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Destitute Person Spends Donations on CURRENCY

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Destitute Person Spends Donations on CURRENCY Empty Destitute Person Spends Donations on CURRENCY

Post by Ssmith on Thu May 18, 2017 9:28 am

What do you do when you don't have food, clothes for your child, etc.?  Listen to Richard McKim (One Who Knows), Yosef and the rest of the liars that Patrick allows to post at Dinar Chronicles and buy currency. 

Bad luck can happen to anyone, but for people whose lot in life is self inflicted and then double down on their bad choices....   Enjoy your life.  You built it and you own it.


I would like to thank those of you beautiful, struggling souls who heard my desperate call for help, even though you are struggling yourselves. May Creative Solutions abound in every area of your life.

I'm not out of the dogbox yet, but was able to buy school clothes and a warm school jacket for my little 10 year old, pay for his transport to school, that was running 3 months behind, some food and secure my currency.

However, i was not able to make a school jersey, school shoes and boots and its winter, without any warm blankets and we still sleep on the cold concrete floor.

Someone asked me if i had currency at the time and when i said no, not yet, but that i went through hell and still are and that i've been a Lightworker for almost 8 years, holding my light throughout all the upheavals, even though many times i wanted to giveup cause my life was alot better before and that i had a home, a vehicle, furniture, enough food and a life, before my awakening. I got the impression that when i said no, i dont have currency, yet, the fact that i am a Lightworker didn't matter. I didnt have currency and for that i was ignored, yet i was trying to live and ask for jobs doing dishes, and cry at night while i see other families take their children to wimpy while i only have a little bit of food i stole for my family. My biological family wrote me off for choosing my path and i still stick to that, yet the only question was, "do you have currency" and was left at that. The person that asked me that and you know who you are, i have a question for you. Are you really a Lightworker? ...or are you merely waiting to fill your pocket. I've been guided to this website just like you and chose this path, not because i wanted to, but because i promised just like you to wakeup from my slumber and hear my call and am waiting just like you to help my family and help our children make this world a better place, teaching them mindfulness and gratitude. I love my family and i am tired to see them suffer because of me. You are welcome to visit my Facebook blog, "Earth `n Water" to verify if IAM who i say IAM and of course, you have your Guardian Angel to ask and answer your concerns.

I feel terrible having to ask for donations on this page, but i thought another Lightworker would understand my pain, because the human mind clearly does not.

Like i said, i'm not out of the dogbox yet. My husband suffered a mild heart attack last nite and covered in shingles and my heart goes out to my little one lacking in every area and being bullied by others laughing at his broken shoes and school clothes that are too small for him, yet i lift them up when i am called into school, because its my dream to educate preschool children to be make this world a better place, and i guess the bullying comes as synchronicity to keep to that dream, because its part of my mission here on this beautiful Planet Earth.

I still need help and will leave my details again. My primary paypal email is xxxx and three "e's are correct. My secondary paypal email is xxx and two "l's are correct.

I thank you in advance for all your help.

Love and Light and Peace


Original Post:

Salutations, much Love, Light and Peace.

Just like many of you/us, Lightworkers, i too have met with my share of hard knocks in finding out the truth of who I AM. Only, its been 6 or 7 years, yet no end to the many, many upheavals, that i feel hugely responsible for my family's neverending suffering.

Me and my family, we had a life and home, but we been wronged and still suffering its lasting effects, that i'm beyond desperate (legally) to save my family. I've been reading and following your posts for a while now and would not be sharing this here with you, if i did not believe in your awareness, in the knowledge of the process of the life of the Lightworker.

My transformation started when I lost my job, my father, then my husband got a tumor, my 20 year old son lost his eye sight through rare cataracts, then we lost our home, everything we owned and ended up, stranded, living like primitives on a mountain in the desert, amongst scorpions, deadly spiders and snakes, without electricity and water. that i ended up in hospital with a heart attack and i'm most certainly not due to exit this life just yet.

We made it back to the city, but we are 4, plus my little doggie, living in a tiny store room, with one broken mattress, hardly space to breathe, still struggeling to survive life, but this time, in the middle of a gangwar. Not even social services are able to assist.

Its been hell these past few years and i feel, i can't cope or deal with the constant chaos anymore. So i'm reaching out to you that are of like mind, and to those you know and they know, and all that share in the knowledge of the mechanics of life and I AM asking for your help.

Whether you're a guru, a wealth manager, gifter paying forward, or another struggeling Lightworker donating Love, Light and Peace, I THANK YOU for listening, responding and for sharing my call for help. Any form of donation on your part, born from the heart, are so welcome and sure to be blessed and returned to Thee, Ten Fold. 


Unconditional Love, Violet Fire and Creative Solutions in Every Area
of Your Life


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Destitute Person Spends Donations on CURRENCY Empty Really?

Post by Scotchie on Thu May 18, 2017 4:04 pm

I am almost speechless.  WTF  Zim can be made into shoes.

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