor Network marketing material Sahib is credited as a “billionaire from Dubai”.

Somewhat curiously though, his name only appears on the Waszupp Mentor Network website in the description of company conference calls.

On Facebook Sahib (right) cites himself as Chairman and CEO at Waszupp Global.

As far as I can tell, Waszupp Mentor Network isn’t a company in and of itself, rather it’s a downline group within Waszupp Global.

On May 8th Sahib published an article “Success Breeds Success”, on which he used a header for “We Share Success”.

We Share Success was a failed brand of Wazzub. The company name first surfaced in late 2014 as a platform for Wazzub to offer virtual shares through.

That concept ultimately flopped, with Wazzub going on launch a Ponzi scheme in mid 2016.

Today the Wazzub website (Perfect Internet) informs visitors that it’s part of something called the “Unicorn Network”. The MLM opportunity itself appears to have finally collapsed.

I wasn’t able to tie Ash Sahib directly to Wazzub, but the similarities between the two company names is hard to ignore.

In 2014 Sahib was running 4x TradeBiz, a forex income opportunity that appears to have since collapsed.

Read on for a full review of the Waszupp Global MLM opportunity.

Waszupp Global Products

Waszupp Global has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Waszupp Global affiliate membership itself.

The Waszupp Global Compensation Plan

Waszupp Global affiliates sign up, pay $35 and are then paid to recruit other affiliates who do the same.

Waszupp Global pay recruitment commissions via a 3×8 matrix.

A 3×8 matrix places a Waszupp Global affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them:

These three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first three positions into another three positions each (9 positions).

Levels three to eight of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing three times as many positions as the previous level.

A Waszupp affiliate signs up and pays $35. They must then personally recruit three affiliates who fill up the first level of their matrix.

This generates a $25 commission and unlocks level 2 of the matrix.

Level two of the matrix is filled as other affiliates fill level 1 of their matrix.

Once level 2 of the matrix is filled, a $292 commission is paid out and level three is unlocked.

Levels three to eight of the matrix operate in the same manner, with commissions paid across all eight levels as follows:

  • level 1 – recruit three affiliates and receive $25
  • level 2 – generates a $292 commission and unlocks level 3
  • level 3 – generates a $1710 commission and unlocks level 4
  • level 4 – generates a $45,000 commission and unlocks level 5
  • level 5 – generates a $1,017,000 commission and unlocks level 6
  • level 6 – generates a commission is paid out (not disclosed) and unlocks level 7
  • level 7 – generates a commission (undisclosed) and unlocks level 8
  • level 8 – generates a commission (undisclosed)

Note at the time of publication Waszupp Global has yet to confirm payments across levels 6 to 8 of the matrix.

The company’s compensation plan states only that affiliates will make “more money than you can imagine” across these levels.

Joining Waszupp Global

Waszupp Global affiliate membership is $35.


At its core, Waszupp Global is nothing more than a typical matrix cycler Ponzi.

You pay $35, get others to do the same and the more people who cough up, the higher your ROI.

Revenue generated through the matrix is sourced exclusively from newly recruited affiliates paying $35. With each level passing up more and more money to Waszupp Global leaders and management.

While the business model is an uninspired cookie-cutter Ponzi, what’s interesting about Waszupp Global is how it’s being marketed.

Marketing copy sent out less than twenty-four hours ago paints the picture of one Waszupp Global affiliate having a wet dream over First Lady Melania Trump.

Quote :
When Ash Sahib, the billionaire from Dubai, and the Global Directors closed the call, I couldn’t fall asleep right away.
I was deeply impressed what I just heard.
Here were men with integrity talking about the greatest opportunity for mankind in this decade…
Suddenly, I must have entered the dream state, I had a meeting with beautiful looking Melania Trump.
I was asking  for her endorsement of our Waszupp Crowdfunding program.
It has been a long meeting.
Melania wanted to know everything about this global program.
She also wanted to know more about CEO and founder, Ash Sahib, and his pledge in memory of his son.
As you can imagine, I did my best to answer all her questions, still not believing that I had the honor to talk with her.
I had the feeling she was asking me all these questions because of her humble background and her feeling of love for the not so fortunate people in the world.
I cannot remember if I got her endorsement.
The last thing I remember was her big smile before she disappeared.
I am still baffled.

You’re not the only one buddy.

And then there was this Waszupp Global marketing video, which at [14:10] features a Photoshop job of Ethan Vanderbuilt appearing to endorse the company:

Ethan Vanderbuilt runs a blog by the same name and refers to himself as a “scam buster”. To date he has not written about Waszupp Global in any capacity.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down so too will newly invested funds.

This will see Waszupp Global’s company-wide matrix slow down, before ultimately grinding to a halt and collapsing.

Those who join in early steal the majority of invested funds and the rest of the Waszupp Global affiliate-base lose out.

