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 RayRat Call Notes 4/28/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 4/28/17   Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:17 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 24-April-2017 Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, April 28, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls one more time. This may be the last call (like this), and I will not be with you long (depending on the members). We’ll see if this is gong to be our last Fantabulous Friday looking for the public release of the RV. Expectations are at an all-time high.

What is that based on? Banking information – they are just beside themselves. Some people have reportedly done some private exchanges. We cannot verify that, but it’s more than likely to be true. By some reports, some had the opportunity to exchange but refused because they didn’t like the conditions.

So, we have a mixture of folks with opportunities who are reporting back to us. Our banks folks are saying we should see something after the market closes, that will give an indication of whether it’s this weekend or the first of the week. Some are fixated on going to the banks on Monday.

In Iraq, you’ve already seen the articles, and also on television it says Abadi should be making an announcement about the full liberation of Mosul, with reconciliation and economic reforms. That adds to expectation that we will be at the banks on Monday, both here and in Iraq. It has been reported to me that the rate in-country is 90 cents, give or take. When the announcements are made, that lets us know what to work forward to at the first of the week.

With reports of some exchanges, that says to me that we are excited and ready to move forward. We’ve had some false alarms, where people found they are not as ready as expected, so those have been a good training run for your mental capacity. Let’s see what’s on the board in terms of questions for today.

Questions from the TNT forum:

Q: Do you have any new info / reinforcement from your sources for this going at the end of the month?

A: Asked and answered.

Q: This is a Trust Question: when you set up your Trust and you only put a home in that trust, how do you fund the trust for everyday expenses? Would you have to set up a special account to do that?

A: Yes, money needs to come in from somewhere, so get involved in some money-generated process, either a business or investments.

Q: I seem to remember a few years ago (for the best rates) that Wells Fargo was at one time considered the lead bank for currency exchanges like Dinar after the RV. In your opinion, is that still the case or has WF been replaced by another lead bank like HSBC?

[RR: I really can’t see HSBC being a lead bank here in the US. Nothing has changed my opinion that WF is the lead bank.]

Also do you think any specific bank has been selected to be the primary exchanger for any of the currencies like Dinar, Dong, or Zim? Could you please elaborate based on your intel, etc.?

A: I have been led to believe that Wells Fargo is still the best bank… I don’t know about a ‘lead bank’. It’s going to be very competitive, so the tier 2 banks might give you a better rate. Just keep looking at the numbers as you do your research.

Q: Any info on whether we will have to set up separate appointments for different currencies?

A: Not so far as I am aware. As far as I can see, all banks are training their people for foreign currency exchanges, so no need to have different appointments.

 Q: 1) With the Zim exchange limitations, what about depositing less than $500 million in more than one bank, rather than having anything over that amount in a structured settlement (assuming that’s not negotiable)? A: I don’t think so.

Q: 2) Have you been able to confirm whether there is any validity to the “need” for a business or humanitarian plan at exchange? I’m assuming that would be to get a better rate.

A: No, that has been confirmed, and I don’t hear that’s the case.

Q: I plan on holding back 50% at this time to pay for future taxes if any but after end of year – the taxes should be made clear the percentages that [we] will owe?

A: We’ll just have to wait and see how that unfolds. Q: Your Tweet was very interesting. Are you seeing the same info as Frank26?

A: I have no idea; I just share what I’m hearing.

Q: Do you see the 800 numbers coming out over a weekend or during the week? Do you know if there is a preferred Day or Time of Day?

A: Have no idea, haven’t heard anything from the 800 number people, so I just don’t know.

Q: You haven’t mentioned the change in price on coinmill; are they not worth mentioning?

A: Well, if there is a change in price on coinmill, and I haven’t looked at it recently, then you would have to ask the bank if or why they are (or are not) accepting that price.

Q: If the prices are falling, how are people making change without the lower denominations, which are not in circulation?

A: It depends on just how far they are dropping, and we don’t have a lot of details on that. It depends on what our sources have seen and are willing to report to us. These are voluntary sources, and there is no mandatory intel level. We accept what we can and share what we can share.

Q: Anything from the CBI?

A: Nothing I haven’t already said.

Q: Can you share what the last rate on the Iraqi Smartcards that are being used in the USA?

A; $3.71 is the last confirmed report I heard.

Q: Any news about the new coins/fils in the Iraqi banks for their citizens?

