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Post  Scotti G on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:30 pm

I must address the activity from yesterday and the last few days. I know just how desperate so many are for the RV to happen. You and I have no control over anything relating to this process. We are at a point in this process where attention to detail should be made. I told everyone in chat yesterday that the $7+ rate being discussed yesterday was BS. I told Bear last night that it was a Currency test…. Guess what? According to treasury individuals this morning…that was a global test. How quickly everyone forgets. Do you know now why you did not see me in the chat room last night?!?!?!?!?

I have been adamant about holding back information. Why you ask? It is because our information is so good that if it gets out, those who are keepers of the information recognize that there is a leak. Well I am here to tell you that one of the leaks has been silenced for life. He was assassinated last night. For the last 9 months he had helped us to keep focused on this journey. Now maybe he was killed because of who he was with or maybe it was because others could not resist the urge to mention his name on their calls and his peers felt he needed to be silenced. My heart and thoughts go out to H at the loss of M. M was indeed an honorable man and I regret that I will not get the chance to meet him as I had planned post RV.

This is not a game. This is an investment. You can’t get on your PS2 and keep doing over until you get it right. Be smart people. I have tried over and over to communicate the need to “Be smart”, “Be patient” and “Be respectful”. We get smart asses in here that think they know so much and bash and try to overturn the information that we have carefully examined.They come in to confuse or try to gain attention. We have tried to give you the very best and most accurate information from the really best sources anywhere. Well Okie just said I should give everyone at OOM a “Come to Jesus” moment. He is in total agreement with what I am saying.

When others were shouting from the housetops a couple of days ago that the KWD RVed at $4.41 the other day I quickly verified that the banks are indeed showing a buy rate of $4.1224. This was not just one of the big 4, this was from at least 3 of the 4. So a lot of individuals were coming in here acting so darn smart claiming that there was no change and that this information was wrong. Let me say this. I agree that the UN charts do not reflect an RV or readjustment but the banks do show it. What do we feel that this is telling us. Quite honestly, ‘the banker’ and I have tried to answer that and we are not convinced of anything except that there is a change. I still believe the $4.41/40 is the IQD value. Could I be wrong----absolutely....but probably not! I have maintained a $3.86 - $4.40 range for so long. Do the math and it works. Keep the eyes on the KWD and it works. $7.+/- doesn't work.

I am not making one cent from anyone for my involvement. I have been helping many people in many ways specific to cashing in and I am not making one cent off of that either. My only agenda has been to try to help others keep their focus while on this journey. Well the ride is over. I am not posting anything in chat or sharing one more bit of information. That may sound cold or mean but this is not a game. People’s lives are being affected both here and abroad. I do not want to jeopardize peoples jobs and lives and trust me they are in jeopardy. Our information is just that good. Not going to do it.

I will tell you this. As I have stated numerous times, when we have an RV I will confirm it 100% before I announce it to Okie. I will not announce it until I hear it from ‘the banker’. He does not blow smoke. He does not cry wolf. He is an investor as are we and is a most responsible and caring young man. All I can tell you is this. Relax. Be calm. If your life is depending on this RV then you need to get help from the Lord and quit putting your faith in something that we have no control over. I can tell you that I will be dark here out until we have confirmation that we are at the end of this journey. Okie and Bear have stated they will also be dark. I can tell you this. All the information I have had indicated that this RV was to be completed by yesterday. I am also told that we will see it no later than tomorrow the 15th. Maybe this is true. I am not going to spend one more minute trying to straighten out the insanity that runs amok in these chat rooms. I encourage each of you to shut off your computers for a few days. Let this RV come to you. So you are not the first person to see the confirmation! Does that mean you do not get the same rate? Nope. Most everyone here is connected to some alert from Ty or Ali or some other group. You will find out about it. I encourage the Mods to be more vigilant on controlling and limiting the stupidity that is coming out. If you do not have proof of what it is you are seeing or what the purpose for the numbers might be, then keep it to your selves. I told all the Roundtable team last night that I did not believe the numbers we were seeing. If I was wrong and had reamed someone yesterday and I was wrong then I would have happily come on here and apologized. I was not wrong!

In His Mercy and Grace

Scotti G
Scotti G
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