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 RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17   Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:51 pm


(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 22-March-2017
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=96272976

RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday March 22, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls. The internet service has not been repaired yet, so this might be a very short call. So let’s jump in and see how much progress we can make before the line decides to act up! [silence] We will reschedule the call, and hope the technicians show up; the following notes are from the rescheduled call at 8.30 EST, 5.30 PST:

Since this might be our last call, let me acknowledge all the great people who are with us tonight, and who help keep this site together. I am waiting and looking for this to be IT. We have felt that before, and some intel guys tell everything they get their hands on, but they haven’t been saying certain things and I wonder if they just don’t know, or… I’ve been sitting on stuff this week expecting others will come out with certain information so that I don’t reveal my sources. That is one of the pitfalls of having good sources, that you have to wait and wait… and I’ve heard some exciting things this week.

A while back I referred to the cost of keeping this line up, and the work I was proud of, of reducing the number of people on the calls to lower the operating costs of keeping up this site. If things didn’t improved, I talked about a paid, “members only” deal. Tony wants the site to be free, but it’s my site now, and I’m happy to sell it back to Tony!

What I did decide is that if we are still here next month, those who have donated in the past, and we have records of all those donations, although some didn’t put their board names on their donations.

From tonight forward, anyone who donates needs to make sure that your board name is on your communication. If you are just send in a donation, make sure your board name is in the accompanying note. From next month, if necessary, I will change TNT to a donated members-only activity. That should trim the site down to 1,000 people. I don’t have 1,000 donors now, but those making donations will receive a password to get in. If you want to give it to someone else, I have no issues with that, but I will keep the call down to 1,000, so if they get on the call before you, and I cut it off at 1,000, don’t blame me. We have an expense with every call, and those sharing in the expense will share in the reward.

That seems more fair than shutting the site down completely. That’s the plan for next month, IF we are still here. If you go to the www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click on DONATE, you will see both the PayPal link and also the postal address.

Now, as for this evening’s call…I’m feeling good with this new internet stuff – the internet repair guys replaced everything but the underground cable. I feel like new money!

Let’s get on with the call. We will go with just a few things; there is no pressing hot info, at least not from my intel team. There is something unconfirmed that I was hoping would firm up before tonight but that has not yet come in. So let’s tie together the old and new information, because it’s all moving in one direction. On Monday we talked about the flag being up in the center of Mosul, and we haven’t yet seen what we are looking for. Sadr has been gathering a crowd for Friday, and it’s a toss-up whether it will be a protest or a celebration. They may be encouraging Sadr to celebrate what has already taken place, even if the full economic reforms have not taken place, but it seems possible the reforms will be complete by then… we’ll see.

We also shared that a member sent his brother two Western Union wires: the first one for $200 exchanged to 240 dinar, and $800 was received as 1,000 dinar. The Arab Summit starts tonight/tomorrow, and that may well see an announcement of the liberation of Mosul.

We heard a few days back that they had liberated 80-90%, and it might be the army was told to hold back so that they could announce it at the Summit. We have also heard of funds being frozen and taken back from Maliki and 92 Iraqi officials who were considered Saddam’s men. Television reported a massive storming of ISIL in various areas, but we still haven’t heard announcements of full liberation, at least not publicly.

There are also political parts that are taking place. Citizen abroad are experiencing something like SKRs, as some US citizens already have. So there is an expectation that this is coming to an end very, very, very soon. That’s all I think I’m going to refer to right now.

Questions from the TNT forum

 Q: Is there anything new about banks in Puerto Rico?

 A: No I have new information about banks in Puerto Rico.

Q1) Any upcoming dead-lines that you believe go hand and hand with the RV and Iraq that you can share.

A: First quarter deadlines seem to have some consideration, I’ll put it that way. Those deadlines may have some significance.

Q 2) In the last month have you received any info from your USA banking contacts on receiving the 1-800 numbers.

A: No, I have not.

Q3) Have you received any news about Shabibi becoming the new CBI governor of Iraq in the near future…..Any CBI updates?

A: No, I have not.

Q: Ray, it’s been some time since we heard if all the Ministries in the Iraqi government has been filled. What are you sources reporting?