A. No.

Q: At one time we were told no matter how much currency you had you still had a shot at the contract rate. but recently i had see that in order to get a contract rate you had to have a specific amount. I want to know if that is the case why is that fair. Some of us couldn’t afford a lot of currency. Wanted to know what you feel about that if it is the case.

A: I have no idea if that is the case or not; I’ve never heard of that. The only thing Ive ever heard is that the contract rate is limited a certain amount of currencies, not that you have to have a certain amount to get the contract rate.

Live Q and A

404/865: In the Iraqi press there has been conflicting information, with a focus on something happening on this Saturday/Sunday; television has been telling us the 5-6. May. What do your sources say?

RayRen: The sources are saying look for an announcement in the mosques on Saturday morning, and don’t believe half of what you read! The actual people say all eyes are on the mosque announcements.

 Caller: The important announcements are usually on Friday in the mosques, so is this special because we are looking for Saturday?

[RR: I don’t know.]

Did your sources give any indication about exactly how long after the markets close there might be movement?

 RayRen: They just say “after the market closes, look to see things happen.” That is based on the information they received. There are already banks ready to exchange any currency you lay on the counter; we are just waiting for favorable conditions, and the better rate is main thing we are looking for to determine those conditions.

716 caller: What does SDR mean?

RayRen: Special Drawing Rights… and I would do a lousy job of explaining what that means with regard to prices, money, gold standards, etc. It’s a little complicated.

Caller: Are you going to have post-RV call? And will Tony be there?

RayRen: Definitely. 636 caller: I understand that the word RV means ‘revaluation’, and when you revalue interenationally, that to me means revaluing globally. I keep hearing that the Admiral’s group is done, church groups are done, but Iraq has yet to announce an international rate. How can that be happening legally? RayRen: I do believe it’s happening. There are things going on, and if people are not hurt or deceived, there is nothing illegal in the process before it becomes fully public. It happens all the time in business. Just having someone else exchange before me is not a problem so long as I’m not blocked from exchanging. The exchanges that have come across my desk – some have been about that $3.71 rate, some have been lower.

Caller: I spoke to a couple of banks in this area, and the largest one said that they do exchange currency, but when I asked specifically about dinar, the WM said that there is no longer any dinar, they are not Afghanis.

501 caller: I was in a local bank the other day and asked if they exchange foreign currency, and they said they would never exchange Iraqi dinar because of the high speculation involved. If there are 6,000 exchange centers, and if Regions is one of them, what does that mean, does that mean one will drop out? Or all branches?

RayRen: I have no idea.

Caller: I wish someone would give me a comprehensive answer. How would you describe an exchange center? Are they brick and mortar locations, or what?

RayRen: You are asking me definitive answer for information I’ve never given you. I haven’t heard that there are 6,000 exchange centers, so I don’t have any information to support it or answer those questions. If that information did come to me, that’s what I would ask immediately. Maybe if they listen to this call, they will answer that. In the meantime, ask those who gave you that information? The best I’ve heard is that some people will go to ordinary branches, and some to special exchange locations; I know of one that doesn’t look like a bank on the outside. Unless and until an actual bank representative says “We have this many place, at these locations”, I can’t answer that for you. I don’t think there are 6,000 extra locations that don’t look like bank branches. If I’m doing a call, and my goal is to give you the information you want to have from me, then I will do my best to find out that information and give it out. Some people don’t get the information like I do, and that is a personal choice. Some do not double-check and confirm their information, and then you all want us to justify it for you, and I can’t. I would love to explain the information, but it hasn’t come to me, and I can’t explain it. That’s why I can’t answer questions about intel from other people.

Caller: You expressed an opion that we should be seeing this over this weekend or by the beginning of next week. On a scale of 1 to 10…?

RayRen: From the information I get, I think it’s a 10. No one has contradicted that. We have been hear before, because my sources are reporters not the decision makers. I report, you decide. Some of the things they report to me, I decide not to report to you, and some came true and some did not. But that doesn’t make any difference because we are still not at the banks. When the information does happen, then that gives me more confidence in my sources – but it still didn’t get us in the bank.

 609 caller: When you talk about private exchanges, are you talking about SKRs and groups? Or individuals in the right place at the right time?

RayRen: Both. As for groups, I’m talking about a church family, or maybe 10-20 people who got a private deal. We talk to bank people every day, offering an exchange; you’ve heard from members who were called in, and either exchanged, or turned down the deal. These are members who have been to the bank personally and reported back; I’ve also talked to people in the Admiral’s Group, and so far it doesn’t seem to have happened for them.

