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 Mountain Goat 4/3/17

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Mountain Goatee
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PostSubject: Mountain Goat 4/3/17   Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:28 pm

April 3, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
WOW! Welcome to April 2017 and still no RV. What will this month bring us?
We know that pm Abadi has met with UN representatives to review the situation in Iraq to work towards removal of all Chapter VII sanctions. Yes – this would also have to include any sanctions against their currency and financial and economy. This would have to mean they will finally get off this “artificial” rate and “closed” economy. WOW!
We know that yet another financial institution, this time from Switzerland, has stated that the Iraqi dinar could be a very good investment in the future. Of course, they are looking at the currency now in circulation and they know this is not yet for investors, since it was intended only for in-country use in Iraq in their “closed” economy. So yes, we can only assume they are talking about a new dinar value and the demand for the new dinar.

We know just recently the Central Bank of Iraq replaces its emblem with a new one with a strong monetary connotations. In fact the emblem resembles their new coinage, new coinage not even yet launched. So why replace it's emblem (logo) with these symbols if the intent is not to launch the coins soon? They know from experiences in trying to launch these coins, that it simply will not work unless they get off the artificial rate. I have talked in depth about this in my past newsletters as to why they cannot yet launch these coins without a rate change.  
We know that Iraq has confirmed its commitment to “Governmental directives to amend legislation in the transition to a free economy”. We have already seen many new banking regulations and the enforcement of them. We have seen many new laws and changes to existing old Saddam Hussein laws to regulate outside investors and open up the economy to massive investment.
We know about the commitment that the USA has recently stated to Iraq and the reaffirmation that the renewed Status of Forces Agreement (SFA) will be implemented fully under the Trump administration. This gives us confidence and hope in the USA support for increased Security and Stability in Iraq and in the region in the future days ahead. Basically what they are doing is moving the clock back to the 2011 timeframe, only this time the US forces are not regarded as occupiers but rather as “brothers in arms” – a big difference.
So the economic and financial outlook for Iraq is very optimistic. The security situation is rapidly changing for the better. In fact in an interview with pm Abadi, in his recent visit to Washington DC, he has stated “our economy is booming”. I said really? This statement alone reminded me once again that there is something still holding back the launching of the currency reform and that it was not in fact just in the hands of the CBI to implement, they are only the procedural implementers. 
Then, just literally days later, out pops a couple more articles about the dinar and yet another about removal from Chapter VII sanctions. Can you connect the dots? You see sometimes it's not only what they say but the timings of articles and close proximity of them to each other. Something is about to happen and soon. Can you see it?
However I am also told by the CBI they are going to blast out one more educational campaign to the citizens on the process and how the launching of the lower denominations will work. They have told me many times they fully intend to keep the citizens informed on this process as it unfolds. This is how they answer many of my questions. They do not tell me the direct answers I want but tell me to just wait, like everyone else, for the news to come out.
So we still wait for this to happen and so I am gauging my timeframe to a close proximity on this event. This is what I have been told to do and so I find it very creditable information in their past three attempts to RV. I watched the CBI do these past educational campaigns right in front of our noses, only many had no idea what they really meant and why they chose that time to do them. I am telling you now - what this will mean and that the timing of them is important.
I know this may sound silly to many but do you have a better idea?
No- these so called “secret” sources and bank screens are not ever going to convince me of a timeframe. They have NEVER been correct on many issues, never!
Yes – they will be correct one time, because someday it will actually RV so what have they really done for you except make you wait day after day in a false sense of anticipation and hope. This creates anxiety and I can sense it in many. Oh- that was hard to predict….lol…lol…

