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 "An Observation: OWB/OWK" by MindfulReader 5/22/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"An Observation: OWB/OWK" by MindfulReader 5/22/17

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 "An Observation: OWB/OWK" by MindfulReader 5/22/17 Empty "An Observation: OWB/OWK" by MindfulReader 5/22/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue May 23, 2017 8:04 am

In response to OWK's latest post: http://www.dinardaily.net/t63686-spotting-a-cabal-matrix-agent-one-who-knows-richard-lee-mckim-jr-5-22-17

Some time back then he first showed up as One Who Believes and brought encouragement along with some info.

Then he brought in his pals like Zorra and others.

Then not too long ago, his pal suggested he renames to One Who Knows and OWK claimed to have direct contact with the most high up beings in charge of helping to free Earth.

Now a few weeks ago, he started discrediting CoBra including the most ridiculous ways possible, like that picture depicting the solar flash and light pillars into Earth and upwards into the universe being labeled as some kind of attack and offense. I started to entertain suspicion.

Shortly before or after that, he claims anyone speaking his mind and having another opinion on that whole currency stuff or alerting us to bad stuff going on like CoBra did, claiming there would be punishments like not being able to exchange or being sued for some kind of financial crime. Regarding the latter, I wanna see how a random guy speaking his mind gets sued under a law that isn't even proclaimed and of which one has no chance to know of, well except by his threats. That is pure fear porn and on top of that, attempted censorship. This confirmed my suspicion, but it didn't feel right to write down and post this observation yet.

A few days ago it seemed like that censorship indeed went working out veiled in some kind of operation, I can't prove that point but it's a guess.

And now he is taking on even more information sources. I am not defending any info source, nor am I attacking any info source, this is an honest observation. Of course he also discredits sources which had a bad credibility rating anyway like Dave Schmidt. But OWK also sided with that pathetically photoshopped joke of continental dollar in his latest post, even David Wilcock called that paper a fraud, you can google that and I also posted it here some months ago.

So, as he uses to write, the bottom line is:
OWK just lost all his remaining credibility in my eyes, thus urging me to put his case to attention. No one can confirm anything of the unique stuff he is pumping into IDC lately, except he himself and his pals. I am rather siding with David Wilcock & Corey Goode, CoBra and those calling the continental dollar out for the fake that it obviously is. Rather staying true to those who were out there many years before OWK took the stage a few months ago. I don't know what of the following he is, either a professional infiltration and disinformation agent who knows his stuff (he even cited excerpts of his 101), or a somewhat twisted but well-meaning being, or he hasn't been channeling/contacting the beings he thought he was channeling/contacting (I believe it was CoBra who once wrote that channelers are prone to being tricked by the dark, not sure though), or he just writes stuff for fame on IDC and wants to be the main intel source except of Yosef. I also noticed he always went along with Yosef's intel and never tried to discredit him. That's my observation of his whole appearance here.

PS: If it should become clear one day that OWK was -against all odds- right all along, I do not fear any checks or chalks or whatever by the good guys. I am pure light and there is nothing I am wishing more for than the victory of humanity over their oppressors resulting in true freedom and a moneyless society like The Venus Project promotes! And that's exactly what they will attest me in that case and the reason why I don't fear his threats.


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