Oh and if Waszupp Global truly is a reincarnation of Wazzub, expect years of broken promises and marketing hype to string you along.

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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:48 pm

Published on Aug 30, 2014
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:52 pm

Ashraf Sahib

Active  Ajman, AE  — President for Million Dollar Team Corp

  • Overview

  • 2


  • 1


  • 2


  • Contribute

Ashraf Sahib Overview

Ashraf Ash H Sahib is currently associated with two companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a three month period with the most recent being incorporated seven months ago in January of 2017. All companies are still active.

Background Report for Ashraf Ash H Sahib

  • Includes Age, Location, Address History for Ashraf Ash H Sahib
  • Arrest, Criminal, & Driving Records
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Possible relatives
  • Full Background Report

Sponsored Advertisement  
Network Visualizer
Million Dollar Team Corp
Ashraf Ash H Sahib
Faisal A. Sahib
Waszupp Global Inc


Companies for Ashraf Sahib

[th]Name[/th][th]Status[/th][th]Incorporated[/th][th]Key People[/th][th]Role[/th]
Million Dollar Team Corp Active
Waszupp Global Inc Active

Connections for Ashraf Sahib

A connection is made when two people are officers, directors, or otherwise associated with the same company. Ashraf Ash H Sahib has only one known connection.
Faisal A. Sahib

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Ethel Biscuit
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:54 pm


Excellent ssmith. I was just about to post that link myself, when I saw you're already there.

I always find it a useful exercise to type the name of any of these people into Google (or any search engine of your choice) followed by the word "fraud". The results are often very educational.

Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

Walt Whitman
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:10 pm


Filing Information

Document Number P03000114539


Date Filed 10/15/2003

Effective Date 01/01/2004



Event Date Filed 09/16/2005

Event Effective Date NONE

http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=OfficerRegisteredAgentName&directionType=PreviousList&searchNameOrder=SAHIBASHH P030001145391&aggregateId=domp-p03000114539-9aeebd5c-3f32-488f-aae6-610f5ed563dd&searchTerm=Sahib Omar&listNameOrder=SAHIBASHH P030001145391
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:16 pm

Sunday, November 14, 2010


These days M/s Tianshi Int’l Pakistan Co. Pvt. Ltd (commonly known as Tianshi or TIENS) (SECP Reg#K-09031 of 2002-2003), a China based Pyramid Scheme is doing a roaring business with the support of highly influential people in Pakistan. They have recruited hundreds of thousands of people in their Pyramid Scheme!

The company has disguised its Pyramid activity with the help of MLM of spurious drugs which are high priced and not saleable so that the members ultimately rely on recruiting more members down the line and make commission that way. Such scams are referred to as “Recruiting MLM” that reward recruitment over retail sales or a “Product-based Pyramid Scheme”. Tiens is running a retail chain of stores under the name of BannerStore (SECP Reg# 0065384) as retail outlets for these spurious drugs. The BannerStore serves as the MLM front to disguise the underlying Pyramid Scheme. This scheme is bad for the people because:

1. Only the people in the top of the pyramid chain make money. The ones at the bottom of pyramid eventually lose when the scheme collapses.
2. It is Haraam! You are not selling any products nor providing a service. You are not trading. You are not manufacturing. You are basically enticing people to entice more people with greed. Members essentially become recruiters who are recruiting recruiters to recruit more recruiters! It is an endless chain of people recruiting people in their down-line!
3. Besides, the products of Tiens are made in China! They do not have any concept of Halaal or Haraam.
4. Ultimately it will collapse….creating legal problems. All the people in your down-line will realize that you misled them and sue you. You may lose your job and your reputation for good.

These thugs are exploiting mainly the students and the unemployed youths by giving them a false hope of employment and financial success. They are easily misled with promises of making their dreams come true. They get impressed by Foreign Styles, fairy tales promises, well dressed staff, modern outlook, trained presenters, and well organized functions in which they award high value gifts to few with a lot of pomp and show under the patronage of influential people. Tiens has created a high profile image by using photos of its Group President Li Jinyuan with prominent people, giving the impression that these people endorse the company. This gives this Pyramid Scheme the legitimacy it needs.



People believe it to be a lawful activity as it enjoys support of former Senator/caretaker president Mr. Waseem Sajjad. On Friday, March 18, 2005 Senator Waseem Sajjad inaugurated the office of Tianshi in Pakistan.


You can also browse through their Focus Magazines and see Mr. Sajjad active with Tianshi (click the top right corner of the e-zine to turn the pages):


On page 35 of the following e-zine, you can see Mr. Waseem Sajjad with family in China during the 2009 Grand China Tour Promo of Tiens!