Wouldn’t you rather have sound information, maybe not telling you so much what you want to hear (that’s it is going to RV any day / every day) but rather the TRUTH and so when we legitimately do in fact get VERY close to the timeframe of this event, then you can really get excited?
So is Mosul liberation all completed, as the recent news media tends to lead us to believe it is? The FACT is there is still no “official” announcement so let’s all wait for it instead of going off half-cocked as many have a tendency to do in this dinar community. Again please wait and let them tell us. But all the news now is very promising this may finally be over.
Now I want to clarify some nonsense we are hearing on a particular  conference call and forum. Many have asked me to clarify and so I will.
They claim, once again, that the Iraqi dinar has in fact already revalued in-country to a rate of $6.00 and we are just waiting for it to filter down to the global exchanges. Really? How ridiculous! How many times must we listen to this nonsense?
First there is no indication that the CBI plans to come out with a rate that high. What we do know is they told us in a US Congressional Report that a 1:1 with the IQD:USD is most feasible. Also the CBI itself on many occasions has told us the initial rate, when they do get off the “artificial” rate will be either just under or just over $1.00. There is really no “secret” to what the initial rate will be or some magic that is going to make it any higher.
So really folks! Even your lies are not feasible or believable. This shows to everyone just how out of touch with reality you really are.
Secondly they are telling us in last week’s news (see my 3/31 newsletter (LINK)) that pm Abadi is working with the UN to remove the remaining Chapter VII sanctions. So how in hell could they have already RV’d when the UN and Abadi himself is telling us the sanctions are still in place, thus a closed economy, thus still on the “artificial” rate of 1280, thus no lower denominations yet. Again this nonsense is all debunked.
So why couldn’t the intel provider do this homework himself before he spread this nonsense around to you? Why do I have to keep doing it? They don’t do it because bringing the TRUTH to you is NOT their primary goal. Get it? Their goal is only to persuade you to keep coming back to their site and conference calls any way they can. They get money for the “clicks” for advertisement popups and for the products they sell. Get it?
I can tell you these people are crazy and have absolutely no proof of this claim of an RV. They are not responsible intel providers. In fact, I talk the Central Bank of Iraq quite often and there is absolutely NOT been a new rate in Iraq for in-country or out of country and the lower denominations are NOT yet launched. This is a FACT. Sorry intel “gurus” for messing up your intel…lol….lol……I don’t have to guess, I know!
So I do not know where they get their information from and since they don’t bother to ask for proof from their “secret” sources, they can not show us proof. This only shows their ignorance, stupidity and irresponsibility, as we keep seeing from these same conference calls and forums. Simply learn to ignore this nonsense. I do not know what else to tell you. I hope this clarifies it.
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
The dream became a reality:Iraq is the best country in the world.
March 31, 2017
After 14 years of chaos and 3 years of fierce war, Iraq's war against terrorism has ended. (I want to be optimistic but as always, there are surprises in Iraq, as Maliki and his goons still exists and can cause a crisis. What are they now planning? Can we get this RV prior to the elections?)
Iraqi forces are also working hard to weaken all gangs and armed groups in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces, and Iraqis are moving freely and safely wherever they want and in which there is Security.
At the same time, Stability has returned to the country and there is no fear of any security disturbance after today.
With the return of security and stability, all displaced families have returned to their homes and homes, which have been reformed in the framework of the reconstruction plan. All displaced people have returned to their homes.
Motherland - The situation improved and investors returned to Iraq to start their work and projects that will rise to the situation and benefit and profit on all citizens, the fruits of Mesopotamia many and deserve its citizens to economically Help them to the fullest.
In the same context, the perpetrators fought corruption everywhere, and the corrupt can no longer loot public money nor steal from the pocket of the poor citizen. This scourge has become a painful memory in the past of Iraqis. (Really? We hope and wait to see. Tomorrow we will read about another instance of corruption….just wait.)
The neighboring and regional countries no longer have a word or even any interference in Iraqi politics. Only Baghdad decides the fate of the interior, while the political parties put all their sectarian, financial and political differences, And agreed that the interest of the country and citizens is the priority, and does not concern foreign countries and their decisions, Iraq first Set aside.
It is no secret to anyone that sectarianism in Iraq suddenly disappeared, so everyone loves the other, and does not ask about his religion. The families of Baghdad came back together and loving each other, whether Muslim or Christian, and shared some of them Some have joy and sadness ... as the recent past Iraqi women have a great share of this beautiful reality that Iraq has reached. It has obtained all its rights, from education to the right to choose to work and to succeed.
 (I will believe it when I see it! I think most of this article is just a big propaganda campaign. I certainly wish it was entirely true but common sense says it is not that easy.)
More importantly, it is no longer marginalized and no longer Be subjected to any violence, moral or physical ...  just a dream ... accompany the eve of the first lie of April to the Iraqis and it would be good if all the Arabs are represented.  It is a beautiful reality reached by Iraq, congratulations.

