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 Bruce D Call Notes 4/6/17

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PostSubject: Bruce D Call Notes 4/6/17   Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:07 am



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. I appreciate all the listeners with the faithfulness you all have come in each Tuesday and Thursday night. This is our 6th year now. December 28th was the start of our 6th year.

This is my 13th year with the aspect of currency. It has been an incredible education the last 13 years and a lot of us it has been. Some of you guys have been in less and others more like Okie been in it for 14 years. It has been crazy and fun, but I know it is not an easy ride. Some days are harder than others, but we know we are very close. 

Bruce: Did I expect this call to take place tonight? No I did not.

Based on what we had Tuesday night we thought we were golden and that would be it. We still are golden, but the timing is a little different than what we thought. It is stretching out a little bit longer than what we thought. I did say the next few days. I was hearing some really good things in the possibility of Tuesday night on in the next few days. I am still hearing very good things of tonight and the next few days. It is right there. I think we will have the result we are looking for.

Bruce: I do speak to the banking community around the world. Many listen to our call. The banks want to know what it is we know. What it is we know and what it is we are expecting when we come in for redemptions of the ZIM and the other currencies. I appreciate they are tuning in. 

Bruce: We had just from the financial community, not all the listeners which are in the tens of thousands now, 512 from US and Canada from Tuesday night call and 1890 around the world beyond the US and Canada from the banking and financial world. That is wonderful. Especially our international audience has grown to 4 times what we have in the US and Canada. It is telling me our reach is extending. I appreciate all the listeners internationally and in the US and Canada for tuning in.

Bruce: We do have big plans. We do have plans in Rebuild America and working with our Veterans in our Veteran Retreat Network. We do have plans with, water, farming, aquaponics, and community gardens. All these things we have talked about for over 3 years. We will leave quite a legacy in the result of this. I am excited about that.

Bruce: I want to thank all who are tuning in. and all our international banking listeners understand we will be partnering with our banks to put together our programs or projects so they know what we are doing and we will know the options we will have working with this money.

We know we will those of us with ZIM especially beyond the screen rate, NDA rate, we will build out these projects and we will have payout structures that will go on to 5, 15, or30 years payout. I am going for 30 year payout. I like that stability and fixed rate of interest coming in so I don’t have to sweat the investment of this.

You will be able to sleep well at night knowing the money is safe and will come in each quarter or monthly. You won’t have to worry about investing. This is where the banks will be helping us in this. That will be the easy part of us. The banks will be going nuts how to invest it all. To get a fixed rate of return up to 30 years is golden, a good play for me.

Bruce: Realize I am not a CPA, not a financial advisor or attorney. I just telling you what Bruce is going to do. You have to do what is best for you. You will work with wealth people through the banks to help you layout what you want to do. They will help design the right structures for you and will have some advice for you. This is not something you have to jump into the first week or two. Nothing is wrong to get everything stable, and pay off your bills the first couple of weeks. If I had house mortgage, I would pay it off. Just do it.

Bruce: I think we will be looking at debt forgiveness about July. I do not know the specifics of it. We probably will give you information about it down the road. My thought on this is if I owe money I am just going to pay the money I owe. I rather do that than just wait and see what will happen to save a few hundred or thousands hundred dollars. It is going to dwarf in the terms of amounts we are going to talk about. I just want to put it out there so you will understand these banking partners we will have with Wells Fargo, HSB, and our Canadian partners to the north with Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, and Scotia Bank. All these banks as well as AIIB and all the other banks these are people we are going to try to work with.

Bruce: If they come at me with an attitude they know everything and I know nothing, it is going to turn me off. I don’t think they will have that attitude. I think that they are going to respect the fact we have done something pretty amazing and that we have great plans as rebuild this country.

I think they respect that, and consider us wise for being involved in something like this. I think their attitude will be something we will be looking at like something they will be looking at our attitude. It is a two way street. I look forward to having a beautiful relationship with my banking people.

Bruce: Let us go into where we are right now. In Iraq we have heard over a week now Iraq has revalued their currency. The Iraqi dinar is now IQN instead of IQD just as the USD is the USN. Iraq has already announced even on television yesterday morning that they had revalued their currency and it has a value 6 times of the US dollar. That is approximately correct. It is a little bit over that. That is a wonderful thing. Now we heard that a week ago, but they just brought that out on TV yesterday.

Bruce: My understanding is social media in Iraq like twitter, instagram, etc., they are still on a black out. It was suppose to be lifted. It is not lifted still. They just don’t want that aspect to go out yet. There is a reason for that. Tomorrow I think we will have some major announcement wise in the mosque. Maybe it include the HCL law, Chapter 140. That suppose to go through. For the HCL goes through you have to have a rate. Well they got the rate. Now they have to make sure it is in the law which it will be. I don’t think at this point we are waiting on Iraq.