281 caller: When you say “when the market closes”, is that 4pm Eastern time? So that could mean the rates have changed in the banks, but not on forex? Or would it be both?

RayRen: It could be any or all. I am going to wait until Saturday morning, not looking for anything to appear this afternoon… more looking for announcements in the mosque, and then checking with banks over the weekend for rates taking affect on Monday morning when the banks open. That’s what I’m looking for: wait and see.

Caller: Let’s say that happens and you get the information from your bank people…?

RayRen: I don’t think the banks will give out the 800 numbers until they are actually ready to exchange us, because some people will be dialing as I say the number!

954 caller: [cannot understand what this caller is saying]

RayRen: I cannot put you into the group you are referring to. “The best of us” is self-selected; I am just providing a direction, so the best of us will go one way and the rest of us goes another way. Just keep listening, and the answers you are looking for will unfold for you over time. You won’t miss out, but this is about decisions you make. I will give out information and you will be connected. But it’s a voluntary thing; you make your decisions, and you don’t get to blame me! Just stay by the phone, and information will be forthcoming. Remember, that is the beginning, not the end. Stay in touch and you will make the decisions that work for you.

954 caller: SCR means Special Drawing Rights from the IMF, and that decides what the rates will be based on all the different currencies, such as Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, US dollars and pound sterling. She can go to the IMF site and find out what the SDR rates are. Many people come to me with questions, but I think they should ask about the rates from the people they bought their currencies from. Asking you is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom, and asking when the bucket will overflow. They need to go back to their currency providers, and be patient.

702 caller: I asked a month or so back if there will be someone exchanging in Nevada? RayRen: I don’t recall anyone answering that from Nevada. Next caller: About your post-RV call, will that give us direction, or some indicators of howto have a better exchange experience? I’m in Long Island.

RayRen: The first post-RV call will be more information from the banks. The task-force seminars will also answer some of your questions and concerns, and that is post-RV. Then we will have further sessions to let people learn more; we’ll let you know on that.

Closing Statement
I was debating on whether to share this with you or not: when you call in, I think most know by now that the system shows your telephone number and name.

Naturally there will be haters in whatever you do, no matter who you are. People are hating on me, in part from jealousy that they cannot be me.

You have to be stupid to call in on the Q+A line and type in a message like “Ray the deceiver” and think I am going to call on you to spew whatever on the call. Most leaders go through the same thing; if you are popular or highlighters, there will always be haters, but really it is comical to expect me to open the line to you.

Expectation says information should flow this weekend. Iraq put it out in articles and on their television, that there will be full announcements and release.

We’ll see what happens, and if we are still here on Monday, nobody should be bent out of shape, because it’s just an expectation.

If there is an announcement in the mosques in the morning, we will find out and communicate it to you. If it is what you are wanting it to be and things unfold on the first of the week as we want them to unfold, be ready to receive and execute what is yet to come our way. Make sure that if there is anything you left hanging out, pull it in and cover it up as best you can because we’ll be flying next week.

People will still have questions and we will have at least one call to give you the 411 on what we can tell you. If this goes on Monday, don’t be looking for TNT calls on Wednesday and Friday to keep giving you information.

Make sure you have all your ducks in a row this weekend. Inventory your currency, and know where you will go if there isn’t an 800 number to give you – have a list of banks that exchange currency, so you are ready when the rate changes.

Contract rate people should be the first to move, and leveraging people the second ones. Then the first mouse, second mouse, third mouse will be the last ones to move, methodically planned out, so that you cannot lose. What are you going to do? Have a good weekend; let’s see what happens when the markets close, and then tomorrow at the mosques. Enjoy your Friday.   RayRat said "I don't know" two times & said "I can't say" two times.

RayRat played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 4/28/17   Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:24 pm

Quote :
Some are fixated on going to the banks on Monday.

Quote :
This may be the last call (like this), and I will not be with you long (depending on the members). We’ll see if this is gong to be our last Fantabulous Friday looking for the public release of the RV. Expectations are at an all-time high.

Of course RayRat, because it is the weekend hopium once again!

Quote :
Naturally there will be haters in whatever you do, no matter who you are. People are hating on me, in part from jealousy that they cannot be me.

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RayRat Call Notes 4/28/17
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