CNBC: One of the world's best-known oil traders is predicting prices to recover to $70 a barrel
Oil prices are not capped around $55 as is widely assumed but rather are on track to hit $70 per barrel later this year, according to Pierre Andurand, managing partner at Andurand Capital Management.

We're currently at a crossroads from where oil prices should significantly rebound, Andurand told CNBC on the sidelines of an event Thursday evening where he was crowned the winner of the EMEA Investor's Choice Awards for 2017.
"I think oil prices are likely to recover to around $70 … I think the market will switch to backwardation – sustainable backwardation – by late summer and that will bring the next wave in oil prices," he said, referring to the situation where nearer-term spot price oil contracts are more expensive than longer-dated forward contracts. (okay- now that the cabala has gotten what they want – more expenditures on arms, more military presence of USA to protect the interests of US investors, multiple loans and the needed laws, they are all set to let things get back to normal. I hope everyone truly realizes just what REALY did happen to Iraq over these last 3 years? Of course nonetheless I am very happy and I can see us at the bank shortly.)

Jubouri: oil and gas law is still pending did not resolve his order
(NO RV unless they have the HCL in place and is passed by the legislature. So far the cabinet has told us almost a month ago that the tweaking of the bill has been done and forwarded it to parliament, where it now resides. In todys new Jubouri (the speaker of the house of parliament, is telling parliament they need to speed it up and get it done. He knows what is still pending. They even gave us a date back to 2014 which was their deadline to get it done. Will they get it done now?)
lsumaria News / Baghdad
, said House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , Sunday that the oil and gas law is still not closed its mind, noting that the law is the backbone to regulate the relationship between the center and the region and producing provinces. 

Jubouri said in Iraq Energy Forum held in Baghdad and attended by Alsumaria News, said that " the draft oil and gas law , which represents a light legislative work laws and since 2007 has not resolved his order by the government and the House of Representatives , " noting that " the law is still pending and that it is no longer a final form compound it was withdrawn several times. " (So now once again they are telling us HCL is NOT yet done. How many times must they tell before these so called intel “gurus” get it right on their conference calls. Get it now?)
He added Jubouri that " the project has come under intense political bickering , " he said, adding that " the law is the backbone to regulate the relationship between the center and the region and producing provinces and the regulatory framework for national and foreign investment in the sector." 

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Oil has called, in the 17th of December 2014, to speed up the legislation of the oil and gas law, to regulate the relationship between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil , and ensure the distribution of oil imports to the provinces producing almost guarantees their rights, while the provincial council renewed Basra demanding the involvement of the province file oil contracts to ensure financial and administrative entitlements.

Experts stress the need to restore national oil company
(Okay so 3 articles on HCL in the last couple days. What did I say this usually means? Do you remember? It means the subject matter is important and so we must pay attention.
I am presenting this article so you can see the issues around oil production in Iraq and how a National Oil law, part of a comprehensive HCL, can help the country. Folks the issues are not just around Kurdistan and them getting their 17% share. It goes much deeper as you can read for yourselves in today’s article. This is not the entire article as it was very lengthy, but you should be able to see the issues, nonetheless. Here is the link to the rest of it. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=134718)
Shokran Fatlawi in order to develop plans and processors and hold oil wealth governance rational in Iraq , which suffers the absence of vision and strategic long - term, which led to a lot of problems and the imbalance of structural in the Iraqi economy despite the production and high export rates, represented the most prominent discussion seminar of the Institute for progress axes policies.   

Director of the Institute d. Mahdi Al - Hafiz opened the seminar which was attended by the "morning" and addressed many of the challenges facing the oil policy should be addressed in the policy and plans unripe that are inconsistent with previous laws such as Law No. 84 of 1985 which provides for the importance of a technically and economically feasible before the approval of any project , as well as the importance of a review of service contracts based on what was stated in the state budget and identify weaknesses in those contracts and put appropriate alternatives, not to mention the problem. 

Iraq 's crude oil reserves of about 153 billion barrels that are other need convincing assurances because the multiplicity of estimates had created a state of confusion. 

