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 One Who Teaches Says One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee a Plagiarizing Egomaniac! 7/4/17

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PostSubject: One Who Teaches Says One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee a Plagiarizing Egomaniac! 7/4/17   Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:31 pm

Swervy is back posting at IDC.  Guess they need the clicks.

OK THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID: because I thought we already tried removing this" chaos in writing "once, but apparently twice may be the charm!? It is so sad when One has to work soooo hard at trying to get believers to One's delusional manifestations. I believe in other beings, worlds, dimensions, the ships making contact with us and protecting us because I talk to my family telepathically who are in a huge ship outside my house every night. I have witnessed their blinking lights when I ask them to appear, I have seen smaller ones flying directly over me ( yesterday they blinked Red,White,Blue over & over to say Happy 4Th. I have direct heart felt love contact from the Arcturians, I feel deeply from them all the time, BUT with my PSYCHIC DISCERNMENT, I smell a big fat RAT, trying to root around the hen house to coerce the hens into following him down the hole of illusion. Yes our beliefs matter, NoT in the lesson taught by One though. One Who Doesn't obviously Know that the Elders are worked with constantly by the Higher Beings/Mxasters of Light and they were urged to NOT SIT IN JUDGEMENT WITH THOSE WHO REDEEM, as MOST(some 3d's will redeem) are hidden in disguise & are extremely powerful higher beings of light themselves, here to bring the blessings and light/love to the world. The MEEK SHALL RULE THE PLANET, (yet we won't rule, later many of us will become a Council to help oversee the rise into higher consciousness for all human beings while others go on to be Ambassadors of Earth on other Planets.) We are never judged and NO ONE working for the TRUE LIGHT would ever try to make u chose to" believe him or "watch what happens, all sorts of bad stuff might happen if u believe another!! NEVER EVER does a higher being of light whine about being a victim, and try to label others as Cabal/Dark Ones! They always stand in forgiveness and have the understanding that ALL see a different view and have their own opinion & that's OK. There are many living in 3D,and various stages of 4D & lower 5d right now at the same time because our consciousness isn't the same yet we are all together here on the Earth having a similar experience, as was planned. All of your lives have been preplanned by u for u to experience certain things, and the way to live is by following the flow, surrender to Source to be GOD'S will and let your higher self & heart lead the way,- that's where your discernment lies. You know that first inclination u get when walking into a store or home? That first feeling that hits u, (like u may feel uneasy or really happy & inspired) that's your soul guiding u. Yes some are more experienced or stronger at reading the signs,but I promise u if u become Aware and try to see & listen to what your heart and body is saying & when its saying it, u will grow to be a very strong Intuitive Empath. (its all about AWARENESS.) When ONE tries to convince u too hard that others are Fear Mongers or "Cabal Darkness" , yet turns around and calls those or others the the name callers, haters, attackers etc, u better RUN the other way because THAT behavior is 101 Cabal. They try too hard to be believed and while you look this way at the darkness they point out, they are behind your back ready to do the same to YOU if u dare question them!! TRUTH!! And if they have to post "evidence" to prove their case & how wonderful they are by saying they have now done the forgiving thing, well that should be a clue to that their behavior is EGO centered not Love/Heart centered. Its funny how ONE seems to copy the themes of the day from one site or others channeled information from another (only the parts that fit their believe anyway) and repost as their own. This DOES NOT make them psychic in any way! Anyone just reading another's work is not Psychic or Channeling. NO one as their Higher Self (which there are now) would use others ideas, information or psychically channeled info & say its theirs! Nor would they rant and rave and make u think u will be judged by another human who happens to work with ETs/Higher Beings, nor would they cause FEAR, especially over whether u choose to believe them of the others giving out information .Most of the people this ONE, who is a False Prophet, falsely labeled "Cabal" is Wonderful God loving, charity driven beings of true higher light, as is most of you reading this. These people's names were ruined for no other reason than EGO driven fear that he may not be as important or followed, and because these others called out his unloving, judgemental, ANGRY behavior!!! He created CHAOS, DIVISION & JUDGEMENT here! Those he hooked well they obviously have something to learn from that experience, but he pumped them up and got them to also attack and fight & argue with others. People this is NOT being of higher light, even if he pits on a great act! . He was too set on showing his self importance until he unmasked himself and people saw thru the lies and delusional fantasies. Believe it or don't, its your life path and u must find the truth.

PS: Just so u ALL know, u are ALL either Star seeds, Celestial/Angels, CHILDREN OF SOURCE! Yes WE are THE CHOSEN, BY THE CREATOR & MASTERS OVER THIS REALM& PLANET!! YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE NOW IF THIS WERE NOT TRUE. We are NOW being hit with an energy to the heart (some may be feeling sensations, heart burn etc) it opens the heart more to feel more love/compassion for self & others, this will help u find your way when the time comes to give the Grace of Heaven! Trust yourselves! REMEMBER: Awareness = Consciousness....

Love to all, I pray each of u out in Dinar/Zimland find your heart center and higher self to help u on your journey forward,and that u can truly see your magnificence & very special soul mission to change the world, because u came here for that very lesson!

Love and Light .....OneWhoTeaches
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PostSubject: Re: One Who Teaches Says One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee a Plagiarizing Egomaniac! 7/4/17   Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:17 pm

Like I've been saying for months now, McKim is a cabal agent...nice to see others finally coming to that truthful conclusion.
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PostSubject: Re: One Who Teaches Says One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee a Plagiarizing Egomaniac! 7/4/17   Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:32 pm

"One Who Teaches it looks like you're a nut too! :yes:
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One Who Teaches Says One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee a Plagiarizing Egomaniac! 7/4/17
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