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 RayRat Call Notes 4/10/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 4/10/17   Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:34 pm

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 10-April-2017
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

 RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, April 10, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. The writing is on the wall! I think you will all come to that conclusion from the information we are going to talk about .

On the Friday call, there was just a bit of intel, then weekend activity into today – there are some tidbits we can talk about. On Friday there were still people not getting that the rate was basically 89 cents, so we had that to deal with. That’s what we were getting across the pond.

Then there were hundreds of ISIL fighters surrendering, then notification that Article 140 would come out when Mosul was liberated.

Then we heard that the lower denominations were being released. Then there was an NBC program saying Mosul was liberated in December, and inviting people to come back in January. Was this misleading? Or maybe a little too revealing?

That was weekend information and there is more bringing us to today. There is the Finance Conference today and tomorrow, removing the restrictions. Iraqi television is making citizens aware that new notes are being printed – up to 11 billion dinars, and the majority in lower denominations.

What would they need those lower denoms for if the currency has not changed, or intends to change. All those reporting on Qi card activity say it’s in the $6 range or so. Everyone will agree that Chapter VII has been lifted, and that will be public if it hasn’t been already.

In addition, there are price drops going on in Iraq. Usually when a company drops the prices, there is a motiviation – they are doing a blue light special or going out of business. That is not happening in Iraq; they would only to drop prices if the currency has a stronger value. These are big drops, like from ten thousand down to one thousand dinar. In the US, rate situations in some banks; some are telling customers this morning that rates are not available because the currencies are changing values. That’s what it says on the screens! Is that going to be for the next two weeks or two months?

If it’s on hold today due to changing values, I don’t think it will take that long. What do you think?

 Questions from the TNT forum

Q: If the writing is on the wall, WHERE IS THE WALL? HOW DO WE GET TO IT?

A: The wall is in your mind. The reality be here pretty much now.

Q: A while back we talked about the Iranian Rial and how you had heard that it might RV at the same time as the Dinar? With all that is going on with Syria, North Korea, and Iran do you still hear that it will still RV or is that a potential leveraging opportunity for maybe a few years from now.

A: Last I heard, the rial is still in the same basket. For myself, I hope it is NOT in the same basket; I hope they take it out. Either way, it will revalue sooner rather than later.

Q: Ray, is there a point when you decide that the 800#s are a thing of the past, and it’s better for you and tony to line up things with few banks for TNT members?

A: I think the 800 numbers exist and I have reason to believe I will get them to send out to you guys. The 46 banks I already know about are just icing on the cake, to give us extra choices on where to go.

Q: Does Iraq have to pull, collect, do away with the old currency that we possess with the zeros before they begin using the new lower denominations? If you answer is yes, I’m packing my bags and I’ll see you all in Vegas!

A: Not to my knowledge; I haven’t heard anything like that. NO, and I still intend to see you in Vegas!

Q: Ray in your opinion if by chance a person is holding the Zim, will there be an advantage over a person not having the ZIM? And in your opinion would they be exchanging at any exchange center, or would they be required to go to an exchange center that specializes in the ZIM? And could you verify again the rates on the Dinar, dong, rial, and the ZIM?

A: TObviously if the Zim exchange, then it’s better to have Zim than not to have Zim, but I don’t think there is an advantage over dinar, dong, or rupiah, per se. It’s more like those having more dollars are in a better position than those who don’t have dollars. Those who hold Zim, well, one of the banks who have been holding out against these currencies told a member that they will be exchanging dinar, dong, and zim. I cannot ‘verify’ any rates; what I’ve heard and I believe, well, dinar has always been $3+, but in the last week I’ve received information that it will be more than $6; that information is from people actively using the currency (on the cards), and that is what they are seeing. I haven’t seen that an a US bank screen yet. On the dong we heard 47 cents, and occasionally $2. The rial has been a consistent $3 and change. For the Zim, I’ve mostly heard double digits, but I firmly intend to ask for three. [two digits would be 11-53 cents; triple digits = over $1 per zim]

Q: In todays tweet you mentioned that Iraq is printing new lower denominations. Was it not reported approx. 3-4 years ago by Tony that the lower denoms are printed and delivered to Iraq and that he had the paperwork to proof it? Can you elaborate on that?

A: Yes, they did print lower denominations a few years ago, and I think now they are reprinting more to allow for the volume on the streets.

