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 FireFly Snubs WSOMN's Rules And Posts Intel Elsewhere

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PostSubject: FireFly Snubs WSOMN's Rules And Posts Intel Elsewhere   Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:47 am

feebslayer says to subgirl():I heard something about the IMF meeting in April, is that what you are referring to?
subgirl says to Doug_W():well no but there is some news that loop brot in this morning... thot it was good... Smile
feebslayer says to subgirl():I'll have to check it out, thanks
dinarstudent says():i see in facebook the post that BGG put on there about IMF finishing the meeting April 21 or so 2017 has people thinking now we are talking not march or april 2017 maybe after the meeting ?? what is the take with you all ?
_firefly_ says():Historically all currency adjustments are made in the 1st quarter of the fiscal year. Kuait and Zambia are good referance points. People really need to read that IMF release several times to understand what they are saying
Elilali says():DinarStudent to be honest, I think it's once again gotten really ugly. There doesn't seem to really be an end in sight. They keep delaying one thing after another. Maybe it's time to put the dinar away and forget about it for a couple year.... maybe one day
Mudder says():LMAO.....
SRW says():Really... With all the news that is coming out.. I think things are looking real good.. IMO
dinarstudent says():wow ..Elilai what makes you think that ?
dinarstudent says to _firefly_():so you saying if it does not happrn this quarter forget it ?
subgirl says to SRW():I know, mosul is not all taken yet and still great news is coming out of Iraq!!!! UGh.
_firefly_ says():If there is one thing we have learned is that some rules do not apply to Iraq
_firefly_ says():Remember, the 1st meeting was about THE PROGRESS of the economic reforms. The most recent release was more focused on THE PROGRESS of Iraq's fiscal policy
dinarstudent says():hmm ..... but what about what rccookie and mr white was saying the 1 st quarter going international that nothing .?
dinarstudent says():i am get confuss here .
Elilali says():International Monetary Fund predicted Saturday, limited growth in the economy for this year, due mainly to abide by OPEC's agreement to cut production of crude in the Organization members.
_firefly_ says():Look at the names of Iraq's attendees. All financial figures
Mudder says to dinarstudent():rcookie nor Mr. White said that.... They simply relayed what an article said.... Alak stated it....
_firefly_ says to dinarstudent():NOBODY knows the exxact dates. Those that say they do are flat out lying to the community
Elilali says():and Firefly, that's assuming it ever happens, period. Every time we feel that there is urgency, we're clearly wrong. They're apparently just fine over there, with a shambled currency.
digiman1 says():If your computer runs slow, try checking the oil level. Sometimes tapping the side of the screen with a small hammer can help. If you have cats, check for hairballs between the keys. This is sure-fire proof that your cat has been playing video games...
puffdragon says():This meeting was not reported till it was over (yesterday ) IMO that means something. The imf people wer said to go back to IMF and submit a report on there meeting to the imf board, and a follow up meeting to be in washington DC April 21st thru 23rd, IMO thats when we might see something !
Elilali says():and surely around then, we'll hear about meetings that will take place in July, then November... then March of 2019
Elilali says():sigh
SRW says():For a country that has been bombed to oblivion, corruption rampant at one time and being dealt with, Islamic terrorism being ran out of the country or the thugs killed and infrastructure/ business starting to explode. I would say things are looking real good.
Mudder says to Elilali():If your that unsure of this, perhaps you should reconsider your position in it???
subgirl says to SRW():I agree! I think things are looking very good for us... we need to stay positive in this investment... just think where they were even a year ago...
dinarstudent says():hmm maybe people are right this investment is one of no return ... what i been reading reading thiis has been going on for 14 years with maybe getting close opps this or that , but i thought with all the news over the last 6 months just maybe those who said this fools dreamer play were wrong ..
puffdragon says to Elilali():Your one that cant see the forest thru the trees, Its not if this is going to happen its when and when that is all our lives will change for the better, depending on how you handle the change!

