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  "Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17

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PostSubject: "Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17   Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:42 pm

Mammoth change demands mammoth growing pains.

Shed blood is required whenever transitioning from one system of absolute control to another. There's just no away to avoid the spin. It's harsh. Constant. Until it's not.

Like ice becoming water, steam fogs up the transition area not because its evil or malevolent, but necessary as a by product of said change.

Yet you can still hear the ice cracking violently somewhere in the fog whenever a cataclysmic shift transfers into a new form.

We wait for the light of God to mercifully shine down upon us, to burn off the fog so we can all clearly see His Will over that of mankind's. To know God versus say just believing in God. With certainty. Soulfully.

What a moment of clarity that shall be. And it's coming for humanity. Do be patient and wait upon the Lord. He hears your prayers, your cries, your pleas... and he has answered all with a swift hand and unconditional touch.

Humanity is going through such a massive transition right now because we must. It's bloody. There's loud and violent cracking sounds coming on every continent. There's dense fog. Our sunshine sparse.

It's painful to watch for others, harder on us to endure indivisible. Yet necessary. The suffering. Struggle. Hardship. Indignity. Shame.


But what's really sad is watching the old power structure thrash about in fear and fight their own demise versus just accepting that they're on the wrong side of history.

Rebellion against God's Will is futile. But all they know is rebellion. "Not God" is their mantra and it's a dying battle cry never to return.

The Ukraine. North Korea. Europe. The United States. Israel. All of these nation states, thrashing around from drama to drama just to avoid the inevitable. Surrender. Change. Pain. God's Will.

Sad. Necessary. Happening. Irreversible.

People and nations of color are replacing people and nations without for global positions of authority.

That's happening hourly. Constantly. Permanently. Dynamically. Heavenly.


Those of color are eliminating bogus and illegal control systems worldwide. Media. Banking. Government. Education. Politics. Everything.

Change is happening. Now. And a dense fog of uncertainty and confusion is the result. A by product of change. Trump.

People of color are also converting all military forces into peace keeping units versus war mongering armies.

No more war. No more attacks unjustified. No more hate. No more physical sins against humanity. Just peace. Harmony. Grace.

The ice that once enslaved humanity is melting way. Quickly. So quickly it's easy to miss if you're not paying attention as most to all simply are not. Asleep. Hibernating. Enslaved.

The Trump Administration can now be easily seen, clearly, for the transitionary fog it is as it burns off into thin air, no longer limiting the greater vision.

Still, it's painful to witness. Unavoidable in many ways. Disappointing sure, but disappearing. Ending. Real time. Forever.

Implementation of His master plan may be beyond our pay grades, and while we think we see it playing out all around us, most are not sure of how this plan is coming together.

Yet it is. Moment by moment. As the fog leave us with certainty, stability and sustainability replacing it.

That too can be painful. Confusing. But necessary.

And if you're on the right side of history with such thoughts and actions, what's left in the aftermath shall be glorious. A reward for righteousness. The highest honor. Abundance. Freedom. Love.

If not, well... your life will evaporate with the fog. Notice how the world you grew up in, prospered in, felt you had a good grasp of, once controlled ... is just gone. Over. Kaput. Finis.

No one asked you if that's how you wanted it to end, it just did. No permission asked or granted. Yet it's now your responsibility to stand in the light and leave all the fog behind before the Lord's sunshine makes both disappear into thin air.

The time is now to avoid being burned off with the fog, to see through its deceitful mist and stand alone, but proud in the light with all people and nations of color, so together, we can again remember that we are but one unified species, here to thrive as equal all brothers and sisters alike.

Can you change your beliefs? Sure.

Will you change to prosper? Perhaps.

Must you change to survive? Inarguably.

God is with us.

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PostSubject: Re: "Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17   Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:47 pm

I'm not ïn the "people of color"category, am I still OK? And it's "so be it", not "Sobeit".
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PostSubject: Re: "Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17   Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:51 pm

For crissake, don't be so picky-We need to appreciate the articles, because they don't have to bring 'em in here- The gurus, on the other hand......Reminds me of the Frenchman that said, 'six munce ago I couldn't even spell muchanic, now I are one'--
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PostSubject: Re: "Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17   Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:48 pm

There will be no peace until the return of our Lord and Savior.  Period.  The cabal continues to run the world.  To say otherwise exposes both ignorance and a more sinister intent (aim to deceive, as an agent of the cabal).
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"Burn Off The Fog" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/19/17
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