Bruce: Just to let you know they have a revalued currency and have their Qi cards charged. They got a system that is totally digital throughout Iraq. They are plugged in. They have been paying their people a really good rate for a while now on their cards and those cards are being used internationally by citizens of Iraq. They can use them anywhere in the world. That has been going on for months now actually at different rates. 
Bruce: They are making moves to be completely ready for business internationally. They just been busy at the Arab Summit last week. Then they hosted some of our people last week, and Kurdistan this week with our people this week. They put an end to ISIS, and fully taken back of Mosul and the full liberation of it. It is like old news to us because we know it, but now there has been a black out recently and information has become hard to come by.

Bruce: In the United States some information has become hard to come by also. When there is hardly any Intel it means a lot is happening behind the scenes. People are being paid SKRS, beneficiaries, and their accounts paid and becoming liquid and accessible. That is h happening and should be completed by tonight. That puts us in a sense we are next. I know we have heard we are next and we are in Tier 4. Tier 1, 2, 3 have been paid and getting access to their funds.

Bruce: We are in a position where we the so called internet group we are sort of a group but we are public. We believe when we get the 800 number, we will go about the same time as John Q public should start. The John Q public will use the regular banks as normal currency transactions. Those of us who will call and set up our appointments, we will go and use the offsite Redemption Centers. Let me just say this about the offsite Redemption Centers and the banks.

Bruce: We had on our last call Tuesday night the rates came of the screen on Sunday at noon, 12: 05. Three hours later the cursors were blinking on the screen. We had rates populating the last day or so but had not come back up solid with the new rates yet. We had two currencies yesterday where we could determine their rates were. We had three as of last night that were showing up on screens. Then we had two that suppose to populate and show up early this morning. Five of which were suppose to be there. I did not get confirmation whether those have populate and have come back up strong again.

Bruce: I have heard that by now banks have received codes where they can go on and see the rates. Later tonight, a little before midnight, the Redemption Centers should receive their codes where they could see the new rates on their screens. My understanding is we are in really good shape to go to engage status sometime tomorrow afternoon. This is what I have heard. It doesn’t mean it is necessarily what is going to happen. If that is the case everything is moving through beautifully and we could possibly get an 800 number between now and tomorrow afternoon. I hope this is the case and we get this thing started.

Bruce: Maybe they are waiting for the timing of Friday afternoon because you have several things that are happening. You have the Stock market which would close at 4 and kind of finish those last minute trades around 4:30 EST tomorrow. You have the vote in the Senate of the Judge Gorsuch which should take place tomorrow to be voted in to the Supreme Court. That is a major deal. Also, President Trump is meeting tomorrow with President Xi of China. Possibly there be some good meetings and some good results possibly coming out of that as well.

Bruce: We have a big news day tomorrow. The timing is good. I believe from what I am hearing as the rates are traded up, the rates should be higher on the screens. We should have very good results for screen rates. I am going to say the situation in the Redemption Centers that we will use should be much more favorable than at the normal banks. I can’t prove that but I believe that is going to be the case.

Bruce: You have the opportunity to negotiate the rates at the Redemption Centers much higher. To do that you need to talk about the humanitarian projects you have in mind. You might have an incredible project of your own and you would put that out at the time of your meeting. I mentioned you should use a short outline of 1 to 3 pages using bullet points to explain what is you are about and what you wish to do and you plan to hire people, create jobs, something to improve the infrastructure of the country, and how you plan to have longevity in terms of our project. You might have a project that would go beyond your years 10, 20, 100 years to create longevity and legacy for you and your family.

Bruce: With rebuild America that we plan to do with the Big Call listenership, we could have a project that could go on indefinitely, and see the countries like they never seen before. I want to see us go back to fellowship and being neighborly. Do you know your neighbors? We should have the opportunity to create that again for us.

Bruce: Based on the Intel I got, we are in a great position for this to come through the next couple of days. I really believe this should be a weekend we will remember. I hope that is the case. Stay in faith for this to come through because we are people of faith and we believe this is happening. Maybe some of the sources are limited and the information is quiet now that is a good sign. We should take it as such.

Bruce: Pay attention what is going on. Remember this is our weekend on the Big Call after tonight. If we should get the information we expect with the 800 number to put it out, we will put it out as effectively and efficiently as we will told to do so. Check the website: thebigcall.net. for not only the 800 number, but also for a link for our last celebration call that would be recorded after tonight, 15 to 20 minutes and have it as a link on our website for you to listen to.

