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 WOW 2016 "Flat Earth" - "Worlds Beyond The Poles" - The Phone Call

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PostSubject: WOW 2016 "Flat Earth" - "Worlds Beyond The Poles" - The Phone Call   Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:12 am

Chippy The Chipmunk
Published on Apr 27, 2016


#FAIR USE# - 2016 "Flat Earth" - "Worlds Beyond The Poles"
This 1959 book by A.F. Giannini is presented as non-fiction & allegedly mentions Sir Hubert Wilkins making an incredible discovery (of much more land) - beyond the South Pole. The book claims BOTH poles are not what we've been led to believe. I'm still researching, but if I am understanding the material - we may indeed be living on some kind of vast infinite flat plane - and BOTH POLES are not where or what we think they are...
Many claim that Byrd discovered more land... however, this short clip is from a caller - claiming to live in Thailand. She called Mark Sargent's radio show: "Australian Intelligence Officer: GPS is ground based, Flat Earth - SW41" (Feb 3rd, 2016) at about the 1 hour 24 minute mark - claiming this book has unbelievable information in it.
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Posts : 258
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Age : 63
Location : Curacao , Netherlands Antilles

PostSubject: Re: WOW 2016 "Flat Earth" - "Worlds Beyond The Poles" - The Phone Call   Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:08 pm

And the birthing (berthing) system attempts to remove you from yourself and hand you over to the ship of state for safe keeping.

....as the "fiction" (friction) begins.

((I'm torn; but we need not accept it as truth without some kind of evidence, obviously.))

wool.....What may seem contrary to previous comments from myself asking you for evidence or proof that someone was a shill (ie Crrow), evidence or proof is this case can be a very tricky entity. Objectively, we have as much evidence to support AG's theories as we do a global earth AND a flat earth, I might add. If a global earth, where's the defining image from space? If a global earth, why has no one ever started at one pole and traveled around the globe to return to the same pole? If a flat earth, what's underneath?

We have been inundated with the propaganda of a globes existence all our lives, so of course we find it almost impossible to accept the earth may be some endless plane covered by sections of terrestrial skies. What? Of course, what! That idea simply does not exist in our reality, so accepting it is nigh on impossible. BUT, we do accept ridiculous images of our earth and distant galaxies so obviously enhanced and likely totally created by artists because they have been pounded into our heads just about every day of our existence on this plane. We accept the mathematics, but those figures are only measurements of something that may or may not exist. .....much as we accept 1+1=2...but does it.....2 what? It's simply a distinction that possibly makes things a bit more understandable. But 1+1 is 2 is  not reality. It's a system of measurement, is it not? In EST (now the forum) I was told reality does not exist without language. I never bought into that concept. Reality does exist, minus language as we would know it, for animals. They cited Helen Keller as an example. She did not know water until she made the connection between the sign and the water. BUT, I say she knew water. She just did not have the distinction. Language gave her the distinction, but it did not give her water.

((But at this point, we know they don't want us reading this for some reason, but it may be something small, like talk of a classified mission or something.))

Possibly, but consider it could also be a way to make big bucks on a book that otherwise would never be looked at. Believe me (and I have seen it in the case of Khalezov's first edition of 911-Thology), if they did not want that book to be read, it would be disappeared.

((I believe with as evil as they are, as evil as they boast to be, as evil as their movies/art/propaganda is, there's an opposite and equal force of good. I intend to be on the right side.))

You're obviously a believer in God. And I am sure you would accept that if God "is", then God is everything. And if God is everything, God is also good and evil....equally. And God is also all faiths, all races, all knowing and not knowing, all love and all hate. So I would say, the idea that good is better than evil is not a universal concept. I think right and wrong is subjective and in many cases, cultural. Sometimes I think we spend too much time being good or right and no where near enough time just BEING.

Could be "truth" does not care if you are on the right or the wrong side. Maybe it's just waiting to be found.
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PostSubject: Nice intel truths   Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:06 am

Love the video. Yes it is a flat plane and it is only spinning when I drink too much alcohol Smile   I realized many years ago where we really are by my own intuition and common sense. And then over the last several years have gone down the rabbit holes with great researchers and authors like Eric Dubay http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/  ... Revelations are wonderous as is the Internet I call Gods tool. 
I am an artist I can make some planets if you like and even throw in some satellites taking selfies in space  eys

NASA founded by satanists.  
I know people are making money off my chattle exchange and I am incensed by that ! 
 I landed at this web site by researching this exchange situation,  wondering if it is one of those ball earth, evolution theories? Zim ?  < from what I have seen here glad I only wasted 68 usd on zim.  Anyway have a happy holiday, awake and aware
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WOW 2016 "Flat Earth" - "Worlds Beyond The Poles" - The Phone Call
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