He asked Hafiz for 12 fields and presented for investment by international companies, while stressing the need to display any oil projects in front of international companies because of the presence of local oil production capabilities.

Parliament warns of a serious economic future
Baghdad - Journal News
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, warned that the country's dependence on oil as a single resource would jeopardize the future of Iraq.
Al-Jubouri said in a speech during the Iraq Energy Forum held in Baghdad on Sunday that oil revenues continue to constitute the largest proportion of Iraq's revenues from hard currency, which in itself refers to the problem of unilateral Iraqi economy, which presents the future of Iraq to the risks.
He called for the need to work on the adoption of clear practical procedures translate Articles 111 and 112 of the Constitution on the management of oil and gas resources, as part of a set of legislation aimed at deepening the usefulness of the country's wealth, including the law of the National Oil Company. (so here it is again for the 3rd time..)
He added that the law of the National Oil Company arrived at the House of Representatives and will be on the agenda, in addition to the law of the distribution of national wealth in order to make better use of the wealth of Iraq. (This is what we want to see too, most importantly). Stressing that the focus on the energy sector and provide the requirements for the development of administrative, legal and financial will provide Iraq with revenues can be employed to expand the production base, which guarantees the diversification of Iraq's economy.
He added that the oil sector cannot be effective and productive unless it has the legal and administrative framework capable of investing wealth properly and in accordance with the Constitution and within the standards of the global oil industry. (Again here it is in black and white “in accordance to the Constitution”. I know for a fact the Iraqi constitution must be implemented fully or no RV. Yes this includes HCL too. This has always been the case and so now that they are getting Security and Stability returning parliament is getting back down to business on getting this law passed.)
He pointed out that the House of Representatives has spared no effort to legislate laws related to energy transferred from the government, including: the law of the Ministry of Electricity, the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, the law exempting foreign companies and secondary contractors in the foreign rounds licensing rounds, fees and the second amendment law of the investment law to liquidate Oil.

(I do not see many more articles on the fighting in the western side of Mosul region. Can we assume the ISIS is now all done? Let’s watch as if plays out. They can’t use the Security and Stability excuse anymore as to why they cannot continue with the “project to delete the zeros”. Is it all now in the court of the UN to stop the sanctions of Chapter VII and then for the CBI to follow up and pull the trigger…..)
Iraq, March 30, 2017 
“Iraq's victory in its war against Daesh” was the highlight of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi's address at the 28th Arab summit on Wednesday.
The two-year battle has "restored Iraqis' faith in their army, which cleansed its territories from Daesh after it claimed around one-third of its land," he said. 
"It was a massive victory against Daesh. We have promised our people that Iraq will regain its liberty, and this promise was fulfilled, with the participation of Iraqis of different religions and sects," added Abadi, stressing that Iraq has been paying a "high price" for the hatred and sectarian discourse for years. (Abadi is saying essentially have you learned you lesson yet on what hatred and sectarianism brings you…death and destruction?)
Citing the destructions inflicted by the terrorist group, which he said did "not spare" schools, hospitals and archaeological sites, he urged Arab countries to take an active role in the country's reconstruction. 
"We have embarked on a program to resettle Iraqis who were forced to leave their homes to another region in Iraq due to the conflict. Nearly 1.6 million have returned after the liberation," noted the Iraqi president. 
He also urged Arab countries to stand firmly against terrorism, and employ the media to protect the young generations from falling prey to radicalism. ( Don’t they mean being brainwashed into sectarianism by Iran and Maliki and his goons?) 
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
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PostSubject: Re: Mountain Goat 4/3/17   Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:52 pm

Goat ,you have a chance to repent &  tell the truth to a lot of people, before God pasting judgment on you as he has done to the rest of the gurus today, although there are still more to come, He is giving you mercy & Grace today.
     I am talking to dinar recaps also , REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR, stop posting this nonsense about a REVALUATION of the Iraqi dinar, these are false hopes, God will not stand for it any longer, you all will get that conformation of these words from God to prove that they did come from God, "Yahweh". Understand this it will be a terrible thing to be at the hands of God!
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Mountain Goat 4/3/17
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