Mudder says to subgirl():We're in the best position we've ever been in.... I would hate to listen to these whiner 2-3 years ago....
jeffusa says():March 18 (UPI) -- The Iraqi army has taken control of two key neighborhoods in western Mosul after fierce fighting with the Islamic State on Saturday.
A military spokesman said government forces liberated the al-Kur and al-Tawafa neighborhoods in Mosul in their months-long campaign to drive out militants loyal to the Islamic State terrorist group.
The neighborhoods are part of Mosul's Old City and include an important symbolic landmark. Government forces are now in control of the Grand Nori mosque, where the Islamic State's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the caliphate in 2014
subgirl says to Mudder():yep I have heard a lot of them as I was in this at that time too... yes we are in the best position we have ever been in... they are gonna get mosul....
subgirl says to Mudder():we have to stay positive!!! NO matter what!
_firefly_ says to subgirl():(y)(y)(y)
Mudder says to subgirl():There's NOTHING going wrong right now... THERE'S NO REASON TO BE NEGATIVE unless you just like to hear yourself WHINE
subgirl says to Elilali():just imagine being an iraqi citizen... we live in a free country where we have water and electricity... food to eat... they do not and yet their country is slowly coming back!!!
SRW says():Never thought this investment would just fall into my lap.. This is an investment of challenge of patience and study.. I'm thinking I like what I'm reading.. Just the facts help though.. Read Guru sites and you will go crazy..
subgirl says to Mudder():nope not me!!! Smile lol
Elilali says():I know PuffDragon, please forgive my pessimism. You're very kind, unlike others. This is just the sort of opportunity that would allow an escape from the "grind" ... from the life we're not meant to live. I so badly want that, in one form or another.
_firefly_ says to subgirl():There is much going ons behind the scenes that we are not aware of. I for one am extremely excited at where we sit today
subgirl says to _firefly_():me too Smile I am very excited!!! Smile
dinarstudent says():for me is still hopfull ,but if June 2017 we are still here then maybe will elilali you were right . firefly been saying were close for months which true cause everyday we do get closer . then gone is firefly. the one who makey statements with real stuff are the ones that i take my hat off to . That all I going say on that .
subgirl says to SRW():(y) yes me too Smile love to hear the news about electricity over in Iraq and about the wells and the water... I love to hear how the Iraqi forces are gaining ground on ISIS and I love to hear how they are getting a satellite put in Iraq...
ol lar says to Elilali():How long you been holding Dinar?
Elilali says():since 2011
_firefly_ says():Anybody that's been in this investment for any period of time should know that a lot of negative news will pop it's ugly head at the end
puffdragon says to Elilali():I believe we all are meant to recieve this blessing thats why we are the ones in it, remember only a very small portion of the population that have dinar !
ol lar says to Elilali():So how long you been paying attension to the news
ol lar says to Elilali():attention
_firefly_ says():It is History folks, and history ALWAYS repeats itself
puffdragon says to _firefly_():Hello SUPER BUG how ya doin? (})
Elilali says():The whole time Ol Lar. I'm just discouraged by the "process." I'm not of the opinion that we're in the wrong investment. One day this will pay off big. It's just that "one day" that has me weary.
_firefly_ says to puffdragon():Doing FANTASTIC TY Smile
puffdragon says to _firefly_():Its been awhile ! ({)
dinarstudent says to _firefly_():you say these thing , but do have to back it 8-)
_firefly_ says to puffdragon():I needed to get away from Dinarland. Too crazy right now lol
dinarstudent says to _firefly_():lol
ol lar says to Elilali():I don't see anythjing to be pessemistic about at all, The CBI said plain as day once Mosul is Liberated thet remove the zeros , so, we wait 

puffdragon says():Yes he does dinarstudent if you have followed his post for the past couple of years FF in genuine !
ol lar says to Elilali():Relax grasshopper
_firefly_ says():Well I was about to give him factual proof but he left
ol lar says to Elilali):Razz
Elilali says():Thank you sensei
puffdragon says to _firefly_():He the type for hit and run FF 8-)
ol lar says():my pleasure
subgirl says to _firefly_():he is back now you can give your proof...
_firefly_ says():Just remember what Dr. Shabibi said at Jackson Hole back in 2011 when he was asked when he will do the currency adjustment
Elilali says():I remember that when Shabibi was asked.. .when he was in DC... at the press conference, his answer was "If I knew I couldn't tell you." ​

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Posts : 11655
Join date : 2015-02-19

PostSubject: Re: FireFly Snubs WSOMN's Rules And Posts Intel Elsewhere   Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:48 am