Then keep an eye on the website for future calls we will do. We are talking time off as you guys will be. You will take time off and get things set up. Probably take some vacation time and look at some real estate. We will be doing the same thing. In the meantime, we will try to get a new website.

Bruce: Many of you are interested in being part of the Rebuild America program we will launch on the Big Call. We have the concept. The Trump Administration have heard us and I believe they will follow through with the Big Call. We will come up with some cool ideas together. I want everybody realize until we have our new website, our new portal the way for you to communicate with us through a blog, we are not prepared at this point to take your information, your emails, your ideas, and your city you want. All that will come. Just keep it going to yourself. Stay with it. We are not ready for you yet.

Bruce: We may be ready in a month after everybody exchanges and we got our new website up where we can be taking information and put out information for you to see how we are going to do this with a template. We want to do it all over the country. Remember Rebuild America is adopt a city, adopt a town, adopt a community. All over the country I am looking for 100 people per state. There is our 5000 minimum I am looking for to participate in this. By that I mean set aside some money in your trust, and we will give you some ideas how to do this. Set finances aside when this comes through so you can help to rebuild a city or town or community maybe one where you live or plan to live.

Bruce: We have opportunities. You may ask, Do I have to come up with a city or town? No. You don’t have to come up with one right now, but this is a program, project we will do and start and it will go on for years. We will do research where the neediest parts of the country are and need infrastructure to rebuilding and the help than other cities. For example in New Mexico we might suggest Albuquerque. We will give you some areas that need some consideration. We will go state by state, city by city, area by area, and we might ask you who out there in Big Call Universe would like to adopt this town or city or these communities. We will do that and make it interactive.

Bruce: You guys will have some ideas and we will have some ideas. Then we will be able to do this. The idea of 100 cities in 50 states is sort of a goal. We will see some improvements in starting in the first year. I am asking the Trump administration to partner with us in the sense of working with our banking partners to create an Infrastructure bonds like they did in Iraq with a trillion dollars in infrastructure bonds. Why can’t we have 10, 20 Trillion dollars of Infrastructure bonds that we can utilize to purchase from some of our quarterly earnings from our structure payouts to go ahead and plow back the money into our country? That is how we are going to do it

Bruce: I hope they are listening and they are saying Bruce that is a good concept and I like it. We will work on it and fine tune it. We are not looking for government money. We don’t want any money come from the budget. We will have the money. This is something I believe we can do to give back to the country and rebuild America. We will not be solely involved just in the United States. Some of us have plans to go international to help out. Pastor Steven, Bob, and myself do for example.

Bruce: We will do building techniques in housing that is so needed, clean water, good sewage filtration, good and free energy. There are a lot of concepts in new technologies as in health. Quite a bit we will be doing that will be fun. I just really am excited to get started here. Rebuild America is an ongoing project. If you don’t have a project, go into the Redemption Center and say I don’t have a project of my own, but I do have one that I am going to join in with Rebuild America that Bruce started on the Big Call. Then let them know a little about it. You can partner with us on that and I will tell you how to do that. It will be really fun. 

Bruce: Do not forget, we will be the largest employee of the Veterans in the country through the Veteran Retreat Network. As President Trump is recreating the Veteran administration, we will create a whole new network of retreats all over the country for the families and the veterans. Major opportunities will be all over the country.

We talked about it years ago, and we will revisit that and I will tell you how you can participate in that as well. A lot is going on. I want all to be positive and think we are very close. Our site: thebigcall.net to check for the 800 number, the final celebration call that we will do as a recording and put on the site, and see other information on the site. 
Bruce: Just chill and enjoy this experience when this comes through. When you guys go and celebrate, be careful. Don’t make it graduation night. I don’t want to hear someone lost their lives because they went nuts. Be sober minded what is going to happen to you. Be sober minded and celebrate carefully. Don’t do anything in excess but in moderation. Will you do that for Bruce, your family and friends? We don’t need to lose any more people. We have lost enough people. We just don’t need to lose more. We need to stay strong, and healthy.

Bruce: Have a great night, and everyone sleep tight and see what happens the next day or so. This should be a great weekend and look forward to speaking with you guys in the future. Good Night Everybody.


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PostSubject: Re: Bruce D Call Notes 4/6/17   Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:39 am

If the banks want to know what you know ,remind me not to go anywhere near that bank for any kind of banking business.
       Just chill & enjoy the experience, LOL,,,, listening to your lies? Is that enjoyable? 
    Bruce do you ever read your past posts? 
That's all I need to say, if any one has any brain, just look at his archives here on dinar daily.
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Bruce D Call Notes 4/6/17
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