Q: Could TNT send a tweet or something IF there IS a contract rate? If not, then the 2nd and 3rd mice won’t get caught up in the traffic of the 1st mice for naught.

A: Don’t worry about that; we will tell you anything and everything. If it’s not illegal, we will tell.

Q: Concerning the 10 day after-RV Pay-It-Forward concept, could you and or perhaps your callers offer suggestions on how we could implement this? Just more of a reminder and maybe some new ideas to help others, hopefully anonymously, when the time comes for us to do so.

A: Yes, we will do just that – suggestions, the official kick-off day so that everyone will look forward to it, and give general encouragement.

Q: With your initial opening comment that this will probably be the last call with hearing Tony’s voice as a recording, I’m assuming that the wall is right in front of us.

A: Yes, I am seeing the wall.

Q: What currencies are the US banks reporting being seen on the screens?

A: All exotic currencies are NOT showing rates because “the value is changing”. That’s what it says on the screen.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller: Re: Finance Conference, how widespread is that? There is a post on PM Abadi’s website that there is a group over there from our Congress – are they attending this conference as well? And I do hope this is the last pre-RV call.

RayRen: I have no idea, just passing on the information as I get it.

716 caller: Busy weekend, eh?

RayRen: And a busier week, it looks like.

303 caller: I have an opinion about deletion of the zeros, with backup. We all want to be rich, but the value of currency depends on a market to buy it, and there isn’t such a market at the moment. Are we waiting for a law to be passed?

RayRen: I don’t get into arguments on that topic. This is Q+A for members to ask questions, not to make statements or argue about points. I’m listening to the Iraqi standpoint, and they are saying everything is done that needs to be done. They are saying that they’re enjoying their money and don’t know why we are not seeing it here. I can only share the information, and you can accept it or not. I’m moving on to the next caller, thank you for calling.

507 caller: You mentioned previously that there is a agreement that US holders will NOT have zeros deducted from the currency.

RayRen: I never said there is an agreement about the zeros; I did say that is an under-standing that our currency is not going back to Iraq, and that the value is established. Have you had any bankers tell you that the deletion of three zeros will affect you? Neither have I. I’m sharing with you everything we can tell you. If you bring up something that contradicts that, then you need to bring in some substance. Because I’m not hearing that. What if you are 100% correct? You can’t change any of it, you just have to deal with it. I don’t believe there is any deletion of three zeros that will affect us in the United States. Are you are regular listener on the calls? It sure doesn’t sound like it. [We have talked about this point many times, that the deletion of zeros is only happening in Iraq.]

310 caller: I went to the local Bank of America; they didn’t see anything on the screens, but they have heard rate changes are coming.

918 caller: You’ve had about three callers who, if they have been listening to your calls, they can’t have heard anything you have said. The writing IS on the wall, and even for those who called in today, if they have been listening over the last few years, you have been more specific and detailed even than Tony. The writing has been on the wall for some time, and we’re to a point where all the international horse-trading is about to end. I think we are right here.

RayRen: In TNT, there’s the best of us and the rest of us.

Caller: These people haven’t learned a darned thing from you, and for them, this is going to come, and it’s going to go…

406 caller: Where do I send a donation?

RayRen: The address is on the website: PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

601 caller: I have my keys in my hand getting ready to go out the door. As for the contract rates, I know you have to sign a contract and an NDA saying you won’t tell anyone the rate; if you don’t know for sure, what else will be in the NDA?

RayRen: I don’t know what else they will want you not to disclose apart from what you have just agreed to: the fact of the contract, and the rates they are giving you. They might throw in some other things, but I don’t’ know what. So far as I know, the NDA is only an agreement not to disclose the contract.

415 caller: I talked to my bank about a POD [Pay On Death assignment]; they said that I have to bring the person in person to set that up. Is that your information?

RayRen: Did you explain the inconvenience of bringing the person there? It’s probably different in every state. That’s what you get for living in the wrong state!

Caller: Yes, and this is a bank that I’ve gone to for a long time. I do know someone else there, so I can check with her. I want people on your calls to understand that this might be the case.

RayRen: That’s why we suggest you talk to banks now, so that there are no hiccups on exchange day.

602 caller: There were questions a few years ago about how to protect your accounts, and Tony suggested that you have your accounts offline, and only accessible through your wealth manager, so you’re not pestered by people wanting to sell you investments.

