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 About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes

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PostSubject: About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes    Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:57 pm

About Yosef - What You Need To Know

I am only going to give you the overview about this whole Yosef situation. You need to get your perspective right about him so that you will benefit from what he has given to Dinarland. This is a Must read for anyone who has interest in Yosef and his information.

He is an "Agent"

It has been revealed that he was acting as an agent of the Military. He himself said so, and Zorra confirmed that he was working as a "Government" agent as well. None of this has been denied, and I am not going to refute that either. Instead, I am going to thank him for his service to OUR CAUSE.

Who He Works For

Remember the most important point that has been missed in this whole discussion. "The Military are working for US, Dinarland, The New Republic, the Return of the Constitution, our new way of life." The head of the Military that is on our "Side" is General Joseph Dunford!!! The military is who he was working for. That means Yosef was acting as an agent of the New Republic, helping the overthrow of the Cabal. THAT MAKES HIM ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS.

What He Brought Us

EVERYTHING he told us was for our benefit. He brought in that the ZIM was super valuable and actually a Bond. He gave us countless pieces of information of what was going on behind the scenes such as the fact that Paul Ryan was the acting President of the Republic. This fact was also confirmed by Zorra of Hollow Earth as well. None of this was Disinformation, instead it was HUGELY valuable to us in Dinarland. It is no wonder that he has such detailed information... His sources were all the way to the top, of the new (Restored) Republic.

The Actual Disinformation

All the information he brought us about the currencies, the Republic, Humanitarian projects etc was ALL GOOD INFORMATION!!!! So what was the "Disinformation" part? How was he helping the Republic to overthrow the Cabal? Yes, of course, it was by giving us those "Go Times!" Over and over again, it's going to happen tonight!!!! And, of course it did not. But what we didn’t know, is that whenever he did that, the Cabal "Agents" made their move and were caught in the act. Our Good Guy Agent, Yosef, duped the Bad Guy Agents the Cabal, over and over again!

Yosef was doing his "Job" very well. I remember on many occasions staying up all night waiting for the 800#s to come out. I especially noted that Yosef was staying up as well, which made me think that it was really going to happen!!! Of course that was the point, to make it really look like it was going to go. That is the only way you can get the Cabal "Agents" to make their move. But they didn't have a chance. I would put "Our Agent" Yosef up against their Cabal Minions any day of the week. Frankly, it turned out it was just about every day of the week.... or so it seemed.

Mission: Take Down The Cabal

We will never know exactly what went on behind the scenes during these fake Go Times, but clearly they were important enough to fake us out enough, to fake out the Cabal. While we won't know them all, we do know about one for sure.

Remember that night when Yosef and Tank came on the call and said that the 800#s would only be sent by email, and that when we got those emails we were NOT to post them on line but instead just set up our own appointments and go in? That was a sting operation. If you busted into a Bad Guys home/office and tried to get them and their currency it would never work. The currency would be hidden so well you would never find it. BUT! If you send them emails with 800#s and they call in to set up their appointment, it is so easy to tell them: "Bring all your currency and come to this super secret location to get exchanged and bring anyone else you want (Cohorts) as well." That was so well done and we actually were told it was a sting..... AND WE HELPED!!!

What Was True and Not True?

What was true and what was not? As far as I can tell, everything Yosef brought us was True and good for us, except the "Dates." I have verified with Zorra and even Fisher, that no zeros would be take off the Zim, and also that Paul Ryan was the acting President of the Republic. The Cabal would NEVER have given us that information. However, we had a "Secret Agent" on our side bringing us powerful and valuable intel.

The Zim information, the Sovereign rates, the Humanitarian projects information and other ideas were all good. Frankly, if you think about it, as an "Agent for Good" working for the military, who are taking down the Cabal, he would be instructed to give us important information that the Cabal would not. The Military want to help us get the money we need to rebuild this World. However at the same time, then needed to give us fake go dates as well, to catch the Cabal Minions in the act. That is why we have been on edge this whole time, so that they kept the Cabal on edge as well.

Yes He Was Mad - You Would Be Too

Yes, he wrote some seemingly hateful stuff. He was doing a great service for our World, and yet he was getting so much hate for his bad go dates. By the way no one has complained about the high Zim rates, and the other valuable inside information he gave us. But those bad go dates pissed people off. I am sure he thought to himself:

"Hey, I am trying to help you more than you know! Give me a Break! If only you knew why I gave you those false dates you would appreciate me instead of hate me!"

When people truly have your best interest in mind, but can't prove it, it can be hard to take all that flack. But for the most part he sucked it up and continued his benevolent mission to help save or planet anyway.

You Are Well Paid "Acting" Agents As Well

Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be for the Good Guy Agents to send a message to the Cabal directly that it is go time? They would know it was a trap and a fake. But, when Dinarland is being told it is go time with all the "Hints" that is true, such as the late, late, phone calls "Waiting for the 800#s..," it is believable. So the Cabal makes their moves and gets caught.

So that makes you an "Acting Agent" in this Cabal take down operation. You had to believe the information so that the Cabal would believe it as well. Yes it was frustrating because you couldn’t be told. Can you imagine this message to Dinarland "We are going to give you a fake go time so that we can catch some Cabal agents." That could never happen or work. It had to "SEEM REAL" to be believed by the Bad Guys.

But, you will be paid very well for your part in this Cabal take down. You might even think of yourselves as "Secret Agents" in this covert operation. You will be given access to very high rates on your currency that the general public will not. Maybe one day we will know more about the part we played in the greatest take down in the History of the World, but for now, just know you "Unknowingly" played one of the most important parts and will be paid well for it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Yosef, by his own admission, and confirmed by Zorra, was a Government agent of the Military to bring in Disinformation. However, the only disinformation given was the go times to catch the Cabal. Everything else was valuable information that you would never have gotten anywhere else. I am sure that the Cabal cringed every time Yosef gave you the new ZIM rates, or when he told you that there would be no zeros taken off. I am sure that the Zim sales have skyrocketed as a result of his revelations, which means there is way more money to help the World, thanks to Yosef.

Think about what information was good and REALLY Valuable to us, and what information was false, and you will find that the Valuable information greatly outweighed the bad dates by "Trillions." And, now that you know he was an agent (Of Good), then you can appreciate how tough it was on him to keep giving us those bad dates and catching the flak for his good deeds.

Don't let the Cabal make you think he was our enemy, when he was actually our friend and helping us all along. He did what he had to do for the good of all, and so did we by enduring those false dates. We all have played important parts in this epic take down of the evil that has ruled our World for thousands of years. Let's welcome our brother, our friend, Yosef with open arms and appreciation for all he has done for us. It is time to come together for the good of all.

May We Be The Change This World Needs and Lead Others By Our Own Example

Signed: One Who Believes
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PostSubject: Re: About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes    Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes    Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes    Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:59 pm

Don't wait until you're under the interrogation lamp to start putting your story together
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About Yosef, What You Need To Know by One Who Believes
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