_firefly_ says():"After thinking about the question for a bit of time he stated AFTER MUCH MEDIA PROPOGANDA"
Elilali says():so that does imply, that there's a certain level of information we'll just never know about
Elilali says():there won't be an article that comes out one day saying "IMF meets with Iraq to discusss currency revaluation." That won't happen. It will just pop one day, without rhyme or reason (in our eyes).
Elilali says():But, there's still such an insane amount of mystery

puffdragon says to Elilali():Its been said many times there will be NO warning just will happen !
dinarstudent says():i am back .lol
dinarstudent says():internet
subgirl says to dinarstudent():(y)
SRW says():Countries or Military actions will never give their entire game plan.. That's called intelligent survival..
_firefly_ says():When this done happen the true rate will show on the CBI 1st
Elilali says():Firefly, in the words of Veruka Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I WANT IT NOW
_firefly_ says():Not from any Guru lol
dinarstudent says():what did i miss
Elilali says():I think Firefly took a little offense from your previous comment. Just a misunderstanding.
dinarstudent says():do we have chattels here .lol
_firefly_ says to Elilali():This is not about us. Just be thankful we were given the opportunity to be a part of this investment
puffdragon says to dinarstudent():NO no FAKE news here !
SRW says():Wow, March Madness is taking place before my eyes.. Turn the volume up..
subgirl says to SRW():Very Happy
_firefly_ says():Imagie if you give up, sell most of your currency and suddenly the rate appears. Wouldn't that be a wonderful experience Very Happy
Elilali says():That's my worst nightmare
Elilali says():Seriously Firefly, I would be traumatized
puffdragon says to _firefly_()::'(Very Happy:'(
dinarstudent says():chattels was always saying not going to happen .lol well enjoy . maybe BGG will put some light on thiis when he does his call .. i guess facebook post stating April 21 to 23 final meeting the IMF got everyone rattle ..where is rcookie when you need him ? we do miss him . RIP our hero
Elilali says():I bought dinar in 2011....... and I gave up in 2013... sold my dinar. Then I bought dinar about a month - 2 months ago.
puffdragon says to Elilali():You need to work on the patients, Its a vertue you know !
Elilali says():Yes, I know. Slow and steady wins the race, with dignity and grace
Elilali says():"Doubt leads to death"
puffdragon says to Elilali():Just think how many out there do not have dinar and you do and when this happens the position you will be in !!Very Happy:P
subgirl says to dinarstudent():yep sure do miss him.... UGH!!!
Elilali says():Puffdragon, I'll be in the best position imaginable... WHEN it happens. Which is hopefully before I'm 40 lol
dinarstudent says():well will know in the next few week if they bs or not CBI ,Irqa and IMF .I am saying not march 2017 or april 2017 due that IMF meeting on 21 to 23 of april ,buy maybe May to June 2017 if not by then forget . ({)
subgirl says to dinarstudent():just keep going one day at a time Smile
puffdragon says to Elilali():Iv been in since 2004 and I am 60 now !! ({) Cant wait ! (:o)
subgirl says():like rcookie and hutch always said dont do dates....
subgirl says():that is such a roller coaster!!!!
Elilali says():No, you can't do dates. But to some degree, you can't just sit back and be okay with it taking another 5 years. There has to be a line somewhere. Know what I mean?
subgirl says():just keep reading the news and staying up on what is happening!!!
Elilali says():Right, all forward progress
Elilali says():It's just that forward progress is relative.
Elilali says():If you try to go from point A, to point B.... and every step is half the distance, you still can't reach point B, ever
Elilali says():good ol' physics
SRW says to subgirl():Live life to its fullest. Keep a positive attitude and be an inspiration to people. Live life LARGE.. (H)
subgirl says():just stay in and stay positive and read the news... if you need a break take one and come back revived... Smile
_firefly_ says():Timing is everything right now. One mistake in their calculations would be catastrophic
puffdragon says to Elilali():Doesnt ap[ly here !
subgirl says to SRW():yep I like that lol
Elilali says():PuffDragon you're correct, it doesn't apply to us. I was just making a point. This will absolutely pay off one day.
Dinar Dave says():LMAO.....
puffdragon says to Elilali():NOW you got it !! Very Happy LOL
puffdragon says to Elilali():BElieve it that day is not to far off ! Smile
Dinar Dave says():Some of you crack me up.... You should consider comedy....
SRW says to Dinar Dave():Laughter is the best medicine.. (H)
digiman1 says():laughing is good....as long as you dont point....
Dinar Dave says to SRW():You don't need medicine reading some of this stuff...lol