786 caller: [Can’t understand the caller]

RayRen: Yes, those eleven billion dinars, I understand the majority are lower denoms.

OH caller: When I asked about PODs at my bank, they said that the recipient only needed to present a death certificate. That earlier caller might want to check with other banks and see if the situation is the same.

RayRen: I think she just lives in the wrong state; it may be a state rule or a bank rule.

714 caller: Has there been any discussion of the old Saddam currency?

RayRen: That is not going to be good for anything, RV-wise. It might be good for a collector, but the only currency that is good for revalution is 2003 currency and later.

626 caller: I have done my POD a few times, and at no point did they demand that the other person be there, although they have wanted identification. I’ve done that at three different banks in California…

RayRen: Maybe she needs to change banks, or change cities.

604 caller: We have talked before about trusts. I have been through financial challengs and seem to be on the black lists of some individuals. I would like not to exchange in my own name, because that information might come to the attention of people from prior times. How can I exchange into an entity that is not established beforehand.

RayRen: That could be tricky. You could open an account under a fictitious business name; you might want to look into that. Contact your bank and see what they suggest. The easiest and cheapest way to cloak your identity is to have a business name. You have to get a license from your state or city, but could still use your social security number.

Caller: We have a concept here of numbered companies – something like that?

RayRen: Yes, that would work.

972 caller: What are these lower denominations?

RayRen: One dinar notes, fives, tens, twenties – those are the lower denominations. These are not the fils, which are coins.

Caller: It’s impossible to issue lower denoms if the rate is 1166 dinars to the dollar…

RayRen: And a drop in prices, which we are seeing now in Iraq.

Closing Statement Yes, the writing is on the wall, and you should be able to see that. The rates, people having money available to them at the new rate [in Iraq and on the cards], and that rate rising from $3+ to $6+ outside the country.

Article VII is clearly no longer an issue, and Article 140 coming to the for. Mosul is about to be liberated, or has been liberated – how long can it take to liberate the last 7%? Once a governing body has decided to do something, they can implement it before making it publicly known, and that is part of what has taken place.

The writing is clearly on the wall. We are just waiting. Bank folks are ready; some of our members mentioned this morning that the screens don’t show rates because they are waiting for a change in value.

The first basket still seems to hold dinar, dong, rupiah, zim and rial, and may be followed shortly by a second basket.

The task force team has done a wonderful job of putting together banking seminars, and the products that the banks will offer.

Don’t be surprised if some of these task force meetings take place on Good Friday. As things develop, we will post intel about the banking seminars in the forum and on www.tntsuperfantastic.com. You will be able to click and register. Sessions will be about two hours, and the banks will tell you all about the investment products they offer. Also, you will be able to ask questions.

We’ll post it in the public part of the website, so that everyone can benefit who chooses to attend. All of you can benefit from this information, whether you are a member or not.

The other stuff is exclusive to members, but the banking seminars are open to all. Don’t be surprised if there are sessions on Friday, Saturday, or next Monday. The plan is to have all 13 sessions kick off at the same time so that we can move on to the next phase and the information for members.

Also, the pay-it-forward program for ten days after the RV, that is intended to let US know what our fellow members are doing. We’ll also set up the Vegas meeting, which is more like a conference to let members know extra information and celebration.

I don’t look for the RV today, but we have been told ‘this week’. Our SKR holders have also been told this week, and there is other information suggesting this week. We do plan to have a call on Wednesday, whether pre-RV or post-RV.

 I don’t think there is any further need for donations. Even a dollar helped, and we appreciate all those who contributed to keep the site up, the calls going, and the information flowing. We know that there are those who could not donate, but you are still under our wing.

Thanks to all the mods, past and present, who helped get us to this point, with a single train of thought amongst the best of us. We are waiting other update information to come in, and if it comes in today I will send out a tweet as this comes to the next phase. Enjoy this Marvelous Monday and look forward to what is to come!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 4/10/17   Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:35 pm

Quote :
I don’t think there is any further need for donations. Even a dollar helped, and we appreciate all those who contributed to keep the site up, the calls going, and the information flowing. We know that there are those who could not donate, but you are still under our wing.

Yep! I'm sure you'll back at it next week! :yes:
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RayRat Call Notes 4/10/17
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