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 "Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous)  6/13/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) 6/13/17

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 "Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous)  6/13/17 Empty "Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) 6/13/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:10 am

Sounds like Swervy wrote this:

I just listened to the rtc with 3 people who I considered friendsand one snake in the grass. Dr. Wc,Tank, Fisher and 410/cobra. My heart was deeply saddened to listen to the insults coming from each one of them. The gossip and back bighting, the anger and deception. I am ashamed for considering 3 of them friends for all the witchcraft they were spewing about Richard/OWK. Richard has brought more physiological understand and true compassion to IDC than anyone I've read. He's stood in the gap for those that were unable to stand for themselves. I'm shocked at all the time and energy they chose to spend on insulting and tearing Richard. Slandering his efforts. Lying about who he is and his intentions.

Richard has displayed the love and character of Christ to the IDC family. I'm going to break down some of the conversation in order to call out the evil display of character from 4 people on the RTC. Tank Fisher Wc and Cobra. You 3 so called pillar's in the community got duped by a witch and fell right into it. I'm ashamed of you 3. Fisher came on telling Richard, he needs to STFU. DC begins laughing hysterically. Since learning about OWK's. His work has been a benevolent selflless free act of service in bringing light and awareness to the readers on IDC. Fisher begins to discredit the people on IDC by saying "how dishearting things are. Fisher states how "thoroughly disgusted he is with what's going on in dinarland". Fisher implying that a post from Sheldon Nidle is stating "what is wrong with these stupid savages". Wc stating "IDC are not being good representatives of awaken ones". You ma'am, need to check yourself cuz you just recked yourself as far as I go. Fisher mocking IDC, "calling all light workers". Fisher statement " you know what I think of the title lightworkers". Wc states "most of them are unconscious". How dare she make that statement?!!! Who I'm most disappointed in is Tank. Totally lost me on this one bro. Tank states "I'm with you Fisher".Wow you stand with a man that is insulting the hand of God at work in the lives of innocent people struggling for an ounce of light in this dark world. Take the back seat son you lost it. Fisher stating for "those that have an opinion of him to keep it to themselves because he don't care". But it's OK for you Fisher to spew your insulting words of witchcraft in the witching midnight hour to the bringers of light?! That ain't happening on my watch old man! The Lord rebuke all of your word's of witchcraft. Fisher states " it took me a long time to get as miserable and ugly as I am now and I'm not about to change now". By all means please continue. Fisher laughs and states "were just having a little family chat". No Fisher you 4 are performing an evil act of witchcraft against the family of God. And be assured you all will answer to your acts! Caller 410/Cobra thanks Fisher for speaking the truth about Richard/OWK''S.

Fisher has been verbally assaulting Richard and discrediting the Lightbearers. Fisher states "I should apologize for talking about the brain dead Intel dinar chronicles family but wont"! Cobra/410 states he, implying Richard, is misleading a lot of people". Fisher compares Richard to the Pied Piper. Tank insults the members of IDC stating " I hate that stuff it's so silly"! I'm calling you out homie. Hate is evil. Most of the members of IDC are displaying words of love to one another. Why would Tank hate that? Jealous, perhaps. Tank you'll answer to your actions as well. Reverting back to the first time Cobra/410 called in she is playing the victim. Narcissistic people do exactly what she did. Cobra410 calls in begins to talk about a certain someone that has let their ego stepping in, insinuating toward OWK''s. Asked WC if she knew who she was referring to. WC stated she did.

Cobra410 stated that she requested a response from OWK''s. That is a bold faced lie. Richard called her/Cobra out and never got a reply. Narcissists will create an offence then turn it around and blame the one they are abusing. Classic abuser tactic. Cobra410 pouts to WC about Richard and the IDC community wanting to limit our exposure to negativity. You better believe we don't want negative entities trolling in our house. I call you out spirit of jezebel

The Lord rebuke you. Cobra/410 proceed to mock IDC lightbearers "Defend to the end stance". Snake Lady, we will never stop defending the truth, even after death. Cobra/410 then begins to draw from Abraham Hicks, stating, "when we fight against something we're attracting more of it". It is obvious we at IDC are a threat to these 4 individuals, who chose the midnight hours while our conscious minds are in a very vulnerable state to conjure words of witchcraft. Insult the children of God. Gossip and spread lies about those who reside in our house. My heart is grieving now at how callous and malicious these people who call themselves Christians have turned out to become. Matthew 7:15-20. Like 10:19. Matthew 18:18. Be expecting!

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 "Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous)  6/13/17 Empty Re: "Thoughts on Dr. WC, Fisher, Cobra, OWK and IDC" by (Anonymous) 6/13/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:28 am

McKim is full of hatred, spite and evil.  His brain has turned to mush after years of mind-mapping MK Ultra programming.  He has become paranoid - hearing voices, threatening to kill anyone he thinks is, 'cabal,' several Operations to cleanse the world of people he considers unsavory (because they disagree with him).  There is nothing Godly or Christian about McKim.  Several arrests, violent temper, issues death threats, embraces dark arts and witchcraft...he is the opposite of Christian.  He is cabal.

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