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  "Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 3/30/17

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PostSubject: "Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 3/30/17   Wed May 17, 2017 6:39 pm


Guilty Of Financial Fraud on Zim?

I was reading some of the responses on my ZIM post and I became quite amused when I read that ZIM was worthless on one of the compilations. It was by WHJ, and here is the link so everyone can enjoy this with me:


Well you were almost on the right track with your comments regarding the Zim and it being a valuable piece of paper.

However I suggest you may also be totally off base and again, as always, misleading the bloggers with disinformation.

Here is how it is and here is what is going on: No NESARA. No GESARA. And no un earned fortunes waiting in the wings.

The narcissistic gurus are not gurus at all. They own or work for the currency dealers that sell Zim, IRD, VND etc. etc. Post absolute BS on DC and continue to sell what is actually worthless paper - and the only honesty involved is when the sellers state the truth that it is “collector’s items”!

An aside: I continue to post one question: Show me ONE, just one, item of verifiable truth regarding NESARA etc. that has been stated on DC.

Enjoy gullibility,

Now I am not an attorney, and frankly it wouldn't matter if I were because the laws are going to be changing from "Statute Law" (Made up laws), to Natural Law which is Constitutional Law. While I don’t know everything about the change what I do know is very interesting to say the least.

So as I was thinking about all of this, I began to ponder what might be happening to those people who have been trying their best to keep us from buying currency and/or getting a high rate for it. Here are some of my thoughts. ENJOY!

The Difference In The New Law

Basically, Statute Laws are rules made up and if you can beat the rules, you stay out of trouble. But with Constitutional Law, or Natural Law, the main test of guilt is doing harm to another. That is a BIG DEAL.

It used to be that "Grand Theft" (Or Fraud) was a crime of at least $1,000, thus the "Grand" in grand theft. I am not sure of what the limits are for Financial Crimes/Fraud are but, I can bet that A Trillion Dollar Crime is way up there. VERY BAD in these days when people are going to jail for a few thousand dollar crimes.

What Is A Crime?

The Crime, based on what I can figure, is when you cause harm to another in some way, and if that is Financial Harm, it is a Financial Crime. I am sure that intent to cause harm is also important to being convicted of the crime.

So in my example, if someone said that ZIM was no good, and that you were "gullible" if you bought it, that might be a crime of huge magnitude, or not. What is the difference? Intent to do harm of course.


Let me say right here, that this is not my job to figure out or prosecute. I am not the law and that is better left to those who are already assigned to cases like this one. I am just thinking out loud and speculating on what could happen in a case where someone was talked out of buying Zim, and it turned out to be due to a malicious act.

Before I go any further, it should also be noted, that of all the crimes that one could be guilty of, Financial Crimes are the main one that would keep you from being able to exchange these currencies. And a crime that involved the potential loss of trillions of dollars, would most likely give you a room at the gray bar hotel (Jail).

How Do We Judge Intent?

Again this is not my area of expertise but I could hazard a guess just for fun. Let's consider these points:

#1) I have been told by a VERY HIGH UP source that EVERYONE has already been Vetted. That means that everyone who bought currencies anywhere, is on record that they bought currencies, and which ones and how much of each. I am sure you all know that the government does not mess around on these kinds of things. This means that the person, well all persons, who have come on this website or any web site, and told people not to buy one currency or another are on record.

Note: Patrick DOES NOT have to reveal the email address that he has since EVERY SINGLE EMAIL EVER SENT is on record somewhere in some government data base.

#2) It is my guess, that IF these nay sayers, who are giving advise NOT to buy currencies, have not bought any themselves, they will most likely be OK. After all, they are giving their true feelings on the matter and not trying to harm others. Clearly they really believe what they have posted and therefore are NOT Intending harm.

#3) However, if these people who have posted on these websites and forums do have currency of their own, and my guess is they do, then they are truly trying to harm others by their misguided advice. And since that harm can run into the millions or trillions, and it is a Financial crime as well, that would mean that they would not only be barred from exchanging, but they most likely will be doing jail time also.

The argument is simple, if you really believed that these currencies are no good, then why do you own them yourself? Why are you at the exchange center trying to get big money with the very same currencies that you tried to keep others from getting?

I can see the shock on their faces now when they enter the exchange center and are hand cuffed and carted off instead of exchanging. WOW! I would love to see that.

#4) Importantly, EVERY SINGLE person in their life from family, friends, work associates and neighbors to name a few, will be tracked as well, in case they have tried to avoid getting in trouble by giving their currency to another to exchange. If there are others in their circle of contacts and they do exchange currency, they better NEVER, EVER give one penny to this nay sayer, because it might seem like that was the plan all along. Frankly, they not only make themselves suspect, they make everyone they know a suspect as well.

