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Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC  6/2/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC 6/2/17

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Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC  6/2/17 Empty Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC 6/2/17

Post by Ssmith on Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:09 am


I've been reading IDC for a while now and I have sat back and while Yosef writes his rants about what he wants to happen and what he believes is going to happen to President Trump. And then mixes it all in with his Intel and people here swallow it whole and wash it down with a cocktail.

Yet there has never been a grain of proof that any of these things are even close to the truth. Yet he is not taken to task for his vengeance against Mr Trump.

Some of his writing I can't begin to share because most of the whole post is about Mr Trump and nothing has ever been proven at any time. And I have refused to send out these posts because I do not want to help him spread his manure around. And what's really bizarre is the Yosef had admired to being a Cabal agent.

Yet people here on IDC cling to his word.... go figure.

Now Nick challenges his posting and and Nick is the Cabal? Something's just really don't add up.

I'm trying to understand why some are blackballed for stating their feelings true or not true and others continue everyday to post untrue - non proven statements and they are hailed the hero.




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Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC  6/2/17 Empty Re: Divasjoy Sees the Hypocrisy Going On at IDC 6/2/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:22 am

First of all I want to thank Patrick for his diligence, his patience, and his love to all of us! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Patrick!

NOW, let me make one thing very clear. I AM definitely NOT Cabal!

I have been an active Lightworker for probably at least 40 years. Anyone that knows me would know that. You can judge me as a Cabal from one post?

A post that on hind-sight I probably should have made myself a lot more clear.

My main point was not that I was defending Nick. I was only agreeing with him on ONE POINT and ONLY ONE POINT! I do not know Nick nor have I followed him. But I was standing up for the one part of his post only

concerning the tearing down of Our President, Mr. Trump. It is true that most of Yosef's posts are degrading the President. That to me is definitely not INTEL. Nor is it LOVE or KINDNESS that should be the fruits that someone calling themselves Christian should be bearing. But because he mixes it in with things we all want to hear, apparently it is OK.??

And for making that statement, I am considered Cabal? THAT IS TOTALLY CRAZY!

I do not at anytime agree that violence is OK. When we react in violence, we are in FEAR. And by that very act or the allowance of that emotion, we deny the very I AM Presence Within us. We as Lightworkers must return to LOVE if we are going to help to change the world. And what I am seeing in these posts of recent is a lot of judgement. Judgement is criticism not Love. Criticism is never helpful! There are better ways to deal than to take the easy way out and go to judgement and labels. I AM seeing this here on IDC not only concerning posts of Nick, but of others. It has somehow become a familiar ring. I find that extremely disturbing.

Perhaps it comes out of the constant frustration of the yoyo effect from the long wait! But, we must as Lightworkers, step up to the plate and quit the catcalling, putting labels on people and determining they are Cabal because they post something we don't agree with. As far as posting something that could bring harm to someone, as in Nick's post, I feel in today's environment, it could possibly incite violence and should not be allowed. But that is my belief. I shall continue to send my Light to those Divine individuals that have been working diligently for so very long to make his happen. And as we all do this, it shall expedite the process! And as long as I am sending Light, I think I need to send it here to our IDC Community also.

And just to be clear, as for me mentioning that Yosef is Cabal in my recent post, I only stated what Yosef has already admitted to. He openly admitted he was a Cabal Agent.

In Love & Light Divasjoy

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