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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/2/17

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WSOMN Wednesday Drama 8/2/17

Post  Ssmith on Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:11 am





Still about where we were yesterday around this time. Negativity is everywhere as I scan what information is out there, it really appears that the Cabal is making their last stand and here we sit/stand waiting to make our country great again while they dig up stories from years past and use them to fortify their own positions and much like in a war and they can also see it dwindling away.

Yet even within our membership we have infiltrators who have one task in mind and that is to discourage each and every one they can so our plans for making this country into a better place will fail. We must band together folks and fight for what is right. Not a real hands on fight but a fight of wills with the ones who want to keep us down and under their control. This is a silent war between good and evil.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father I ask that You supply us with the armor of what is right for our nation. Help us to maintain our focus on our goals and give us the strength to hold on to our beliefs no matter how long our silent battle wages with the Cabal and their legions. Many of us have years of waiting for this battle between good and evil to come to an end. Help us to endure where others fail.

Dear Lord God Almighty our goal is set but we complete this journey with Your help and sheer determination as well. Along the way some have fallen and we pray for those who did not see our victory and yet others suffer from health issues, financial ruin, and despair. Let those among us who have stayed the course soon see the victory they so deserve. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends as we prepare for whatever awaits us on the coming days. No matter the news, we shall overcome the trails ahead of us and we will rejoice if the news is good or we will wait longer if required to do so. Our God is Awesome and we feel His power. Our destiny awaits.

I just read Bruce's notes and according to Bruce. He knows of Dozens of people that have been contacted in several different cities the times that they are scheduled to go in and excnahge for today.... so I'm sure with the number of people on here we will hear about it.


Yes, If people stop ordering the products from his site and go directly to the product site he makes no money and then he mght stop having a call

he still does Prayer Requests--- I have one for thursday Bruce stop lying to the people and causing pain and suffering because one day you will have to answer to the man for your actions today

I just want the truth. It seems a bit unlikely to me, just too much delay, and it's now August think we've lost 2017. Think I'll just put it away. The calls etc that have other products, boomer, Modera, seminars will soon get people very upset. Vietnam devalued in 1972?

This may happen eventually, so will hold on just in case. I hope Abadi does right by the citizens soon he will be running for election and the people will want to know, what have you done for us! that we can see touch and feel.

dont make excuses for him, what are you doing. We are experiencing the very same thing here. Look close folks we are not moving either. Just stuck too busy fighting each other than fighting for the people. hm...

Morning all ! Great about the market all the way up then crash so they better hurry with this RV . It's happening now folks stay calm be expectant !!!!

This group is on top of it, I love it!!

Anyone feeling optimistic about something big may happen today?

Franks site is having server issues. They are currently working to get it fixed

owl I have a hard time believing the centers are on lock down and why is Bruce the only one that gets that info

Az girl - dont know. Bruce has always "sounded" honest to me, but who really knows? I think his sources are like maybe the yellowpages or 'whoop-dee-doo NEWS' site online. Lol

I THINK there are prolly 'planners' somewhere who try to help 'ease-the-pain-of -the-poor-masses' when it comes to "dinar-related-info" BUT look how relaible ANY info is right now! Ridiculous!


very - but trying to stay grounded. I'm on vaca and all my banking contacts are 1600 miles away


Not fast enough with 3 dogs. May have to call a Wall Street Friend who thinks I'm Looney Tunes if this goes while I'm away. Seeing his face would be worth it!


When this is over if you saw the list of contacts I have - (of which none have been right mind you) - your jaw would drop-

And I truly believe they believed what they were told

This is held very tight to the chest - and as the world gets crazier - more positive moves from Iraq....

hey did you read the article below on Iraq Credit rating ?

Stag1 no what is it now ? A-?

We need it- I found it very interesting. They are busting butt to get things done and they passed the supp budget in record time.... WENEED TO KNOW THE RATE that was used imo

Stag1 now use the budget and don't borrow so much money.

I got irritated at a post yesterday from pastor Phillip. So I didn't come in yesterday. Have to keep positive!!!! Didn't understand why it was brought in. Hope it was deleted.

I saw that too was old and not at all upbeat. Happy Wednesday everyone!

RC it was early yesterday morning. ❤️Glad you didn't too.


dp it's ok. Just don't understand some folks motive for negative stuff. Ok, I'm finished making my comment

Please someone contact Y and tell him to STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE. Most of us have been around a long time, I am tired of hearing about his "Aliens" who seem to send him messages, then he passes that on to us, a Christian Community. I think he has a bit of a problem with Reality. But who knows????

What do we know about Guru Hunter. Not sure I remember that one.
Um in the other room lol

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