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 Mountain Goat 4/28/17

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Mountain Goatee
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PostSubject: Mountain Goat 4/28/17   Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:08 am

April 28, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
First I have been asked to clarify some more nonsense that is being broadcast about the RV. So I will try to do so briefly because we have much more important things to talk about today than all this nonsense.
Someone actually came on and had a conference call and said and I 
quote “prime minister Abadi was overheard talking to citizens around Mosul. We know he discussed the revaluation and when asked about what the rate of the dinar would be relative to the dollar and he gave a range that was very high, higher than we have heard”. Really? He then goes on to say it must be true since it was from the mouth of the prime minister. Really? This person should go see a good shrink if he actually believes that those listening will believe this stuff. When will this nonsense end?
Next George has presented to me some comments that a few of you made upon reading my last newsletter dated 4/24 (
LINK) mostly on the section about crypto currencies. These comments are all very good and helpful. But let’s just remember some key elements of the cryptos. 

Yes, cryptos now are making many very rich today. But who and how? So remember in order to make money on cryptos you  have to sell you shares (crypto coins) and sell lots of them. This to me is just like pulling out  of a stock and deciding to sell. What happens if too many do this? The value drops.
Could it happen to cryptos? Yes – and them what backs up the value of the crypto? So on any speculative investment someone must lose in the long term and someone makes money in the short term. Usually those who make it big do at the expense of the small investor.
So as you sell, for instance BITCOIN, the value should drop…right? But why are the cryptos NOW relatively stable? There are a couple reasons why this current level of stability: 1) they are relatively new forms of investment; 2) influx of new and naive  investors; 3) more investors are coming in than leaving -keep pumping and hyping up crypto currencies. So as long as the hype continues it will survive. As time goes on it will get old. After the first bubble burst many will learn and the hype will be over.
So someone made a comment that I should listen to crypto currency presentations by Andreas Antonopoulos. Okay and so I have. This comment made to me is exactly what I mean when I try to make my point. You do not research for yourselves but rather listen to the charlatans who are wolves and have gotten into the field of sheep and are convincing you to lay on the BBQ pit and you do it so freely. Yes, if you lay on the pit you are going to get burned. There is no way around it. Get it? Of course they are going to speak so highly of the items since they are heavily invested in it and need to keep pumping it, as they are slowly pulling out and reaping billions of your money. You stay in the investment because other are still entering since it is fairly new concept. Get it?
Sure they are now working on tie-ins to all the crypto currencies (Visa services, selling featured products and services now accepting cryptos, etc..) and this is all good for the crypto holders. This is just pumping technologies such as they did and are doing for the SMART phone. So let’s step back and put it all in perspective. This is marketing and if you can somehow make a buck $$$ by making something more convenient to use the BitCoin or other crypto they will find it. Get it? This still does not change the fact that both parties need to be members of the crypto network.  
So do we all convert our money into crypto just so we can do business with a few who want to sell us something and pay in crypto. Okay so we can buy gold or precious metals investments (silver, platinum, etc) using crypto. Did it ever occur to you the only way you can do this is the seller and buyer of these products has already opened a crypto account? So my point is still the same and your comment is totally useless and insignificant. In fact it only drives home my point again. You do not research on your own.  
Now that many different crypto types are coming out this only confuses and creates more chaos not simplicity in the money exchange market. Now you need to create tie -ins to, not only one crypt like BITCOIN (for example), but you have to tie -in to multiple types of technologies  since all the platforms are  not the same. Where does it all end? Again I make my point about these investments.
So I ask again - what’s the point? As great nations, we already have national currencies for this purpose. WE already worked through all the kincks of the hundreds of years of the national monetary policy. Let’s not reinvent the wheel and tell everyone they should use these cryptos on the marketplace. When the FACT is they are really investment instruments and not currencies.   
Again more and more people are coming into invest with cryptos with pipe dreams that  they are going to make millions overnight. Notice too where they are targeting their audience to push these cryptos the most. They are using advertisements within the Iraqi dinar community such as RV forums, conference calls and online sites. Oh – go figure? I guess they already know their audience well and know you are so gullible and susceptible.  
Another comment to me was that crypto currencies were not developed to replace fiat currencies. Really? Does not sound like that to me. In fact you folks just told me about the VISA and the selling of precious metals using the cryptos as a means of exchange. This is monetary policy to me. Am I missing something?
You are so correct as they will and cannot replace fiat currencies. So what is the point of the comment as I demonstrated this very clearly in my newsletter. I can see many of you are really confused on this subject matter and thus my point again as to why I decided to include it in my newsletter.
Rather cryptos are in fact investment instruments disguised as monetary a form of coin or note. So if they hide the real intent you are fooled into thinking this can be an alternative to the currency fiat currency and someday replace the monetary currency of your country. You see a false pretense just in the name along. Just like when they named “The Affordable Healthcare” bill or the “Patriots Act”. Affordable for whom and patriotic for what?  You see these are buzz words used to confuse you of the real intent. Get it?
So cryptos should not be called “coin” or “currency”. It is a lie and very deceiving to the investor.  In my opinion these cryptos should be highly regulated by the currency and exchange commission of the US and the world bank and this should be mandated immediately before billions lose everything they own on these highly speculative and risky investments.
So another comment made to the 4/24 newsletter was and I quote -
“I sure hope we can "exchange" in the near future. Time is running out.....As I see it we have until late Sept.” So let me clarify this comment too.
My Answer: I do not know how to address this comment since I have no idea who and why they told you there is a looming September deadline for the RV. All I can say is what I know. There is no deadline only targets. Yes – I firmly believe that the GOI and CBI have targeting the end of April. Now I am already beginning to see signs it may be pushed off till early May, since ISIS liberation is not yet completed.
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

