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WSOMN Sunday Drama 6/25/17

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WSOMN Sunday Drama 6/25/17

Post  Ssmith on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:10 am




“Bump Bump Bump ………Another one bites the dust.. And another one gone yes anther one gone” Yep, so goes any of the prospects of getting the RV on this Saturday. One Saturday in a very long stream of hopeful Saturdays. So now we are looking for the (IMO statements) Sunday possibility. Will this just be another one of those repeat performances of past Sundays? Only time will tell.

Still like some have been saying it is a real possibility but if you notice they most often follow it up with over the next week or by the end of the month which in this case covers both possible scenarios. Yes, I know, I am supposed to keep it positive instead of creating discouragement among the board members. Like anyone ever believes my personal feelings anyway.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, You know my heart better than anyone on this planet. You know I fight discouragement tooth and nail every hour of the day because I know this will happen. Heck it has to happen because our country is going down the proverbial toilet if it does not. In that manner You know I believe we are the ones who can save our world. With Your help.

Dear Lord God Almighty, if it be Your will help those among our group who are starting to believe the wild stories being poured into us on a regular bases by people who are either doubters themselves of just being fed false information to pass on to desperate people. If today is the day for us then we pass all the glory to You for standing by us through the storm. Amen and Amen

Sleep well my friends, Our destiny awaits.

My my my how the times have changed, last year time no-one hear was talking the lets come together talks. No-one was saying the Republicans need to stop doing anything because a dem was President at to time. All the talk was he need to be gone and now that the shoe has changed the talk has changed it's we need to come together now... my my my I'm gone..

After what I read - I will no longer post from Dinar Gurus - I started following them - then realized Big Mistake

Avon: I have Attention Deficit Disorder....I ran out to read... Looks like RealTruth chat room wants Millionday to come in and help them out.

KLS - That's not Real Truch chat. It's Truth chat - totally different room. Can be found at the bottom of IQD Calls page

The REAL news....would be "Go to the BANK"

There's nothing out there that we don't already know.

Poppy3 nice to see him around and healthy

Yes, I've always paid attention to his posts....

Randy, Millionday, Mailman...

Sand: Randy? from KTFA


Yea, your right Koonce. Never knew if Aggiedad was that Randy.

Going down memory lane....be 7 yrs in Oct.

After attending my friends party last night, I got so many compliments that I didn't expect. How young I look! .... they noticed the weight loss too! I told them it must be the product I am taking....

mangelo what are you taking

I have a post on the products I am taking, Barley

Are we still anticipating a announcement today from Abadi? No mention of it on websites

No one knows when

Mangeelo... what product?

I think it was Boomer Products from Bruce - ck back when he returns

Wow! I dosed off..... tngirl I am using the Barley level 1 and the boost and now vasayo and I am excising 6 days a week. lifting weights 5 days a week and jogging on the weekend

I have the urge to go out and jog....getting bored... see everyone later

I hope everyone has their celebration plan ready like houses cars whatever they are going to do . It's fun to plan the good stuff .

I eat raw sugar and snort white flower lol

I'm not here for intel or any hocus pocus dinarland fantasy. I'm here only because I've become fond of many of you

Many that others call 'Guru's are in place to try to keep us calm and pacified until



Awww, like you too

When itx goes live it will and should be a simple curency exchange like any other

FF: how are you so sure there won't be 800 numbers?

Answer NO !!!!!!!

You will see it on the CBI before you get any tweets or 800 numbers

did anybody here get a teet prior to the New CBI site?

FF once that happens and the 'word' gets out won't there be some problems when everyone tries to exchange at the same time

Wash ... When it does go live I don't believe all he note holders will be rushing to the same bank lol

but if you want to believe it, it is your prerogative. I'm not judging anybody by any means

Anyhoo, that's my rant on 800 numbers and tweets Smile

FF do you believe we will exchange at all?

I do Grandma

No idea when but Iraq is definitely moving towards it

Then thats all that matters..

FF is spot on. Think about it .... why would Mr. Renfrow or any other "guru" be notified before any others that a rate change has occurred?

The scenerio I see playing out is when the event does occur, you will simply go to a bank of your choice and the teller will give you a number to call ... probably to a wealth manager since tellers aren't equipped to handle large sums of money

FF: The scenario I see playing out, is rate switch is flipped, first then we receive 800# from websites, if we choose privacy, appt.

I NEVER believed in contract rates. lets pretend it comes out at 1:1. How can they offer you more than it is worth?

More dinarland hocus pocus

Remember, the IMF told them a managed float NOT a free float

Firefly, if I may...what is your perspective on the inside/outside country rate scenario?

A dinar is a dinar is a dinar. Cixtizens will have more purchasing power and international rates will be calculated depending on which country you live in

managed float - (+ -) 10% ??

2% fluctuation up or down is a managed float

So Dinar could come out at $3.50+ in the US?

The only price I've seen in print was from the MOF in 2012 where they stated the exchange rate to the USD will be %3.22

FF do u believe in the zim ?

