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 China develops its strategy

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PostSubject: China develops its strategy   Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:19 am

China develops its strategy

November 22, 2016

Over about a quarter of a century on the trip, the Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping, the father of modern Chinese Renaissance, to the south of China, in order to inspect his own chances of China starting to overall progress.

Three years after the events of the famous Tiananmen Square the summer of 1989, in which sit the students demanding democracy, with Western backing it seems, and the army intervened to unseal force, and almost racked reform program that year began in 1978, rode Deng train, the beginning of the year 1992, a in the eighth and eighty years old, and went to visit rural China and its cities and cast letters were considered as "intestate Deng to the nation," stressing that the continuation of China's renaissance project, based on what he calls the Chinese "socialism with Chinese characteristics."

In "his will" Eternal, Deng said: "We have directed our attention to the education of people, and the selection of the good elements and imitated in leadership positions, especially the elements that demonstrate competence and political maturity. Those to be revolutionaries and young and well-trained, and those with professional efficiency. "

Khalifa Deng

The day the presidency of China and one of the "princes of the Khmer," They are the sons of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party and the heroes who participated with Mao Zedong in the establishment of the "People's Republic of China" in 1949, after they ousted ruling Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) led fled to Taiwan and set up the "The Republic of China's national", Western backing.

Thus, the current Chinese president, Xi Jinping, one of those who put them Deng Xiaoping on the ladder of leadership positions before his departure, in the practical application of his will to the nation, Mtosma the competence and political maturity. In fact, one can say, that President Xi looks different from his predecessors, who, succeeding leader Deng, President Jiang Zemin (1993-2002), and President Hu Jintao (2003-2012), in terms of charisma and ambition. It is, in few words, the real successor to Deng Xiaoping.

Belt Road

At the beginning of his reign, ask the President, Xi Jinping, in September / September 2013, "the economic belt of the Silk Road" and "Marine Silk for the 21st Century through", as the most important plans to do with China in the world, and China's role in the world of the future initiative.

Include ground "belt and road" Chinese, also termed, a belt stretching from the initiative

"There is what can be done to prepare for an Arab Chinese new time, and move closer to China to take advantage of future presence in the world, and industrial and technological capabilities and future . "

China through Central Asia, Russia, and the way to Europe, and a sea route passes through the Strait of Malacca in Southeast Asia to India and the Middle East and East Africa, and this is what makes the Arab region, a pivotal and important in the Chinese plan, especially as it includes developmental trends such as the construction of pipelines, infrastructure to explore for minerals, transport facilities and communications.

The Chinese believe that this plan will play an important role in connecting emerging markets with countries with great economic potential, and then will increase global investment in, as well as the promotion of integration between China and the global economy. According to China's official People's Daily, is seeking "Belt Initiative and the road to transform the partial globalization to a comprehensive, collecting globalization and localization to help more countries to become rich, and create a new model for regional and international cooperation in the atheist and the twentieth century." Direct investments of Chinese companies in the countries along the "belt and road" during the first three quarters of 2015, about 12.03 billion US dollars, an increase of 66.2% from the same period a year earlier in 2014, the equivalent figure about 15.3% of the total volume reached China's direct non-financial investment outside China.

The promotion of the development of a strategy

Plans seem Xi Jinping This quantum leap in China's renaissance strategy launched by Deng in 1978 as China turns from thinking the local economy to think about the relationship with the world, and its place in it, after the dazzling economic success of China in recent decades. But the plan does not seem surprising, nor is a change in China's strategy, but rather a development sense to her, and to complement the approach of reform and openness that China wants to go Celsius in the communist nation, the year 2049, that the state be economically the most powerful in the world.

But what Che him and direction of China's plans, in the era of President Xi, that ambition beyond the economic dimension, but also targeting the political situation as well, especially that of China's demands in the geographic region, most notably the restoration of the island of Taiwan, to be part of the motherland, and with its neighbors, such as border disputes with Philippines, can not be achieved before China becomes a "place under the sun" in the world of political and military decision in the world.

In this context, included some of the views which argue that President Xi will not hand over power after the end of its second presidential year in 2022, as usual in China presidents who took power after leader Deng, something that will clarify the features evident when his re-election, at the end of next year 2017, as can be seen whether it will take the image of "undisputed leader" or not.

Historical track

CAD leader, Deng Xiaoping, lose his life during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976),

"Xi Jinping is considered plans, a quantum leap in China 's renaissance launched by Deng in the 1978 strategy . "

Launched by Mao Zedong in recent years his rule, and under the supervision of his wife, Jiang Qing, in order to protect his vision ideology. Targeted cultural revolution "to crush the four demons old: old ideas, old culture, old customs, old habits," as he would say its supporters, it led to the acts of oppression of the people, without clear criteria, and under the pretext of one, is against the ideas of Mao and had them : attacking universities and abuse Bosatztha and their heads, accused of sympathizing with the bourgeois, and the collection of works of a number of prominent writers, and burned in public squares, in the presence of their authors, as well as attacking the museums and the destruction of their contents, and the evolution of the matter to the practice of torture against the defendants of violating Mao, and transform schools and houses of worship, theaters, libraries, to places of detention.

