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SEP 13 - Freeway Bill..BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum

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SEP 13 - Freeway Bill..BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum

Post by TheBeav on Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:40 am

Freeway Bill Sep 13...BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum
09/14/2011 Copied from Dinarrecaps

First I believe that Tony is getting more of the right information than what Dan is giving him credit for. I have talked to Tony and he is hearing almost the identical same things as I am.

8:26 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have heard that the rate will go live for activation once it hits the UST and that is to be within 24-72 hours

8:27 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have said from the very beginning that the rate would be above $6 USD and with the $ 4.41 to the GBP, we will be at $7.3666

8:27 PM Ratatap: FREEWAY BILL is your contact(S) different than any of the others?
8:28 PM FREEWAY BILL: Rat: My contacts are from 3 different countries and several big banks and they are not the same contacts as Tony's, so how would these people be saying the same things that Tony is telling us?

8:28 PM ArtieFD: freeway bill hello Sir I talk with the UST 2 Times and yes its ok to buy or sell dinar BUT the UST told me that they are having nothing at all to do with the Iraq Dinar Per the phone call i had
8:29 PM FREEWAY BILL: Artie: And they are suppose to tell you the truth right now?

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8:29 PM FREEWAY BILL: So, here is what I feel is going on right now::::::: waiting for room to slow down::::

8:30 PM FREEWAY BILL: Folks, I didn't start looking for "intel" and I am not a "guru" but people started contacting me as they could see that I was trying keep people informed but grounded in the same motion

8:31 PM FREEWAY BILL: health: pennies is not important, would you like to hear the rates?

8:31 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have bankers telling me information thousands of miles from Tony' s and I have people in Dubai and London telling me things who have never heard of Tony or PTR

8:32 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have a strong international investor that does not read anything from the boards talking to me nightly

8:34 PM FREEWAY BILL: I am just saying that Tony has his contacts, Okie has his contacts, BGG has his contacts, ScottieG has his contacts and Poppy has his contacts. All of these contacts along with mine are in a minute by minute aggressive mode. With all due respect, and I am the first one to stay grounded, but Dan has said that he has a few contacts that he trust and believes. and they aren't saying what we are reporting....

8:37 PM FREEWAY BILL: So in a final thought. YOU DON"T CONTROL THE RV and neither do we. But like ~nk says, "Take what you want and throw away the rest" but having a call to basically diplomatically even the playing field with a no foul infringement on Tony's intel was, in my opinion unecessary. I have said things that did not play out and so has Tony, DAN, Okie, Poppy, everyone. It wasn't a lie, it was what we were being told.

8:39 PM FREEWAY BILL: This is not any kind of attack or chastisement and emotions are running high but before the call was over, I got 7-8 phone calls offering to sell me their dinar and then went on the forum of two sights and there is Dinar for Sale all over the place. Diversification is one thing, but this "I have to go with the facts" type of thing is a little frustrating. WE ALL GO WITH WHAT WE FEEL MAKES SENSE..... Nobody knows exactly when this is going down, we just give what we get.

8:39 PM FREEWAY BILL: Question: Please answer in one word: Am I making sense??????

8:43 PM FREEWAY BILL: GOD BLESS YOU ALL! We are in this together! I do not criticize other intel because I am not a know all kind of person and they just might be right. I learn from other information givers. EVERYDAY! BE kind to eachother. Tony and all of the rest work hard. I put in a call to Tony yesterday about some intel and it took him hours to get back to me. This is a full time job folks and everyone is doing this trying to help our FAMILY know what is what. OK, I am back to a regular blood pressure now

8:45 PM FREEWAY BILL: Tonight, I have decided I WILL go to SF. Wasn't going to but I want to see all of you wonderful people face to face...!!!

8:46 PM FREEWAY BILL: The mail has been sent! The delivery is slow.... make sense

8:47 PM FREEWAY BILL: somebody will .... I don't know how many posts there were.. I was kind of on a roll...

8:48 PM FREEWAY BILL: LOVE YOU ALL and whether we get rich tonight, tomorrow or Thursday, it really doesn't matter. We are already wealthy with such a good family of dinar blessed children of GOD... Goodnight
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Re: SEP 13 - Freeway Bill..BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum

Post by milleriniraq on Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:45 am

I can't believe he just admitted they are passing out intel simply based on "what makes sense". And yet somehow he still quotes a rate that is absurd.

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Re: SEP 13 - Freeway Bill..BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum

Post by r2e2 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:56 am

lol! I CAN believe it because "it just feels right" and "Makes sense" and with their top secret, solid, trustworthy contacts, nobody can question their intel. And who would want to anyway, lol we are right where we need to be...right???
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Re: SEP 13 - Freeway Bill..BSP Chat - VNJW post at PTR Forum

Post by Eternal1 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:13 am

@milleriniraq wrote:I can't believe he just admitted they are passing out intel simply based on "what makes sense". And yet somehow he still quotes a rate that is absurd.

Do different from Bulldog calling the RV based on Divine Intervention the other night lol!

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