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 Trillion dollars went to the trash in 2016

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PostSubject: Trillion dollars went to the trash in 2016   Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:46 am

Trillion dollars went to the trash in 2016

By Roudao two hours ago

Graphical image

Roudao- Erbil

Control of the European Court and Inspection revealed a shocking report, indicates that European countries have over 2016 delivered about 88 million tons of food in the garbage, enough to feed 200 million people, while the number of the entire population of Europe of 743 million people.

As the European Inquisition, founded in 1975, is working, to monitor what is being applied rules and regulations in the European Union, but they can not prevent wasteful in Europe, but its role requires a warning EU countries from complications of behavior and bad things negative.

According to the Turkish newspaper Yeniakit, the court cited in its report, that the European countries do not fight the phenomenon of extravagance adequately, and that this problem is not experienced by Europe alone; it is a global problem.

With report of the European Court of inspection stressed the need for European countries to adopt a clear policy towards this issue; so you can work in perfect harmony, and set clear targets to reduce the phenomenon of extravagance and reduce them.

In fact, it has reached the cost of the products that went to waste in Europe to the ceiling of 143 billion euros (153 billion dollars), while the products that are wasted in the world the size of nearly one billion and 300 tons.

In this sense, we can talk here of what worth almost a trillion dollars of foods and food products received in the garbage all over the world, which means that if it were to provide a quarter of what is Asrafh, it is enough to feed at least 870 million people, and this amount of food enough to solve the hunger crisis experienced by many countries.

Here are 24 capable guide you step; in order to avoid excessive food:

1. Without what you need

Without what you need on paper, do not buy products not type in the list; because you often will not be needing it.

2. Buy only what you need him

You will notice that a lot of people are filling baskets full while shopping, you should know that a quarter of those products will be doomed to waste or it may damage even before they are used. Therefore, to avoid such behavior.

3. Take what is sufficient for a short time

Do not buy food in order to store them; as the foods quickly damage, even if you are a family of 4 or 5 people.

4. Buy the Canned Food

Perhaps from people who refuse to buy a product; because of the external enclosure subjected to bending or the like, but in fact, the external shape of the tray will not affect the inner content.

In contrast, non-Aguetnaik This product is canned, the shopkeeper could push the dumping and destruction later.

5. You must have an "alternative" plan always

If you do not find a product or brand that you want, be sure to buy one alternative similar or close in quality, or do not buy at all, you may have to throw rubbish in case you do not like the new product.

6. consumed food according to the validity of completion

You have to consume substances that approached to expire first, then eat other products.

You can arrange the food in the freezer by date, so the foods that are nearing to expire at the front of the shelf, and leave the other foods back row.

7. without products that are received in the garbage

Make a note of the products that you dumping garbage in the names; as this will help you identify foods that do not need.

It also advises that you buy limited quantities of the product or to stop buying if you do not need at all.

8. Save the good foods

You can store the types of foods and canned goods if the order to expire away.

It is important to choose the place and the manner appropriate for each type of food to maintain it; to be able to keep them longer without being damaged.

9. Select days a week for "leftover food."

There is no doubt that there was leftover food in your fridge, and you can customize day a week to eat these foods.

This procedure is in fact that would reduce the amount of food that will deliver them in the garbage, and then limit the size of Asravk.

10. eating homemade food in your workplace

Most often, you may not give you eating the workplace, so you can bring food home with you from home, and this would motivate you to save, and prevents you from wasteful.

11. eating vegetables and fruits

Avoid throwing portions of vegetables and fruits; because the color may change or the like, it is better to Tthoha well, or exploited in different meals.

12. Put healthy foods in place

Keep foods in cans sealed so that no air passes through.

13. used the same product in different meals

Perhaps the best example of that, to use orange peels in the confectionery or cake, instead of throwing it in the garbage.

14. See the products in the refrigerator between now and then

Try to take a look every now and then on the types of food in your fridge, and consumed more prone foods that spoil.

15. Pay attention to the shelf life of products is well

It is important to know that the foods do not spoil immediately after the expiration date, so check them or taste them, if it was good, it Tlgaha in the garbage; they used them.

16. donated over your need

You can send food products, canned food, which increases the need for people who are suffering from poverty and hunger, rather than leave it up to spoil.

17. introduced food for the animals and farmers

You can provide extra food on the need for people who take care of the animals, or farmers.

18. glitch foods

The pickled foods are also an ideal way to keep your foods, no one can be pickled food to spoil, moreover, you can prepare pickles of all kinds of foods.

19. No waste food

Everything has a benefit, for example, peel potatoes, can be well cleaned and Thmirh.

Did you know that there is a restaurant in Europe offers a reddish peel potatoes with a bit of meat at a cost of 20 euros.

20. Clean your dishes

It is intended, it is to eat everything in the same dish, and considers this a very effective way to reduce waste and extravagance.

21. Keep leftovers restaurant

If you eat in a restaurant, and the food was plus on your need, ask the waiter that puts the rest of the food and its packaging so you can take with you, and you can eat later, instead of the restaurant threw him in the garbage.

22. Take part of your food

If you feel that you have a lot of food, and pray for your friends for your post to handle.

23. helped educate those around you

Try to educate those around you even avoid extravagance in food, and always reminded them that there are people in this world starving.

24. Think carefully

The results of wasteful pretty bad; you're so wasted owner and contribute to the spread of a social scourge.

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Trillion dollars went to the trash in 2016
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