A call for the adoption of a uniform pricing policy
Baghdad / Mustafa al – 
Hashemi to achieve price stability in the Iraqi market - according to specialists - comes through coordination between several sectoral bodies by adopting a package of legislative and executive measures requires the adoption of pricing policy limiting the rise in commodity prices from their real value, because the price stability in any country of the world comes from following a series of unified economic measures in all commercial outlets such as ports, airports and border ports  other. It is known as price policy measures through which to influence the price range, so it is the policy of the most important decisions taken by governments in order to achieve stability that year. 
(So something is going on with the pricing of goods and services, ever so quitely. I do not know the extent of it but I can assume it is something to do with the future rate change – price of goods and services go down as the value of the currency goes up. I have NO solid proof that prices are dropping due to this effort. This article is for a reason and I will let this article speak for itself.) 

Economic academic d. Majid Baidhani proposed the adoption of a price policy in coordination with the Center for Market Research and Consumer Protection and a number of sectoral agencies such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank and a number of departments. As well as legislative and regulatory authorities to stabilize prices across the markets of 

Attribute Baidhani causes the phenomenon of high prices in Iraq without going back to normal economic return to the culture inherited from the nineties of the last century and the subsequent negative repercussions of the weak people encouraged traders to exploit the economic situation is difficult for the family at that  time. 
He added Baidhani in an interview for "morning" that Iraq is witnessing since that period , a rise in the general prices for various materials, and even real estate, and no longer after the rise to normal levels , which were before , for example , the crisis in the gas occurrence or scarcity in a single crop  farming. 
(note it says “a rise in the general prices for various materials, and even real estate” (seems to me they know the prices need to drop and so how do they get the shops to do it naturally as part of the market demand and not gouge the people? Is really why they need legislation?)  
He pointed out that there are goods, as organs mobile, sold at different prices in the areas of Baghdad scattered , although it from the origin or the same state, but the commitment or tax evasion may play a role in determining the price of such devices, indicating the importance of a legal activation of the protection of the national product and consumer protection , especially in this period of high commodity prices and products in the domestic market affects the economic situation of the consumer, especially if this increase was not well thought out so as not to affect the overall stability of the country. 
Sees Baidhani need to adopt methods that establish general stability through awareness and educate the community and merchant alike the importance of price fixing and not be a rise at the expense of the family , straining under the pressure of the growing spending economy.