A: There has been no reference to vacancies that need to be filled in the CBI.

Q: When the day does come to be real and you send us all the best tweet of our lives, can you provide details such as a list of all banks and credit unions?

[RR: Yes.]

And some idea of the latest rate for each currency for exchange that you might be made aware of?

[RR: Yes.]

When does the exchange clock started?

[RR: Yes.]

Maybe we can trace the effect of time over exchange rates maybe going up, thus we all might have insight with the “who moved my cheese” situation.

[RR: Stay tuned.]

Finally, is there is any verification about contract rates?

 A: I don’t know of any right now.

Q: In the news London was terrorize by ISIS do you know or think that will play a part on the RV/GCR ?

A: No, I don’t think that will affect this process.

Q: Ray, have you found out any info why the Government officials slowed down or delayed the progress in Mosul?

A: No, I haven’t found out why they allegedly did that.

 Q: Have your sources given you information on things to watch for? For example, if groups are going in or SKRs are being paid out, then you can expect to go to the banks in 3-4days.

Q: I have donated in the past but didn’t use my screen name but my question would be if I got in late and had over 1000 cars on the call wouldn’t be able to get in I guess that’s my problem is that a good guesstimate?

 A: Yes, it is, if that even happens. I don’t think that will be the case.

Q: Will you continue to record the calls if we are still here in April?

Yes, but it will only be for people who are members under the new system.

Q: Ray, if we donate with PayPal do u receive our board name or just our real name.

A: We get your real name, so add your board name in the section where they let you attach a note.

Q: Ray, are you still starting your Zim negotiations at three digits?

A: Yes, that’s where I plan to start, and see where it takes me.

Live Q and A 707 caller: Does ‘board member’ mean ‘member of the forum’?

RAyRen: Yes, when I ask for your board name with your donations, those would be the userID you use in the forum and in chat. Those who donate and provide for this site and the calls, those will be the ones who are included in the new system. And this might not even happen – there is still a week until the end of the month. So what if some other dinar intel person says Zim doesn’t have value – we’ve already bought it, so why throw it away? Let’s see what happens. I’ve never told anyone to take their life savings to buy any currency. We’re not gamblers, but maybe you can afford a quarter for the slot machine. That’s how I feel about Zim, that I’ll spend a few dollars to see what happens.

818 caller: Are trusts for business or personal usage, or both?

RayRen: Trusts are for lifestyle decisions; the rest are business tools. When you learn the power of the tools (trusts) and learn to live the lifestyle of trusts, then that is a personal process. The others (LLCs, corporations, etc.) are for business. We talk about strategies and maneuvers, so that when you talk with professionals you will know what features to ask for, and what features will serve what you want.

Caller: Will you hold a class after the RV?

RayRen: Yes. Will it get to everyone? Of course not. Will it get to all of RV? Not all 20,000, but we’ll cut down those numbers anyway. We will hang out and find some professionals to teach us some useful tools. Over time, most of you will get these things, especially if you don’t feel you have to rush in the first few days.

407 caller: [muffled, can’t hear what caller is saying] You have taught me a lot about investing.

209 caller: Earlier you said who will be included in the future site, and I have been donating but I don’t have a board name because I’m not a member of the forum. Will you be keeping track of those names as well? I’m sure more are in that same boat.

RayRen: Make sure you jot down your email address or cell phone number so that I know how to reach you. I’m not counting on implementing this, just wanted to give you all a heads up.

NY caller: Will you be coming our way with a class?

RayRen: Yes, I just don’t know the date. 602 caller: Did the revised rate show up in the Gazette? RayRen: If so, it hasn’t been told to me.

Caller: Have you heard anything from your people with SKRs? Or the banks?

RayRen: Nope, nothing new, although there is high expectancy, and some are even saying possibly tomorrow.

Caller: Are your 13 locations still on as well as Vegas?

RayRen: Yes, locations and facilities are set, and banks lined up to talk to us; we’re just waiting for the green light. We will send out all the information once this is released. Everyone will know what is taking place, when and where; if you choose not to take part, that’s your choice. But we are doing this for TNT, and we will let you know how to register for any of the sessions. As soon as people are able to exchange, we will put on the show of how people can then invest or protect their money. The Vegas one will be an entirely different date: that’s our convention, as it were. That will be after the 13 classes, maybe a month post-RV while the 13 sessions will be immediately after the RV.