dickmiller1950 says():good afternoon .
subgirl says to digiman1():Very Happy(lol)
dickmiller1950 says():did anyone read the BGG post on facebook?
subgirl says to dickmiller1950():I think we all did Smile
Doug_W says to subgirl():Razz
Doug_W says to subgirl():ok caution is over back 2 my race Razz Razz Razz
subgirl says to Doug_W():Razz
SRW says to dickmiller1950():Been a big topic of discussion recently..
dickmiller1950 says():man my cell is blowing up saying it not happening until after june . what is the cliff notes
dickmiller1950 says():i do not have facebook .lol
dickmiller1950 says():wife calling for dinner . bye
Dinar Dave says():That guy always comes in, talks like an idiot and leaves....LOL
12david says():Abadi Not going to US today
_firefly_ says():Tuesday March 14, 2017-13:54
puffdragon says to _firefly_():Whats the significance of the date FF ?
puffdragon says to _firefly_():Never mind got it ({)Very Happy
_firefly_ says():sorry was on phone. Forgot to copy the date is all Smile
baxter says():So what is the significance of that date... ? since its passed...
baxter says():even has a time... Smile
1bobby says to subgirl():So any Iraqi news out there?
subgirl says to 1bobby():well there is some news yes... Smile
_firefly_ says():The third is to deal with the banks, according to the standards of classification adopted by the Central as of 2017 and actually appeared to deal with the banks and accordingly, fourth pillar is the issuance of central bank in the fifteenth of January last new mechanisms to regulate the mediation of banks between the importers and the World Bank relies facilitate procedures and controls and adopt transparency the disclosure of the ultimate beneficiary in order to achieve the goal of the bank to maintain the exchange rate and ensure the use of foreign currency in order to meet the needs of the economy and market development , and not directed to other purposes.
_firefly_ says():The third is to deal with the banks, according to the standards of classification adopted by the Central as of 2017 and actually appeared to deal with the banks and accordingly, fourth pillar is the issuance of central bank in the fifteenth of January last new mechanisms to regulate the mediation of banks between the importers and the World Bank relies facilitate procedures and controls and adopt transparency the disclosure of the ultimate beneficiary in order to achieve the goal of the bank to maintain the exchange rate and ensure the use of foreign currency in order to meet the needs of the economy and market development , and not directed to other purposes.
_firefly_ says():The visit comes at a time when our troops approaching the complete liberation of Mosul,
_firefly_ says():the complete liberation of Mosul
puffdragon says to _firefly_():doesnt sound like a coincedence to me FF !
_firefly_ says():I told the room 2 1/2 yrs ago to watch Mosul and Anbar. The room told me it has nothing to do with the refprm
1bobby says to _firefly_():Hey buddy. You think Mosul will be the catalyst for tying more things together. As far as the economic, monetary policy(banking reforms etc)
_firefly_ says():I replied "tell me that in one yr
_firefly_ says to 1bobby():Agreed, I don;t believe in coincedences
_firefly_ says to puffdragon():Sorry meant for you Smile
Pablo says():How much of Mosul is left?
puffdragon says to _firefly_()::)not afended LOL

_firefly_ says to Pablo():The visit comes at a time when our troops approaching the complete liberation of Mosul,

_firefly_ says to Pablo():the complete liberation of Mosul
_firefly_ says():Be careful what you read and how it is translated folks. Learn to discern fact from prropoganda

Doug_W says():GN gang
Doug_W says():play nice now
_firefly_ says to Doug_W():Nite buddy Smile
dickmiller1950 says():great supper . so did you all decide if it is happening march april and may 2017
dickmiller1950 says():hey is the PM not coming to see trump or not .lol
According to media outlets affiliated to the Sadrist Movement, the demonstrations are organized for the upcoming Friday, in which Muqtada al-Sadr will deliver a speech.
In April 2016, thousands of Sadr followers stormed the highly-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad and attacked parliament building. The demonstrations then turned into violent clashes as the result of which several protesters and security forces were killed or injured.
Sheikh Kazim al-Isawi, said on behalf of Sadr’s office that the Friday demonstration is to renew a call for immediate reforms and fighting corruption in the country. He expects millions of followers to take part.

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FireFly Snubs WSOMN's Rules And Posts Intel Elsewhere
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