What is the Proof? Simple, there will be a record of the bad guys currency purchases and they will be waiting for him to exchange and if he does not try to exchange all the currencies he bought, that means he has given some or all to someone else. If that is the case and there is some sort of plan between them, they both go to jail and loose all their money.

#5) If they work for the CIA, or FBI, or whatever other agency, it will NOT SAVE THEM. You won't be able to say I was told to do this. That is like a murderer saying I was told to kill someone... You still committed the crime, financial or otherwise, and you still pay for the crime as well. Simple as that.

#6) In the new financial system, you can't hide money anymore. It tracks money movements 40 steps. No matter who gets the money or where they transfer it to, it is all transparent in the new system. No more drug money, or financial fraud, or hidden money sources. It is all in the open for the authorities to review.

It Is Too Late Now

What is a person to do, who owns currencies themselves, and still posted negative rants trying to persuade others not to buy currency? I guess they are screwed. After all, the authorities in this new benevolent system already know what each of us bought, and what we have been posting as well. At this point, if they made those type of posts, and they had the same currencies themselves, it is already too late. If they said the ZIM was no good and DO NOT Buy it, they better not have purchased zim themselves, much less try to exchange it. For these people it is already over.

To Be Clear

However, to be clear, if someone wrote posts saying the zim is no good for example, and they never bought ZIM themselves, and they are not caught at the exchange center trying to exchange it, I think they will be fine. They clearly did not intend harm since they were saying what they really believed and were not trying to mislead people and cause them harm.

BUT, if someone bought zim, or has zim, or tries to exchange zim, and they have tried to keep others from getting in on Zim,.... I can only think of one word: SCREWED! Remember, EVERYONE has already been vetted (Checked Out), and the NPTB already know who has what, and they know who is posting what as well. Don't worry though, they won't pick them up until after this has gone and the crime is thus completed. What I mean is that they did not retract their statements and at that point those who believed them no longer have a chance to get zim. (The Crime)

What Is A Bad guy To Do?

What can they do? I don’t know really. After all, even if they don't try to exchange the zim, they are still on record of buying it and still on record for what they posted. That proves intent all day long. If they give it to someone it does not change that they bought it. If they get to the exchange center and hand their zim to the exchanger, I am sure it will be processed, and then frozen right after wards as evidence. Frankly if they have done what I think they have done, they are already screwed, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Only one thing can save them.... If The Zim Is Really Worthless.

If The Zim Is Worthless

If the zim is worthless, then they gave good advice and did not harm others. This is the ONLY chance they have of not losing all their money (You can't exchange if you have committed a financial crime), and possibly doing jail time. I say chance because if they owned ZIM and told others not to get it, it still proved intent. But if it turns out the ZIM is no good, then they might be given a chance to not be arrested.

What About Those Who Say Buy Zim?

This is the category that I fall in. Remember the crime is based on intent. I have zim and I am recommending zim because I really believe in it and the proof is that I bought it myself. What about people who say buy zim and they don't have any? First, maybe they didn't have the money, which fails the intent part. But if they really had intent to harm buy talking people into buying zim and it does not revalue, then they could be considered guilty as well. But, it would be based on the money lost, such as $50, or a couple of hundred dollars. In contrast, those who tried to stop Zim purchases, and the zim goes into the Trillions, they caused a Multi-Trillion dollar loss as a result.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I wouldn't want to be one of the naysayers who spoke against zim, or other currencies, when they purchased them as well. That is perfect evidence, the purchase of ZIM, and the posts against zim. That is a clear intent to harm, and based on the new Fraud free financial system, they will not get away with that. Interestingly and importantly, even if The New Powers That Be, didn't think of this, and I know they have, they are now alerted to it by this post.

Since everyone has already been vetted, the evidence is already in hand. I am sure that even if they do not go to exchange, the Zim naysayers, who hold zim themselves, will get a knock on the door, soon after this starts. Remember that this is a new world and any currency related crime, is most likely a multi-million dollar crime at the least, since the crime is measured by loss of potential. NO MORE CABAL TYPE CRIMES. No more tricking people, conning them, and ruining their lives. But, we won't know who is guilty of what until the GCR starts. However, if the Zim and the other currencies are worth big money, then I expect there will be a lot of Financial Fraud Arrests. There is a new sheriff in town, and he has got work to do.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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PostSubject: Fraud   Wed May 17, 2017 7:15 pm

The zim is no good, so there will be no arrests
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"Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 3/30/17
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