In 2008, Mr. Waseem Sajjad congratulated the 13th Anniversary, as well as the inauguration of four BannerStore in Pakistan! Read on:


To add insult to injury, Mr. Omar Sajjad, son of Mr. Waseem Sajjad is their legal counsel. People ask: “How can it be illegal when a Senator himself is promoting it and his law firm is their legal counsels? Clearly, the involvement and support of Mr. Waseem Sajjad is established with so many links on the web. It is saddening to see that such prominent lawyers represent and provide legal protection to such scammers because they have all the money. They will never help the people who are being exploited! Obviously, they cannot pay Mr. Omar Sajjad like Tiens!
Further, the spurious drugs are presented as herbal supplements with great medical benefits. This tactic is used to lend some respect and legitimacy to the scheme. Unfortunately, the drugs are spurious and have no real benefit. Besides, their price makes then unmarketable and the members make money from recruitment in their down-line.

Tiens claims that they are registered with SECP when in reality; they were never audited/inspected by SECP or any other regulatory authority. No one knows anything about the genuineness of their products and their financial affairs. No one knows the break-up of their income to ascertain the source of their income….products or pyramid membership income and the proportion of each in the total income. To date, no one has ascertained if Tiens has paid adequate taxes and if it even files Tax Returns! No one knows if they maintain a bank account and if they do, in which bank? No one knows how much money is being siphoned off out of Pakistan by Tiens! Given the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are involved already (according to one estimate, 1,000,000/- people) it is estimated that millions of dollars or trillions of rupees might have already been siphoned off out of Pakistan!

Tianshi is not only cheating our people, it is also making people consume spurious drugs with devastating side effects. The products are basically medicines but the company brands these as food supplements to dodge the health regulatory authorities. The Provincial Drug Inspector, DG Health Services, Peshawar has filed FIR No. 04/2008 under Section 27 (1) of the Drug Act 1976 and the case is pending in Peshawar High Court due to POLITICAL PRESSURE! So much for the freedom of Judiciary…According to the FIR, Tiens is involved in sale/distribution/manufacture/import of allopathic drugs under the garb of herbal/food supplements without having manufacturing license, registration from the Ministry of Health, which is violation of Section 23 (1) (a) (i) of the Drug Act 1976. One drug mentioned in the FIR was tested with presence of STEROIDS! Further, there are a lot of drugs that Tianshi claimed to have allopathic ingredients but actual analysis of the drugs revealed that none of them had any allopathic ingredient! So much for their drugs!

You can also read a report available on the website of the Federal Trade Commission of USA which has listed Tianshi in Appendix C on the last page as one of the illegal Pyramid/MLM Schemes whose plans were analyzed by the author of the report.


To make matters even worse, Tiens Pakistan is under the Tiens South Asia Region. The Regional Headquarters are in Chennai, India! All the data from Pakistan is being sent to India on 25th of every month. TIENS has members from all walks of life, including politicians and other influential people, government employees and military personnel from all provinces lured into their scheme. It is possible that all the data, including employer name, designation, address, contact numbers, emails etc. are available with the Indians. Imagine Indians snooping on mail boxes of people in government service, politics and even military! Clearly, given the current situation of Pakistan, Tiens is an extreme security risk for Pakistan.

Here are some general guidelines:

1. Avoid schemes that promise enormous earnings real fast or get rich quick schemes.
2. Avoid schemes that reward/give commission for recruiting members in your down-line.
3. Beware of schemes that ask new members to purchase expensive products. These schemes can collapse quickly leave you with useless stock.
4. Stay away from schemes that give more commissions on sales made by new members in your down-line rather than through your own sales of the products.
5. Beware of plans that claim to sell miracle products. If there was a cure for baldness, there would not be a single bald man on earth.
6. Don't sign-up in a sales meeting or any other high-pressure situation. Insist on taking your time to think about it. Talk it over with your spouse, a knowledgeable friend, an accountant or a lawyer.
7. Do your homework and verify the credentials from the websites of the relevant regulatory authorities. Also do a web search.
8. Always remember the Golden Rule: If it is too good to be true, then it must be False!

Here is an example of consequences:

In January 1997, a huge number of Albanians suffered huge losses when similar scams collapsed and resulted in a civil war, which killed 2000 Albanians!




Please spread the message for public safety and for PAKISTAN.
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PostSubject: Re: AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17   Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:15 pm

@Ethel Biscuit wrote:

Excellent ssmith. I was just about to post that link myself, when I saw you're already there.

I always find it a useful exercise to type the name of any of these people into Google (or any search engine of your choice) followed by the word "fraud". The results are often very educational.

Yes.  In this case I added "ponzi" and "scam" to his name.
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PostSubject: Ponzi Scheme   Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:43 pm

Stay clear of ADMINBILL's Ponzi scheme.  He has no one's interest in mind than himself, his cult, and the LDS church
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AdminBill Continues to Promote PONZI SCHEME! 8/9/17
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