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  "Questions: Meek/Healing/NDA/GCR End" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 4/27/17

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PostSubject: "Questions: Meek/Healing/NDA/GCR End" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 4/27/17   Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:18 pm

Questions: Meek / Healing / NDA / GCR End

Here are some questions and answers.

Post/Question: (1)

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:03 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

The meek shall inherit the earth. What exactly does this mean? Is it what everyone thinks it is that the meek shall take over the worlds wealth and benevolently redistribute it? Or is it the meek shall ascend to light beings and kill the dark with kindness? If it is the latter then the meek will never control the wealth, the RV will not happen and we might as well just forget all about this for a few years until ascension. If that even happens. Sorry, feeling a little bitter today.



The uber-wealthy were not permitted to exchange certain currencies, got taken in during the early Friends and family trick to lock them into VERY low rates, and of course most of them are Cabal, and will be arrested and won't be able to keep their money.

The Meek are those who have had it rough and were looking for a way up and out of their problems. We found the currency because we needed to survive. However, it turns out that a simple small investment, rocketed us to the new top 1% of the World. Only the ones who were poor were looking to find a way up and those who were doing well, laughed in our faces as they weren't looking, and so it did not make sense to them. Frankly, even though it didn't make sense to us either, it was all we had to hope for. That hope and faith is now paying off.

It is a flipping of the script, the wealthy get taken down and the poor get lifted up. Clearly, this has been the plan since biblical times, thus the prophecy.

Post/Question: (2)

"Q for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Holly at 7:20 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

First of all....THANK YOU so much for your guidance and generosity of spirit. I am so thrilled to be on this ride !!!

Q for you, and I don't mean to be dense. I have some artificial parts (hip, knee, plates in feet etc)...that will all turn crystalline? I will be whole? And second Q...(don't laugh)...i have house bunnies and one of them (the sweetest and favoritest one) has renal failure and gets IV every other day. Is it possible that the healing ships will heal him? He's such a special soul.

Thanks again. Humbly yours,




Your "fake Parts" will disappear and will be(come) real and in perfect condition.

I am not sure about animals and pets, but I think they will be healed as well.

Post/Question: (3)

"Question About the 'Structured Payout' for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Mike K at 7:01 PM EDT on April 27, 2017

Hi Richard,

I would like to know if the 'Structured Payout' will be made available to a ZIM exchanger that accept the Screen (or Scream) rate that requires no NDA? In other words, does no NDA mean no Structured Payout?

I'm assuming that the exchanger that accepts the Screen Rate will receive the bank perks because of the large amounts of currency that will be deposited into their newly created HSBC account. Is this assumption correct?

Thanks for your help.
Mike K



This issue is that the NDA is for special situations that they don’t want you to tell the public since they cannot get what we got. The high NON NDA rate was a special allowance since they could tell we were afraid of the NDA. They want to do whatever they can to get the money in our hands and if that means getting rid of the NDA for certain rates, then that is what they are doing.

The issue with your question is that the "Structured" program has interest rates that the public would not be able to get. So while you may not be required to sign an NDA for the rate itself, you may need to sign one for the special interest program you select.

Frankly, the NDA just tells you NOT to tell people about the super high rate you got, after all the public won't be able to get that rate, and you can't tell anyone about the amazing interest you will be getting, again since the public will NOT be able to get that either.

In that regard, the NDA not only makes sense, but seems very reasonable and doable as well. I recommend that you don't decide on that until you are at your exchange and get to read the actual Real NDA, and see if it is doable for you. I have a feeling it will be way easier than we think.

Post/Question: (4)

"The GCR"

Entry Submitted by Tamie at 6:34 PM EDT on April 27, 2017

I would like to say first of all that all conflicting posts can really confuse everyone im not sure if you who do this

Think we are intelligent or not. We are. When I started this journey. I knew I was led spiritually. Gary Larrabee post that on his website THE GCR ENDS IN 2018.

I for one at first take it seriously. I believe in OWK and feel like he is not insane but some of the others im not so sure, I seem to like Bluwolf and Zorra. The point I'm making is we need the truth. Something needs to happen. It needs to please get to the official GCR. OWK's please give another post on Dinar Chronicles and let us know it is very very close, (days? Hours?) Away?





No worries, I expect us to be going by this week end.

While I didn't read that post you are talking about, I am sure it is about the actual "END" of the GCR, after they are no longer exchanging the currencies, etc. From that point of view it makes sense to me. Frankly that is way longer than I might have guessed.

Every indication is that this train is about to pull into Cash For All Station, this weekend.

My biggest tip is to make your "Master Sheet." Since you won't be able to take electronics into the exchange, you want to have a hand written or printed out sheet that has all your questions, and important information on it.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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"Questions: Meek/Healing/NDA/GCR End" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 4/27/17
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