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 "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

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PostSubject: "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes   Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:20 am

Understanding ZIM Math

The ZIM RATES are so crazy that they need to be explained in greater detail for better understanding. In this post we will not only talk about the ZIM Rates, but also the Structured Payouts, and the quarterly Interest payments. Frankly, by the end of this ZIM Math post, you might just consider all of your other currency holdings as Irrelevant as they will pale in comparison to the ZIM.

Before we begin on doing ZIM Math, we need to set the foundation of the calculations. While there are many different Intel Providers with different Ideas of what the Final ZIM Rate will be, I will go by the consensus of my Favorites, Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Fisher, and Zorra. They all concur that there will be NO Zeros Removed. Let's start with the smallest numbers to see just how big the ZIM really is.

Notes: (1) $100 T Zim Note (No Zeros Removed)
Rate: $1 Per ZIM
Structured Interest Rate: 1%

If you had only 1 $100T ZIM Note and the Rate was only $1 USN/ZIM Dollar, that would mean and exchange Amount of $100 Trillion USN. At this rate, the amount you have is already so HUGE that it is almost beyond spending.

Think about the people you have heard of that has huge amounts of money like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. I think that, as reported, they may have $100 Billion together. However based on just one 100T Note at Just $1 USN/ZIM, you would have: $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion + $100 Billion = $1 Trillion x 100 = $100 Trillion USN.

Question: What are you going to buy with that? IBM? XEROX? APPLE? ???? Frankly if you could buy everything you could think of, I doubt that you could get up to one Trillion dollars and then you would still have 99 Trillion left. I think that you can begin to realize that is way more money than you can spend on ANYTHING!

That begs the Question: "If there is not enough companies to buy and invest in, then where are you going to invest that money?" That is a Good Question, and I have the answer: Structured Pay Outs.

Structured Pay Outs offer you a place to store amounts of money that are so huge that there is really no other place to put it. The way I understand this investment, is that you allow the Bank to hold it for a certain period of time during which they pay you quarterly interest. When that period of time ends, you get all your money back unless you want to reinvest it with them again. Not only is this a place to keep your money, but they offer you interest, a return on your money while it is stored there.

What would this look like money wise?

Let's use the tiny interest rate of just 1%. If you placed your $100 Trillion USN in a structured Payout with only a 1% payout, you would get $1 Trillion per year Interest, which is $250 Billion Dollar Payout every 90 days. What if you got 4%? That would be $4 Trillion Interest per year, which is $1 Trillion Dollars paid to you every 90 Days. How would you spend that?

Now Its Blow Your Mind Time

All of this calculations were based on just an Exchange Rate of just $1/ZIM. We understand that the regular everyday International Rate is more like several hundred dollars per ZIM, and the Coveted Sovereign Negotiated Rate is in the Thousands of Dollars Per ZIM. Again this is still based on just ONE $100T ZIM note.

What if you had several $100T ZIM Notes, at thousands of dollars per ZIM, at an interest rate of 8%? This is where your calculator goes to "ERROR" because it cannot calculate that high.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that you will be getting so much money from your ZIM, that your other currencies will hardly count. You will be getting so much money that there really is no other place to invest that amount of money except the Structured Payout Program you will be offered.

Is this EXACTLY how it will be? We don’t know, however, you will find out at the time of your exchange. For now, this is what has been shared with us from people I trust. It may change, but it is good for you to have an idea before you get there.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes

Out Of Mind
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PostSubject: Re: "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes   Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:31 am

So, in other words, I'll pump buying ZIM, but cannot explain how exchanges suddenly add octillions to balance sheets at banks...what, exactly, did you explain, as far as the math goes?
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PostSubject: Re: "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes   Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:46 pm

This goes way beyond "Fuzzy" Math.  Sucha shame that folks actually believe this type of information..

I remain, 
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PostSubject: Re: "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes   Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:22 pm

ZIM math is easy. Zim worth nothing, that is zero. 0XN=0.

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PostSubject: Re: "Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes   Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:23 pm

"Now Its Blow Your Mind Time"

My mind is indeed blown. How can people be so stupid? You're going to buy a demonetized currency in the belief that it's going to be remonetized (which never happens ... EVER!!!) and revalued to such an extent that people who own it will have more money than anybody in the history of the planet. People who believe this have no critical thinking skills at all.

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"Understanding ZIM Math" - Guest Post by One Who Believes
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