410 caller: You sound more elated than earlier. Were your sources or the indicators given to you this afternoon, or would you have given the same information this morning? It certainly sounds like this is imminent!

RayRen: I had the same information this morning, I’m just in a different mood.

801 caller: Have you heard anything about Sterling and what’s happening there? A lot of us got blind-sided there.

RayRen: Nothing apart from the website you need to visit to keep updated. That’s it. It’s www.justice.gov/

Caller: You said you would start Zim negotiations at three digits; what do you think is a realistic rate at this point?

RayRen: Negotiation is an art form, and the more you have, the bigger the tools you can bring into play. If I have a bigger brush, my art form will come out bigger than yours. So it’s not just about the rate. For example – and this is just an example – I might start with $30. So you might also decide to start with $30. But maybe you have two 100 trillion notes and I have 5,000 100 trillion notes. You cannot negotiate from the same position. They might laugh at you, while my quantity demands attention. So you decide what you are comfortable with and make sure you have enough to back it up. If you have one 100 trillion note, you don’t have much to negotiate with. If you exercise extreme patience, there will be an education coming to us from the ‘first mouse’.

510 caller: Anything concerning taxes? What do you project on that yourself?

 RayRen: No. It’s a mystery to me that we haven’t heard anything about taxes, but that is the case. If I had to call it, I’d say your future depends on what you did and what you say about what you did. There was a time when we were told to say we are going in to do an exchange, and then some with experience said that it didn’t matter, when you go in the bank. Their vision was short-sighted. A message can serve multiple purpose, and someone seeing only one purpose might say that doesn’t matter, you don’t have to pay attention to that. But we can all see that what comes to people often is a direct reflection of what comes out of their mouths.

704 caller: If I send you a letter telling you who I am, rather than the defunct email address through which I sent donations in the past, will that work?

 RayRen: You don’t even have to think about that until the end of the month.

Next caller: Today is my birthday, and I think we should have a really big party! So you need to push the button right now! [Birthday music]

Closing Statement What’s the best information we can leave with you tonight, timing-wise? Guys and gals, go slowly. There is no rush to get this done. Many of us have waited for months and years. We’ve waited this long; plan methodically. You cannot invest or protect or spend this money too slowly.

THERE’S NO RUSH. Some of you are going to be the first mouse anyway, and that’s okay. Some will be the ‘best of us’ and some will be ‘the rest of us’, but you are still part of us. You have been through extensive training, sometimes without your knowing it, but it is all to serve a purpose. I know when this pops, there will be emergency situations that aren’t really emergencies. This is where discipline comes in. There is no question but that you’ll have to spend some money, but does it have to be your money? Use someone else’s money rather than your own. You have to take your money, no matter how much or little you have, and squeeze out every inch of value out of each dollar. Put those things to work!

As long as they are working for you, you can’t lose. The minute they start working against you, well, you’ve already had money flow through your hands, in and out. Let’s not do that again. Most have had some money before, easy come, easy go, if it was nothing more than a tax refund that you spent rather than investing. If you need to catch up with something like a mortgage, you don’t have to pay it off, you just need to get current. Why waste a 25K note for a mortgage that only requires $6,000 to get current? Let’s say the rate on Wednesday is $3, and then it jumps up to $7 on Friday. When we have excess money, we spend it.

So not only did we kill that note at $3, we also lost the potential gain, and what that extra money would have brought you over the next five or seven years. Some thing they don’t have to be concerned because they will have so much money, but there is a list of people thinking like that who are broke today. Just thinking of where we might be tomorrow… don’t rush. Don’t rush. Don’t rush. That’s it for this evening, Wednesday night; keep believing, family. I do.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

>>>TNTBS's YouTube Channel<<<
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17   Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:14 pm

Another so called "Guru" that has absolutely no "sources"! tony omg
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17   Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:17 pm

As he has stated over the last year "No new intel"! Training for nothing only! :yes: tony
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17   Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:15 pm

That about fits it! bigsmile
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RayRat Call Notes 3/22/17
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