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 "Enough Already!" by Christine   4/25/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Enough Already!" by Christine 4/25/17

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 "Enough Already!" by Christine   4/25/17 Empty "Enough Already!" by Christine 4/25/17

Post by Ssmith on Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:16 pm

What makes this post any different from the ones that Brigantine is complaining about?  Nothing that I can see.  LMAO

To all the moaning minnies,

this is a great start. Go straight to name calling. This is the perfect way to establish that you are a convincing and reasonable human being.

Please, please, please can we stop with these opinionated posts. Enough is enough!

Opinion Stated and received. Classic Kettle, meets black.

Whether aggressive or passive aggressive (because sending it doused with "love and light" doesn't make it kind or okay), it's your opinion and yours to hold, but please stop using this forum to publicaly dismantle other people who are working very hard to please you all by providing very hard to come by Intel. It is not your place to humiliate anyone on a public forum.

So, we're supposed to be grateful for being endlessly fed bullshit, then? Thank you so much for pointing that out. I didn't realize it was part of the rules that you had to be a mindless drone to be here.

I personally am very grateful to all the Intel providers for their contributions. Whether they are right or wrong isn't the point, it's the nature of the RV beast, deal with it.

Aaah, yeah. it kinda is the point. If it's wrong, it's not intel, then is it? it's called disinformation.

Utilize your god given gift of discernment and discern for yourself what Intel you wish to accept or discard, and go with that.

This is the first logical and reasonable statement you made. The only one, it turns out.

We each have our own journey so the Intel will resonate differently for us each... remember, it's not just about you.

Thank you, Mom. I'll take the garbage out at the next commercial break.

For me, it's becoming increasingly challenging to find the Intel and important info (which I sift though in my own space) because of all the relentless opinion posts that frankly are a waste of time.

Yes, quite. I can't believe I am spending my actual real time responding to your juvenile hissy fit.

The rest of the world is not interested if you agree or disagree with someone or your opinions when you're tearing apart someone who's doing their best... and you most certainly don't speak for me when you offload your opinions publicly.

Yes quite, again. Perhaps, you should have read your epistle and taken its advice before you posted it.

So please, can we all practice a little discernment and a lot of self control when you have your opinions?

Our opinions bother you. But your opinions are still valued and necessary. Now, I understand. Gotcha.

You're blocking the flow, so please ... just step away from the keyboard and let the Intel and useful information flow to us so we can do our discerning in our own space.

Blocking the Flow, seriously. OMG. As if we've been told anything in the last six months that is new or real. I mean seriously. The 800# drama is just too much. it is flawed at a very basic level and is not going to go down that way, regardless of how much we are told it will. Bottom line, it will collapse for a multitude of reasons. Any thinking human being can name a half dozen without even pausing to think about it.

Such as, aaaah call centers are call centers for a reason... As in they have multiple lines to deal with multiple levels of incoming calls and people trained to deal with those issues. Some brilliant tactical paper pusher has decided that Patrick and Admin Bill and all the other site owners will more effectively deal with thousands of people calling them as soon as word leaks out.

yeah, that'll work.

Thankyou "from the heart and with Love"

Christine x
(Ps... I'm not afraid to sign my own name)

Yes, yes, you're very brave. Thank you.


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