Halo. Zimbabwe has no currency. They use the CUSD, Yuan and the Rand

can't revalue a currency that doesn't exist

What about the VN dong?

Their government is still in shambles and VERY corrupt. Maybe down the road a few years something MAY happen IMO. They appear to be following article lV guidlines now so that is a good sign

There is a reason I only follow the IQD


There it is in print folks

Shabibi was still governor of the CBI when this came out

most everyone agree the zim is a bond not a currency

That bomd was a miserable failure

We sall see Crimson, I'm not sitting at the table

well thats your opinion but what does the future hold for it


Haloheal, they said they nheard about some movement with some of the countries currency but where not really paying attention to it,m I just asked a few questions and continue with my jog. They did offer me food...but I said hanks but I couldn't I was jogging


Good Evening All! keep on eye on this! Be back later! : ) ~[url=http://forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US Dollar_Iraqi]http://forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US%20Dollar_Iraqi%20Dinar.html?ch​artpair=US%2520Dollar_Iraqi%2520Dinar&ctype=l&movAvg1=&movAvg2=&tz=MST​&per=1m&sub=Save[/url]

Have u been in touch with Admin ? Was wondering if he was going to give us a hi ! It always makes the night better ...our papa bear !

IMF conditionality is a set of policies or conditions that the IMF requires in exchange for financial resources.[13] The IMF does require collateral from countries for loans but also requires the government seeking assistance to correct its macroeconomic imbalances in the form of policy reform.[21] If the conditions are not met, the funds are withheld.[13][22] The concept of conditionality was introduced in a 1952 Executive Board decision and later incorporated into the Articles of Agreement.

If the conditions are not met, the funds are withheld

And don't forget this

IMF and World Bank International call for Iraq to proceed with reforms "federally and locally"

It discussed the Iraqi delegation, with the IMF team headed by team manager negotiator for the International Fund for Christian Jos, the second review of the program to prepare the credit (SBA) between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund in the spring meetings of the IMF agenda and the Bank Ateyen currently being held in Washington, 2017.

An informed financial officer on Iraq's recent talks with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in a statement singled out by the (Journal), the summary of the recent discussions, is that the two international financial, demanded the Iraqi government to proceed with financial reform,

at the local and international levels, and that economic reforms represent a major need to reach an integrated system for the management of the financial operation of the state at the federal and local level.

While the Minister of Finance Agency, Dr. Abdul Razzaq al-Issa revealed the readiness of the World Bank to allocate nine million dollars to support investment and development in the field of associated gas.

Issa said during the spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington, said the Iraqi government will intensify the work of the joint committee between the ministries of finance, electricity and oil to activate the gas investment associated with and benefit from the operation of electric power projects, drawing attention to the readiness

of the World Bank to provide a grant of nine million dollars to support projects and studies to invest the associated gas in Iraq.

The Finance Ministry said in a statement that the World Bank representatives have indicated that economic reforms are a major need to reach an integrated system for the management of the financial operation of the state at the federal and local level.

ok I'll stop

Why stop?

VW, that's less than half the article Smile

Do u believe the financial reforms mean rv?

Ff, ? Was for you.

That article was from the Washington Journal btw

no not really, i just know that Reuters had this news about Mosul , EID celebrations without ISIS

Let the party begin

it was one of the thing we were waiting for

Avon Lady how is your health problems these days?


You remind me of my wife, when I don't ask here how she is doing she just says "fine"

She has her days and nights completely turned around now so in order to keep up with her mine are getting that way as well

Slow and sweet, thanks. Hope all is well with you Avon


Not sure why but have been feeling very positive myself these last couple of days and that is weird for me considering how I feel about weekends and the RV.

I just got back and look forward to find comfort among the WSOMN family. My mother passed away last Friday and I am very devastated



Vaso PM


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Post  Scotchie on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:45 am

Ted;  Our country is not going down the toilet, your exotic currencies are.  There are no wild stories out there.  There is the truth.  The dinar is not revaluing, and the zim is worthless

Mangelo:  Stop trying to sell any product.  ADMINBILL will ban you.

Firefly:  tell the WSOMN members about your prediction for next year.
True, Firefly, the zim is toast.

WSOMN members, your chat is now officially BORING.  Thanks to ADMINBILL for banning the best of the best.

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Re: WSOMN Sunday Drama 6/25/17

Post  Ponee on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:31 am

@Scotchie wrote:WSOMN members, your chat is now officially BORING.  Thanks to ADMINBILL for banning the best of the best.

Well, we all know that AdminBill doesn't like competition for attention... so what is an ego maniac to do?  Bump and Dump the competition is what. 


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Re: WSOMN Sunday Drama 6/25/17

Post  RamblerNash on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:28 am

Isn't it odd that there the Arabic version isn't available?

Is that 3.208 an expression of inverse of the fils?

Was that 1.134 rate at the bottom of the article denoted properly in Arabic, but translated with the "." instead of the ","?

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