Mao touched on violators accountable some of the Communist Party and state leaders of the process, led by Zhao Liu Qi, president of the Republic, and Deng Xiaoping, Secretary General of the Communist Party, rejecting the ideas of radical change. Deng fled to his hometown in Sichuan Province, and remained under the protection of one of his friends from the army generals, after he was dismissed from his post, but neither change the history of China, and the world today!

After a series of turbulent events witnessed by China, after Mao's death in September / September 1976, Deng returned to Beijing, and handed the reins of power in practice, with the support of his supporters in the party, as of 1978, past China on a new trail, pragmatic this time, the target advancement country, without abandon the Marxist slogan, nor about Mao symbolic.

Ding focused on the development of production in China. It can show thinking approach that prevailed in China, since that date, through what Deng and published in the booklet, 1984: "Marxism attaches great importance to the development of the productive forces, and the application of socialism requires highly developed productive forces and considerable material wealth. Therefore, the main task of the stage of socialism lies in the development of the productive forces. We have made a serious defaults since the founding of the People's Republic of China, which is our neglect of the development of the productive forces. Socialism means to eradicate the scourge of poverty, and poverty is not socialism, not to mention that it is not communism. The superiority of the socialist system lies in its ability to increased development of productive forces, and improve the material and cultural level of the people gradually. "

Founded Deng, this point of view, of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which some market economy mechanisms were used, according to a pragmatic approach, put the Chinese leadership in the light of the work is divided strategic plan into three phases: the first aimed at solving food and clothing between 1981 and 1990 problem, aim second to achieve the life of well-being between 1990 and 2000. And it extends until the third year in 2049, and China aims to reach the level of developed countries, to implement the plan of action through the updates in four key areas: agriculture, industry, technology, and the armed forces.

China and the future

China in the past year have abandoned, 2015, the policy of "one child per family",

" We can not overlook the military ambitions of China in allowing the decision of having a second child, in order to increase the number of the army . "

And it allowed have a second child. In spite of that the decision aims, it seems, to solve many problems have emerged in Chinese society, since the adoption of child-bearing one child determine the policy, including the high average age among the Chinese, but it was not possible to overlook the future military ambitions of China in this resolution, and that the provision of human resources to increase the number of military and expand it.

The meaning is that China may be on the verge of a new era, starting late next year, the strong presence of a strong president, is currently the youngest of all the party leaders, candidates for retirement within months, working for the development of China's status in the world, in other fields only trade and economy.

For the Arabs, there is what can be done to prepare for the Chinese new time, and move closer to China to take advantage of future presence in the world, and industrial and technological capabilities and future, and highlights the oil is an external factor essential in the relationship with China, because of the increased his needs, and the inadequacy of declining domestic production of it . It has continued to increase the size of China's consumption of oil, as the process of development benefits, even now, since 2004, the second country in the world, after the United States and ahead of Japan, in terms of its oil. In 2014, the world consumed 4.63 billion metric tons of oil, of which 967 million tons consumed by the United States, and 521 million tons consumed by China, while Japan consumed 215 million tons .. Thus, China's oil reserves can not meet the needs that rise annually at a rate of 7%, while the production capacity to increase by 2%. China has already imported about 60% of its oil needs through the year 2014. The payment of this case China to establish close relations with the developing oil-producing countries, worked on investment in the oil sector in other countries, especially in Africa, and buy stakes in foreign oil companies.

The current China-Arab relations are concentrated in the commercial side, but without the "innovation" involves the willingness of China's future, and aims to establish relations "civilized" strategy with China. Sino-Arab trade volume reached in 2014 about US $ 251 billion, mostly concentrated in the import of oil from Arab countries, and the export of various products varieties and colors to it, most clothing, electrical and mechanical equipment, at a time when China's trade with the world amounted to about 4.3 trillion dollars.

As for the relationship with the Arab countries within the "belt and road" being carried out by China, which is the plan, China aims to be the plan contributes to strengthen what it calls "the productive integration" with these countries, meaning that the raw materials and infrastructure Arab contribute to further progress by the industrial and commercial capacity of China, in exchange to increase Saudi production capacity, through the transfer of Chinese industrial expertise in a number of areas to the Arab countries, such as textiles and light manufacturing industry, including fiberglass set up by the Chinese Jayyousi company projects in Egypt, including pumping investments of the future $ 300 million in Egypt, for the establishment of the largest production line in Africa produced 200 thousand tons annually.

During the ten years (2005-2015), trade doubled between China and Arab countries, nine times, and increased Chinese construction contracts in the Arab countries 13 times, and increased non-financial direct investment to China in the Arab world 122 times. China has become the second largest trading partner of the Arab world, and the largest trading partner of nine Arab countries, and demonstrates all of this that there is an excellent future prospect of China-Arab relations, it should be invested "civilized.

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China develops its strategy
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