Saturday .. Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul completely
(Okay so finally comes the announcement I asked you all to wait for. This will be the “official” one. But is this article telling us again this is their TARGET or that they fully intend to make this announcementtomorrow?
Personally I do not believe Mosul will be completely liberated by tomorrow and so I would not hold my breath. We are looking more at mid May or even end of May. Sorry but I have to tell the truth. )  
GHDAD Journal News
Sources close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that "the sources next Saturday (April 30, 2017) will be the beginning of the return of Iraqi city of Mosul, fully liberated from the terrorist organization Daesh.
The sources for "Journal News", he will raise the Iraqi flag and firing another shot by the Abadi, "noting that" the areas under the control of a very few Daesh and are just around the corner from the liberation. "
Nineveh provincial council member Hossam Alabbar said for "Journal News" that "the old and the presence of the great one of symbols of the city, which was launched from it alleged caliphate which form the moment of the start of the so-called" Islamic state "Daesh Nouri mosque Mosul, it will be the end of the terrorist organization of its launch the same point on the hands the security forces. "He explained that" the security forces were able to defeat the terrorist organization, in a number of neighborhoods, including finally Tanak neighborhood or Chechnya, leaving non-cemetery industries inspired liberation adjacent neighborhood, July 17, or what is known as the entire street 60 Mutawaq by the ninth band and the band Abbas combat affiliate Popular for the crowd. "
He said Alabbar that "the end of the liberation of old Mosul there will be semi-final resolve to announce the release of Mosul completely, because it is a region the most dangerous military operations", on the other hand, said security expert Ahmad Sharifi's "Journal News", "The data suggest that the decisive battles is very, very close, because editing the urban process is a prelude to the process of liberation of Tal Afar, and this is the best proof that the liberation Ayman Mosul will be in the next the few days, ".obouksos Visit House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday to the right coast of the conductor, Sharifi noted that" the visit Jubouri is proof of political presence Preface A comprehensive declaration of victory and liberation of the city soon.

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has made great efforts to get out of the gray area
The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, on Wednesday, that the central bank is waiting for Iraq to complete his studies on projects in order to provide funding noting that Iraq has made great efforts to get out of the gray zone in the classification of the recent Financial Action Organization.
Keywords and said in a press statement seen by “Economy News”, the central bank is waiting for the completion of Iraq for his studies on projects in order to provide funding adding that the 9 million grant to the dollar for the extraction of gas are part of the project support plan in the country
Keywords confirmed that Iraq has made great efforts to get out of the gray zone in the classification of the recent financial work organization noting that the World Bank to impose conditions on the banks of Iraq to fight money laundering.
The Governor of the Central Bank explained that Iraq managed and in coordination with the US authorities to prosecute hundreds of financial transactions that are riddled with suspicions of terrorism. (yes, yes and yes again! This is all old news but nice for the CBI to be talking about it again)
It is noteworthy that both the World Bank and the IMF, are carrying out a review of the program to improve the performance of the Iraqi economy, allowing Baghdad to obtain billions of dollars in loans from financial institutions and donor countries to address the liquidity crisis resulting from lower oil prices and the requirements of Daesh war.

Iraqi Parliament to vote on draft to ban foreign armed groups (Thursday)
Apr 28, 2017
Baghdad (BasNews) According to a draft, if passed by the Iraqi parliament, all foreign armed groups that are posing a potential threat to the security of the neighboring countries need to be banned.
(It is about time! This is very important for Security reasons)
Shakhawan Abdullah, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament, told BasNews that a draft is expected to be discussed in the Iraqi parliament on Thursday, according to which “no groups or parties are allowed to operate within Iraq and use its soil against another country.”
Referring to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah said the presence of the party in Sinjar will constitute major issues for Iraq, Kurdistan Region and Turkey, noting that Turkey may continue its military operations on Sinjar.
He continued to say that PKK has turned Sinjar into another Qandil, referring to the party’s main headquarter located in Mount Qandil in northern Kurdistan Region, stating that PKK is using the area against Turkey.
He added that PKK has posed a threat to the security of the region.

Jafar: Trump to visit Iraq next month  
April 27, 2017
Treasures Media  - is likely close to the Deputy Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Thursday, US president 's visit to Iraq next May within a three - nation tour in the region(This visit will cement the relationship between Iraq and the US. This is so much difference between the Obama and Trump administrations- like night and day, for the better of course…)
According to MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar told local media, and I followed the agency [Treasures Media], "It is highly likely that the US President Donald Trump visited Iraq during the month of May next part of his tour in the region, which was unveiled today."
Jaafar said, "America has many interests in Iraq, including the presence of a military 5000 on Iraqi territory," pointing out that "the sensitivity of the security situation prevents the administration from the official announcement of this visit."
Articles End
(Please, please ignore all this every day / any day stuff you keep hearing. There are no such things as “prosperity packages”, GCR, a “New Republic” or any groups “cashing out”. None of these things are real and have any impact on the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. It is all just nonsense being perpetrated on you over and over again by these people.)   
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
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PostSubject: Mtn Goat   Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:31 pm

I have to agree with this statement from Mtn Goat

"""(Please, please ignore all this every day / any day stuff you keep hearing. There are no such things as “prosperity packages”, GCR, a “New Republic” or any groups “cashing out”. None of these things are real and have any impact on the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. It is all just nonsense being perpetrated on you over and over again by these people.) """
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Mountain Goat 4/28/17
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